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Business & Personal Finance

  • The 6 Disciplines of Leadership: How to Run Your Company like a Tight Ship

    by Hessel Kaastra
    The 6 Disciplines of Leadership – How to run your company like a tight ship is intended for anyone starting out in general management, or aspiring to become a CEO someday. This book is a tutorial to help leaders to quickly frame complex problems. It will increase your business acumen and provide practical advice on how to handle common CEO challenges. All concepts are illustrated with real-life examples from companies such as Blackberry, IKEA, Adyen, Aetna, IBM and Just Eat Through... more
  • Remote, Not Distant

    by Gustavo Razzetti
    The workplace is changing. Will you adapt or fall behind? While most companies have struggled to keep their culture alive remotely since the pandemic, some are successfully riding the waves of the future. To the outside observer, it seems like they were lucky. In reality, building a workplace culture strong enough to thrive at a distance doesn't happen by chance but by design. In this practical, meticulously researched book, top culture thought leader Gustavo Razzetti provides a roadmap to... more
  • 10 Leading Tools: Rules, Tools & Habits for Leading Yourself and Leading Others

    by KG Butler
    How do some leaders inspire and create hordes of loyal followers? And why do some people and organizations have the ability to challenge the status quo and succeed again and again? Because they’ve learned the right tools for success. 10 Leading Tools provides you with the skills and tools to become a stronger person and a more productive leader. 10 Leading Tools (10LT) is a contemporary approach to leadership that presents readers with insightful strategies for tackling today's chall... more
  • Forex Trading: Four Basic Trading Strategies for Beginner Traders

    by Diane Dylan

    Have you been thinking of starting to trade in the forex market? If yes, let us tell you that it is certainly a good idea to trade in the foreign exchange market. In comparison to the stock market, trading in the forex market can be done all week at different times. This is because the forex market opens and closes based on different time zones of different countries.

    Therefore, if you have decided to begin trading in the forex market, you will certainly get a benefit over the long run.... more

  • Wealth Your Way: A Simple Path to Financial Freedom

    by Cosmo P DeStefano
    Journey through your Life’s Complete Financial Arc with Wealth Your Way. Accumulate wealth, achieve the pinnacle of financial independence, and then comfortably spend your wealth as you retire on your own terms. Financial independence buys you the most valuable asset on the planet—freedom. The freedom to spend your money, and more importantly, your time, however you see fit. Still, reaching financial independence requires more than mere investing. Unlike other books that try to tell you w... more
  • Financial Help Guide

    by Gary T. Shorter
    Avoid the Rising Costs and Fears of Inflation! Be a Smarter Investor with These SAFE (9%-13%) Funds to Protect Your Money’s Value! \tIf you want to gain a better financial understanding in these areas: \t- \tWhat is the best investment platform? \t-\tWhich is better, Mutual Funds or ETFs and why? \t-\tWhat’s a better investment, individual stocks or these funds? \tThen you need to read this book and save it for future reference. \tThis book reveals (3) high-yield investments that are s... more
  • Elite and True

    by James L. Barnhart
    Inspiring, educational, and entertaining, Elite and True translates James Barnhart’s real-life experiences in the US Navy’s Officer Candidate School, Nuclear Power School, and submarine service into deeper leadership insights than most people will ever experience in their entire careers. Barnhart deftly transforms his own military experiences into a broad format that readers can apply to general leadership situations in their own lives. When readers finish Elite and True, they will feel motiv... more
  • The Great Greenwashing

    by John Pabon
    The Great Greenwashing will help readers understand what they read and hear when it comes to saving the Earth. Words should never be taken at face value. After all, they only tell part of a story. We’re going to take you from being a passive observer to someone who can push for change. To get there, you’re going to have to learn to read between the lines. Like a good journalist, it’ll be your job to get to the true heart of a matter. Now’s not the time to take prisoners or pussyfoot around the i... more
  • Financial Help Guide

    by Gary Shorter

    Avoid the Rising Costs and Fears of Inflation! Be a Smarter Investor with These SAFE (8%-13%) Funds to Protect Your Money’s Value!

    If you want to gain a better financial understanding in these areas:

    What is the best investment platform?

    Which is better, Mutual Funds or ETFs and why? 

    What’s a better investment, individual stocks or these funds?

    Then you need to read this book and save it for future reference.

  • What the Pet Food Industry is Not Telling You, Developing Good Practices for a Healthier Dog

    by Dr. Stephanie Krol

    2022 INDEPENDENT PRESS AWARD (IPA), Distinguished Favorite - Animals -Pets  

    2022 INDEPENDENT BOOK PUBLISHERS ASSOCIATION (IBPA), Benjamin Franklin Award - Animal & Pet- Silver Medal Winner

    2021& 2022 NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL Best Seller Amazon

    WINNER 2022 LIVING NOW BOOK AWARDS (IPPY), Gold Medal Winner- Animal/Pets

    WINNER 2022 NYC BIG BOOK AWARD (GABBY Book Awards), Animals-Pets Nonfiction, Gold Medal Winner

    NYC 2022 BIG BOOK AWARD, Distinguished Favorite ... more

  • Optimizing Strategy for Results: A Structured Approach to Make Your Business Come Alive

    by Timothy Mwololo Waema, Ron Price, Evans Baiya
    From foundation to fully optimized Every executive acknowledges the importance of having a business strategy, but when it comes to creating and implementing a strategy for their organization, the “how” and “what” of strategic planning becomes elusive. In their manuscript, Optimizing Strategy for Results, authors Waema, Price, and Baiya give leaders the tools, processes, and step-by-step instructions to establish a proven framework for creating a strategy that can be dynamic and responsive, ad... more
  • Investor's Passport to Hedge Fund Profits

    by Sean Casterline

    A comprehensive guide to international investing. Opportunities to tap into foreign markets and, in turn, entirely new investment universes-that have traditionally been accessible only to hedge fund managers-are at hand, and this book offers you the straight story on how to look abroad for the next addition to your portfolio.

  • Project Management in the Hybrid Workplace

    by Phil Simon

    𝗕𝗼𝗼𝗸 𝗜𝗜: 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗙𝘂𝘁𝘂𝗿𝗲 𝗼𝗳 𝗪𝗼𝗿𝗸

    For decades, organizations of all sizes and in all industries have struggled at managing projects. Even though employees primarily worked together in physical offices, rare was the project that came in on time and on budget and delivered what stakeholders expected.

    The M-F/9-5 in-person world of work is gone forever. Depending on the country, more than nine in ten people would rather quit their jobs than return to the office fi... more

  • Write to Riches: 7 Practical Steps to Manifesting Abundance from Your Books

    by Renee Rose

    Are you tired of the grind?

    Sick of the agony, constant striving, and disappointment of your author career? Are you ready to transform it into something that matches your dreams? Do you want to: Attract raving fans Have your books go viral Hit bestseller lists Feel inspired, and love both your books and your process Create wealth beyond what you’ve imagined from your books? Write to Riches will teach you the power of abundance mindset, manifesting your d... more

  • Make Friends with Credit: understand and build a lasting relationship with good credit

    by Amber Rose
    Ever wondered how to build good credit? Unsure where to start? Confused by all the contradictory information out there? Find the notion of reading a long, dry “How-To” book unappealing? Here is the solution. Within these pages, you will find a short but comprehensive guide to building good credit, what to consider when applying for a loan, and common mistakes to avoid. In a simple Q&A format, Amber Rose will teach you everything she learned from working in the banking industry for fifteen yea... more
  • The Hour Guide to management

    by P.W. Irvine
    What are the simple things you need to do to be a better manager? How do you go about having more time and less stress in your work life? In return for a little of your time, The Hour Guide to Management will give you the tools you need to be a confident, effective manager. In straightforward terms, with practical easy to follow steps, the book explores and answers the questions that challenge new as well as experienced managers: • The things you need to do to get people to follow you. • How ... more