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  • Pop Secret: Trench Coats, World War, and the Birth of Bubble Wrap

    by Howard Fielding

    Sorry to burst your bubble: The inventors of Bubble Wrap, the pop-able plastic that we all know and love, didn’t set out to make wallpaper. That story about air bubbles trapped between two shower curtains? It might have lost something in translation.

    This true tale involves a honeymoon interrupted by the Black Tuesday stock market crash, an escape from Paris before the Nazi invasion, and the search for the perfect raincoat.

    Howard Fielding, son of one of the partne... more

  • HorsePower Your Hospital

    by Carrie O'Neill
    Lead Your Hospital Like a Horse Would and Watch Your Herd Thrive Healthcare is at a crossroads. Covid-19 dramatically increased the pressure on an already stressed system. The goal of providing excellent care has not changed, but with fragmented and exhausted teams, the achievement of that goal is more challenging. Horses, who have the proven ability to organize in herds that bring out the strengths of every individual and to thrive in dynamic environments, can help. Leaders cannot remove ... more
  • Confessions of a Woman in Real Estate

    by Hannah Schuhmann
    In this captivating memoir and entrepreneurial guide, 'Confessions of a Woman in Real Estate', Hannah Schuhmann intertwines her German wit with humour, adventure, and prowess. From her rebellious early life in Europe to her arrival in Australia as a backpacker, and eventually establishing herself as Brisbane's real estate powerhouse, Hannah's journey unfolds with unwavering determination and her trademark zest for life.
  • Leap: Why It's Time to Let Go to Get Ahead in Your Career

    by Jessica Galica
    More than three million women left the workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic, and even more are considering leaving or downshifting. Corporate women feel misled. Told they could "have it all," women instead feel dissatisfied and exasperated. They have not lost ambition or dreams for their career, but they are reckoning with their corporate reality: environments that are designed for men, the burden of caretaking labor at home, and bias in hiring and promotions. These factors leave many women st... more
  • GALVANIZE: How Humanized Copy Motivates a Brand and its Audience

    by Jennn Fusion
    Business writing often drones on and on, and official communications have sometimes needed warning labels. We're jaded. Our relationship with words, as people, has become tenuous. But that also indicates an unprecedented opportunity to inspire and reacquaint a brand's audience with joy, hope, and delight. A quick read over coffee, this ebook draws upon specific examples to tie together the common threads that elevate certain messages above the din and motivates readers to buy and become lifel... more
  • ChatGPT Cheat Sheet: Discover 100+ Writing Gigs in Our Exclusive E-Book Then Let ChatGPT Do The Job For You

    by Demi Degeer
    You've probably heard a ton of talk about how people are quitting their jobs to make money thru AI (Artificial Intelligence) or how existing companies are using the new AI technology to either grow the business that they currently have or start completely new ones. AI is currently one of the most popular topics for those desiring to rapidly increase their wealth. Start making profits today. This Fast Track Guide is The Ultimate Freelancer's Gold Mind, specifically designed for thought leaders... more
  • Beyond the Nest Egg: How to Be Financially Independent Outside of a Broken System

    by Joe Withrow
    In this remarkable book, we uncover the complexities of the modern financial landscape and provide you with a comprehensive framework for navigating the changing tides. From inflation and rate hikes to recent bank failures and the shifting narrative, we demystify the macroeconomic stage, empowering you to make informed decisions about your money. Discover a proven investment methodology that propels you toward your financial goals. Joe offers advanced strategies for effective asset allocation an... more
  • Collaboration is the New Competition

    by Priscilla McKinney

    Without true collaboration, business professionals will not thrive and businesses will not survive. Fortunately, mastering this new way of working is a mindset shift, followed by taking initiative to act. The positive results—both personal and professional—are virtually instantaneous.

    Collaboration Is the New Competition shows how to take advantage of new ways to analyze complex issues, explore a spectrum of possible solutions, and solve real problems. Priscilla McK... more

  • Cubicle To Corner Office

    by Mike Halpert
    From College to Corporate: Navigating Your First Job with Confidence! Starting a corporate job fresh from college, an internship, or as an expat? "Cubicle To Corner Office" is your essential guide to understanding the nuances of corporate culture and etiquette. Your first job sets the tone for your career, and understanding the office dynamics is crucial to setting yourself up for success. Inside, you'll learn: - How to master the corporate culture and its unspoken rules. - Effective way... more
  • The Bubble That Broke The Bank: Survival Strategies for Navigating the Real Estate Crash, 2008-2026

    by Charles Herrera

    Are you ready to take on the real estate market and win big? The "Bubble that Broke The Bank" is your ultimate survival guide, packed with expert insights and actionable strategies to help you navigate the twists and turns of the Real Estate Cycle. Here's what you'll discover inside: 

    *Harness the power of AI Real Estate 2.0 for smarter investing

    *The Ultimate blueprint for Real Estate Crash investing success.

    *Following the footsteps of the Real Estate Renegades who made mi... more

  • The Strategy of Story: Why Story Works and How You Can Make It Work for You

    by Nora Barry
    Everyone tells you to tell a better story. This book tells you why and how. “The Strategy of Story” deciphers the strategy, science and culture of story and shows you why storytelling is a critical component of effective communications. It offers insights into why certain stories work, breaks down the elements of story and tells you how to put them back together again to create your own story. It offers guidelines on how to develop a storytelling approach to presentations, and extensive coa... more

    by Chris Vermeulen
    An industry-breaking investment style the financial industry doesn't want you to discover. This is a different way to build wealth from the stock market. We will show you unknown investment opportunities. If you are a passive investor, active trader, busy professional, or retiree who wants higher returns in your retirement accounts without the wild volatility and big losses you've experienced in the past, but you struggle to control your emotions, and are searching for a proven strategy for ente... more
  • The Diligence Fix: How Striving for More Revenue Stresses Your Sales Organization and What to Do About It

    by Dayna Williams
    Higher quotas, new logos, deeper vertical focus, greater account penetration, and contract renewals—the sales leader mandate is all about hauling in more revenue. The challenge is that pressure from these increased demands will break things in your sales organization. Your current infrastructure was likely built to handle lower levels of sales activity. As the system stretches beyond its limits, the methods and approaches that once worked for you are no longer viable. When these obvious crac... more
  • How Building the Future Really Works

    by Mats Larsson
    There are laws of nature in business and technology development – almost as immutable as the laws of physics. They have never before been summarized in an accessible way in one book. You can learn them by spending your life studying economic history and putting the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together, one by one. Or you can read this book and jump-start your journey toward an understanding of how countries need to build the future. First of all, we need to admit that we do not know exactly how ... more
  • You Get The Agency You Deserve

    by Jared Belsky
    You Get the Agency You Deserve by Jared Belsky is designed to help marketers get more out of their agency relationships. It speaks to on-boardings, negotiations, giving feedback and how to best motivate your critical agency partners. It features real insights from leading Chief Marketing Officers and shared perspective from over 100 CEO's and CMO's.

    by Michael Kennedy
    In "HR Remotely: How to Motivate a Remote Workforce," HR professional Michael Kennedy provides practical strategies for creating a thriving remote team in the digital age. In today's world, remote work is becoming increasingly popular. With the rise of the digital age, companies are no longer confined to a physical office space. But with this new way of working comes unique challenges for HR professionals: how can you effectively manage and motivate a remote workforce? In "HR Remotely: How... more