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  • Move Over Shakespeare: Tales From the Baron

    by Billy J. Barnum

    In this collection behold the most masterful poetry the world has ever been presented. For a poet and his art to be compared to the great William Shakespeare is beyond belief. Thus I thrust onto you the task of reading this poetry with high expectations to be enthralled, amazed, and wowed at what you are about to read. If you are transported by some of the poetry for not be afraid you will be safely returned to where you started when the poem is through. It is with high honor I bequeath to yo... more

  • Isaiah's Closing Arguments: A New Translation

    by Laurance Wieder
    Isaiah’s sacred poetry transcends place, time, and doctrine. Isaiah's Closing Arguments is a new translation of all the prophet’s Haftorot (singular: Haftarah) read on Sabbath mornings and on special occasions. Part one contains Isaiah’s verses which accompany the first three chapters of Genesis, two chapters of Exodus, the first chapter of Leviticus, and the opening of Deuteronomy. The second group of poems are also known as the seven Haftorot of Consolation. The final orations are read on Yom ... more
  • Words to God's Music: A New Book of Psalms

    by Laurance Wieder
    Words to God's Music is the first complete poet's version of the Psalter since Christopher Smart's 18th-century Psalms of David. Each of these 150 poems is a unique response to the corresponding biblical psalm, and speaks to and from the heart. Revised and corrected version of the acclaimed, out-of-print 2003 edition.
  • The Flowers Celandine: A Pastiche of Sundry English Verse for the Drawer of the Hostess on Call

    by Brad Ramsey

    A new collection of pastiche poems refacing various lesser works of the English canon whose common thread follows the narrator's relationship with a prostitute.

  • A Look Ahead: Selected Poems 1966-2018

    by Laurance Wieder
    The first volume of selected poems by Laurance Wieder since Picador Australia published The Last Century 25 years ago. Famous in Japan and Australia, Wieder is neither a founder nor a follower of any school. An American original, in Peter Schjeldahl's words, he makes poetry seem like a good idea.
  • Help Keep Out: Volume 5

    by Robert Letters
    On February 16, 2015 Robert Letters posted a 5-line poem on Twitter. This began an ongoing daily practice that continued for over four years, resulting in a 1,700-poem sequence that ended on October 22, 2019. Help Keep Out: Volume 5 contains Books 13-17, the final five books in the project. The poems in Help Keep Out are predominantly informed by Asian forms – haiku, senryu, tanka, and sijo. While most of the structural characteristics of these forms have been preserved, this is not always the ... more
  • Escape from the Crooked Castle

    by Robert W. Aldrich
    Robert W. Aldrich's literary debut is a collection of 49 emotional and vulnerable poems about his experiences with romance, healing, and nature.
  • sweet creature: poetry + prose

    by Vee Beato
    This book is composed of his honeyed, delicate, and zen koan inspired poetry and prose about soft realisations on falling in love, finding inner peace, and having lust for life
  • Poet in a Pin-stripe Suit

    by Jay M. Mower
    A sweeping foray—127 poems in 10 sections across several real and imaginary worlds, exploring a vast range of mental states, from clear-sighted judgment from a lifetime in the business, teaching and consulting professions to the muddle of minds affected by bipolar whirlwinds.
  • Foundlings and Other Misfits

    by Estelle Gilson
    From a writer whose honesty and humor find the beauty in the terrible, and the terrifying in the beautiful, come 41 poems and 15 short stories — the product of a lifetime of sharp-edged observation.
  • Poetry in the Time of Coronavirus

    by Susan J. Farese POETRY in the TIME of CORONAVIRUS The Anthology Edited by G.A. Cuddy Featuring 150+ Poets of the World.​ Now available on Amazon. ​ Proceeds from sales of the poetry anthology will benefit Partners in Health and Doctors Without Borders.
  • Love, the Moon and the Stars

    by Bessie Barbara Badge
    This is a collection of love poems that focuses on the intensity and sharpness of a new love. There is the initial sharp gradient of passion. This gradually morphs into a longing and ache which characterises human relationships: coming together, a silent battle of emotional will and parting. The poems epitomise the celestial feelings of love that a human being goes through, as well as the heightened awareness of the target of love which leads to love’s rose-tinted view. Each poem is able to brin... more
  • Arcade of Memory

    by Howard Giskin
    Short essays, poetry, and short stories drawing from the author's experiences traveling throughout the world. Themes touched on include memory, the act of making meaning, history, perception, the passage of time, emotions, death, and global culture.
  • Poetry For Lovers and Haters

    by Megan The Poet
  • A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst

    by Hosho McCreesh

    DrunkSkull Books is proud to present an ebook version of Hosho McCreesh’s drunken Magnum Opus. Mammoth in size and scope, A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst is unlike any of McCreesh’s previous collections.

  • To Water Her Garden: A Journey of Self-Discovery

    by Samira Mahmoodi
    This is a story about healing. From recognizing pain, to unveiling its origins, only to discover the power behind your failures. This is a journey towards self-love and recognizing that everything you are searching for starts with you. All it takes is the courage to do the work.