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  • Twilight: Awaking the Stars - Poems of the Night's Light

    by Gary W. Burns
    Awarded Reader's Favorite 2020 Book Award: Finalist, Poetry - Inspirational Written by multi-award winning poet Gary W. Burns this volume of poetry offers the reader a peaceful and inspiring poetic harbor. Hope, kindness, love and nature are but some of the themes that run throughout this meditative and calming book of poetry. The restful verse in this volume engenders wholeness, well-being, inner balance and healing. The poems in this collection sometimes rhymed, sometimes haiku-esque in style... more
  • Defiance & Desperation

    by Jaquair Gillette
    A powerful collection of ten poems that mines the depths of our reality, expressing thoughts, ideas, and possible solutions to the issues facing the world we live in. These poetic pieces embodies the plight, struggles, and hope of all marginalized peopels in general, and African Amercans in particular.
  • Brownslip, A Loose Woman's Memoir

    by Mantra Lotus
    Discover the beauty of self-love and the journey to "freedom". Are you a "Free" woman? Can you speak as you like? Are you comfortable with being who you are in public spaces? If you could name yourself, what would you call you? To be loosed is what most women want. To be untied, untethered, and set free to ecstatically explore all of what it means to be a woman i.e., a wild, unruly, nude, bare-breasted, running through fields "woman". Undefined and untamed. "Brownslip, A Loose Woman’s M... more
  • Courting the Muse

    by Brigid Raven-Hart
    A collection of verse leading with a tale of Christmas in America and flowing on to touch on the power of the past on each of us, the dreams and challenges of the present and our hopes for a future.
  • Traveling On: Poems by Duane R. Christianson


    The book consists of seven sections of poems, mostly lyric and in free verse form. We are all travelers -- moving through time, relationships, and over borders, sometimes between vastly different careers, in and out of visions of our lives, and always back through memories.

  • Vagabond

    by Shanaya Stephens
    While different perspectives amount to different conclusions, they pretty much end up in the search of peace. Peace is variable for many. This book, a collection of 30 poems; aims to take the reader on a journey, with the thoughts of a Vagabond. Hanging around the corner are thoughts of a life-loving, nomad and you, a traveler might find parts that resonate with you. The Vagabond is a humble attempt to let you find you. Stop not where the feet aches, stop when the soul rests...
  • Tbilisi Loves You: 42 Poems

    by Brant von Goble
    A collection of poems with an emphasis on satire and dark humor.
  • Fine Tangled Strands

    by Utsa Seth
    For me, the birth of a poem is both undeniably random and incredibly beautiful. How does it happen? Most often they are born out of my observations; sometimes of things and people and other times of my thoughts. Each poem has a story, besides the one it chooses to tell. The story of an epiphany, a walk underneath the trees, or a night on which I couldn't sleep.
  • Moonlit Nights

    by Teraza Faulkner
    Do you love deeply? Do you hurt just as much? Is recovering from loss sometimes a struggle? Teraza Faulkner's debut poetry book 'Moonlit Nights' encompasses all those vulnerable human emotions surrounding relationships. This beautifully crafted collection will take you on a journey from love to loss and awaken your soul to the power of hope and healing. Use of unique word imagery will paint love with strokes of stardust, accompany you through the darkness of shattered dreams slipping throu... more
  • Inhabitant

    by Charles Crittenden

    EXPERIENCE THE MARVEL OF THE UNIVERSE through the eyes of the Inhabitant!

    After years of mistreating their home, the Inhabitant has been unexpectedly expelled from Earth and must journey across the universe to find a new home by any means necessary. Haunted by dreams of the past and hopes for the future, they can only rely on their experiences. Taking it day by day (and with a little help from a new friend), they explore new worlds, both wondrous and frightening, on the path to solid gr... more

  • Herman Gorter: Selected Poems

    by Herman Gorter

    This is the most extensive selection in English of poems by one of the all-time great Dutch poets, Herman Gorter (1864-1927), Part 2 of Arimei Books’ The Essential Gorter collection. It welcomes the reader to the rich spectrum of Gorter’s verse and traces his lyrical development following the epic masterpiece, May. The book includes a selection of his introvertive ‘sensitivist’ Verses (Verzen, 1890), defining transitional poems, and key ... more

  • Alice and Antius

    by Kit Ingram
    Alice and Antius is a narrative poem following the lives of two lovers—a scientist and poet—through a climate apocalypse. Survivors of a lost time, they enter a labyrinth filled with the haze of nostalgia, loss, meaning, and hope.
  • The Girl Who Wasn't and Is

    by Anastasia Walker

    The Girl Who Wasn’t and Is, Anastasia Walker’s first book of poetry, is a deeply personal work and a meditation on community, history, and the natural world. In a series of poems and a closing autobiographical essay, the poet embraces her identity as a transgender woman through a harrowing, wonder-full journey from her childhood on the Maine coast to her post-transition life in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Original photos and drawings, and the interspersed stories of family ... more

  • Lilac Bush

    by Pamela C. Nwokeji

    "Lilac Bush" welcomes each reader to go on a perspective-altering journey along with the author while taking in the poetic aroma of lilacs which symbolizes renewal. From valleys of hardship and turmoil to mountains of sheer strength and hope, each poem serves as a beacon of awakening and cultural change. Through heartfelt narration, Pamela C. Nwokeji shares her personal experiences growing up in an urban neighborhood to bring awareness to the ongoing strife endured by Black American... more

  • A Penny for Your Thoughts

    by Penny Johnson
    Poetry is the song that poets sing to beautify the world. In A Penny for Your Thoughts, contemporary American poet Penny Johnson presents verses about nature, love, life, death, philosophy, and religion. She considers American life in the present day. With her writing, she hopes to teach, fulfill, entertain, heal wounds, and show the beauty of the world. Johnson offers her work as a gift to anyone longing for the uplifting and nourishing experience that poetry can provide. This poetry collection... more
  • Takh: The Spirit

    by Nikos Savvakis
    “I have always loved animals. My constant encounters with both domesticated and wild, as a boy in a village, impressed me for life.” Nikos Savvakis In this modern-day equivalent of a medieval bestiary, Nikos Savvakis casts an admiring, occasionally quizzical eye over the creatures with whom we share this world. Among others, frogs, pigeons, hedgehogs and the ‘princely’ octopus are presented in an unexpected light. Man’s best friend provides moments of both comedy and sorrow, while the title po... more