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  • A Pirate’s Guide to Strategic Leadership

    by Dr. Don Thomas
    Strategic Leadership may be an art that appears to be slipping away from many of today's leaders. In this fast-paced, technology-driven world, leaders often focus on short-term gains and immediate results, neglecting the essential aspect of long-term vision and adaptability. However, strategic leadership principles remain timeless and crucial for achieving sustainable success.
  • Inspiring Work Anniversaries

    by Rick Joi
    For many organizations, workplace culture is now as important as strategy and execution—many would argue it’s even more important, since it drives everything from employee productivity to customer retention. But where do you start, and how do you know if it’s working? There’s a surprisingly simple answer, and it’s work anniversaries. Because unlike other paths to improving workplace culture, work anniversaries are (1) visible, (2) measurable, and (3) easy to improve … if you know how.
  • The Empowered Woman: The Ultimate Roadmap to Business Success

    by Marta Spirk
    Is There a Path to Empowerment? Yes! Any woman can find the path to empowerment. Marta Spirk provides a five-step roadmap for success in life and business on the Empowered Woman Path. By taking the time to notice, listen, and forgive, those on the path find that empowering themselves really means embracing all that they are and reaching new levels of self-acceptance to become the most authentic versions of themselves. This is the path to happiness and fulfillment, and it is nothing short of t... more
  • The Magical Bag:Essential of Pharmaceutical Selling

    by Zulfiqar Qureshi
    Embark on an enchanting journey through the realm of pharmaceutical sales with "The Magical Bag: Essentials of Pharmaceutical Selling." This captivating guide reveals the secrets to mastering the art of selling pharmaceutical products while embracing the enchantment of customer-centric strategies. Within the pages of this extraordinary book, you'll uncover the core concept that "The Map is Not the Territory." Although it may sound mystical, this idea is grounded in the science of Neurolinguis... more
  • IAuthor: Marketing Resource Guide

    by Lizzy McNett
    The basics behind 'IAuthor' is all about matching the customer's needs to the right product or services. Proper marketing eliminates the struggle to find your potential customer. When a business owner creates content designed to address the consumer's needs it will attract qualified prospects, along with the ability to build trust-based on compatible interests. Included in this business/marketing guide: SEO Optimization Reputation Management Running Ads Graphic Design Grants & Busine... more
  • Dura Printing

    by Dura Printing
  • Pop Secret: Trench Coats, World War II, and the Birth of Bubble Wrap

    by Howard Fielding

    Sorry to burst your bubble: The inventors of Bubble Wrap, the pop-able plastic that we all know and love, didn’t set out to make wallpaper. That story about air bubbles trapped between two shower curtains? It might have lost something in translation.

    This true tale involves a honeymoon interrupted by the Black Tuesday stock market crash, an escape from Paris before the Nazi invasion, and the search for the perfect raincoat.

    Howard Fielding, son of one of the partne... more

  • Hurry Up and Fail

    by Dave Mason
  • HorsePower Your Hospital

    by Carrie O'Neill
    Lead Your Hospital Like a Horse Would and Watch Your Herd Thrive Healthcare is at a crossroads. Covid-19 dramatically increased the pressure on an already stressed system. The goal of providing excellent care has not changed, but with fragmented and exhausted teams, the achievement of that goal is more challenging. Horses, who have the proven ability to organize in herds that bring out the strengths of every individual and to thrive in dynamic environments, can help. Leaders cannot remove ... more
  • Confessions of a Woman in Real Estate

    by Hannah Schuhmann
    In this captivating memoir and entrepreneurial guide, 'Confessions of a Woman in Real Estate', Hannah Schuhmann intertwines her German wit with humour, adventure, and prowess. From her rebellious early life in Europe to her arrival in Australia as a backpacker, and eventually establishing herself as Brisbane's real estate powerhouse, Hannah's journey unfolds with unwavering determination and her trademark zest for life.
  • Leap: Why It's Time to Let Go to Get Ahead in Your Career

    by Jessica Galica
    More than three million women left the workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic, and even more are considering leaving or downshifting. Corporate women feel misled. Told they could "have it all," women instead feel dissatisfied and exasperated. They have not lost ambition or dreams for their career, but they are reckoning with their corporate reality: environments that are designed for men, the burden of caretaking labor at home, and bias in hiring and promotions. These factors leave many women st... more
  • GALVANIZE: How Humanized Copy Motivates a Brand and its Audience

    by Jennn Fusion
    Business writing often drones on and on, and official communications have sometimes needed warning labels. We're jaded. Our relationship with words, as people, has become tenuous. But that also indicates an unprecedented opportunity to inspire and reacquaint a brand's audience with joy, hope, and delight. A quick read over coffee, this ebook draws upon specific examples to tie together the common threads that elevate certain messages above the din and motivates readers to buy and become lifel... more
  • ChatGPT Cheat Sheet: Discover 100+ Writing Gigs in Our Exclusive E-Book Then Let ChatGPT Do The Job For You

    by Demi Degeer
    You've probably heard a ton of talk about how people are quitting their jobs to make money thru AI (Artificial Intelligence) or how existing companies are using the new AI technology to either grow the business that they currently have or start completely new ones. AI is currently one of the most popular topics for those desiring to rapidly increase their wealth. Start making profits today. This Fast Track Guide is The Ultimate Freelancer's Gold Mind, specifically designed for thought leaders... more
  • Beyond the Nest Egg: How to Be Financially Independent Outside of a Broken System

    by Joe Withrow
    In this remarkable book, we uncover the complexities of the modern financial landscape and provide you with a comprehensive framework for navigating the changing tides. From inflation and rate hikes to recent bank failures and the shifting narrative, we demystify the macroeconomic stage, empowering you to make informed decisions about your money. Discover a proven investment methodology that propels you toward your financial goals. Joe offers advanced strategies for effective asset allocation an... more
  • Collaboration is the New Competition

    by Priscilla McKinney

    Without true collaboration, business professionals will not thrive and businesses will not survive. Fortunately, mastering this new way of working is a mindset shift, followed by taking initiative to act. The positive results—both personal and professional—are virtually instantaneous.

    Collaboration Is the New Competition shows how to take advantage of new ways to analyze complex issues, explore a spectrum of possible solutions, and solve real problems. Priscilla McK... more

  • Cubicle To Corner Office

    by Mike Halpert
    From College to Corporate: Navigating Your First Job with Confidence! Starting a corporate job fresh from college, an internship, or as an expat? "Cubicle To Corner Office" is your essential guide to understanding the nuances of corporate culture and etiquette. Your first job sets the tone for your career, and understanding the office dynamics is crucial to setting yourself up for success. Inside, you'll learn: - How to master the corporate culture and its unspoken rules. - Effective way... more