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Business & Personal Finance

  • Delight In The Limelight

    by Linda Ugelow
    Yes, you can learn to love the spotlight. Why do some of us gladly step forward while others shy away from the camera or public speaking, despite having something to say? If you’ve ever watched others take the stage—on video, at conferences, in meetings, or even at your sister’s wedding—and yearned for the confidence to do the same—you can. In this transformational guide, speaking coach Linda Ugelow delivers a holistic methodology that gets to the root of what’s stopping you from sharing y... more
  • Red Cape Rescue: Save Your Career Without Leaving Your Job

    by Darcy Eikenberg
    What if you didn’t have to change everything in your career to change your life at work? When hard things happen in our fast-moving careers, conventional wisdom offers 2 options: A) go find a new job, or B) stay put and “be grateful you have a job.” But job hunting is exhausting and complex, and workplace change often disrupts parts of our lives that were going just fine. And staying where we are, without change? That’s soul-sucking and quickly impacts our mental health, physical well-bein... more
  • It Burned Me All Down

    by Erin Durant
    Erin Durant's career took a sharp turn when she suffered a devastating burnout while working at one of Canada's largest law firms. Even as a law firm partner, she found herself isolated and with little control over her career. These factors as well as the stresses associated with being a millennial woman in law contributed to her personal crisis. The author describes her personal struggles to manage the riggers of a Big Law practice in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and provides advice to or... more
  • Remote Work Technology

    by Henry Kurkowski

    Remote work has been thrown to the forefront of the business world by the COVID-19 pandemic. As small businesses around the world begin to realize the unique challenges of managing employees who work from home and remote teams that need to collaborate over distances, new technologies and business strategies have emerged to make it easier for companies to connect their people and systems remotely. Experienced SaaS and technology entrepreneur Henry Kurkowski delivers a detailed roadmap to using... more

  • Let The Kingdompreneurs Speak

    by Dr. Shirley K. Clark

    As Christians called to the marketplace, we must be properly prepared for marketplace ministry. Jesus' family was in the carpentry business. When Jesus was alive, He was often known by His entrepreneurial spirit more than His rabbi anointing. With this said, Christians succeeding in the marketplace is also a part of our Christian heritage. When the Children of Israel were delivered from the bondage of Pharaoh, one of the promises God said to them was that if they remember Him, He would gi... more

  • Survive and Thrive: How to Build a Profitable Business in Any Economy (Including This One)

    by John Meese
    When COVID-19 became a global pandemic, somebody hit a reset button on the economy. Literally. Economists have begun referring to the 2020 event as the Great Reset as lockdowns and health scares caused dramatic shifts in the business and economic landscape across the world. In Survive and Thrive, entrepreneurs learn what this reset means for their world and their place in the economy as they build (or rebuild) a business beyond 2020. Survive and Thrive paves the path for any entrepreneur to s... more

    by Slavica Joković


    This book examines the issues and challenges raised by anticompetitive practice in public procurement and lack of integrity. It will help the reader to solve its problems concerning lack of knowledge, information and experience in the area of competition and public procurement. Furthermore, it will help with appropriate measures for the prevention of corruption, as well as measures aimed at f... more

  • Ramping Your Brand: How to Ride the Killer CPG Growth Curve

    by James Richardson, PhD
    Ramping Your Brand is a four-part best practices guide for founders and investors in the early-stage consumer packaged goods space: Part 1 - Designing to Command a Premium -- This is where many founders fail without realizing it. There is a cultural logic behind premium products that grow extremely fast. You should learn it. Part 2- Managing a Small Experiment -- Don't hit the gas too early. Successful CPG startups manage a rolling, iterative experiment until key KPIs appear. You should le... more
  • Lift: Fostering the Leader in You Amid Revolutionary Global Change

    by Faisal Hoque
    In a world of explosive change and transformation, leaders at all levels—from heads of state down to individuals—offer the best opportunity to leverage change and transform our lives for the better. That goes for how we work, play, govern ourselves, and consider and plan for our collective futures. In Lift, author, entrepreneur, and speaker Faisal Hoque offers up a timely book on leadership. Mr. Hoque, along with co-authors Jeff Wuorio and Shelley Moench-Kelly, points out that traditional lead... more
  • Thriving

    by Wayne Visser
    An innovation agenda for turning our biggest global societal challenges into opportunities to thrive The future will be better than you think. Thriving shows how innovation can regenerate nature, society, and the economy by taking us from degradation to restoration of ecosystems, from depletion to renewal of resources, from disparity to responsibility in communities, from disease to revitalization of health, from disconnection to rewiring through technology, and from disruption to resilience ... more
  • Transparent Investing

    by Patrick Geddes

    The investment industry wants you to believe in stock market wizards who can predict the future and make a killing. But there’s a simpler way to invest that offers better returns and less stress—no crystal ball needed.

    We all know from experience that rational thoughts often lose out to primal cravings: if someone handed you a plate of chocolate cake and a plate of broccoli right now, which would you instinctively reach for?

    When investing, you face this same tension b... more

  • Culture Ignited: 5 Disciplines for Adaptive Leadership

    by Jason Richmond, Jeanne Kerr and Malcolm J Nicholl
    Culture Ignited reveals how companies whose leader ignite their culture are able to weather any storm and get ahead of the competition.
  • Real Insights

    by John Graff
    Real Insights is a definitive guide to becoming a successful real estate agent. In this comprehensive guide to launching and nurturing a successful real estate career, John Graff carefully walks readers through the challenges and opportunities new agents face. Graff's proven strategies, based on lessons he learned along the way, took him from being a brand new agent to the founder and CEO of one of the country's fastest-growing privately held companies.
  • The Ten Trade Commandmemts

    by Raymond Oluigbo
    The psychology of the trader is often unaddressed and overlooked. Yes, the stock market like any other investment, involves risk. However, with efficient planning, studying and execution, the market offers the chance of situational changing gains. When it comes to the wealthy, the vast majority of their net worth is working for them on a daily basis in the equity market, while the equity of the average middle class family lies primarily in homeownership. When it comes to investing, the more di... more
  • High-Value Writing: Real Strategies for Real-World Writing

    by Erin Lebacqz

    This practical, conversational book helps readers manage the writing challenges they face at work and elsewhere in life. Easy to use and reference, "High-Value Writing" offers strategies and examples based on real conversations with thousands of people writing for work or school. This book will help you write clearly and concisely, understand how to reach and impact your reader, and build writing confidence.

  • Fouling in Business and College Athletics

    by Gonzalo Fernández

    Using a business mindset, the author lays out a compensation method for fair and manageable to college athletics.

    A review of business wrongdoings over a large time spam highlight how far the wrongdoings went and how, when responsible executives were caught, their price in terns of the prison terms and fines were painfully paid.

    Organized in two parts, Part A explores the greed of business executives who blatantly break the rules in pursuit of profit and explores the improvements ... more