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  • Unapologetically Feminist

    by Urvashi Bundel
    In her powerhouse collection, Unapologetically Feminist, poet Urvashi Bundel fights against the ravaging wildfires of misogyny, racism, and global social injustice with her own starbright flame. She travels the world in line after feverish line—observing, reporting back, and crying out for change. The poet says, The girl must eat And the hyenas too. In a fight to gather firewood, She returns burned again from the bushes, This time with the title of witch
  • Inferno

    by J. Simon Harris

    Journey with Dante into the bowels of the earth and the profoundest depths of the human soul. The Inferno, the first part of Dante's Divine Comedy, has captivated readers for over seven centuries. This modern translation in terza rima captures the true essence of the Italian poem.

    This edition also includes:

    Notes: A single page of commentary for each canto, providing enough context for the modern reader to follow Dante's histori... more

  • EMDR Inspired Art and Poetry

    by Mark Odland - MA, LMFT, MDIV
    This is a book of artwork and poetry inspired by EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) therapy, a research-proven approach that has helped millions heal from PTSD and experiences trauma. Drawing on all his experiences as an award-winning artist, poet, and Certified EMDR therapist, Mark Odland reflects on hope and pain during these troubled times. Each poem is paired with an illustration, and is inspired by his experiences on the frontlines of treating trauma.
  • Hearts on Pilgrimage: Poems & Prayers

    by Jody Lee Collins
    “I’ve no chisel but this pen chipping at paper like stone” begins Hearts on Pilgrimage, but what a chisel author Jody L. Collins wields in this exquisitely sculpted collection of quiet poems that bring comfort, contemplation, and gratitude in difficult times. Her poetry echoes the seasons, from winter’s dormancy and spring’s new life to summer’s exuberant growth and the fall harvest, looking through the lens of a physical world that also mirrors our interior lives. Whether it’s picking autumn... more
  • Things

    by Jennifer Nuesi

    "This is a cleansing. Of that we choose to say or won't say. The anxieties, the depressions, and all the breakdowns between. They have found a place in you and in me while manifesting themselves in ways unseen. In the awareness comes the healing. Finding the peace that declutter brings. Let us gather together and take a look at all that we have amassed. Let us all take a look at our THINGS."

    In her new poetry collection, THINGS gives a shape to the invisible anxieties that... more

  • Beneath Stretching Pines

    by Kurtis Ebeling
    Beneath Stretching Pines is a collection of poems by author Kurtis A. Ebeling. Ranging from imagistic and deconstructed works to more traditional and rhythmically structured forms, this collection of poems contends with the potentially interwoven and co-emergent nature of experience, language and selfhood. Containing only 30 poems, Beneath Stretching Pines is a quick read that balances vast, intentioned shifts in style with the singular voice of its author.
  • Foundlings

    by Cindy O'Quinn and Stephanie Ellis
    Found poetry is an act of creation in its own right. By taking words already in existence in the works of others, something completely new can be created. This collection was created in tribute to renowned dark poets, Linda D. Addison and Alessandro Manzetti. In all instances, we have indicated those poems from which we carved our own.
  • Wild Child of the Monsoons

    by Ann Zachariah

    A collection of lyrical poetry that savours the myriad of emotions that life gifts us.

    Wild Child of the Monsoons sprinkles water on core emotions that will make the reader realize who they truly are. The author will take readers on a hope filled nostalgic journey on a canoe of vibrant emotions to help them connect with their true self. It is a raw poetic record of pain, love, loss, grief and gratitude that will ultimately lead one to their higher self and self-love. It will help one to... more

  • Canon Fodder

    by Jay Sizemore
    We often see lists of books online with titles like "THE TOP 100 NOVELS OF ALL TIME." How many of them have you read? During the pandemic, poet Jay Sizemore decided it was far past time that he read (and finished reading) the novel Moby-Dick. He loved it so much, that he decided to keep picking up other classic works that he had for one reason or another never took the time to engage with. Much of this reading was accomplished through audio books and the Audible app, which allowed him to read... more
  • Z is for Zapatazo

    by Ruben Rivera

    Ruben Rivera, Ph.D., was born in New York City to a mixed-race Puerto Rican family and raised in southern California in that time “when children should be seen and not heard.” As a working-class brown Latino boy, Ruben was invisible in the public school curriculum, on TV and media – except for anomalies like Tonto whose name in Spanish meant Dummy – and America as a whole, even as the long-ignored were struggling to be seen and heard in the era of Jim Crow, Civil Right... more

  • Rise

    by Henry Lee Thomas
    RISE celebrates the diversity of our beautiful planet and its inhabitants and it unveils harsh truths that need to be faced before we can experience total-world transformation. Most importantly, it inspires us to dive deep within ourselves and truly introspect, especially during these uncertain times fraught with fear, racism, and societal collapse.
  • Misty-Coloured Pearl

    by Mzia Kvirikashvili Lawrence

    In an anthology of diverse poems, Mzia Kvirikashvili Lawrence highlights the work of Georgian poets on their experiences, nature, and the people who surround their lives.

    The shared poems explore the cry of a thirsty woman from the desert as she longs for the arrival of spring, the joy of the purest of friendships as others count our blessings, the breaking of invisible beliefs in dreams that remind of a flow of multi-coloured tunes and rhythms, the rain that accompanies three-day-... more

  • Poets Awake. Saints Alive. Lovers Among. Lives Attune

    by C. T. Eck
    The biggest news about C. T. Eck’s poetry-only book titled Poets Awake Saints Alive Lovers Among Lives Attune is that it arrives in 16 various categories. The subtitle states 247 Collected And Inspected Original Poems Comprising 16 Categories and here we can restate these “chapters” of categories for us: Song Style Poems; Instant Classic Poems; Humorous Poems; Audience Of One; Love Poems; True-Accounts-From-My-Own-Life Poems; On-The-Horror-Side Poems; Solid Staple Poems; Kissable Poems; Marri... more
  • Tears of Pain, Tears of Joy: One Mother's Story

    by Paula Morhardt
    When you start married life at 17, problems are everywhere you look. First baby, second baby, husband out late, children getting sick. Problems, problems, and more problems. But there are bright moments, too—the first daughter-in-law, the first grandbaby. Tears of pain and tears of joy were shed during the first 25 years of this marriage. Learn what being a mother meant to this woman, and how she handled it.
  • Strike a Prose: A Framework of Memories and Commentaries in Poetry

    by Cat Ellington

    Part of the Cat Ellington Literary Collection, Strike a Prose: A Framework of Memories and Commentaries in Poetry, features the books More Imaginative Than Ordinary Speech: The Poetry of Cat Ellington; and Memoirs in Gogyohka: A Book of Short Poems and Memoirs.

    ​​​​​Painted in Watercolors by Ateli, this distinctive compilation also includes previously unpublished bonus material from Quill Pen Ink Publishing—in association with the Cat Elli... more

  • More Imaginative Than Ordinary Speech: The Poetry of Cat Ellington

    by Cat Ellington

    From the author of Reviews by Cat Ellington comes a gracefully adorned compilation of eccentric beauty and elegant prose flowing with milky fluidity and honey-sweet intellectuality.

    Presenting More Imaginative Than Ordinary Speech: The Poetry of Cat Ellington, a mystifying collection of poetic productions that glide over multiple genres and wrap themselves around a variety of topics, including racism in America, spiritual warfare, same-sex relationships, delusional disorder, social netw... more