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Art & Photography

  • Forever Famous and Fxxxing Naked

    by Bambi Woods
    The information about the book is not available as of this time.

    by Barnaby Conrad III

    Jacques Villeglé and the Streets of Paris is a large format art book about the  the last great French artist of the 20th century. Born in 1926 in Brittany, Jacques Villeglé moved to Paris in 1949 and began stealing torn, damaged posters off walls and billboards, then mounting them on canvas and proclaiming them Art. In 1959, André Malraux wrote to Picasso: "It is the art of the future showing its teeth." With over 3... more

  • Intimations

    by Martin Miller

    Everyone has had the experience of déjà vu, the feeling of seeing something that you could not previously have seen, of being somewhere you could not possibly have been, or experiencing something you really have not experienced. For most, it is a curious, slightly uncomfortable sensation that is quickly forgotten. For photographer Martin Miller, it is the source of an aesthetic, an inspirational but elusive “butterfly” that has the power to evoke strong visual respon... more

  • Bas-Relief Modeling

    by Ross Pollard

    Bas-Relief Modeling is an introduction to the tools and techniques of traditional bas-relief sculpture with a focus on creating plaques and medals. Richly illustrated with examples of the author’s own work, this concise volume devotes special attention to the fundamentals of working with clay, wax, plastilina and plaster, with supplemental chapters on bronze casting, die-struck medals and nineteenth century techniques.

  • Muses and Inspirations

    by Gosta Iwasiuk
    Creating art is something very personal and unique to every artist. It is also a gift that is not explainable. How is it that some people can make something out of stone or clay, or put oil pigment on a piece of linen to look like a tree or flower or a person, and another individual can’t draw a straight line? One can learn how to do it up to a point, beyond which it is left to the mysteries of DNA that takes over to create the masterpiece. Humans have dabbled with creativity for 60,000 years, d... more
  • Costume Design 101, 2nd edition: The Business and Art of Creating Costumes for Film and Television (Costume Design 101: The Busi

    by Richard E. LaMotte
    Costume Design 101 a Guide to Business and Art of Creating Costumes for Film and Television. Written by an industry veteran with 40 years of experience, this book is the new edition of Costume Design 101.
  • Heroes Live Here

    by Amy Forsythe
    Heroes Live Here: A Tribute to Camp Pendleton Marines Since 9/11 contains more than 150 full-color images and beautifully designed graphic illustrations depicting Camp Pendleton Marines involvement in combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. It's a one-of-a-kind book filled with perspectives and reflections from post-9/11 warfighters who've called Camp Pendleton home. This book guides readers through the sprawling military base and shares heartwarming tributes behind more than a dozen monum... more
  • Kiboko Projects

    The Kiboko Projects programs are international exchanges that use the creation of masks as a way for teens and adults to express their creativity and explore their identities. Along with the mask-making, participants from Africa, Russia, and the United States have created photo diaries with film, video, and bookmaking that speak of their hardships and dreams. The participants, by articulating their stories, whether they be of struggles with child labor and AIDS, or pride in their culture, learn ... more
  • The Art of Pastel Mastery: How to Translate the Image in Your Mind onto the Canvas before You

    by Joshua Holmes
    You’ve Always Wanted to Take Your Art to THE NEXT LEVEL. Now You Can! In this book you'll learn: - How to choose the right portrait - How to build in shapes and layers - How to apply color - How to manipulate color And Much More!
  • Cemetery Reflections

    by Jane Hopkins
    Cemetery Reflections integrates poignant photographs, historic poetry and memorable prose in an exploration of the cemetery as a place of solace and comfort, where final and loving farewells may rest safely among the tombstones. Beautiful images of intricately carved headstones and statues vividly capture the pain of grief and loss across three centuries of American cemeteries. The embedded text provides a compassionate context that deepens our awareness of the significance and mystery of deat... more
  • Finding Me Beyond Illness

    by Shanali Perera
    “I am not the illness. I am a person first.” ‘I control what I create . . .’ Says Shanali. Inspired by life rhythm and flow, her canvases were an outlet to transform her lived experience into a more meaningful way of living as she shifted roles from clinician to patient to becoming a person again. Guided by the sheer emotion she feels, she uses art as a self-inquiry to capture her invisible space within, making it visible to others. “Embodiment of emotion conceptualized in art. I questio... more
  • Blue Zeus

    by Carol J. Walker
    A stunning wild stallion named Blue Zeus and his family encounter photographer Carol Walker in the Red Desert of Wyoming. She follows his family over 4 years, including through the heartbreak of he and his family being rounded up and sent to holding corrals. Finally through the effort of Carol and her friends, they are reunited at a sanctuary in Oregon.
  • Picturing Freedom: African Americans & Their Cars

    by Stanley B. Burns, MD & Elizabeth A. Burns

    Picturing Freedom, a meaningful celebration of African American life, chronicles the photographic history of the pride and joy of car ownership. The 272-page book includes over 450 photographs; histories of photography, car freedoms, and travel; personal photographs of legendary photographer Chester Higgins, Jr. and public health advocate Gerald Deas, MD; prefaces by the authors; and a comprehensive history of The Burns African American Collection. Picturing Freedom is the sixth book fro... more

  • Gaps and the Creation of Ideas: An Artist’s Book

    by Judith Seligson

    Gaps is a 20-year encyclopedic, interdisciplinary project. Artist and author Judith Seligson juxtaposes hundreds of quotes and images from science, art literature, criticism, religion, and more with her own thoughts in between. She sees the quotes and images as neurons in the brain.

          The reader’s thoughts are the neurotransmitters that fire across the synaptic gap between the neurons. Like the synaptic gap, the space between quotes and i... more

  • The American Weekly Covers of Edmund Dulac 1924-1951

    by Albert Seligman
    A complete full color collection of the 106 Hearst Sunday Supplement American Weekly covers painted by English artist Edmund Dulac between 1924-1951. It contains all thirteen series from Bible Stories in 1924 through his final Arabian Nights series in 1951. This is the first complete collection ever published and each American Weekly cover was photographed from an original copy of the magazine.
  • Don't Miss This: A Decade of Eccentric Performing Arts

    by Jim R Moore

    Don’t Miss This: A Decade of Eccentric Performing Arts ~ is Jim R. Moore’s pictorial paean to the stars of today’s circus, sideshow, burlesque, and new vaudeville scenes. In these 284 pages, you will find the world’s most eccentric extended family: clowns, acrobats, thespians, musicians, contortionists, jugglers, puppeteers, ventriloquists, daredevils, aerialists, opera singers, drag stars, monologists, impresarios, magicians, impressionists, fire-eaters, nuts... more