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  • The Conscious Communicator: The Fine Art of Not Saying Stupid Sh*t

    by Kim Clark
    This book helps organizations answer the why, what, when and how to communicate DEI and social justice subjects. In the book, Clark and Stovall introduce the DEPTH model, a framework and practical tool to help companies craft DEI and social justice and communications aligned with their mission, vision, and values – consistently, proactively, and in ways that are powerful rather than performative.
  • WINX

    by Irma Parone
    Transform your business and discover an 8-step path to problem-solving success! Inside this ultimate business guide, you’ll join international bestselling author and sought-after leadership consultant Irma Parone as she reveals a proven action plan for levelling up your organization and applying WINX to your business challenges. With a practical and down-to-earth approach, this book helps aspiring and established business owners develop a thriving WINX-based culture and maximize their bottom li... more
  • The Impact Makers

    by Dan Albaum

    In business, it's all about making a positive impact every day. Be inspired by the voices of more than 75 leaders from around the world sharing key learnings from their journey to exceptional leadership, including building vibrant cultures of innovation, developing authentic and trusted relationships, embracing diversity, improving strategic decision making by leveraging data, demonstrating leadership behaviors that generate exceptional results and the power of optimism. Once you com... more

  • Branding Queens

    by Kim Rozdeba
    Branding Queens is a collection of stories about twenty women entrepreneurs who, against all odds, built famous brands that were beloved by millions of customers worldwide. Building a brand isn’t easy. Establishing an iconic brand is one in a million. Add the fact of being a woman in an unfortunately still male-dominated business world, and you’d think it was almost impossible. Branding Queens celebrates the branding accomplishments of these self-made women who persevered in a man’s world to cre... more
  • Start for Success

    by jan cavelle

    "This book is probably the most honest, straightforward entrepreneurship book I have ever read,” João Fernandes, BuzzStreets         

    “Packed with practical advice that I had to learn through trial and error. I am going to bulk buy and hand out to any new entrepreneurs on my mentorship program” Rachel Watkyn, Tiny Box Company  
    &... more

  • Leadership with a Servant's Heart: Leading in Your Workplace

    by Kevin Wayne Johnson
    Our nation is in the midst of a leadership crisis. Leadership is a spiritual gift from God (Romans 12:6-8). His Word reminds us that “Every good and perfect gift is from above… (James 1:17). “ Unfortunately, it’s a gift that, from time to time, is misused and abused by some in positions of power and authority. As a result, leaders at all levels, across multiple venues, cause those who they are entrusted to lead to walk away. People don’t leave organizations. They leave because of poor leadershi... more
  • Creating Superfans

    by Brittany Hodak
    Superfans aren’t just for pop stars and NBA teams. What if your customers loved your brand the way Swifties love Taylor or Drake loves the Raptors? What if they came back again and again… and told their friends to do the same? In Creating Superfans, award-winning entrepreneur and keynote speaker Brittany Hodak shares a powerful framework for transforming your business from a commodity into a category of one. Brittany has helmed fan-engagement campaigns for brands including Walmart, Disney,... more
  • Book on Investing

    by Warren Barnett

    by Dr Jefferson Yu-Jen Chen, Anne Duggan
    Drawing on decades of leadership experience, Dr Jefferson Yu-Jen Chen and Anne Duggan explore how the principles of disruption can be applied to get what you want in life and become your best-self. They question conventional thinking around purpose and the importance that it plays in achieving success. In an insightful, practical and well-researched discourse Dr Jefferson Yu-Jen Chen and Anne Duggan unlock the secrets of profound and lasting self-enrichment and show you how to navigate the journ... more
  • Peters' Principles of Success

    by Lenny Peters MD
    A poor boy from Kerala, India, becomes a world class doctor, founder of a medical center, and a confidante of world leaders. Many of us think that even with our own ambition and grit, we could never achieve what Dr. Lenny Peters has in one lifetime. Yet Dr. Peters is adamant: anyone can achieve their professional and personal dreams. PETERS’ PRINCIPLES OF SUCCESS is the culmination of several decades of Peters’ own efforts to achieve success, not just in a singular avenue, but as a matter of ph... more
  • Talking About Ethics: Build Trust, Teams, and Culture Through Workplace Ethics Discussions

    by Rosemary Reeve

    Talking About Ethics is a practical guide for manager-led discussions that build the trust, teams, and culture that prepare employees for complex ethical issues. It provides twelve brief, ambiguous scenarios that are easily adaptable to different industries. Each scenario comes with discussion suggestions and an optional engagement activity. You could pick up this book today and be prepared to lead your first discussion tomorrow.

  • Low-Code/No-Code: Citizen Developers and the Surprising Future of Business Applications

    by Phil Simon

    𝗕𝗼𝗼𝗸 𝗜𝗜𝗜: 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗙𝘂𝘁𝘂𝗿𝗲 𝗼𝗳 𝗪𝗼𝗿𝗸

    For decades, our relationship with workplace technology has been, in a word, complicated. The pandemic only made it more so.

    The stats are astonishing. Two in three employers cannot find qualified candidates to fill their open IT positions. By 2024, the deficit of software developers in the US alone will hit 500,000. Supply and demand for techies are out of whack and, most alarmingly, there's no end in sight.
    ... more

  • Spy Mindset: The Business of Intelligence

    by Anthony C. Patton
    Developing a spy mindset is your best defense against corporate espionage and insider threats but it's also your best offense for succeeding in business today. With lessons and case studies from the U.S. Intelligence Community, Spy Mindset defines intelligence and covers the five steps of the Intelligence Cycle to help you navigate the Seven Seas of information: 1. Planning & Direction, 2. Collection, 3. Processing, 4. Analysis & Production, and 5. Dissemination. Spy Mindset also includes deep d... more
  • Winning Your Biggest Paycheck

    by Edmund Yeung
    This book is suitable for but not limited to the following industries: insurance, real estate, software, cloud, hardware, aircraft, automobile, luxury goods, mortgage, financial, professional services, and consulting. It is also for anyone who wants to become wildly successful in business and make money beyond their wildest dreams. Are you looking for a breakthrough in your career and earnings? You will learn: •\tThree powerful and proven techniques to formulate strategies you can use for a... more
  • 8-Second PR

    by Liz H Kelly
    8-Second PR – 2nd Edition (2022) is a New Public Relations Crash Course with 20 New Strategies for a Post-Pandemic World! Learn PR Secrets to get national media interviews, and increase sales using the power of publicity! With the average attention span of an adult now being 8 seconds (less than a goldfish), you can learn how to be clear, concise and compelling in all your marketing messages, media pitches and interviews. You will learn how to take your brand to the next level using the power of... more
  • How to Create Innovation: The Ultimate Guide to Proven Strategies and Business Models to Drive Innovation and Digital Transforma

    by Stefan Dieffenbacher
    The only leadership book about business innovation you’ll ever need, How to Create Innovation is filled with business canvases and practical guidance that you can use right now to prepare your company for the future. Each of the models presented in the book were developed under the Understanding and Navigating Innovation and Transformation in Enterprises (UNITE) umbrella—a business and innovation strategy that reminds us that when we UNITE, we are greater than the sum of our parts. How to ... more