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  • Burdens of a Dream: 33 Actionable Nuggets of Wisdom for the Creative Entrepreneur

    by Craig M. Chavis Jr.

    Don’t Chase Your Dreams - Manifest Them! Do you feel like time is passing you by? Are you dreaming of living a more fulfilling life? Does your mind desire something greater? In Burdens of a Dream: 33 Actionable Nuggets of Wisdom for the Creative Entrepreneur, author Craig M. Chavis Jr. guides readers through the ups and downs of his journey of entrepreneurship through 33 powerful life lessons. In this book, Craig reveals how he transformed from a collegiate athlete into a businessman, l... more

  • THE EXECUTION CULTURE: Results Happen Where Culture Meets Execution

    by Christopher Elias & Mark Freier
    The Execution Culture Is designed to make your company smarter, faster, and stronger leading to a lasting cultural shift within your organization. The true results happen where culture meets Execution. What are the keys to creating real results and lasting success? Results happen where culture meets Execution. With a combined 57 years working with corporate leadership teams, Christopher Elias and Mark Freier know how to create real results. The Execution Culture Is... more
  • Write to Influence!: Second Edition

    by Carla Bass

    Powerful writing is the lifeblood for successful business -- corporate, private, governmental, and NGOs! Defending existing resources or advocating for more, attracting talented employees, marketing products, competing for contracts and grants, briefing clients and executives -- hard-hitting, persuasive language undergirds them all. Learn writing strategies and techniques that make each word count and every second of the reader’s time play to your advantage. Sway the reader to your pers... more

  • How Much Money Do I Need to Retire?: Uncommon Financial Planning Wisdom for a Stress-Free Retirement

    by Todd Tresidder
    In "How Much Money Do I Need To Retire?" you get an inside view behind the scientific facade of modern retirement planning. It provides a complete solution by giving you three different models to answer the question. It debunks and simplifies the conventional model while overcoming its inherent weaknesses with two additional models. It's all told in simple, jargon-free language without complicated math. The result is a comprehensive and accurate solution that takes the next step beyond conventio... more
  • What is Water? How Young Leaders Can Thrive in an Uncertain World

    by Kayvan Kian
    We live in a world that feels increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA). For young people, the sense of unease this world creates comes with serious difficulties. Many are asking: how can you lead, grow, and thrive in today’s world? In What is Water?, Kayvan Kian shifts the focus away from this overwhelm and toward ways of thinking that will help you grow stronger through it all. Drawing on everything from ancient Stoic philosophy to contemporary examples, Kayvan deliver... more

    The organization of properties is huge and a repetitive strategy. Various owners manage their properties by there have or with the help of a delegate. Regardless, every so often it isn't as adequate ,so for the better organization the most ideal course of action is rental organization organizations. By and by there are a sections property the board associations are rising an immediate aftereffect of the criticalness. For land business the property the board associations are asset for the better ... more
  • Authors Revolution Workbook

    by B Alan Bourgeois
    An Author’s Revolution is coming. Are you Ready? For years Authors have depended on traditional publishing to get their books published and to receive a nice income. Sadly, not only was that not the case for most authors, with today’s publishing world, earning a fair income is becoming harder and harder to do. It’s time to change that!
  • Foot in the Door: How to Get the Best Jobs in the Industry as a Self-Taught Programmer

    by Nadya Primak
    Trying to break into the tech industry? No computer science degree? About four years ago I was in your very shoes. I graduated college with an art degree and quickly realized that being a full time artist was probably not going to pay the bills. Design seemed like a possible alternative, but I didn't like working with clients. So I decided to try programming. I loved games ever since I was little and I loved to build things and show them off, so I started coding some simple games and apps to ... more
  • Empathy at Scale

    by Dana Publicover
    A guide to more efficient problem-solving, building a better workplace and creating space for more meaningful work—with empathy as your greatest untapped resource.
  • The Aware Leader: Self-Knowledge Is The Key To Your Success

    by Richard Metheny
    The Aware Leader: Self-Knowledge is the Key to Your Success advises leaders that Self-Awareness is the deciding factor in their success. To be an effective leader, an executive needs to know himself or herself. This book is an accessible, illuminating personal development guide towards success for the individual and the organization. Research reviewed in the book establishes clearly that greater awareness leads to great individual and company success. Metheny takes the reader on a journey to ... more
  • Forklifts

    by ForkEq USA

    We are a company committed to providing the manufacturing industry with heavy equipment and a creative solution for material handling and transportation of loads. We are offering a wide range of forklifts and accessories to the customers. Forkeq is known amongst the best suppliers among the manufacturers and specialized warehouses. We work with a used electric forklift for sale and test them thoroughly to maintain the efficiency of the work of the client. We ensure quality and reliable servic... more

  • data science course

    by kris smith
    Business in the age of AI is fraught with complexity on an unprecedented scale. Organisations need to build infrastructure and culture capability to leverage AI smartly. The technology holds the potential to automate processes, analyse large data sets and deliver insights that power better decisions at a systems level. Deployed smartly, AI can enable and unleash unparalleled competitive advantages at scale.
  • Write a Book that Doesn't Suck

    by Jaimie Engle
    Your Book Might Suck… But it doesn’t have to. You are an awesome writer with an incredible fiction story the world needs to experience. But your book… well, it kind of sucks. So let’s fix that. Setting your novel apart from the rest is a choice. Fiction is more than a character doing stuff in a place you’ve invented. There are rules to magic and seasons to setting and double meanings to words, and a cadence to sentence structure if you want to write a book that doesn’t suck. I guarant... more
  • The Worry-Free Retirement Guide to Finding a Trustworthy Financial Advisor

    by Randy L. Thurman
    What’s the single most important thing you can do to make sure you enjoy a worry-free retirement? It’s simple. Hire an expert to manage your money for you. But not just any expert. A young journalist asked, “What percentage of financial advisors would you recommend to your mom?” It was a simple question, but it made retirement investment advisor Randy L. Thurman CFP®, CPA/PFS, uncomfortable. “2%,” he answered. That’s right—just one advisor out of fifty was good enough to trust wi... more
  • Built To Last: 100+ Year-Old Hotels in New York

    by Stanley Turkel
    The thirty-two century-old hotels featured in this book have defied the passage of time for a variety of reasons, many explicable, some beyond explanation, all miraculous. For eighteen of them, it was the fortuitous creation of the New York City Landmark Preservation Commission in 1965. The landmarks law was enacted in response to the demolition of the iconic Pennsylvania Station in 1963. After 139 years, the following evaluation is still true: "New York is the paradise of hotels. In no other ci... more
  • Individual Performer To Manager

    by Norm E. Oshiro

    The topics and scenarios discussed in Individual Performer to Manager, and the advice offered, come from the author’s educational grounding in sociology, science, and business, but primarily from the experiences that he lived through, working with people day in and day out, starting as an individual performer, then progressively rising through the ranks to become a team leader, supervisor, manager, then manager of a Systems Engineering Center, and last as a credentialed project manager,... more