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Business & Personal Finance

  • Inspiration vs Discipline

    by Cherry-Ann Carmelia Craigwell
    A comparison between the two personalities of the Hustler and the Manager in engaging the business journey, analyzed with the famous fable of the tortoise and the Hare. The literature piece highlights the challenges and opportunities of the personalities and the success of the business owner in adopting both energies in their business venture. The presentation is easy to read and adaptable for any SME business owner schedule.
  • The Seven Pillars of Reinvention: Finding Your Passion & Purpose

    by Tracy Kawa
    If we were already invented—perfect, whole, and complete—then why do we fight so darn hard to change who we are? Each person on this earth was born with a set of talents and abilities. So could you imagine what life on this planet would look like if each and every one of us actually tapped into these unique talents and abilities? Think about it . . . we’d have this place running like clockwork! What if you could wake up every day feeling energized and enthusiastic about going to work? What w... more
  • Do it yourself to be among successful people

    by Jokpeme Omode
    This book is written to change a lot of young people's lives and encourage them to pursue their walk towards their destiny. It talks about the great knowledge we have about our destiny, each and every one of us is purposed for success. Many circumstances may attempt to delay our destiny, but it is rest assured that it will never be denied. We bring on board the issue of life and the journey towards our destiny. It will enlighten and educate a lot of people who wishes to pursue their purpose in ... more
  • The Stimulated Method: A playbook for mastering hybrid creative work at scale.

    by Robb Wagner
    How can you live your best creative work-life by embracing a hybrid model? That's the question innovator-turned author Robb Wagner answers in "The Stimulated Method," a playbook boiling down 10 years of knowledge, insights, rules and counterintuitive mindset shifts gained through his own hybrid experience working on real-world, seven-figure creative projects. This step-by-step guide teaches in-house creative, marketing, brand and communications teams at global companies how to scale their ani... more
  • The Depth of Vision

    by Mohsen Estesnaei
    A very practical rule Destroying is always easier than creating. Tearing is simpler than swinging. It takes years to construct a building but it can be destroyed in the blink of an eye. Now, let's see how we can make use of this practical rule. Is it possible to take advantage of destroying poverty instead of making wealth? Doubtlessly, both will lead to the same result. According to the rule I mentioned earlier, destroying is always easier than creating. Hence, theoretically, if we intend to ... more
  • Motherhood, Apple Pie and All That Happy Horseshit

    by Cyndi Thomason
    Moms often face the choice between continuing to work or staying home with their children. They believe they must separate their business and personal worlds. Either choice leaves a part of their heart behind. It doesn’t have to be this way! In Motherhood, Apple Pie, and All That Happy Horseshit, bestselling author and seven-figure entrepreneur Cyndi Thomason shows you how to use your personal values to create the business of your dreams, one that supports your family without sacrificing yo... more
  • Exit Like A Winner

    by Edward A. Valaitis
    This book is designed to help entrepreneurs with one of the most difficult decisions they will ever face which are when and how to sell their businesses. The author is vulnerable and innovative in his approach as it requires left and right brain thinking to make a great decision on something as personal as their business, their life, and their finances which are intertwined in the most valuable asset they own. Often overcoming denial is the biggest obstacle to making a sound decision and this ... more
  • Wellsprings of Work

    by Samuel Halpern
    Subtitled, “Surprising Sources of Meaning and Motivation in Work,” the book uses episodes from my nearly 50-year career— dealing with Warren Buffett and Bernie Madoff, and investment funds for everyone from pro athletes (baseball, hockey, tennis) to Inupiat Eskimos to hundreds of millions in China— as springboards for larger ideas about fulfilling work, across many fields.
  • Jobs and Covid-19

    by Narinder Mehta
    Learn how to get job offers in a radically changed work environment. Those changes are still evolving and will coninue to have a profound impact on the workplace. People need to evaluate how their skills match what the new jobs require and learn to navigate the changing workplace. The road to a happy career starts with a job you love. When you get a job that matches your skills and job interests, you are well on your way to a successful career. This book shows how to identify the skills you woul... more
  • Leading From The Jumpseat: How to Create Extraordinary Opportunities by Handing Over Control

    by Peter Docker
    Everyone is capable of accomplishing extraordinary things. If you share this belief, then this book was written for you. In business and in life, handing over the reins to others is inevitable. Everyone will eventually leave their team, retire from being the CEO, or see their kids leave home and lead their own lives. Leading from the Jumpseat enables us to embrace this inevitability. Leading from the Jumpseat is a metaphor for how we can choose to lead. It's about the journey we take so we ca... more
  • Delight In The Limelight

    by Linda Ugelow
    Yes, you can learn to love the spotlight. Why do some of us gladly step forward while others shy away from the camera or public speaking, despite having something to say? If you’ve ever watched others take the stage—on video, at conferences, in meetings, or even at your sister’s wedding—and yearned for the confidence to do the same—you can. In this transformational guide, speaking coach Linda Ugelow delivers a holistic methodology that gets to the root of what’s stopping you from sharing y... more
  • Red Cape Rescue: Save Your Career Without Leaving Your Job

    by Darcy Eikenberg
    What if you didn’t have to change everything in your career to change your life at work? When hard things happen in our fast-moving careers, conventional wisdom offers 2 options: A) go find a new job, or B) stay put and “be grateful you have a job.” But job hunting is exhausting and complex, and workplace change often disrupts parts of our lives that were going just fine. And staying where we are, without change? That’s soul-sucking and quickly impacts our mental health, physical well-bein... more
  • It Burned Me All Down

    by Erin Durant
    Erin Durant's career took a sharp turn when she suffered a devastating burnout while working at one of Canada's largest law firms. Even as a law firm partner, she found herself isolated and with little control over her career. These factors as well as the stresses associated with being a millennial woman in law contributed to her personal crisis. The author describes her personal struggles to manage the riggers of a Big Law practice in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and provides advice to or... more
  • Remote Work Technology

    by Henry Kurkowski

    Remote work has been thrown to the forefront of the business world by the COVID-19 pandemic. As small businesses around the world begin to realize the unique challenges of managing employees who work from home and remote teams that need to collaborate over distances, new technologies and business strategies have emerged to make it easier for companies to connect their people and systems remotely. Experienced SaaS and technology entrepreneur Henry Kurkowski delivers a detailed roadmap to using... more

  • Let The Kingdompreneurs Speak

    by Dr. Shirley K. Clark

    As Christians called to the marketplace, we must be properly prepared for marketplace ministry. Jesus' family was in the carpentry business. When Jesus was alive, He was often known by His entrepreneurial spirit more than His rabbi anointing. With this said, Christians succeeding in the marketplace is also a part of our Christian heritage. When the Children of Israel were delivered from the bondage of Pharaoh, one of the promises God said to them was that if they remember Him, He would gi... more