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  • TSP Investing Strategies: Building Wealth While Working for Uncle Sam, 2nd Edition

    by W. Lee Radcliffe
    The Thrift Savings Plan is tax-advantaged individual investing vehicle for U.S. military personnel and federal government employees. TSP participation has grown to almost 6 million with accounts holding over $600 billion in assets in early 2020, making it one of the largest plans in the world. "TSP Investing Strategies: Building Wealth While Working for Uncle Sam" details a variety of buy-and-hold approaches to investing in the TSP based on the participant's risk tolerance. In addition to m... more
  • Secrets Of The 800+ Club

    by Terrell Dinkins
    Credit can be one of the most important negotiating factors in your financial toolbox. With good credit, you gain access to lower interest rates, premium credit cards, and greater spending power. But why stop there? In Secrets of the 800+ Club, industry veteran Terrell Dinkins spills her best secrets for taking your credit score all the way to the top. Her tried-and-true techniques will not only help achieve financial peace but decode every factor that goes into determining your credit score.... more
  • SELLOSOPHY: The Art and Science Behind B2B Sales and Business Development

    by Ariel Feyderov ( Feder)
    It is a book for professionals developing a deep understanding of sales and business development. Sellosophy integrates the philosophical ideas of great minds into practical sales management models. I wrote this book especially for corporate managers, business developers, business owners, distributions managers, and sales professionals. We know that sales tactics and motivational speeches don’t hold their effect for more than a month. In the long run, only professionals who develop a practical ... more
  • Tunbridge Wells Airport Transfers

    by twexpress cars

    If you drive a taxi in the UK, then you'll need insurance. Before purchasing that cover, it's important to know exactly what's required by law. That will help you to make the best decision when purchasing a policy. Here are some facts about UK taxi cover that you should definitely be aware of:

    1. Comprehensive policies cover basically everything. This type of policy covers essentially any type of loss or damage, regardless of who was at fault. That includes damage or loss du... more

  • BestSEOCompanyinIndia

    by Studio45 Seo Company in India

    Studio-45 is one of the best SEO company in India. We have worked hard and delivered the best services for many years, and with the years of successful results, we have gained the trust of our clients. We have the best and well-qualified team that will help you properly. Our services are considered to be the best. You can check the previous projects that we have... more

  • Build Wealth With Common Stocks

    by David J. Waldron

    Written for individual investors by an individual investor.

    From the dust jacket's inside flaps:

    In Build Wealth with Common Stocks, investor and self-improvement author David J. Waldron shares actionable ideas to construct a potentially market-beating portfolio of the common shares of enduring companies to fund life's significant milestones.

    Waldron offers inspiring wisdom and memorable anecdotes to keep the reader moving forward ... more

  • If You Don't Have A Money Tree

    by Jean Hines
    This book provides an action-oriented approach to budgeting, expense tracking and financial activity analysis; that captures irregular cash flow and touches on income tax considerations.
  • Value Trap

    by Brian M Nelson
    "What if I told you that almost everything you know about finance is wrong? The book Value Trap is the finance and valuation course you didn't get in school," President of Investment Research at Valuentum Brian Nelson says. "The field needs to be almost entirely redefined in a forward-looking manner. Historical data is useless when it comes to asset pricing. It is future expectations that matter. In the age of Big Data, there may be no better book to guide investors than Value Trap."
  • Down Home Money

    by Myra Oliver
    Myra Oliver was twenty-two when she decided she wanted freedom from debt and consumerism. She designed a plan, made changes, and reinvented herself. By thirty-three, not only was she debt-free, she built a rental portfolio that provided her with passive income to quit her job and find financial independence. We live in a consumer-driven culture that prioritizes expensive things over quality of life. We buy houses we’ll never own, cars we can’t afford, and stuff we don’t need. Debt is robbing us... more
  • The B Words; 13 Words Women Must Navigate for Success

    by Tricia Kagerer
    Utilizing her own experiences from more than 20 years in the workplace as well as those of other women, Kagerer identifies 13 “B Words” to establish and explain the internal and external challenges facing women today and provides practical strategies for handling these different problems. Navigating the workforce as a woman can feel like making your way through a minefield. Step too far in one direction, and suddenly, you’re considered bossy and overbearing and difficult to work with. Too far ... more
  • The IPO Playbook

    by Steve Cakebread
    From the CFO who brought Salesforce, Pandora, and Yext public, The IPO Playbook delivers an insider’s perspective of what it takes to prepare for a successful initial public offering. Author Steve Cakebread walks readers through the ins and outs of taking your company public, from how to make the decision to do an IPO, to timing, preparation and execution, including building the right internal team and selecting external partners. The book is both an invaluable reference guide and an enjoyable r... more
  • Career Crisis Plan

    by Philip Kent-Hughes
    Crisis and emergency management specialist, Philip Kent-Hughes, explains how to effectively respond to the financial and emotional impacts of job loss. Discover options to rebuild your career or create ideas to find a new and better job. Learn techniques to improve job hunting results, the new keys of resume writing and tips to be better prepared for interviews. Achieve career success while improving your happiness and well-being.
  • Hard-wired to Lead: ReConstruction for Women's Leadership

    by Carmela R. Nanton
    The inescapable blocks that have kept women from sitting behind the CEO desk, on the Board, or in office, are not inevitable. Leaders, followers, paradigms, ethical patterns, and practices of the status quo must be reConstructed to be more inclusive of women's leadership. Practical steps such as radical learning strategic networks and a formal structure of individual and organization development are starters, but a single solution will not suffice for this problem's complexity. Company-wide coal... more
  • Hard-Wired to Lead: Power Secrets and Women's Leadership

    by Carmela R. Nanton

    This sobering, candid discussion makes an uncanny and disturbing connection between the power and control of domestic violence and the pervasive company and leader's abusive behaviors and unequal treatment of women based on gender, sex image, money, and the church in society.  There are laws in place to identify professional misconduct, boundaries, and discrimination, but contemporary leaders find inexcusable ways to circumvent them and create barriers for women who aspire to lead. Is there a... more

  • Hard-wired To Lead: The Culture of Silence and Women's Leadership

    by Carmela R. Nanton

    Silencing is used as a way to intimidate and control women's access to leadership and self-determination. The author exposes the culture of silence, leadership narratives, or shades of truth presented as myths and spins or metaphors that shape perceptions of women's leadership experiences. An illustrative case study is provided to highlight the multi-layers challenges women encounter when seeking top positions for the first time when women are hard-wired to Lead.

  • PortMC Shipping containers Sydney

    by PortMC Shipping Containers Sydney

    Are you looking for best Shipping containers Sydney, Then visit PortMC shipping containers for sale sydney. We have different types of containers available of different sizes according to your requirements. We are also shipping containers with modifications. We have the best quality materials for containers. We also have containers for sale. You can also check the price of con... more