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  • Let Us Be So Familiar

    by Erin Agee
    Let Us Be So Familiar is part environmental reckoning, part love letter to the tender complexity of the present moment. It is about the nuances of our relationship to the earth, the raw gift of loss and grief, and the urgency of finding true connection with one another.
  • The Chaos of Me

    by Patrick S. Smith
    Chaos. The disruptor of the plans of our lives. It can destroy us, only to rebuild us into something else. In The Chaos of Me, Patrick S. Smith explains, in verse, the events that have shaped his life and his philosophy. From the highs of adopting a child, celebrating events, and the pain of September 11, 2001, he puts his feelings into words. Mixed in are his self-reflections and his wit, which can be chaotic.
  • Rise Above the River

    by Kelly Rowe
    The subject matter of the book is the sexual abuse of my brother at age 12 by a teacher, and the subsequent destruction of his life by the abuse he suffered. When I first wrote the poems, I wasn’t sure I would publish them, because the issues dealt with are so private and so dark, but I now believe these stories need to be told, particularly for victims who in many cases cannot speak for themselves.
  • The Devils Book of Sonnets: 50 Sonnets that are a delightfully adult take on life's absurdities

    by dp
    The Devil's Book of Sonnets, is a collection of humorous and delightfully distasteful poems. Each sonnet is paired with an iconic painting transformed into a meme that adds a visual layer to the reading experience. In this collection, I take the strict structure of the sonnet and use it to explore taboo and risqué topics, pushing the boundaries of what is considered tasteful and acceptable. My intention is to provide a fun and entertaining read, not a deep literary experience. These sonnet... more
  • Silver Tongued Devil Anthology

    by Linda Kleinbub
    Celebrating five years of outstanding East Village poetry, fiction, memoirs, essays, storytelling, humor, and spoken word by more than one hundred twenty writers who were featured at Rimes of The Ancient Mariner Reading Series.
  • Thursdays with You

    by Emma F. Payne

    Thursdays with You is a collection of poetry that encompasses what it feels like to struggle with sexuality, self-expression and the acceptance of love. It discussed topics having to do with loneliness, healing, self-love, personal transformation, and happiness. Written for those struggling to find love outside, as well as within, themselves. This captivating collection of poetry was written to help others find comfort in their journey of life.

  • Cover Charge

    by Linda Kleinbub
    Travel the streets of New York City on a journey of growth and discovery.
  • The Spirit's Call

    by Joel David Kilgore

    This book is a compilation of the poems written to or for individuals, in prayer or praise to God, or just in general. The poems in this book were written for various occasions and a variety of subjects.

  • May We Learn from the Earth: Nature Poems and Reflections on the Environment

    by Robert Tiess

    Following his acclaimed debut, The Humbling and Other Poems, Tiess delivers clear, captivating, and compassionate poetry and concise essays contemplating Earth and nature. From the opening poems, we become reacquainted with the natural realm, where we may muse on mountains, reflect on rivers, philosophize in forests, and celebrate creation everywhere. As we journey into Earth, the Beautiful, from canyons to coasts and valleys to vistas, we grow more mindful of the environment, ecology, and ev... more

  • The Champion of Doubt

    by Tom Driscoll
    These poems pay attention to what it means to be the citizen of a troubled country, the son of warring and loving parents, a devoted brother, a husband and father. The collection sifts and sorts through differing memories, places in time, senses of history and identity.
  • I Had to Break Me

    by Nisha

    I needed to experience rejection so many times

    To embrace the stillness I had rejected

    Pain is like a fire: at once destructive, creative, and revelatory. In her debut poetry collection, I HAD TO BREAK ME, Nisha faces the fires in her life and finds incredible beauty among the ashes. You’ll accompany the poet in her previous position as a healthcare provider, struggling to heal patients within a broken system. You’ll journey to Nepal, the poet’s place of birth, a... more

  • Poetry X Harmony Collection 1

    by Percy Hsu
    the first collection of poems by poetryxharmony.
  • Matters of the Heart

    by Zaïnab El Meziani
    Matters of the Heart is a collection of poetry about the inevitable nature of falling, and all the motions that it entails; innocent longing leading to learning, but never enough to avoid falling again. This chapbook aims to be a sincere depiction of what it means to fall, with the good and the not so good, with poems being emblems for truths once lived, even if it's in imagination. The poems came about when seeking beautiful moments that no longer are, turned into words to be found again when ... more
  • Exits

    by Stephen C. Pollock
    A recipient of the Rolfe Humphries Poetry Prize, Stephen C. Pollock’s debut collection nods to the literary tradition of years past while simultaneously speaking to the present moment. Multilayered and musical, the poems in Pollock’s “Exits” have drawn comparisons to the work of Eavan Boland and Seamus Heaney. With bold imagery, attention to form, and a consistent throughline rooted in the theme of mortality, his collection responds to contemporary anxieties surrounding death and decay and the u... more
  • Made of Flowers and Steel - An empowering poetry collection for women

    by Sameer Kochure

    With millions of poetry books out there, there has never been a single book dedicated solely to the inner strength of women. Until now.

    Welcome to ‘Made of Flowers and Steel’, a poetry collection that celebrates the strength behind the beauty that is a woman.

    Inspired by stories of real women, this collection of 100 poems honours the raw grit and the moral fortitude that exists in all women. Sometimes that po... more

  • Fragile II

    by A. Erin Walker
    Every stage of life is fleeting. This book was made to accompany you through each one. Started in 2017 with intentions of release and connection, the Fragile series is a collection of vulnerability derived from life experiences. It houses several distinct sections of poetry and prose dedicated to the discovery of self, being found by love, being lost in dark times, and finding our way back to self. Followed by short stories of speculative and experimental fiction which represent the subconsci... more