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Business & Personal Finance

  • Get WalletWise

    by Ken Remsen
    Get WalletWise teaches people how to avoid money missteps, recover from money missteps and create positive money habits. Get WalletWise teaches readers how to repair their personal finances through tried-and-true money management methods. Get WalletWise releases readers from the habit of “keeping up with the Jones’s” and teaches them how to stop borrowing against their future. Find alternatives to using pay day loan businesses, pawnshops and other predatory lenders that other self-help finan... more
  • Management by Intent: The 5 Principles

    by Abrar Ansari
    As Corporate America comes under intense scrutiny from stakeholders who demand a change to the single-minded focus on shareholder profitability, an increasing number of business leaders are beginning to search for more equitable and fair company practices. Management by Intent (MBI) offers a unique solution to business leaders who are seeking holistic transformations. Based on the author’s upbringing, steeped in mysticism, MBI rests on the principles of preservation of life, dignity, reason, we... more
  • American Tax Trivia

    by Mike Kowis
    In this fun-filled trivia book, seasoned tax attorney Mike Kowis challenges readers to 250 questions about American taxation. This quiz book covers amusing tax quotes, history of U.S. taxation, the Internal Revenue Code, important case law, the Internal Revenue Service, tax forms, audits, politics, and much more! Plus you’ll learn interesting factoids, such as: •\tthe U.S. government hired Walt Disney in the 1940s to make cartoons encouraging citizens to pay income tax; •\tthe Tax Code has 4... more
  • The Visionary Brand

    by Bryan Smeltzer

    What makes a brand truly Visionary?

    Product, Innovation, Culture, Marketing?

    It is a harmonious blending of product, marketing, and a passionate culture. Along with a visionary who establishes and commits themselves and the brand to ageless foundational principles. What formula has sustained iconic brands such as; Apple, Nike, adidas, and allowed them to maintain their vision and brand ETHOS for generations?

    How does one brand lose its premium status, while others thrive gen... more


    by Jacob Sebastian
    This book is a treasure trove of mathematical secrets that will enlighten and enable the reader to create many times more wealth than what is possible with only conventional knowledge. It analyzes and exposes the huge impact that the compounding of yield, initial investment, tax, and duration of any investment will have on the growth and size of an investor’s wealth. It provides valuable and startling insights into the incredible heights an investor’s wealth can reach, climbing the yield-time cu... more
  • The Visibility Factor

    by Susan M. Barber
    People believe that working hard is enough to have success without realizing they need to create personal visibility for themselves. A pivotal feedback conversation Susan M Barber had with a mentor led her to find a way to create authentic visibility for herself. Barber created a successful process that helped her build visibility for herself, her teams and now her clients. This process is broken down into easy to follow steps in her new book, The Visibility Factor, a guide to shape the visibili... more
  • Money on the Side 75 Ways to Earn Extra Money Working Side Jobs

    by MM Barricelli
    This book is a lifesaver for people strapped for cash and need ideas on different ways to build up their income and create second incomes. With 75 ideas for earning money on the side it demonstrates that anyone has the potential to create extra money because we all have skills that others lack and will pay for.
  • Be a J.E.D.I. Leader, Not a Boss: Leadership in the Era of Corporate Social Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

    by Omar L. Harris
    From the Bestselling Author of The Servant Leader’s Manifesto with 20+ years of global pharmaceutical executive experience comes the most crucial and compelling business book of the year. Business Must Be More… There are dark forces at work breeding separation, disunity, disengagement, and denying their role in maintaining a status quo rife with injustices and inequities that keep them in power and everyone else subjugated. But there is an equally and opposite force for good pushing bac... more
  • Financial Dominance

    by Frank Molinar, CFP
    Financial Dominance is the most engaging finance training ever developed for the military and those who appreciate them. No boring jargon, disjointed "good ideas," gimmicks, or tired old adages. Leveraging military strategy, decades in business, thousands of 1:1 interactions, and the coolest full color illustrations you've ever seen on the subject, the author brings a fresh perspective and a clear sense of urgency to laser your efforts for maximum impact! This battle plan simplifies and prior... more
  • Every Word Counts - The Easy Way To Win More Customers Online

    by Alex Wright
    My book aims to help small businesses and professional services firms to improve their website and online content
  • The Entrepreneur Advantage: Emotional Intelligence for Building and Growing Your Business

    by Elizabeth Miner
    Every new venture is a thrill. With all the excitement, entrepreneurs who expect a sprint sometimes find themselves exhausted and overwhelmed. Elizabeth Miner shares tools to overcome the doubts, pitfalls, and fatigue that can torment even the most capable business owner.
  • Metronomics

    by Shannon Byrne Susko
    As a business leader, you’ve read dozens of books by the top thought leaders, learning from their research, principles, and tools. Each book dives deep into a specific area of expertise—strategy, execution, cash, people, culture, and leadership. All share powerful concepts on what to do to grow your business. But how do you efficiently unite these tools into a regimen that works for not just one specific area of your business, but for your entire team, company, and life? Metronomics unites ... more
  • We Can Save The World: ..but there's no money in it

    by Peri Scott
    Capitalism is amazing, but it is not perfect. What if we could tweak the system to allow everyone to prosper? Explore the concepts of "Hybrid Capitalism" and a "caring economy" and how we might just be able to think differently about money.
  • The Ecstatic Stock Market

    by David Rasmussen
    The stock market captures a snapshot of our shared evolutionary history, and transmits an ecstatic message with far reaching impact.
  • The Muffin Man Chronicles: Recipes for Entrepreneurial Success

    by Steve Marks
    In The Muffin Man Chronicles: Recipes for Entrepreneurial Success, Steve Marks, co-founder of Main Street Gourmet, details the ups and downs of starting and running a successful food company in Akron, Ohio. He tells the story of Main Street Gourmet's early days, its growth into a nationally distributed brand, and the high-stakes world of acquisitions. Along the way, he offers crucial tips and insights for aspiring entrepreneurs who may be looking to start their own company as well as entrenched ... more