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  • No Word Unsaid

    by Fizza Younis
    In this collection, the pages come alive with the raw, unfiltered emotions of the poet's heart. It is an intimate journey through the labyrinth of human feelings, where every word is a revelation, every verse an invitation to explore the depths of the soul. With a candidness that leaves no sentiment unspoken, these poems explore love, loss, hope, and despair, offering solace and connection to all who dare to venture into the profound landscapes of the human experience. 'No Word Unsaid' is a p... more
  • The Unhousing of the Mind

    by Beryl M. Lorean
    “Dear ancient patrons, we were born among the same marble pieces But I’m unhousing myself as a teller of boundless stories.” This poetry book whispers secrets, both ancient and young. You may find lines inspired by the upbringing among ancient cities, the beauty of myths, and occasional rage of the dystopian youth. This is an emancipation of words that changed my mind.
  • Urban Burlesque

    by Andreas Gripp
    A collection of brand-new poems touching upon the state of everyday living in 2023, as well as a discovery of the poetry that’s already in front of us all. This is the 27th book of verse by London, Ontario writer Andreas Gripp, whose poems have been praised for their accessibility, emotive narrative, and for being grounded within the human experience.
  • 979-8859961825

    by Baroque Medusa
    In a time where social media can be the sole source of income, ride shotgun on a Content Creator’s journey to fame and freedom. Witness how Alexandrite retires her angelic halo, in order to give in to her carnal need for self-pleasure. Experience the world of an Only Fans creator, through their eyes, in erotic, graphic detail.
  • Never Craven Was the Raven

    by Michael Anthony White
    Amidst an otherwise routine blink, you have just caught glimpse of a curious and unfamiliar binding — one that promises only to lead you gradually off the wayside. Its destination: past the charming whims of poetic joviality into the snarky silhouette of an umbral fowl.
  • Love. Love. Love. a collection of mindfulness poetry: To love is to be kind

    by Kim Nicole
    Love. Love. Love. A Collection of Mindfulness Poetry illustrates the joys and sufferings of life through the medium of mindfulness poetry. Creating a sacred space for readers to connect and inquire into their own path of spiritual awareness and quiet wisdom.
  • Reflections

    by Vijay Mehra
    Touching the essence of the amazing journey of life...The job of the poet is to capture that essence in a condensed form, to make sense of the incomprehensible through words that convey emotion. Theirs is not the job of definition but rather of substance. Here, within these pages, is a collection of poems that does exactly that. Spanning the gamut of the human experience with breadth and intimacy, Vijay Mehra’s latest work is a breathtaking voyage into the heart of the amazing passage called lif... more
  • Giving (Witness)

    by Ginny Emery

    Giving, the 2019 Gold Medal Illumination award winner for poetry, is Ginny Emery’s poetic witness to searching for God and her delight in finding Him. Emery’s collection of  21st century psalms range from bitter to sweet; they include prayer, lament, praise and worship, sharp commentary on current affairs, metaphysical reflections, prophetic insights and unexpected humor. Her work is hard to pin down— it is full of contrasts some poems are abstra... more

  • Tinder for my Housefire

    by Cassie Dean Fritsche
    Tinder for my Housefire" is a compilation of poetry and prose written over the span of a decade. Each poem was written to express the deepest emotions and thoughts associated with depression, bipolar disorder, love, grief, marriage, and everything else life throws at you. If you are reading this, I hope you don’t feel as alone anymore. I believe poetry can weave together stories between people like a tapestry. Some say suffering is the human condition, but I believe overcoming the obstacles of l... more
  • Abstract: A collection of Art and Poetry Illustrating the Human Experience

    by Alex Freund
    "Abstract" is a creative compilation spanning over a decade, encapsulating themes of self-discovery, deconstruction of traditional values, grief, and mental health. Freund's work combines stream of consciousness writing with humor and personal observations, conveying the human experience in an intimate yet widely relatable manner.
  • The Art Of Loving Myself

    by Antonio Liranzo
    Loving yourself is a concept which often misleads us into believing it is a simple task to conquer. This act is neither simple nor as beautiful as it sounds. As adults, we go through milestones and setbacks. Eventually, at some point, we are faced with the most difficult challenge of all; facing our intrusive thoughts, subconscious trauma, and worst of all, facing it alone. Here is where the inner work can feel heart-wrenching. The Art Of Loving Myself is a love letter to the inner child whose n... more
  • Poet's Heart, God's Gift

    by Pamela KC Hollrah-Asleson RN, PO
    This Poem was written by God through my life and trials. Having struggled with inadequacy and depression, my life hope and my lifeline was Christ. My verses - Hebrews 13:5-6. Let your life be without coveting, be content with what you have. He has said "I will never leave you, I will never forsake you" -saying with confidence "The Lord is my helper. I will not be afraid - what can man do to me. God often carries me, and the assurance he is my helper - he will not leave me. "He will not forsa... more
  • Modern American Haiku

    by Robb Hasencamp
    Modern American haiku is both elusive and enchanting. It is a beautiful art form that invites the reader into the mysteries of nature and poignant flashes of deeper everyday life. Borne of traditional Japanese haiku in the seventeenth century, modern Haiku is beguiling poetry that draws us into captivating, surprising insights. There is no room for predictability or easy assurance. Rather, when reading, we are urged to trust the lightness of the poem to lift our hearts into obscure realms of del... more
  • Simultaneously

    by Christina Trezevant McGriff
    A book of poems capturing 2 epic pandemics polarizing the United States simultaneously as year 2020 continued. An easy keepsake reading about Covid19, Racism, Black Lives Matter and #45 Presidential administration.
  • Tales of a Traveler in Poetry and Prose

    by Brion K Hanks
    Inspirational Thought-Provoking Poetry Regarding Love and Loss Thru Poetry & Prose & Love Poems & Poems Dealing with Death & Dying & 9-page Essay “God for An Interim Period of Time.”
  • Forward: A Compilation of Poems

    by Lyn Caldwell
    A life on a path that heads ever forward into eternity. Along the way moments, captured as poems, of joys and sorrows, peace and pain, failures and momentous changes. And throughout it all, a thread of faith weaves through. This book compiles the poems of Lyn Caldwell written and collected along the way Forward. The author takes the reader through the growing pains of life though memories of loss, love and faith. An exploration of identity in the face of longing, brokenness and passion. Come ... more