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Business & Personal Finance

  • The Culture of Money

    by De'Andre Salter
    The Culture of Money is an idealogy for creating sustainable Black wealth. Never losing sight of his relentless passion for faith, family, and economic empowerment, Salter is focused on what he calls one of the great civil rights issues of our day- the overwhelming racial wealth gap. The Culture of Money aims to build a Black Wealth movement through the adoption of three community shared values: Know More, Own More, Pass Down More. Using the power of the Black family, Black Churches and communit... more
  • Economic Policy for Future Presidents

    by JD Foster
    Ever wonder what politicians and reporters mean when discussing economic policy, and then wish you understood them better? What do they mean by deficits, debt, and tax policy? What is monetary policy or income inequality? What are the economics of climate change?and its remedies? If you've asked such questions, then this book is for you. To make the matter more compelling, it puts you in the Oval Office as the incoming president and walks you through essential issues, presenting the information ... more
  • We embroider on the atlas

    by Sole Digitizing
    We embroider on the atlas For some reason, synthetic satin (polyester or acetate) is considered not the easiest material for embroidery digitizing, prone to shrinkage and other deformation, and generally not forgiving of mistakes. So I decided to check whether this is so and why there is such an opinion about this fabric, because, at first glance, and even to the touch, the fabric is quite stable and there should not be any special problems with it... more
  • Money, going out of style

    by Zvi Schreiber
    What is money? Why are trillions of dollars, euros, pounds, and yen being printed, but not spent, and what does this reveal about the state of our society? Money, as we know it, was born in 1971 when currencies unlinked from gold. During its adolescence, money was hyperactive, causing rampant inflation. Three decades of mature growth followed. But as it reaches the age of fifty, money is changing again, and facing a figurative mid-life crisis. Money: Going Out of Style first offers the rea... more
  • Mission First People Always: The Definitive Guide to Balancing People and Performance

    by Mike Patterson
    Life is about choices. Where you live, the schools you attend, your career path, who you marry – all affect your success and satisfaction. Many of these choices are dichotomous. If I live here, I can’t live there. If I attend this university, I can’t also go to that one. Leaders often see their workplace strategy as an equally “this or that” choice. Do I focus on accomplishing the mission and all of the tasks that support it? Or do I take care of my people, doing everything possible to help them... more
  • 6th Dimension Investing: An Investment Journey

    by David Klonsky
    6th Dimension Investing follows how events in my life over 25+ years influenced my quest to find the ultimate stock selection tool. I sample classic and popular investment approaches and offer an honest assessment of each. The story offers guidance to novice investors in developing their own framework. As a non-investment professional. I describe with humor and humility my epic falls, dumb luck and hard-earned lessons learned.
  • Redefining Financial Literacy

    by Cindy Couyoumjian
  • 12 Principles for Success in Launching Your New Business: A Step-by-Step Guide That Will Help You Transform Your Business and Pr

    by Sam Hijazin
    Why Do Some Become Winners? This book offers you the principles to succeed in starting an innovative company or launching a new product; it gives you the tools to hit the ground running and avoid the common mistakes that you can ill afford to make in the marketplace. My goal is to offer you a roadmap for success that will produce results and help your business to sidestep the typical-90% failure rate. As more companies thrive, this will help societies to grow, families to find stability, an... more
  • Behind The Bullet Points

    by Don E. Descy
    Dr. Descy explains how to prepare your presentation and visuals and also what to do before, during and after your in-person or virtual presentation, speech or keynote.
  • Get the Cheese, Avoid the Traps: An Interactive Guide to Government Contracting

    by Vernita Naylor
    Get the Cheese, Avoid the Traps: An Interactive Guide to Government Contracting will help you to: *Understand the Language of Government Contracting *Learn About the Government Contracting Cycle *Types of Certifications Available (Women, LGBTQ, Veterans, Small, Minority) *Partner With Your Ideal Buying Agency (Corporate or Federal) as a Supplier *Learn About the Different Types of Contracts Ideal For Your Products or Services *What Does It Takes To Be in Compliance
  • Medical Sales Professional

    by Roy Layfield
    Medical sales is recognised over the world as a highly prestigious and professional selling role, one that includes the need of clinical expertise, territory management and strong people skills, to say the least. Our growing population and increasing demand, coupled with the attractive investment potential in the global healthcare markets, mean that medicines, equipment and consumables are increasingly being researched, developed and brought to this market. New teams are often formed for the lau... more
  • Turning Points

    by Karen Strauss

    We live in a time of multiple changes and dramatic upheavals. The world is at a historical turning point. The Western economic sector is facing unprecedented challenges. At the dawn of its growing influence, understanding China accurately is urgent. Mastering the Chinese business culture should be a priority. Assimilating Chinese business strategy, as taught in The Art of War and played in Wéi qí, is paramount. For Western companies, applying this knowledge in their relations with their Chinese ... more
  • 8 Things You Should Know To Launch A Product Line

    by Thadeus Parkland
    Thadeus Parkland, former Business Development and Projects team manager for a contract manufacturer, provides a 30,000 foot look into taking a product line to market. With 20 plus years experience launching products from the manufacturing perspective, the insight provided herein helps manage expectations for the newcomer to the consumer products industry. Things you never knew you should know or thought to ask are outlined in a simple, straight forward easy to digest manner.
  • Ready To Own A Salon

    by Thadeus Parkland
    Ready To Own A Salon is for the non-MBA person looking to build a business in one of the greatest industries in existence. The information needed to guide one from beyond creativity into success is all here. Beyond a state license, there is much-needed information to drive success. This book provides the basic details you need to know to create and grow a successful business. Information you didn’t need to know is laid out in a straightforward format - the goal is to enlighten your journey t... more