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  • Don't put me in a box

    by Lady Elegance
    In a world full of hatred and discrimination, wouldn't it be great to gain a sense of adulation? In this 2 part poetry book, discover the poems of affliction with my daily battles with the world and within myself. Just remember that love always triumphs in the end!
  • Race. Resistance. Love.

    by H. "Herukhuti" Sharif Williams
    Race. Resistance. Love. is a collection of poetry and spoken word expressing 30+ years of living, loving, and learning in the Black liberation movement, Black queer communities, and Black radical tradition. Presented through the themes of race, resistance, and love, this body of work challenges simplistic ideas about what these three words mean while calling readers to define and redefine them in their own lives.
  • Riot of Roses

    by Brenda Vaca
    This collection of poems, RIOT OF ROSES, is at once a confrontation, a confession, an embrace. It took me 44 years to love myself with abandon and to trust myself as a writer. I caught glimpses of this deep love throughout my life. I even preached about it on Sundays twice - in English and en Español - for over a decade as a pastor. Still, I was restrained and bound by my gender and by my culture, and literally collared by religiosity. Thankfully, Spirit planted a love for words and stories deep... more
  • The Lesser Light

    by Philip Wexler
    These are the first 500 of a larger in-progress collection of poems related to the moon. They were inspired by the woodblock print series, 100 Views of the Moon by the 19th century Japanese artist, Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, though the poems do not directly correspond to the prints. Rather, the prints were a jumping-off point. The poems represent the author’s personal take on the moon or what, in his environment or psyche, brings the moon to mind or into view. They were triggered by thoughts, fanta... more
  • Desert Plains

    by Bill Spratley
    The desert. Dry, barren, and dangerous. Disorienting, extreme, and raw. For many, a metaphor of life. For others, a metaphor of following Christ. Dashed hopes. Fear. Impending doom. So many threats in those plains. But a surprise in those plains as well. Planes. So many planes. Planes of the human heart that are exposed to the elements. Planes of awareness. Perception. And with it, new perspectives. Perspectives that reveal the hope, purpose, and beauty within the desert. Desert Plains–in ... more
  • these are the words that I saved from the drain

    by Dane Schneider
    "these are the words that I saved from the drain" is a collection of 60 poems from Dane Schneider paired with 60 color abstract paintings from acclaimed artist Kerri O'Halloran.
  • The Song Of Circe And Other Simple Musings

    by J. Matthew Helms
    Twilit dreamscapes unfold across J. Matthew Helms’ debut collection of poetry, revealing new worlds beyond the veils of myth. From the shores of Valhalla to the great halls of Mount Olympus, these unique poems guide the reader through the mists of time and legend like a lantern, casting tales of the old gods in a new light. Interwoven with themes of earthly nature and celestial warfare,  e Song of Circe re ects the joy and sorrow—the pain and healing—the love and disdain that de ne the h... more
  • The Indignation Parade and Other Poems

    by F. R. Foksal

    Each spark that ignites outrage seems unique in the immediacy of the moment, and yet F. R. Foksal, in his poetry collection, shows us that even in the most topical issues can be found a grain of universality. As a non-native English poet, he explores current themes not only through the prism of a wider context, but also through the precision of language.

    The poems in The Indignation Parade navigate the topics of one’s vulnerability in the face ... more

  • Poems from the Garden / Empty Bench Poetry

    by Sonja N. Bohm

    Poems from the Garden / Empty Bench Poetry (Poemas do Jardim / Banco Vazio Poesia) is a 2-in-1 eBook collection of bilingual poems by Sonja N. Bohm written side-by-side in Portuguese and English. Conceived of in English and crafted to be read in Portuguese, these poems are the fruit of a journey into learning and loving the Portuguese language. In Poemas do Jardim, the Garden represents an Ideal—a thing not to be fully realized or attained in this life, but no less real or conceivable. ... more

  • Until The Cold Is Gentle

    by Pooja Singh
    ‘Until The Cold Is Gentle’ is an emotionally raw debut poetry collection that explores concepts like love, loss, grief, dysfunctional families, toxic friendships, mental health, the feeling of not fitting in the world, and the last section is about living and loving life, despite all. In this deeply intimate poetry collection, you will experience the most vulnerable depths of the human experience that you may not have personally lived, but you will feel it. This book is not about happy endin... more

    by Joyce Henefield Coleman
    Life is fragile, and it?s difficult to see how your story can inspire others. The author hopes to encourage others through her inspirational poetry. She hopes readers will see that while observing your life and contemplating the joys of life, you too can write reflection poetry. In Reflections, readers will find inspirational poetry that results from the author's observations from a long and blessed life. If you?re looking for one of the best poetry books about life or searching for life-changi... more

    by Chris Courtney Martin
    Chris Courtney Martin's THE BOOK OF I.P. (Idle Poems) is a hybrid poetry and essay collection that is 'ironic in concept, sincere in content' as it deconstructs prescribed best-practices for getting ideas greenlit as a screenwriter and what it means to possess a producible story. “THE BOOK OF I.P. (Idle Poems) by Chris Courtney Martin has an ample tone of sovereignty while indicating the true face of societal vindication, the gap between this generation and the last one. The similes, personif... more
  • Awakening: The Trinity

    by C.L. Brown
    Diversion I am a mockingbird echoing melodies my sadness never sung Like falling suns serenading moonless nights Like sad hearts cowering behind brilliant eyes My song is my disguise For your bewilderment, I sing Masking my masterpiece of pain I am the cries of spring mornings though my soul shivers in the dead of winter I am a mockingbird echoing melodies my madness never sung
  • Bare

    by C.L. Brown
    Dust Where am I going? Is there a place for me? Do you not see? I AM nothing Yet everything An easy burden for the still soft wind Shifting from death to life then back again Having mastered both from the beginning of my end Where am I going? Is there a place for me? A place for my pain? For my truth? For my emptiness? I have given you all that I AM But you are not satisfied See how you sift me apart seeking yourself? I AM you Can you not see? Do you not hear my song? I hav... more
  • Loud Whispers of Silent Souls: Poems

    by C.L. Brown
    Conversation She said, “Write me a poem” I said you are my poem, already written, fused with every thought that traverses my mind She said, “Read it to me” I said I do that every time I touch you I said this pen bled my thoughts and every word was your name She smiled I said I open my lips I kiss your lips I taste your soul Now I crave you like never before I traced the contour of her face with my fingers She said, “why do you do that?” I said I love painting your portrait insid... more
  • snake skin

    by Alias
    Written, designed & photographed by poet and artist, Alias, SNAKE SKIN is a tumultuous telling of an individual's decaying state of mind through a traumatic period of turmoil, from start to finish. The poems in the anthology mostly tackle topics of introspection, mental health, depression, confusion, loneliness, illness, ostracization and victimhood. The poetry featured in the anthology is primarily inspired by confessional and autobiographical styles of poetry. "The eternal cycle is dismisse... more