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  • Sleeptalking

    by Antonio Addessi

    Sleeptalking is a debut full-length book of poetry by Antonio Addessi published by Rebel Satori Press. It deals with love and loss, memory, gender fluidity and finding one's self in the LGBTQ community.

  • Upendo

    by Jesica Lovelace
    Upendo is a collection of poetry that follows the tangled love story between two souls adrift. It is a tale of love in its rawest form as it reconciles the discourse of both heartbreak and self-discovery. Upendo is a coming of age story for those drowning in their own vulnerability.
  • Frozen

    by Lisa Macon
    You are not alone in your grief and anger. You are not alone in your despair, waiting for an honest call to action. You are not alone in your need to be empowered and emboldened. May you find the companionship you seek as you read the poems of Frozen. And together, we will thaw.
  • Sad, Sardonic, and Hopeful

    by MJ Fuller
    After years of being told to write down her sardonic musings, MJ Fuller finally took the plunge. These poems explore the various thoughts that she, and others, have had at various points in life, and are easily read and accessible for all. Whether you are a poetry novice or a poetry veteran, there is something in these verses for you. The poems of Sad, Sardonic and Hopeful take the reader on a journey through the eyes of the poet. That journey can be happy, sad, comedic, tragic or whimsical, but... more
  • Human Emotions

    by Zaighum Sharif
    Each and everyone of us has our own human emotions. Days can be filled with happiness whereas other days can be full of sadness. The uniqueness of one’s emotions can very rarely be understood by others. It is really difficult if not impossible to tell others how you feel or for them to understand how you are feeling. I have tried in this book to cover the inner most boundaries of human emotions splitting my poems into different realms of human thought. Hope, fate and destiny, joy, life, the worl... more
  • The Loversfortune: Vol. 1

    by Cyan Villanueva
    A collection of poetry and fortunes related to loves that could not stay. What is left of them, is held within these pages.
  • A love poet

    by Jibril Emmanuel
    “A Love Poet” takes the reader through the twists and turns of love in all of its dimensions. Heartache, falling in love, falling out of love, feeling misplaced and then feeling as though you are right where you should be, with whom you should be. These personal experiences allow a dialogue between the mind and the heart where love can be a battlefield or just the opposite. It is vulnerability put into words that are hard to find, for an emotion that is thoroughly unique.
  • Dreaming At Night

    by L.S. Watson
    Poetry is alive! Dreaming At Night consists of a series of poems about different experiences, life tales, and observations about society from the perspective of an African-American woman.
  • Singing at High Altitude

    by Jennifer Markell
    In Singing at High Altitude, Jennifer Markell asks us to love the world in all its brokenness, and offers us a way to do so, with “lucent sight.” Through the author’s keen attention to detail, we are invited to enter the sky’s “blue manifesto.” Here, beauty may be found in a fledgling bird’s last moments, a “courtyard glittered with fallen limes,” or with trash collectors who swing the barrels like “dance partners.” These poems arise in darkness and take wing.
  • Some of My Seasons

    by Margaret Netherby
    The whole moon hangs Above the westward highway And suddenly I see The swoop of yin and yang Aglow … From the end of one century to the beginning of another, Margaret Netherby has lived a life full of adventure, joy, heartache, and disappointment. In this collection of poetry, Netherby shares a lyrical glimpse into her life’s journey spanning over forty years as she attempted to make sense of confusion, reconcile emotions, appreciate wonder and beauty, embrace happy moments, and accept downturns... more
  • Unapologetically Feminist

    by Urvashi Bundel
    In her powerhouse collection, Unapologetically Feminist, poet Urvashi Bundel fights against the ravaging wildfires of misogyny, racism, and global social injustice with her own starbright flame. She travels the world in line after feverish line—observing, reporting back, and crying out for change. The poet says, The girl must eat And the hyenas too. In a fight to gather firewood, She returns burned again from the bushes, This time with the title of witch
  • Inferno

    by J. Simon Harris

    Journey with Dante into the bowels of the earth and the profoundest depths of the human soul. The Inferno, the first part of Dante's Divine Comedy, has captivated readers for over seven centuries. This modern translation in terza rima captures the true essence of the Italian poem.

    This edition also includes:

    Notes: A single page of commentary for each canto, providing enough context for the modern reader to follow Dante's histori... more

  • EMDR Inspired Art and Poetry

    by Mark Odland - MA, LMFT, MDIV
    This is a book of artwork and poetry inspired by EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) therapy, a research-proven approach that has helped millions heal from PTSD and experiences trauma. Drawing on all his experiences as an award-winning artist, poet, and Certified EMDR therapist, Mark Odland reflects on hope and pain during these troubled times. Each poem is paired with an illustration, and is inspired by his experiences on the frontlines of treating trauma.
  • Hearts on Pilgrimage: Poems & Prayers

    by Jody Lee Collins
    “I’ve no chisel but this pen chipping at paper like stone” begins Hearts on Pilgrimage, but what a chisel author Jody L. Collins wields in this exquisitely sculpted collection of quiet poems that bring comfort, contemplation, and gratitude in difficult times. Her poetry echoes the seasons, from winter’s dormancy and spring’s new life to summer’s exuberant growth and the fall harvest, looking through the lens of a physical world that also mirrors our interior lives. Whether it’s picking autumn... more
  • Things

    by Jennifer Nuesi

    "This is a cleansing. Of that we choose to say or won't say. The anxieties, the depressions, and all the breakdowns between. They have found a place in you and in me while manifesting themselves in ways unseen. In the awareness comes the healing. Finding the peace that declutter brings. Let us gather together and take a look at all that we have amassed. Let us all take a look at our THINGS."

    In her new poetry collection, THINGS gives a shape to the invisible anxieties that... more

  • Beneath Stretching Pines

    by Kurtis Ebeling
    Beneath Stretching Pines is a collection of poems by author Kurtis A. Ebeling. Ranging from imagistic and deconstructed works to more traditional and rhythmically structured forms, this collection of poems contends with the potentially interwoven and co-emergent nature of experience, language and selfhood. Containing only 30 poems, Beneath Stretching Pines is a quick read that balances vast, intentioned shifts in style with the singular voice of its author.