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  • Root Down

    by Juliana Rogers
    "Root Down" is an introspective journey into the depths of self-discovery and emotional healing. Through poetic prose, the author, Juliana Rogers, explores the intricate landscapes of the human psyche, unearthing the hidden roots of personal identity and resilience. As readers navigate through the layers of introspection, they encounter themes of solitude, growth, and the perennial quest for inner peace. This contemplative narrative invites one to reflect on their own life's journey, encouraging... more
  • Nile River Moonlight Haiku

    by Michael Boyajian
    Haiku abounds among the Egyptian pyramids, in the Egyptian Museum and along the ancient Nile River and the author brings it all to life.  "Percey Shelley's Egyptian odes wither under the power of these Haiku."
  • White Doe

    by Maria Williams
    In a snowy, surreal landscape, a daughter witnesses her father as he succumbs to dementia. White Doe is a collection of poems that travels the landscape of memory loss, a fragmented, snowy tundra where forgetting is a journey toward self-discovery. Readers follow the speaker and her father as they traverse the fractured effects dementia has on language and family and experience the wonder of being in a world that exists for a moment and forever.
  • Daily Reflections of Life: Poems and Pieces to Ponder

    by Debra Perkins Adams

    "Reflections of Life": Debra's poetic testament to faith, spirit, and compassion. Her words uplift, inspire, and encourage, inviting self-discovery and touching hearts.

  • When Eagles Vie with Valkyries

    by Paul Hellweg
    When Eagles Vie with Valkyries is the author’s collected Viet Nam war poems. The book takes a uniquely different approach from other war poetry by being written in 2nd person, focusing more on life after the war than the war itself, and showing a path to recovery from PTSD.
  • Renga Haiku Alone with Jeri

    by Michael Boyajian

    Solo solitary Renga Haiku based on the form of Octavio Paz within the framework of American freestyle Haiku verse all written with his late wife Jeri by his side.

  • The Darkest Night

    by Anna Chastek
    The Darkest Night is a poetry collection divided into two sections. The first half are dedication poems, and the second is about experiences with depression. In the first half, Anna expresses her feelings and love to individuals placed under a code name. In the second half, Anna describes her brutal battle with depression and her various feelings and states throughout. This captivating, tear-jerking, collection will give you insight into the pain of mental illness, and leave you craving more.
  • Gracious Nature: Poems on Earth and Life

    by Robert Tiess
    From the acclaimed author of the May We Learn from the Earth and The Humbling comes this highly inspired and insightful poetry collection that contemplates and celebrates nature, living things, and the environment. In addition to over 100 beautiful, accessible, and memorable poems, the author includes a brief essay on the importance of nature poetry.
  • Longing for Light under the Abyss

    by Creator of Eden
    A series of poem written from 2016-2024 about one's own journey into the struggle of finding inner peace and acceptance through the consistent despair, existiantial dread and fatalism of the modern world as an individual as one looks at reality in the face and contemplates the possibilities of more than despair.
  • The Poems and The Poet


    In "The Poems and The Poet," journey through the intricacies of the human experience as seen through the eyes of a poet deeply attuned to the rhythms of life. This captivating collection of verse delves into the depths of sorrow and happiness, exploring the dichotomy of emotions that color our existence.

    From the haunting beauty of "The Silent Moon" to the introspective musings of "I, Me and My," each poem offers a window into the soul of the poet, inv... more

  • Time


    In "Time," a mesmerizing collection of poetry, the concept of time is explored in all its complexity and depth. Through a series of eighteen evocative poems, the poet delves into the various dimensions of time, from its philosophical implications to its emotional resonance in human lives.

    The journey begins with "Time," a contemplation on the elusive nature of this universal force. From there, the collection delves into the darker aspects of time in "Time t... more

  • Sanguine

    by Kelsey Taylor
    In Sanguine, the writer becomes an artisan of emotions, sculpting verses that evoke the depth of the supernatant human condition. The inked revelations, an offering to the reader, invite them to traverse the landscapes of heartache and ecstasy painted in hues of spirited crimson. Each sentence, forging; each paragraph, a magnum opus. And so, in the quiet sanctum of creativity, where the union of pen and emotion transpires, the act of Sanguine becomes a ritual — a communion between the writer, wo... more
  • Wolf and Amaryllis

    by Sebastian Guyette
    Sebastian Guyette immerses himself into the artwork of words to create meaning in this beautiful collection of poems. The themes of the text include heartbreak, love and the duality it brings, and the mind under intense emotion. The poems are told from multiple perspectives and touch on both everyday and extreme circumstances in life. One particular poem that stands out explores the mental state of a Russian girl whose mother sold her into sex trafficking in order to feed her heroin addiction. J... more
  • The Best Material for the Artist in the World

    by Kenneth Chamlee
    This poetic biography tracks the life and career of landscape artist Albert Bierstadt, whose 19th-century representations of the American west earned him wealth and international acclaim. Relaying the story primarily through Bierstadt’s voice, this imaginative collection also includes perspectives from the painter’s family, friends, critics and patrons as it chronicles his youth in New Bedford, Massachusetts, his apprenticeship in Europe, his meteoric fame following western expeditions, and thro... more
  • Alone | All In One

    by LaShawnda Jones

    "What if I AM The One? What if I am the person I've been waiting for, hoping for, dreaming of - anticipating with all my heart, mind, and soul?” 

    When alone is uncontracted, it becomes all one. Those who embrace solitude discover everything they need is within them. They are enough for their life.  

    Alone | All In One: A Solitary Journey is a record, teacher, and mirror. It documents mid-life pivots and understandings. It explores the beginning of... more

  • Nice Nose

    Passive-aggressive, pro-mask propaganda, dusty riddles, a record of meals made or missed -- sometimes appearing as a sticker on a lamp-post or on the back of a bus seat, or posted on a feed amid a clatter of feeds. "First-rate poems with punching power." -- Robert Amorello, Counselor at Law