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Art & Photography

  • Using Equine Photography as Mental Health Therapy

    by Tina J Collins
    Using Equine Photography as Mental Health Therapy is a self help book that outlines the usefulness of equine photography as a tool for mental health difficulties and depression. The author only briefly touches on the technical aspects of the art of photography as she believes it's not about the quality of the images that you make that's important. This particular type of therapy is all about your emotions, thoughts and feelings in the moment and beyond. She has chosen the horse as the subject... more
  • Righting Writing

    by Michael Bailey
    Writing is a disease without a cure. Once infected, the virus is in the host for good, until death. Something first sparked a need to create, so what was it? What does it take to survive publishing and continuously improve one's craft? THE BEGINNING: A straight-to-the-point narrative pushes past impostor syndrome, examining the writer life in detail while defining / dissecting fundamentals required to finish a first draft manuscript: character, dialogue, voice, plot, conflict, theme, and sett... more
  • iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max: The Complete Photography Guide

    by Vincent R. Black
    Master iPhone 15 Pro Max Photography – Your Ultimate Guide! The iPhone 15 Pro Max boasts a groundbreaking camera system, redefining the boundaries of mobile photography. But how do you unlock its full potential to capture breathtaking photos? Whether you're a novice or a seasoned pro, this book is your essential companion to elevate your photography skills to new heights. What You'll Uncover Inside: Dive into the world of photography with step-by-step guidance, perfect for beginners.... more
  • Artful Wisdom Colorful Advice

    Artful Wisdom Colorful Advice is chock full of common sense maxims, illustrated with more than 90 pages of colorful, original art. Wise words from the famous and not-so-famous include Speak your mind, but ride a fast horse! (Texas Bix Bender) and Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most. (Thomas Jefferson). Illustrated by Marjory Hawkins, the unique mixture of self-taught art and great life advice was created as encouragement for a teenage nephew who would ra... more
  • Fifteen Minutes: Bamboozled in Buffalo

    by Michael F. Rizzo
    Are we allowed to scrutinize public art, even if the public doesn’t pay for it? It only took the city of Buffalo 15 minutes to shut it off and five days for Mayor Jimmy Griffin to tear down Billie Lawless’ sculpture “Green Lightning” in 1984. It may have had something to do with dancing neon figures that resembled Mr. Peanut. But, to this day, it’s unclear if the artist tricked the city or the city acted hastily. For the first time, through interviews, court documents, and press clippi... more
  • The Women of Color Artistic Experience: Invisible Women, Invisible Art

    by Michael Boyajian

    A catalog of the invisible art of the invisible women of color endeavoring to break through an almost impenetrable glass ceiling that exists to this day in the art world.

  • A Compendium of Art: The Collected Works of Jeri Wagner

    by Michael Boyajian


    The collected works of the late noted New York artist Jeri Wagner whose works included diverse media like wood construction, collage, ceramics, photography and fiber. Influenced by Louise Bourgeois, Louise Nevelson and Joseph Cornell before coming into her own original creative space. Her art was exhibited in Chelsea, SoHo, the Village, the Hudson Valley and Europe. She graduated from Stony Brook University with a BA in Studio Art and she had a... more

  • SARA GARDEN ARMSTRONG: Threads and Layers

    SARA GARDEN ARMSTRONG: Threads and Layers is the first comprehensive look at over four decades of work from this multimedia artist. The monograph traces the threads and layers that run through her diverse body of work, from atrium sculptures to large interactive installations to intimate artist’s books. The essays and images provide a thorough documentation of her impressive oeuvre. Chance and change drive her artwork as she explores and pushes the possibilities of materials. In the work you ... more
  • Return to Heartwood, A Search for the Heart of Live Oak Country

    by William Guion
    What began as a long-term photographic study of a single subject grew into a calling, a four-decade-long pilgrimage deep into the heart of Louisiana’s live oak country to find and document the state's oldest oaks, many growing before European settlement of this region. In Return to Heartwood – A Search for the Heart of Live Oak Country, author and photographer William Guion shares his experiences in search of ancient and historic Southern live oak trees. In the process, he came to know the o... more
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady

    by John Devilman
    The old saying goes, "You can't understand someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes", or in this case, "heels". To punish my prejudiced relatives for gossiping about my supposed sexual proclivities, I asked my female-presenting friends to submit pictures of themselves that I would then recreate to post on my social media. If my kin wanted to talk about me behind my back, I wanted to make sure they had something to talk about. Then something curious happened... not with the supposed... more
  • Faces of Old Key West 1918

    by Richard M. McGarry

    A collection of portraits and personal stories of local Key Westers a century ago that show what life was like on the island before it became a glamorous resort.

  • Treasure Found

    by Cinthia James

    Treasure Found can be a guide to starting your own art process, ensuring a continuous stream of inspiration and visible improvement in your work. You’ll be able to discover and define your style and feel confident to experiment with your art. Treasure Found shows you ways of finding inspiration, how to understand art as a discipline, and it outlines some design fundamentals.

  • The Joy of Drawing

    by Caroline Mustard
    A 21st century approach to teaching the beginner how to draw in easy steps with video demonstrations for both traditional and digital artists. From learning how to hold a pencil to gaining the skills needed to draw anything, this 80-page manual also provides the student with a printable workbook. Just scan the QR codes at the start of each chapter to access the 20 demonstration videos as well as the printable workbook and you are al set to learn how to draw. Based on over a decade of experienc... more
  • Using Japanese Paper for Digital Printing of Photographs

    by Carl-Evert Jonsson
    Using Japanese paper on digitally printing photos can yield tremendous results for photographers who are interested in experimenting with new methods. But beware: The common concept of how photographs should look will be challenged if you decide to use this technique. Carl-Evert Jonsson shares his experiences using the experimental technique in this book. After using Japanese papers (washi) for paintings and collages, he started to use the papers for his photos. This technique is not an alter... more
  • Throw away your camera: and become a photographer

    by George Tatakis
    Photography guide: composition, light and philosophy. Throwing away your camera when you want to be a photographer may sound weird at first, but all this book is about, is for you to manage to escape the first significant barrier in photography, which is photography gear. An essential part of becoming a photographer is to master light and be able to create images by using it appropriately. That is all there is to it. At least the artisan part of it. The first part of this book, “Creating ... more
  • Cloud Conversations & Image Stories--Leonardo's Theory

    by Margaret A. Harrell

    How does Leonardo's theory of chance images, “accidental” inspiration, relate to clouds? In Cloud Conversations & Image Stories, Margaret A. Harrell weaves her own cloud photography into the art history of chance images, bringing in related drawings, scrying, and our relationship to Mother Nature. Regarding Robert Desnos’ trance drawings, Andre Bréton called the “tangled web of lines” a result of chance, but the figures that “appear suddenly... more