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Science, Nature, Technology

  • JUST PLAIN WRONG The Dalliance of Quantum Theory with the Defiance of Bell's Inequality

    by Frank Lad
    The educated public have long been regaled with "the mysteries of quantum physics", which enshroud far-flung claims about the fundamental nature of matter. These rely on a stunning proposition of quantum theory arising in the 1960s and contested through the subsequent sixty years: that the probabilities deriving from it defy a mathematical inequality known as Bell's inequality. John Bell himself, who formulated the problem, was puzzled by the result, and surmised that in time we would discover w... more
  • Complexity Thinking

    by Cornelis Pieter Pieters
    This book explores the hidden assumptions behind 'objectivity' 'truth' and 'fact' in (amongst others) scientific research and proposes a complexity-informed, dialectical alternative in order to counter the threat of naïve truth relativism
  • The Four Forces of Human Nature: A Unifying Theory

    by Roberto Treviño Peña
    Since physicists discovered the four fundamental forces of nature—Weak, Strong, Electromagnetic and Gravity—they have tried to unify them into one theory. Physicists went down to the subatomic level to search and ended up with vibrating strings. They went up into space and ended up with gravitons (which are yet to be found). But what do these forces mean in terms of human behavior? In The Four Forces of Human Nature: A Unifying Theory, Dr. Treviño Peña identifies the human forces and the specifi... more
  • Leadership at the Edge of Innovation: Navigating the 4th Industrial Revolution in Manufacturing

    by Dennis Kuzmenko
    In Leadership at the Edge of Innovation, Dennis Kuzmenko, a veteran with over two decades of hands-on experience in manufacturing across North America, offers a comprehensive guide for navigating the tumultuous waters of technological transformation. This book isn't just for industry insiders—it is for anyone striving to understand and harness the power of innovation in today's business landscape. Kuzmenko's insights cut through the noise, providing actionable strategies and unique perspectiv... more
  • Global Warming (aka Climate Change)

    by David W Spitzer
    This book examines the relevant history, science, and data necessary to understand various aspects of global warming in context to determine how and (importantly) when global warming can be effectively mitigated.
  • You Had to Be There

    by Jess Bugg
    You Had to Be There is an unconventional, interdisciplinary reconsideration of established themes surrounding climate change. Alternating between the academic and the personal, Jess Bugg reaches a unique, and ultimately hopeful, conclusion. Operating at the crossroads of memoir, academia, and literature, You Had to Be There offers a fresh, hopeful perspective on the seemingly hopeless subject of climate grief. Over the course of eleven essays, interrogations, and reflections, the author inv... more
  • Taming Cancer: 21st Century Biology and the Future of Cancer Medicine

    by Drew N, Kelner, Ph.D.

    In Taming Cancer, a biochemist and immunologist with 35 years of experience developing innovative cancer drugs presents an exhilarating vision of the future of cancer medicine, a time when a diagnosis of metastatic cancer is no longer by default a harbinger of a painful and imminent death.  Even today, seemingly magical medicines that attack cancer at its molecular roots and unleash the tumor-destroying power of human immunity are making a difference in the lives of cancer ... more

  • easy pumping

    by Houman Ataei Eng.
    engineering hand book about pumps and pumping systems. in this book you will learn how to choose the wright pumps and instruments and how to install them and also you will find the best ways for operation and maintenance . The EASY PUMPING books Author is Mr. Houman Ataei (Eng.) in persian language
  • Quantum Theory of Electrodynamics

    by Russel James Farmer
    Quantum Theory of Electrodynamics was first published in the Toth-Maatian Review, Lubbock, Texas, 1990-93, Editor Harold Willis Milnes. Having ascertained that a wave packet spectrum had to be constructed out of Doppler shift frequencies, it was natural to use non-relativistic, rather than relativistic, Doppler shifts, as they are simpler and the chance of a successful theory is greater using them. Constructing a Fourier spectrum in this manner, the first thing evident was that the width of the ... more
  • Grand Unification of the Four Fundamental Forces of Physics

    by Russel James Farmer

    Another version of Feynman's QED, in which Einstein's interpretation of Planck's law is derived from first principles, without all the tedious rigour of the "semi-classical treatment" of quantum mechanics. We arrive at a theoretical mass of the Higgs boson, without reference to particle physics! It is confirmed that "dark matter" is just the mass equivalent of the galactic gravitational energy.

  • Cellular Mind: Your Cells Create Your Mind (Not Your Brain)

    by M. Rowen
    Centuries of scientific research has failed to find evidence that the human mind is generated by brain processes. No scientific theory has ever been developed that explains, even in principle, how brain processes can generate the vibrant conscious experiences that we all take for granted, a mystery known as the "hard problem of consciousness". This book will review astonishing evidence from experiments in cutting edge biology and neuroscience that suggest that your mind is not generated by you... more
  • ChatGPT, MD: How AI-Empowered Patients & Doctors Can Take Back Control of American Medicine

    by Robert Pearl, MD
    In this unique collaboration, healthcare leader and bestselling author Robert Pearl, MD teams up with the artificial intelligence system, ChatGPT, to examine the transformative power of generative AI in medicine. Together, the co-authors present a vision for the future where AI technology empowers patients and doctors to take back control of American medicine from the corporate interests that currently dominate the landscape.
  • The AI Evolution: The End of Old Jobs and the Rise of New Opportunities

    by Onesimus Malatji

    "The AI Evolution: The End of Old Jobs and the Rise of New Opportunities" explores the transformative impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the job market and career landscape. This book sheds light on how AI technologies are poised to replace certain traditional jobs while simultaneously creating new opportunities in emerging fields.


    The book begins by setting the stage, explaining the historical context of technological revolutions and their profound impact ... more

  • How Weather Shapes Human Endeavors

    by Joe R Eagleman
    Are you fascinated by the ever-changing dance of clouds, the power of storms, and the gentle touch of a sunbeam? Dive into the captivating world of weather with this book. This comprehensive guide explores the profound impact of weather on human activities, making it a must-read for weather enthusiasts, curious minds, and anyone eager to understand the forces shaping our daily lives.
  • Hey, There's Science In This

    by Eva Amsen
    Hey, There's Science In This is a collection of 24 essays about science in unexpected places. From Dali's DNA paintings to the science in TV show Stranger Things, and from rubber ducks to hiking trails, this book explores the science that's hiding all around us.
  • Eye of the Champion

    by Daniel M. Laby, MD
    Dr Laby has distilled his unparalleled experience into a unique and science-based approach to sports vision that can help every athlete optimize their vision. This knowledge has been used by the world’s top athletes for decades, to help them win championships and perform at their best. Now Dr Laby shares this knowledge with athletes of all levels, and sports, to help them find that competitive edge, allowing them to perform at their best! This book spotlights the different areas that impact... more