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True Crime

  • terrorists independence catalunya kill us by Satellite EM attack any time any where bybreading bar code & magnetic cards

    by miera lee
    Iam Miera Lee, I live some 30years in Barcelona, I have a story that I have to reveal to the whole of the world, Terrorists Independence Catalunya kill us by Satellite electromgnetic emisson individully focused attack any time & anywhere, Do you believe that to bring bar code products as a lotion or to bring magnetic cards as financial or as transport kill you??? terrorists read your bar code products on your bag or your magnetic cards in your wallet, terrorist follow you by Satellite and kill... more
  • Stalking Stockholm

    by Andrea Champion
    A lifelong search for answers takes a detour off the beaten path into the subconscious where survival collaborates with illusion. Reality is turned inside out while in Stockholm, USA. How I escaped enters a realm of mind control where the reader is invited to front row within the psyche under the effects of brainwash. Take an adventure into mysterious dimension where the spirit wrestles an elusive inner torment. Then must confront the worst fear when it unexpectedly emerges.
  • The Medusa Enigma

    by Dino Panvini MD
    You will read about the bizarre conspiracy actions that were taken against Dr. Panini's professional career, personal life, and safety, with multiple murder attempts and fraudulent allegations by the legal, medical system, all because he did the right thing. These mind-boggling actions will amaze and astound you. In thirty years, he never had a malpractice judgment or settlement against him, something few surgeons in this country can say. As you will learn, one of the lawyers mentioned in this ... more
  • UNDERWORLD: How to Survive and Thrive in the American Mafia (ISBN 978-1-948239-88-2 Trade Paperback)

    by Roman Martin
    Have you ever fantasized about being able to do whatever you want, when you want, and to whom you want? Or perhaps you’ve dreamed about never having to take crap off anyone ever again? If so, then the Mafia could be the perfect new profession for you! For the first time in history, there is now an easy-to-follow self-help guide on how to join and rise in the most exclusive men’s club in the world—the Italian-American Mafia (aka La Cosa Nostra). Learn everything from loansharking to leg-breaking ... more
  • Call Me Trooper: The Chronicles of a Michigan State Police Officer

    by C. K. Roberts
    Undercover narcotics work, criminal investigations, interviews and interrogations, suspect confessions, traffic enforcement - this is the biographical account of my career as a 21st-century police officer. Self-published in 12/2018, it has been #1 in the 'police biography' and 'state police categories' for the majority of 2018. Filled with humorous, sarcastic, and some heartbreaking stories - all real-life situations. Brief narratives make this book easy to read and hard to put down.
  • Maleante: The Book

    by Blackbird Toledo
    A child born in a war zone, where everyone you know got shot or stabbed, and criminals are born. The place where I'm last seen. Growing up too fast, caught between education or defiance, crime or honest work, eat or starve. A place where adversity and hardships are so prevalent, it led to a resilient a swarm of feral kids. Living in the concrete jungle. The Forgotten Ones.
  • Heart of Steel: Based on a True Story

    by Kevin D. Miller

    In the early morning hours of September 13, 1920, a tragic murder takes place at the Pulchalski farmhouse in Southington, Ohio. Twelve-year-old Stanley desperately runs along a dusty country road sent by his frantic mother to fetch the Sheriff. An infamous scandal unfolds over the next several weeks taking Stanley and his siblings on a harrowing journey through a notorious orphanage in Warren Ohio and an incredible attempt to escape. Finding true love is Stanley's only hope to finally com... more

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  • Was Michael Jackson Murdered? You be the Judge.

    by Everett Watson
    The book details the deliberate murder of Michael Jackson committed by Dr. Robert Conrad Murray also explains his motives and his attempts to elude capture. The book details the legal battle over the film created by the murderer of Michael Jackson and myself. It gives the reader evidence to make a informed opinion on the causation of Michael Jackson's' death.
  • Passionate Oversights: A True Crime Story

    by Charles Massie
    A retired gentleman from New York finds love on the internet. It is only after he has moved his life and possessions to her residence in Kentucky, that he discovers her deadly dark secret. This woman is a Black Widow in disguise. Passionate Oversights explores the pitfalls of an internet-based romance.
  • What Is the Most Common Cause of Erectile Dysfunction?

    by kevin piterson

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  • The Witness: Unfolding the Anatomy of a Killer

    by Wanda Draper
    Does society rear criminals from childhood then punish them for their upbringing? The crimes are unimaginable—there are no excuses. The Witness reveals the defendant as more than a killer.
  • Rusty's Story

    by Carol Gino

    “Why do they keep locking me up?”

    Rusty’s Story is Carol Gino’s account of the extraordinary life of the woman she undertook to help – the woman who ended up teaching her an invaluable lesson about the will to live, the strength of hope…

    Rusty used to wonder if she would make it through the day, seeing danger in everyday living. Rusty has epilepsy.

    She was twenty when Carol Gino met her and learned of her past ordeals:... more

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  • Moms of The Missing

    by Steffen Hou
    Almost half a million American children are reported missing every year. Personal experiences have led me, Steffen Hou, to write the book, Moms of the Missing. In 'Moms of the Missing’ I investigate ten abduction cases. Through personal and heartbreaking interviews with the victims the book describes how parents maintain their hopes of one day finding their children—some of whom were taken by a stranger, a family member, or human traffickers. And two survivors tell what it is like to be held ... more