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  • Grocery Delivery Mobile App Development Company

    by Alex Joseph
    On-Demand Grocery app, grocery buying application, supermarket shopping grocery home delivery mobile app development company for Android, iOS & iPhone
  • Building Business Credit for Small Businesses

    by Trenisha Webster
    This book gives you full detail on how to build business credit. The book describes how business credit works, steps on what you will need to apply for business credit, and types of business credit. Be able to build your business file without using your personal credit.
  • Principles of Cartel Disruption: Accelerate and Maximize Performance

    by David Radlo
    The Principles of Cartel Disruption shares business principles for innovation, incubation, disruption, and maximizing growth through the various stages of a company’s lifecycle. This easy to follow blueprint is the result of 30 years of successful entrepreneurial toughness and the experience of maximizing value through aligning people, process, strategy, and sustainability. The Principles of Cartel Disruption and the Cartel Disruption Method are broken down into four areas and eleven princip... more
  • The Survival of the Richest

    by Dr. Anthony Criniti IV
    The Survival of the Richest: An Analysis of the Relationship between the Sciences of Biology, Economics, Finance, and Survivalism is Dr. Anthony M. Criniti IV's remarkable follow-up to his acclaimed book, The Necessity of Finance. Exploring in greater depth how the sciences of economics and finance are necessary for their respective entities to survive, this book integrates some of the hardest concepts of several very important fields of scientific inquiry. Deriving serious conclusions on the... more
  • 0988459523

    by Anthony Criniti
    The Most Important Lessons in Economics and Finance: A Comprehensive Collection of Time-Tested Principles of Wealth Management represents the fruits of an audacious undertaking: the pursuit of the most effective economic and financial principles from the dawn of record keeping to the present day. Using everyday terms and readily grasped concepts, Dr. Anthony M. Criniti IV, a former financial consultant and current university-level finance professor, sets out to expand off the new paradigm of the... more
  • Achieving Performance Results - Boosting Performance in the Virtual Workplace

    by William S. Hubbartt

    "Achieving Performance Results - Boosting Performance in the Virtual Workplace" is a handy reference guide on the performance management process. This publication has been developed to guide the Team Leader or Supervisor to improve performance results and to better correlate those results to rewards for virtual and on-site employees. It provides useful tips, ideas, and checklists to motivate team members, boost performance, address performance problems, assure meani... more

  • Bounce-Up: Outpower Adversity, Boost Resilience, Rebound Higher

    by Mj Callaway, CSP
    Why me? Why now? What do I do next? Has a setback upended your life? Do you want to get your life back? Bounce-Up™: Boost Resilience, Build Momentum, Rebound Higher offers you three game-changing fundamentals to strengthen resilience and performance. Mj shares her journey through her own life-altering crises along with inspirational stories from people from all walks of life to give you the proven tools to overcome setbacks, crush change, and elevate success. While you can’t control life... more
  • The Principles of Business

    by Dave DeRose
    A compilation of things learned in business and opportunities experienced through business. Real life problems and victories from 27 years in business with no college degree just the technical background of plumbing heating and air conditioning. Issues that apply to any small business and how to cope and succeed when you are in a struggle. Who to turn to and from and how to remain open and honest no matter what.
  • The Downsize Side Hustle

    by Art Barry
    Downsizing-in-place became the obvious side hustle choice when we looked at costs and the effort that would be required to move to a smaller home. Making a move just didn't make sense based on current economic uncertainties. This book provides a step-by-step narrative of how we turned extra space in our house into a private guest quarters that generates $1,000 a month. The research, links to sources, reference materials, and the author FAQ are worth much more than the cost of the book.
  • How to Manage Money When You’re Not Earning Enough: Strategies for Thriving amid financial Difficulties

    by P. A. Simon

    This book is written to provide answers to most of your financial challenges and help those who find most information about personal finance too difficult to understand. If you desire to learn how to survive with the little resources you have and gain financial freedom, then this is the right book to read.

    I can assure you that this book will not show you tips on how to get rich quickly because they do not exist but I can assure you that after reading and practicing the strategies ... more

  • Custom Printed Boxes & Packaging

    by Jeneva Jordan
    You don’t have to worry about whether the design of the retail boxes will compliment your products or not. Because we make it certain that the design is complete of your choice.
  • Mumbai escorts

    by Kiran Bajwa
    Hi I am Kiran Bajwa Providing 24*7 Female Escorts Service in mumbai at low price.Select Mumbai Girls Mumbai escorts agency always ready for you at your doorstep.
  • Super Profits In Cheap Stocks

    by fred carach
    I have been a stock market speculator for 57 years. I have written two books about my life as a speculator. The first book was "Forty Years A Speculator" and my recent work is "Super Profits In Cheap Stocks." The secret world of stocks selling from a penny to $10 a share. There is no shortage of books about the stock market but they are always about blue chip stocks. My book is about the unknown world of cheap stocks that sell from a penny to $10 a share. In my world of cheap, affordable stoc... more
  • Gratitude Infusion: Workplace Strategies for a Thriving Organizational Culture

    by Kerry Alison Wekelo
    Gratitude Infusion delivers workplace strategies to develop a culture of gratitude throughout your organization. Communication, productivity, teamwork, employee engagement, and motivation will flourish when you infuse your corporate culture and life with gratitude. Gratitude produces a chain reaction. For corporate leaders, this translates to lower attrition rates. For families, this builds healthier relationships. For individuals, this ensures a more peaceful and inspired life. Gratitude In... more
  • Best Cheap Content Writing Services In USA

    by Mason Robert
    Nowadays writing competition is very tough in the markets because every firm is providing the writing services but according to the peoples, some companies is not reliable who do not provide the quality work and also charge the expensive price that every people do not afford it. So, therefore we are here for them to providing the cheap content writing services at a very low price and can also get high-quality work. We know that everybody is not easy to write website content or articles because i... more
  • RV Technologies

    by Ethan Smith
    As the demand for mobile games is constantly increasing, there has been a sharp increase in the number of various game development companies. RV Technologies is one of the best game development company in India providing full-scale game design and development services. Our mobile game developers know how to produce playful entertainment for smart devices.