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  • How Trends Make You A Smarter Investor (The Real Estate Investor Manual)

    by Gabrielle Dahms

    The Real Estate Investing Manual: How Trends Make You A Smarter Investor explores how property investors can capitalize on emerging trends to generate large incomes in real estate. Investing in these trends allow you to make a difference and to make a profit.

    The author Gabrielle Dahms dispenses practical methods, offers passive and active ways to invest, and set you up to become a successful real estate investor. The book is filled with actionable ad... more

  • The Broken CEO

    Many CEOs simply don't know how to lead - their leadership is broken. This book is a guide to fixing broken leadership so that CEOs can become the leader they always wanted to be. In his first book, The Broken CEO, Chris Pearse explores how many of the challenges you face as a leader, are simply reflections of your own inner dynamics - your thinking and feeling worlds. He shows how turning your attention through 180º from the outer mechanics of the business, to your innermost self, transforms th... more
  • The Short-Term Retirement Program: Break Out of Your Financial Prison

    by Robert Feol
    Change Your Life Starting Right Now Learn how to pay off your personal mortgage in as little as three to five years. Leverage your income to invest in rental properties that can help you build wealth for years to come. Learn WHY you are unable to get ahead, the nefarious financial market factors intentionally arrayed against you, and how to solve your financial problems ONCE AND FOR ALL. THE SHORT-TERM RETIREMENT PROGRAM will change your life forever.
  • The Book Marketing Audit

    by Kilby Blades
    Marketing feels like an albatross, doesn’t it? Always heavy around your neck, the sharp tip of its curved beak impossible to ignore as it digs into your skin. For most authors, it’s a burden. Even marketing geeks—people who actually like this stuff—struggle to find the time to write, as well as market, their books. "The Book Marketing Audit" distills 40-time-award-winning author Kilby Blades's learnings as a 15-year digital marketing veteran to offer customizable, action-oriented advice. It w... more
  • How To Write a Professional Bio: For Authors, Speakers, and Entrepreneurs

    by Jeniffer Thompson
    Get ready to write your best bio ever. Writing a professional bio is the first step to creating a polished, powerful, personal brand. Whether you are a thought leader, author, speaker, or entrepreneur, your bio is your chance to control the narrative of YOU. It’s often your introduction to the people who matter most—your audience. Your bio is your pitch! In How to Write a Professional Bio, personal branding expert Jeniffer Thompson walks you through ten easy steps with her proven Bio-Writing For... more
  • Blow the Cap Off Your Capability - Be Unstoppable

    by Yomi Akinpelu
    You are designed for success. How can you achieve this success? The answer is straightforward: success comes as a result of few, simple, well-designed habits practised and repeated every day. So why doesn't everybody just do it? The answer is obvious, yet profound, according to John Rohn: it is because the things that are easy to do are also easy not to do. Does this book have the answers to all your life challenges? No! What this book will do is provoke you to think deeper and spur you to imm... more
  • Burdens of a Dream: 33 Actionable Nuggets of Wisdom for the Creative Entrepreneur

    by Craig M. Chavis Jr.

    Don’t Chase Your Dreams - Manifest Them! Do you feel like time is passing you by? Are you dreaming of living a more fulfilling life? Does your mind desire something greater? In Burdens of a Dream: 33 Actionable Nuggets of Wisdom for the Creative Entrepreneur, author Craig M. Chavis Jr. guides readers through the ups and downs of his journey of entrepreneurship through 33 powerful life lessons. In this book, Craig reveals how he transformed from a collegiate athlete into a businessman, l... more

  • THE EXECUTION CULTURE: Results Happen Where Culture Meets Execution

    by Christopher Elias & Mark Freier
    The Execution Culture Is designed to make your company smarter, faster, and stronger leading to a lasting cultural shift within your organization. The true results happen where culture meets Execution. What are the keys to creating real results and lasting success? Results happen where culture meets Execution. With a combined 57 years working with corporate leadership teams, Christopher Elias and Mark Freier know how to create real results. The Execution Culture Is... more
  • Write to Influence!: Second Edition

    by Carla Bass

    Powerful writing is the lifeblood for successful business -- corporate, private, governmental, and NGOs! Defending existing resources or advocating for more, attracting talented employees, marketing products, competing for contracts and grants, briefing clients and executives -- hard-hitting, persuasive language undergirds them all. Learn writing strategies and techniques that make each word count and every second of the reader’s time play to your advantage. Sway the reader to your pers... more

  • How Much Money Do I Need to Retire?: Uncommon Financial Planning Wisdom for a Stress-Free Retirement

    by Todd Tresidder
    In "How Much Money Do I Need To Retire?" you get an inside view behind the scientific facade of modern retirement planning. It provides a complete solution by giving you three different models to answer the question. It debunks and simplifies the conventional model while overcoming its inherent weaknesses with two additional models. It's all told in simple, jargon-free language without complicated math. The result is a comprehensive and accurate solution that takes the next step beyond conventio... more
  • What is Water? How Young Leaders Can Thrive in an Uncertain World

    by Kayvan Kian
    We live in a world that feels increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA). For young people, the sense of unease this world creates comes with serious difficulties. Many are asking: how can you lead, grow, and thrive in today’s world? In What is Water?, Kayvan Kian shifts the focus away from this overwhelm and toward ways of thinking that will help you grow stronger through it all. Drawing on everything from ancient Stoic philosophy to contemporary examples, Kayvan deliver... more

    The organization of properties is huge and a repetitive strategy. Various owners manage their properties by there have or with the help of a delegate. Regardless, every so often it isn't as adequate ,so for the better organization the most ideal course of action is rental organization organizations. By and by there are a sections property the board associations are rising an immediate aftereffect of the criticalness. For land business the property the board associations are asset for the better ... more
  • Authors Revolution Workbook

    by B Alan Bourgeois
    An Author’s Revolution is coming. Are you Ready? For years Authors have depended on traditional publishing to get their books published and to receive a nice income. Sadly, not only was that not the case for most authors, with today’s publishing world, earning a fair income is becoming harder and harder to do. It’s time to change that!
  • Foot in the Door: How to Get the Best Jobs in the Industry as a Self-Taught Programmer

    by Nadya Primak
    Trying to break into the tech industry? No computer science degree? About four years ago I was in your very shoes. I graduated college with an art degree and quickly realized that being a full time artist was probably not going to pay the bills. Design seemed like a possible alternative, but I didn't like working with clients. So I decided to try programming. I loved games ever since I was little and I loved to build things and show them off, so I started coding some simple games and apps to ... more
  • Empathy at Scale

    by Dana Publicover
    A guide to more efficient problem-solving, building a better workplace and creating space for more meaningful work—with empathy as your greatest untapped resource.