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Business & Personal Finance


    by Jeff Goldfinger
    You’ve likely had to sit through many dozens of non-persuasive, uninspiring, and completely forgettable presentations in school and at work. If you’ve seen either of the Top Gun movies, you understand that to survive in combat requires a level of oral communication skill significantly higher than what passes as acceptable in today’s working environment. In Tell It Like a TOPGUN, it goes beyond the mechanics (the how and what) taught in most presentation skills books to reveal the art and neurosc... more
  • Command the Crisis

    by Angela Billings
    Command the Crisis is for business owners, corporate leaders, nonprofit directors, and the professional communicators who work with them to be better prepared for the inevitable crisis. The book includes real-life crises I’ve had to manage and communicate through, including combat, practical guides and checklists, and case studies,
  • I Think I Love My Job

    by Kalifa Oliver
    Dive into the dynamic world of the modern workplace with I Think I Love My Job! This isn't your typical employee experience book—it's a compelling blend of academic insight and real-world stories that takes you on a rollercoaster ride through the highs, lows, and unexpected twists of corporate life. Imagine a surprise promotion to VP followed by an unexpected layoff just four months later! The author, Dr. Kalifa Oliver, armed with academic prowess and an unexpected passion for data, weaves a... more
  • Personal Agility

    by Peter B. Stevens & Maria Matarelli
    The Personal Agility System is a simple framework for aligning actions with priorities. The core framework consists of six powerful questions to orient your activities while applying the core tools of Personal Agility, like the Priorities Map, Alignment Compass or the Stakeholder Canvas. These concepts are laid out clearly with an approach that is actionable for every reader. This book invites deeper thinking and presents an agile leadership framework that scales from the individual to the large... more
  • The Nonprofit Dilemma: Insights & Strategies for Purpose-Driven Leaders

    by DC Armijo
    Based on the simple idea that nonprofit leaders frequently encounter a choice between advancing their organization's impact or its financial health, The Nonprofit Dilemma explores why nonprofit management is so challenging. Nearly every decision comes with the same underlying question—which aim to prioritize? Exceptional nonprofit leaders and their teams are purpose-driven. They are motivated by personal meaning in their work and deeply committed to their organization’s mission and its healt... more
  • Be Unstoppable

    by Tariku Bogale
    THE WORLD IS A LARGE AND MYSTERIOUS PLACE. We don’t usually know what we are born to do. We certainly also don’t know what kinds of obstacles we will face, or what forms they will take. When we understand how the world has been connected through history—through the movement of people, goods, languages, music, movies, and many other things—we see our world more clearly as a shared planet and a home for everyone. There is very little in life more important than acting quickly and with ... more
  • Mindset of a Champion ( ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0D25CXLDB)

    by Don Loyd
    In my years of coaching, consulting, speaking and personal exploration, I've witnessed the transformative power of a positive and resilient mindset. Time and again, I've seen talented individuals falter, not for lack of skill or opportunity, but because their mindset was not aligned with their aspirations. On the other hand, I've seen people with seemingly average abilities achieve extraordinary success, driven by nothing but their belief in themselves and an indomitable will to succeed. It beca... more
  • Dynamark Graphics Group Indianapolis - Digital and Custom Printing Services

    by Dynamark Graphics Group Indianapolis - D DynamarkGraphics
    Dynamark specializes in Commercial and Digital Printing, printing services near me, business printing, high quality printing service, business printing services, custom labels printing, commercial printing in USA, printing near me, printing services in my area, Custom Printing Services, custom printing services near me, copy and printing near me, Best copy and printing near me, . We also produce and install Signage. Try us for Promotional Products and Apparel. Source: Cid Url: https://www.googl... more
  • Be Good With Money

    by Michelle Arpin Begina
    No matter how good we are at money, we always want to be better. Drawing on a 30-year career as a financial advisor, influenced by a family history of financial secrets and betrayal, Michelle Arpin Begina exposes the silent narratives of shame and secrecy that often tether us to lifelong struggles with money. Be Good With Money illuminates the path to understanding the real roots of financial self-sabotage, liberating readers from the myths that hold them back. With a blend of compassion... more
  • Ping Pong Leadership

    by Justin Bookey
    Leadership Through a Unique Lens: Ping Pong Tens of millions of people worldwide enjoy ping pong on some level. In the 1970s, the leaders of the US and China famously used friendly table tennis matches as a first step in thawing decades of icy relations—an effort dubbed Ping Pong Diplomacy. Ping Pong Leadership takes the next step. It shows leaders of all types how to envision and create meaningful change, from small business to the Fortune 500 and broader communities. Coupled with exclusi... more
  • Start. Scale. Exit. Repeat.: Serial Entrepreneurs' Secrets Revealed!

    by Colin C. Campbell

    "Start. Scale. Exit. Repeat." by Colin C. Campbell offers a comprehensive guide for aspiring serial entrepreneurs. It combines insights from over thirty industry veterans, detailing strategies for founding, expanding, and exiting business ventures. This authoritative resource equips readers with tools for sustainable growth, risk management, and maximizing returns– essential for entrepreneurial excellence.

  • CRYPTOCURRENCY INVESTING: The Fundamental Analysis

    by Crypto Engineer
    Explore the exciting realm of cryptocurrency investment with 'CRYPTOCURRENCY INVESTING: The Fundamental Analysis Guide' by Crypto Engineer. This book teaches you how to invest in cryptocurrencies to make money. It's for people who want to learn about crypto investing. Discover how to choose good crypto projects and handle your investments. Whether you're new to crypto or know a lot.
  • Positional Authority Ain't Leadership

    by Dr. Paul Gavoni
    Uncover the Science of Leadership in "Positional Authority Ain’t Leadership" In a sea of leadership theories and styles, "Positional Authority Ain’t Leadership" stands out as a beacon, guiding readers to understand that the essence of true leadership lies in the principles of behavioral analysis. This book offers more than just theories; it provides a scientific approach to leadership, making it a unique and essential read. About the Book: "Positional Authority Ain’t Leadership" delves deep in... more
  • Lean Marketing.

    by Allan Dib
    Bigger results with less marketing You keep being told to do more marketing―more complex, more aggressive, and more expensive marketing. Chasing the latest bright, shiny object is exhausting. Increased efforts keep leading to disappointment. The overwhelm for entrepreneurs, marketers, and business leaders is real. There’s a better way. The lean movement has transformed manufacturing and is now revolutionizing marketing. Small, medium, and large businesses are getting bigger and better resu... more
  • Decomplify: How Simplicity Drives Stability, Innovation and Transformation

    by Gary Michel
    Business can be complex, but we insist on making things complicated. The concept behind deComplify is to simplify: Overcome the human fascination with complicating nearly everything in business in the pursuit of making a great company. Great companies are places people want to work, buy from, and invest in. Align people and processes to simplify and focus on the right things and you will build a great organization that delivers for your customers, associates, and investors. It’s simple, bu... more
  • Fixing Leadership

    by Stan Peake