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  • Behemoth, Amazon Rising: Power and Seduction in the Age of Amazon

    by Robin Gaster
    Amazon is the most extraordinary business story of our time. In 25 years, it's become a $280 billion multi-sector giant, and within 5 years, Amazon may be the biggest company in America. Behemoth, Amazon Rising explains how Amazon built five interlocking rings logistics, Amazon Prime, the Amazon Marketplace, everyday low pricing, and constant innovation. The rings work together to create a moat too deep to scale around Amazon's retail empire. But Amazon is not just any company. It's brilliant... more
  • Sofa Repair | Sofa Makers in Bangalore - The Sofa Makers

    by Chin Ras
    Looking to give your sofa an elegant look? Sofa Makers is here for you to transform your old sofa and give your sofa an elegant look
  • Building a Showcase Culture, Powerful and Practical Keys for Manufacturing

    by Mark Lado
    This book is for those who want to become factory showcase leaders. Readers learn various tools and techniques along a structured path and will be able to apply them or evaluate their company's effectiveness. The information is useful for: * Manufacturing Operation leaders * Department and functional staff, supervisors, and team leaders * Students studying engineering, operations, supply chain, production planning, finance, human resources, quality, and business administration * Entreprene... more
  • "Make Your Own Break: How To Master Your Virtual Meeting In Seven Simple Steps"

    by Jennifer Lieberman

    As virtual meetings have gone from the exception to the norm in the business world, many professionals feel unprepared for this new "on-camera" shift. 

    Filmmaker, producer and award-winning actor Jennifer Lieberman created a simple seven-step approach when coaching executives and business professionals with their virtual presence. In this simple and straight-forward guide Lieberman walks through tricks and tips from the film industry to help you "master your vir... more

  • Build From Now: How to Know Your Power, See Your Abundance & Nourish the World

    by Damon Brown
    Our biggest hurdle today isn’t finding the right hack to more output, but realizing that accepting our limitations actually improves our results. A spiritual successor to the critically-acclaimed book Bring Your Worth, Build From Now shows how each and every person has four different resources: focus, agility, time, and energy. We have more or less of each, depending on where we are in our lives. Know your strengths and you’ll be able to be productive, creative, and inspired. Forever. Like entre... more
  • Think Big Scale Fast

    by Jolien Demeyer
    Of all the challenges entrepreneurs face, scaling their business is one of the hardest, and the marketing department often bears the brunt, asked to meet rising expectations and demand with an unchanged budget. How do marketers do more with less, without compromising on quality? The answer lies in becoming a scaleur—combining entrepreneurial ingenuity with marketing skill and panache. The Marketing Scaleur draws on lessons from major global conglomerates and tenacious startups to provide a ... more
  • Atlanta Email marketing Services

    by AGD Tech
    Being among the best Atlanta email marketing services, we provide email marketing services to meet your business needs. Hire our professionals today!
  • How to be a Successful Indie Writer

    by Dale T. Phillips
    In the modern world of Independent (Indie) book publishing there is a lot to learn, and more competition every day. While some authors will tell you how to be successful based merely on their own experience, this book details the path of success used by a number of successful writers, both traditional and Indie. For those willing to study successful Indie writers and copy the effective techniques, good things await. Here's a great starting point. Covers much material on setting up the mindset... more
  • CustomHomeBuildersMelbourne

    by RyconBuilding Group

    Rycon Building Group has been building house since the last few years whether you want to build a simple home or custom. We have an in-house team of experienced and professional Custom home builders Melbourne with you can ensure for building best and appealing home. We have a modern and trendy design with you no longer having to worry about getting the best design for you... more

  • Conquering the Chaos of Creativity: A Complete Guide to Creative Problem-Solving for Everyone

    by Doug Patton
    “Problems are positive” says prolific inventor Doug Patton, who shares a new way to look at creative problem-solving in his latest invention. The book is a creative toolbox and he invites readers to break out of stasis and wake up to their full creative potential. He teaches skills readers can use to develop a personalized problem-solving method that can be accessed on command. It’s the ultimate guide for brave, confident innovating. The result of Patton’s decades of experience as an inventor, C... more
  • Hot Water Repairs Adelaide

    by HotWaterRepairs Adelaide

    Does your hot water system need repairs? Then Great state plumbing can be a perfect choice you can make as we are serving residential and commercial places with Hot Water Systems Adelaide installation and Hot Water repairs Adelaide. We are giving promising work with you no longer have to worry about getting work after a timeline, and that’s the reason we beco... more

  • Be Wealthy!

    by Mike Jason

    Be Wealthy!

    Do you want to be truly wealthy? Did you ever wonder why most of the financial tips you read about don’t work? And why when you pay down one debt another just pops up?

    It’s because the root of the financial problem isn’t being fixed. In order to be wealthy, you must first attack the root of the problem.

    Using common sense and applying sound principles will help you to build wealth no matter your income. You don’t... more

  • Payments and Banking in Australia

    by Nikesh Lalchandani
    For the first time in Australian financial history, the world of Australian payments, money, and banking systems is finally revealed, creating a learning tool anyone needing a solid understanding of the Australian financial industry. This book will uncover: -How the Australian payment and banking system is designed and how it works -The assumption that banks will continue to control payments and the flow of money, and challenging that methodology -Chinks in the financial system armour an... more
  • 7 Principles of Becoming a Leader - The definitive guide for starting and building your management career

    by Riku Vuorenmaa

    Do you want to lead?

    7 Principles of Becoming a Leader is the only book of its kind that covers everything you need to do to become a leader. The comprehensive method outlined in this book will guide you through all the essential principles of building a successful management career:

    • Professional development: Personal excellence and productivity
    • Leadership development: Mindset and essential leadership skills
    • Personal development: Your identity... more
  • TSP Investing Strategies: Building Wealth While Working for Uncle Sam, 2nd Edition

    by W. Lee Radcliffe
    The Thrift Savings Plan is tax-advantaged individual investing vehicle for U.S. military personnel and federal government employees. TSP participation has grown to almost 6 million with accounts holding over $600 billion in assets in early 2020, making it one of the largest plans in the world. "TSP Investing Strategies: Building Wealth While Working for Uncle Sam" details a variety of buy-and-hold approaches to investing in the TSP based on the participant's risk tolerance. In addition to m... more
  • mount duneed display homes

    by Long Island Homes

    Are you looking for mount duneed display homes to buy? Then at Long island homes, we can help you whether you want to choose a renovated home or new home. We have professional and skilled designers who know and can help you to ensure for choosing right mt duneed display homes for your needs. We have know... more