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  • The Colors of Me Too

    by Maya And Jello
    A collection of poems written as I was inspired by my own life experiences.
  • The Colors of Me

    by Maya And Jello
    A collection of poems written as I was inspired by my own life experiences
  • The Dilemma

    by Danielle Holian
    The Dilemma, is the follow-up book from Danielle Holian, that spins a tale of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery, split into three chapters to discuss this journey in poetry form.
  • Beautifully Chaotic

    by Danielle Holian
    Beautifully Chaotic, is the debut book from Danielle Holian, which discusses the trauma of sexual assault, heartbreak, feminism, and learning how to survive through thriving times, split into four chapters in poetry form.
  • Secure in God

    by Rita Malsch
    Secure in God is a collection of thoughts about coping with life and its joys and difficulties. Trust in God and reliance upon His grace and love offer all souls hope in His concern and grace. Included are twenty pieces from my collection of paintings, drawings, and needleworks.
  • Before the Distance

    by Pasquale Trozzolo
    Poetry Chapbook of poems about living in the time of pandemic.
  • Out Of The Whirl

    by Ron Sanders
    Out Of The Whirl is a collection for lovers of dark poetry.
  • Stories from the Heart

    by Nastassia Fifer
    In 2008, the author had written fourteen poems and songs that were inspired by events and circumstances which she had experienced in life. They were sitting idly on a shelf. One day she came up with the idea to create a collection of writings that would be a reflection of herself: a glimpse into her life through her personal experiences, perspectives, and memories combined with a unique wit and humor that she could share with the world.
  • Matters of the Heart: Sequel to Stories from the Heart

    by Nastassia Fifer
    Matters of the Heart is the continuance of personal life events reflecting on intimate encounters concerning love, faith, friendship, family, career, and one's life purpose. This book will astutely engage readers with a critical thought-provoking perspective, conveying an unapologetic stance regarding recent past and present experiences. Brace yourself for a phenomenal journey into the heart of a writer who is fearless in the pursuit of truth and happiness.
  • Beowulf

    by Matthew Hutchinson
    Out from marshes, beneath misty tors, Grendel came skulking, God’s wrath upon him. The terrible ravager intended to steal man-pieces in that mighty house. He moved in darkness toward the drinking-hall … Before Game of Thrones, The Lord of the Rings, and Wagner’s Ring Cycle, there was Beowulf, the original high-fantasy epic tale of heroes, monsters, dragons, and political upheaval. In a new rendition of the Old English poem, Matthew Hutchinson shares a fresh and stirring adaptio... more
  • An Expression of Love

    by Dave Rouhier
    This is a book of love and life. What is love? I have explained it in these poems: love for your mate or sweetheart; love for your parents and siblings; love for humanity; love for nature; and most of all, love for God. Along with these are poems about life situations. They will open your mind and touch your heart. The topics include poems of honesty, kindness and peace of mind to name a few. Love, and peace of mind, come from the deep stillness within yourself. Love is a facet of your Being, in... more
  • An Evening Pastiche

    by Brad Ramsey
    Pastiche written chiefly with a view to ascertain how far the circumstance of the underclass of today's society is adapted to the pleasure of traditional poetry; that finds precedents, for example, in the Enclosure Act of the Parliament of the Kingdom of Great Britain, passed during the reign of King George III, which removed the right of access to common lands that had been the labourer's heritage and source of income for ages past.
  • I Don't Want to Dance in the Rain

    by Tanya Rose
    A soul destined for failure and pushed over life's edge to the breaking point of no return..
  • Poems by Roberta M Roy Slivers

    by Roberta Roy
    Poems by Roberta M Roy: Slivers medaled in the Jenkins 2020 International eLit Medal in Poetry. "Roberta Roy’s collection Slivers reads as subtle and modest meditations on her experiences as a woman, as a teacher (how I know her best), and as an intellect of delicacy. It’s not often that one publishes a ‘collected poems” that reads as an autobiography. Her language is straightforward; she eschews pyrotechnics. But she laces these poems with quiet surprises by details that require re-reading beca... more
  • 978-0-6483183-2-3

    by Samuel L. Field