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Business & Personal Finance

  • Fixing Leadership

    by Stan Peake
  • An MFA for Your MBA

    by Phillip Scott Mandel

    The world of business is filled with jargon, cliché, and nauseating work-speak. This book aims to fix that.

  • All Up in Your Bizness

    by Julianna Newland
    All up in Your Bizness is my first book (not counting my diary). Although I have written dozens of speeches, testimonials, newsletters, and talking points, they do not contain the wit and whimsy of this book. I have been employed for more than thirty years in several jobs, where I have seen hilarious shenanigans of the men and women who worked with me and the processes and programs that often befuddled us. A labor of love and giggles, this book is to be enjoyed as a tongue-in-cheek look at ... more
  • Downsize Profitably & Settle Your Estate

    by Ray Nugent
    “You must know what it is to know what it's worth.” One day, most of us will face the responsibility of downsizing, meaning moving personal property from a larger to a smaller space. Either we’ll do this downsizing on our personal property, based on a desired lifestyle change we’re making, or we’ll have to do it for someone else, either helping a parent or friend to downsize to move to a smaller home or settling their estate after they’ve passed. In some way, it’s likely each of us will be do... more

    by Steve Waddell, MBA, PMP

    What if I told you that becoming a groundbreaking entrepreneur is simpler than you've been led to believe? Imagine a world where transforming your ideas into successful products isn't reserved for the lucky few with insider knowledge or deep pockets. "Valuepreneurs" debunks this myth, introducing you to a world where the potential to transform a simple idea into a groundbreaking product lies within every aspiring entrepreneur. With "Valuepreneurs,&... more

  • Conscious Change

    by Jean Kantambu Latting and V. Jean Ramsey with Stephanie Foy and Amy Foy Hageman
    Discover how to overcome difficult and emotionally draining challenges within multicultural and diverse environments using the Conscious Change framework. In Conscious Change, nineteen authors describe how they’ve used Conscious Change principles and skills to achieve their goals and salvage relationships under threat in potentially polarizing situations. Despite their challenges, each author emerged with strategies to develop as a leader, create stronger relationships, and foster equity ... more
  • Flawed: Why Perfectionism is a Challenge for Management

    by Greg Chasson
    Many stakeholders in the workplace consider the pursuit of perfection an admirable quality, but perfectionism is profoundly paralyzing. In myriad ways, perfectionism sabotages workplace productivity, greatly undermines a positive work culture, and compounds employee dissatisfaction, burnout, and turnover. The current book illuminates the adverse impact of job‐related perfectionism, which many managers and business owners miss or minimize. But solutions are available. Written for decision m... more
  • Guarding The American Dream: Your Guide to Purposeful and Extraordinary Entrepreneurship

    by Lisa Bray
    Tired of the "hustle harder" mentality? Do you dream of building a sustainable business that reflects your values, fuels your freedom, and creates a positive impact? "Guarding the American Dream" is your essential guide to building a purpose-driven business that thrives beyond just profit. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or an aspiring go-getter, this book equips you with the actionable strategies and inspiring insights you need to: Craft a unique vision: Discover your purpose an... more
  • Fad Leather

    by Fad Leather
    The Best leather jackets

    by Susan Schramm

    With over three decades of experience in corporate leadership, entrepreneurship, and serving the Supplier Diversity community, Ana Maria Lowry and Susan Bailey Schramm created this book to begin a dialogue. The purpose is to: a) provide a vision for what is possible to achieve with a Trusted Diverse Ecosystem, and b) invite readers to personally assess the current stage of their own organization's Workforce DEI and Supplier Diversity programs. They believe a Trusted Diverse Ecosystem is t... more


    by Kimberly Burk Cordova
    Unleash the highly effective, profoundly inclusive woman leader you were born to be – even if you’ve spent years struggling with self-confidence, biases, and frustrating stereotypes. Are you a woman in a leadership role or aspiring for one but feel constrained and undervalued in your corporate environment? Do you feel you’re constantly juggling societal expectations and stereotypes, affecting your identity and leadership style? Have you ever asked yourself why you should conform to the ... more
  • Unlocking the Power of Digital Signage Software

    by Nento USA
    Increase the reach of your promotion by utilizing our digital signage system. With Nento, you can manage your business products behind the scenes and seamlessly present in front of your customers on the big screen.
  • The Regenerative Enterprise

    by Niels de Fraguier / Stephen Vasconcellos
    The Regenerative Enterprise offers a visionary and practical pathway empowering entrepreneurs to build future-fit organisations responding to the planetary crisis. The book explores how economists, systems thinkers, and pioneering changemakers are catalysing a new economy that works in harmony with nature - a field called regenerative entrepreneurship. The book charts a clear and actionable journey for businesses to move from a sustainable to a regenerative and equitable mindset supporting li... more
  • The Wannabe Investor: 40 Must-Know Facts Before Buying Your First Stock

    by Ann Marie Sabath
    .Do you find the stock market intimidating? .Does the thought of losing your hard-earned money hold you back? .Do you think you don’t have enough time to dedicate to investing in the market? You’re not alone! Approximately 40 percent of Americans shy away from investing in the stock market due to lack of knowledge, funds, or confidence. In this groundbreaking book, Ann Marie Sabath, a former wannabe investor turned diversified stock owner, shares her wealth of knowledge to empower you to en... more
  • Using Google's Free S#!t!: Growing Your Business to Six Figures and Beyond

    by Robin C. Stern
    Learning how to promote your business online is a critical part of entrepreneurship. This book walks the reader through deciding if they are ready to start or grow a business, then helps them to setup their Google Business Profile and then examines many other free options from Google to run their business.
  • How to Communicate and Win Every Time: the complete blueprint for building communication skills for personal and professional su

    by Mohammed Ibrahim
    You’d be doing yourself a favor if you finally recognized that you’re a terrible communicator And that’s OK because pretty much everyone is! That’s why you need a new way of building up your communication skills. A blueprint, to be exact. And that’s exactly what this book is: a blueprint for building communication skills for your personal and professional life. This book will teach you everything you need to know to communicate with others effectively and wisely in essentially every c... more