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Business & Personal Finance

  • 8-Second PR

    by Liz H Kelly
    8-Second PR – 2nd Edition (2022) is a New Public Relations Crash Course with 20 New Strategies for a Post-Pandemic World! Learn PR Secrets to get national media interviews, and increase sales using the power of publicity! With the average attention span of an adult now being 8 seconds (less than a goldfish), you can learn how to be clear, concise and compelling in all your marketing messages, media pitches and interviews. You will learn how to take your brand to the next level using the power of... more
  • How to Create Innovation: The Ultimate Guide to Proven Strategies and Business Models to Drive Innovation and Digital Transforma

    by Stefan Dieffenbacher
    The only leadership book about business innovation you’ll ever need, How to Create Innovation is filled with business canvases and practical guidance that you can use right now to prepare your company for the future. Each of the models presented in the book were developed under the Understanding and Navigating Innovation and Transformation in Enterprises (UNITE) umbrella—a business and innovation strategy that reminds us that when we UNITE, we are greater than the sum of our parts. How to ... more
  • Women in the Job Market

    by Barbara Leist Nelson
    In today’s world, many women often feel guilty about holding a full-time job while also balancing being a good wife and mother. With Women in the Job Market, the modern woman will find information on everything from resume building to scheduling to work-from-home life as well as a guide on navigating the post-Covid-19 job market. Nelson delivers real stories from real women in their day-to-day juggling of career and family along with detailed facts and figures to provide additional insight on th... more
  • The Book on Every Day Negotiating

    by Jeff 'Vegas' Howard
    Does the mere thought of negotiating make you cringe? Are you afraid to seem greedy, aggressive, or demanding? Are you sick of being too shy or too scared to ask for what you want and deserve? You can still get more of what you want, more often… I promise! This is not a business book… it’s really for people who would rather not negotiate!
  • The Billionaire's Folly

    by Faisal Khan

    A billionaire's experimental crypto startup soon veers off the rails into anarchy and greed.


    by Eugene Kelly
    19 rules for accumulating wealth and keeping it instead of losing it.
  • Together We Decide: An Essential Guide for Making Good Group Decisions

    by Craig Freshley
    Does your group need help making good decisions? All groups―teams, boards, nonprofits, businesses, governments―must make decisions to make forward progress. In organizations large and small, simple and complex, public and private, people need to decide things together. With tips, principles, examples, and stories, Craig Freshley shares the essentials that groups need to make decisions that provide lasting benefits. Practical and authoritative, this friendly guide from a veteran group facil... more
  • Leading Inclusion

    by Gena Cox, Ph.D.

    Why are workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts often disappointing? An organizational psychologist and executive coach answers this question in “.. an unflinching look at every aspect of systemic bias and inclusion in the workplace.“ (Booklife by Publishers Weekly). This “nuanced and personalized” work advocates for leading the work from the top and prioritizing respect as the vital outcome that (all) employees need to see and feel.... more

  • She Rules

    by Sara Roach Lewis
    In She Rules, Sara Roach Lewis rewrites the rules for women in business and is on a mission to help you: - double your revenues - outline a plan to up-level your business - achieve a laser-focus while moving through resistance - rebrand self-care as an important business practice - turn your imposter syndrome into 7-figure confidence With decades of experience as a feminist business strategist, Sara has supported thousands of women to shed society's expectations and create new pathways for... more
  • Neverboss: Great Leadership by Letting Go

    by Laura Shanae Crenshaw

    An energetic speaker paced on stage.
    "We're hardwired for ape-like, power-grabbing social patterns," she continued, "because it worked. In the Dark Ages when information moved slowly, traditional leadership SAVED us. You could either follow the strongest and smartest, or you died. Problem is, workers aren't ignorant any more. They want to use their brains."

    A leadership coach makes a bet with a billionaire: She'll take a failing ... more

  • Chew On This!

    by Benjamin L. Vidmar
    Thinking of starting up your own business? You need to read this book first! Starting a business can be filled with unexpected pitfalls—one author seeks to offer advice for any fledging entrepreneur. When author Benjamin L. Vidmar wanted to start up a permaculture business near the North Pole, he was met with assurances that he was going to fail. After all, he was attempting the impossible. Or was he? His business boomed until COVID-19. Now he’s here to share the 10 steps he used to do the... more
  • Strategic Creativity

    by Robin Landa
    The secret weapon for business experts to ensure strategically creative results, this is an indispensable field guide to evaluating creative advertising, branding, and design ideas and solutions, and to working with creatives. Strategic Creativity is a fundamental resource that enables business professionals to stand out amongst their colleagues and enhance their ability to communicate the creative "why" throughout their organizations, and it covers what every business expert should fully com... more
  • Good Listen: Creating Memorable Conversations In Business And Life

    by Joe Pardavila
    They say talk is cheap—but podcasting is currently a billion-dollar business. Now Joe Pardavila reveals how you can create the kind of conversations that draw both audiences and applause. Drawing on his many years as a radio host on a top-rated radio show in the New York City area, Joe shares a bevy of illuminating anecdotes featuring such superstars as Taylor Swift,Russell Crowe, Jennifer Aniston, John Mayer, and Chris Martin that demonstrate how the right communication skills can create ma... more
  • Don't Feed the Elephants!: Overcoming the Art of Avoidance to Build Powerful Partnerships

    by Sarah Noll Wilson
    You see the giant footprints the moment you walk through the door. The conference room is a swirling mess of tension, heaviness, anxiety, and peanut shells. Something is very wrong with your team. Everybody knows it, but nobody is talking about it. It’s obvious there’s an elephant in the room. Is it an Avoidephant, feeding off the fears of retaliation and exclusion? Perhaps it’s a Blamephant—whom we love to feed because it makes us feel better about ourselves. Or is it one of the other five t... more
  • Author's Guide to SuperComputer Translation

    by Greg Mills
    I investigated the human language translation industry. It is a very tough racket, best avoided at all cost. Then I discovered breakthrough technological solutions. Using SuperComputers to translate books and avoid poor translations is now possible. Previously troublesome translation errors can now be virtually eliminated. We cross-check translations, ordering a translation back to English from a second SuperComputer. You can now compare original manuscripts with test files. That is all explaine... more
  • Sell More With A Right-Brain Marketing Strategy

    by James I. Bond

    **Editor's Pick** BookLife Review from Publishers Weekly

    **Readers' Favorite 5-Star Award Winner**

    "A strategy-packed business marketing guide" - *Editor's Pick* BookLife Review from Publishers Weekly

    "This book is terrific. I could hardly put the book down after I started reading it." - Joe Wisinski for Readers’ Favorite 

    "Brilliant" - ... more