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  • Fallen Leaves

    by Shirani Rajapakse
    She tried to recall the day he walked out, the day she last saw him and the exact moment she heard his voice on the phone assuring her all was well. And then no more. What happened? What went wrong? She would never know. There was no one left to respond, and those that were there didn’t dare speak up as the reasons for what took place didn’t make sense so they kept quiet and hoped in time she would understand. Conflict raged in the tiny island nation of Sri Lanka for close to ... more
  • Nameless: Poems & Prose

    by Brian Oldham

    Debut author Brian Oldham's collection of rumbling poems and prose dives deep into the queer chaos of finding yourself through love and loss. On a journey of self-acceptance and rebirth punctuated by shifting states of identity and perspective, "NAMELESS" is an introspective chronicle about finding your place in yourself. 

  • Love & Sensuality

    by Michael R. Lane
    The title speaks for itself. One thing that is admirable about this poetry collection is the energetic imagination and emotional intensity.
  • Mom... Let's Talk

    by Jeanne Schaeberle
    What does a son do when he hears voices? Withdraw? Or use his sword, Poetry, to defend himself? How does a mother handle family life and death and work through grief? Mom...Let's Talk offers insight to the power of healing through writing and the sense of chaos revealed in poetry.
  • Guardian Angel A Book Of Poems

    by Laura Fitton
    Guardian Angel is a compilation of poems that are personal and from the heart. It touches on topics people find difficult to speak about, such as death and dying, the grieving process, feelings of loss. Topics cover friendships, family, pets, relationships and my career as a frontline NHS Nurse. Dedicated to my best friend Sofie who sadly died before her 21st birthday who I believe to be my Guardian Angel.
  • Mario Writes a Poem a Day for a Year and So Can You

    by Mario Milosevic
    Mario Writes a Poem a Day for a Year and So Can You is a simple how-to, a collection of quickly-written, pleasing daily poems, and a trove of inviting prompts. Reading through Mario’s poems, notes of encouragement, and writing ideas recaptures the excitement I felt when I first discovered poetry and started thinking about each day through the lens of my next poem. Mario proves in this delightful and inspiring book that writing a poem a day is not only doable, it offers a daily dose of joy. —Kat... more
  • 52 Pips

    by Rekha Bhagtani
    Have you felt that kiss of cozy warm sunshine whilst still enjoying the first rains? We might revel in those mesmerizing new showers albeit those comforting rays of sun shining radiantly beside them cast renewed beacons of hope, promise, and light, nevertheless. Rekha’s poems here are exactly that and much much more. A hot cup of coffee with baskets full of comfort, a small little tote of thoughtful emotions, a nook hidden In time casting life lessons of inspirational life morals and value... more
  • The Interrupted Sky

    by David H Lawrence
    Poetic exploration of the horrors of nine eleven
  • sour cream and vinegar

    by the deplorable poet
    An Imagist/Confessional style that presents a view that life is not always "milk and honey". Sometimes it is more like "sour cream and vinegar".
  • Deafening Silence

    by Reverend Carl Yount
    The author takes readers on a journey transitioning from darker tales and ascending into lighter spirituality epic poems. Reverend Carl Yount transitioned from a period of earlier darkness to a lighter spirituality as his professional life evolved to work as a certified nursing assistant in nursing home dementia units. He also immersed himself in a continual journey of training on various theologies to appease his growing desire to embrace a life beholding to faith. This is seen in the transi... more
  • Silent Echoes

    by Reverend Carl Yount
    The author takes readers on a journey and descent into a darker tale in epic poems Reverend Carl Yount started upon a life on the road when working the carnival circuit starting at age fifteen. He traveled with a small outfit around western New York in the summer seasons, then taking off to other parts of the country working various unskilled and skilled jobs ranging from dishwashing to construction. He spent much time with poets and artists in New York City/New Jersey, wandering from cof... more
  • Around the World in Five Lines

    by James B. Anstead
    Around the World in Five Lines is a fun and whimsical collection of limericks inspired by countries all over the world! An avid traveler and dreamer, author James B. Anstead brings to us this fun and silly collection of fascination with the limerick and its special wordplay. Enjoy!
  • A Necessary Explosion: Collected Poems

    by Dan Burns
    A Necessary Explosion is an act Dan Burns performs daily to expel the stories pressing on his mind. Only by getting words down onto the page can he make room for all that comes next. Exploring the themes of life, love, family, writing, music, travel, history, and humanity’s future, this collection artfully conveys the words of a craftsman in relatable, accessible poems. Each of the seventy-five poems in this collection offers a glimpse into the mind of a hopeful poet and storyteller. They will m... more
  • The Face of Expression

    by Aaron Woodson
    Non-Fiction poetry book that uses expression as a creative art form to discuss love, life, pain, struggle, faith, relationships, and more.
  • This is 2020 part two

    by Kassie J Runyan
    This is 2020 part two is requested sequel to This is 2020 a poetry collection that had categorized the events of the first half of the year into simple and modern poems full of unbridled passion, beautifully biased views, prose, and rhyme. Part two follows the second half of the year and into 2021 with the election, continued covid crises, the ongoing battle for equality, and the desire of a cat who has become dependent on zoom. There is a love and a peace here as we passed the initial turbulenc... more
  • Widow's Tears of Sorrow

    by Paula Morhardt
    This companion book to "Widow’s Walk" contains all the poems I wrote from the first day–when I found my husband of 42 years dead in his chair–to almost three years later. There are 45 poems in total–42 to equal one for each year we were married and 3 poems for my mother, who died the day after my husband. These are not happy poems; they are not poems about light and flowers and little kittens. These poems are hard, they are gritty, and they are real. My hope is that these poems touch your heart,... more