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  • Lilac Bush

    by Pamela C. Nwokeji

    "Lilac Bush" welcomes each reader to go on a perspective-altering journey along with the author while taking in the poetic aroma of lilacs which symbolizes renewal. From valleys of hardship and turmoil to mountains of sheer strength and hope, each poem serves as a beacon of awakening and cultural change. Through heartfelt narration, Pamela C. Nwokeji shares her personal experiences growing up in an urban neighborhood to bring awareness to the ongoing strife endured by Black American... more

  • Cautantowwit: [indian summer]

    by Angel Brynner
    What Americans refer to as Indian Summer is the season of warmth after the first frost, a season the native Algonquians viewed as a gift from the creator-God Cautantowwit, whose heavenly court was situated, you guessed it, in the same southwestern region of the united states she'd been trying to run to. Indian Summer is a story of harvests. Artistic and otherwise. Each raw, original collection chronicled a season in that poetic, 21st century courtly love affair that extended the heat wave of ... more
  • A Penny for Your Thoughts

    by Penny Johnson
    Poetry is the song that poets sing to beautify the world. In A Penny for Your Thoughts, contemporary American poet Penny Johnson presents verses about nature, love, life, death, philosophy, and religion. She considers American life in the present day. With her writing, she hopes to teach, fulfill, entertain, heal wounds, and show the beauty of the world. Johnson offers her work as a gift to anyone longing for the uplifting and nourishing experience that poetry can provide. This poetry collection... more
  • HeartEND

    by hydrus
    HeartEND is about how we experience love and some of the journeys we embark on when love strikes our heart. It’s about the numerous complex phases and ever changing stages of the purest human emotions. It might be a first kiss, a new romance, a guilty pleasure or a sense of loss but love always helps us reach the heavens or crash down upon its shores. Love gives even when it takes, it heals and embeds its mark and sculpts us into who we are. “We all open our hearts and in the end this is the... more
  • ENDthology

    by hydrus
    𝗘𝗡𝗗𝘁𝗵𝗼𝗹𝗼𝗴𝘆 is a collection of poems drawn up from experiences, thoughts, and emotions. Not everything in the world is dark, but many times we live without any light. We lose ourselves in what we consider our reality. Our souls forget what is important. At the same time, we rejoice when we regain our passion and our inner light. We might live many lives, but which one will you always remember? What memories will we ink? What will have true meaning? How will we live our END? ... more
  • Takh: The Spirit

    by Nikos Savvakis
    “I have always loved animals. My constant encounters with both domesticated and wild, as a boy in a village, impressed me for life.” Nikos Savvakis In this modern-day equivalent of a medieval bestiary, Nikos Savvakis casts an admiring, occasionally quizzical eye over the creatures with whom we share this world. Among others, frogs, pigeons, hedgehogs and the ‘princely’ octopus are presented in an unexpected light. Man’s best friend provides moments of both comedy and sorrow, while the title po... more
  • Romantically Erotic Deadly Spiritual Society

    by Jennifer M. Garnatz
    My writings are not all about me.They are the joys,the pains of more than a few of us. Look within,you may discovery our self looking back at your consciousness instead of at my nakedness.
  • Jazz Poems, reflections on a broken heart

    by Aurora M. Lewis
    A poetic journey of the author’s love and losses set to a backdrop of Jazz and Blues. Each poem conveys a moment in a lifetime of joy, pain, and broken-heartedness as she searches for acceptance and stability in the life she has led. The use of poetic rudiments serves well as the framework of her poems. Aurora’s poems are unobtrusive and speak plainly, though filled with raw emotions set to the musicality of the Jazz and Blues icons of her youth.
  • Self Love Notes

    by Michelle G. Stradford

    Self Love Notes is a collection of uplifting poetry, affirmations, and quotes celebrating unconditionally loving ourselves. It not only inspires but also invites the reader to nurture their hearts with accepting compassion and gratitude. 

    The messages encourage us to love and appreciate our whole selves, despite our flaws and self-defined inadequacies, yet continue to strive for growth.  It is intended for those who need to be... more

  • 9781954353893

    by Wendy Hind
    My Tattoos is an emotionally rich and sometimes brutally accurate depiction of medicine’s miracles and limitations. The poems are arranged in three sections: Heart, Soul, and Fierce. My Tattoos is a collection of riveting poems, stark with moments of beauty, the freight of pain and triumph. Here, splendor abounds, hewed with care and precision, in poems that are filmic “delicate…strong…” and “magically spun”.
  • Ordinary Ecstasy

    by Nate Clark
    The philosophical meanderings of a young man searching for meaning. Compiled in the hopes that the reader will be edified and stimulated. Best enjoyed with a cigarette and whiskey. This is the poetic debut of Nate Clark.
  • Fair Now Later Rain

    by Jeremy Long
    Fair Now Later Rain is a new collection of poetry written by Jeremy Long. Formed within the perennial tradition and the classics, Fair Now Later Rain seeks to supplement contemporary verse with a lyrical and intellectual form. Written within a personal, spiritual, and philosophical framework, the collected poems in Fair Now Later Rain explore memory, love, death, God, being, existence, and more. Accompanying the reflective and contemplative poems in Fair Now Later Rain are witty provocations,... more
  • Drifters

    by Stuart Jay Silverman



    A drift of snow, adrift in a sea of speculation,

    turning over the flotsam and jetsam of the macro world,

    speaking with Nano rising from and sinking back

    into the abyss... . Though I don't much like Poe's

    The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket,

    I'm drawn to it, its locked-in adventure in the hold

    of a whaling ship, the faithful dog turned savage,

    mutiny, the final, fanciful emergence ... more


    by Tim Cawkwell
    Although 2020/21 was a year to forget, it is most likely to be a year we shall remember more readily than others. In private response to the new public covid reality which has coincided with a sense that politically, socially and culturally we have passed through a watershed year, Tim Cawkwell has written a sequence of poems, IN THESE TORRID TIMES. They are fourteen in number, ranging from poems of one page in length to others of several pages. They include two Covid Odes, plus ‘Three Ages of th... more
  • Dawn of Wisdom

    by Alok Gupta
    The book is a collection of eighteen poems. The first poem Reflections and Realizations is reminiscing a blessed journey filled with beauty and wonders and sharing snippet of wits and wisdom acquired over the years. The second poem Proposition is sharing few tips that can turn life into a flow, effortless and joyous. Facing Challenges depicts state of mind one needs to deal with trials and tribulations of life without the remorse and the stress. Art of Living is filled with precious advice to fo... more
  • Pop X Poetry

    by Kurt Cole Eidsvig
    This unauthorized send-up on literature's most precious member skewers the life and times of Poetry. With bold colors, gritty words and funny stories, POP X POETRY's artsy biographical tone in no way means you'll learn anything at all. You may lose brain cells. Featuring over 300 poems, 30 brand-new artworks, and a unique layout, bright designs, and more, this book's narrative botox blast gives Poetry the long-overdue facelift we were waiting for. Presented as a series of collage pieces, the boo... more