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  • Constant State of Love

    by Anran Liken
    This is the second collection of poetry with 44 poems on it. Just like the first collection, each one comes from my heart. I have cried some more, laughed a lot, felt every emotions and you could feel that while reading the book. Emotions rule our life whether it is love, anger, passion, crying, laughing. We all have felt these at some point in our lives. For me to let you enjoy more, there will be a third collection of poetry coming soon.
  • The Love Archetype

    by Javier Angola
    Literature and philosophy what are these magical fantasies, so superior and everlasting. Without love or being loved what could be its discipline. Everything has roots for such a strong word, and what are roots if they don't create something new and particular, something like a whole new topic or maybe a story, a tale, whatever you want to call it. But if we look deeper we also know we can name it like most things around us, we want to feel that patronage that ownership, possession; we want it a... more
  • Poems from Quarantine

    by Chaz Allen
    Throughout Allen’s first collection, The Thirteenth Circle, many stories were shared about the nature of the poems within and the experiences that birthed them. Poems from Quarantine seeks to continue that narrative. Containing 70 more original poems, Allen returns in true form with his latest collection. Filled with autobiographical excerpts, and provocative artwork, Allen continues to guide the reader through his mind along the way. Each piece within represents a new, as well as familiar, face... more
  • The Thirteenth Circle: A Confessional

    by Chaz Allen
    The Thirteenth Circle is a collection of 66 poems written by American Poet, Chaz Allen. Aiming to provoke thought about one's nature, and autobiographical in style, the author shares explicit details of his life and what inspired certain pieces. The Thirteenth Circle is a debut which explores man’s relationship with faith, temptation and possessing a sense of self. Through a combination of poems, drawings, and autobiographical excerpts. Allen tells his story in the hope others can relate and fin... more
  • Bridges: To There - Poems for the Mind, Body & Spirit

    by Gary W. Burns
    2019 Readers' Favorite Poetry Award: Honorable Mention - Inspirational This calming and inspiring book of poetry, written by multi-award winning poet Gary W. Burns, is a helpful tool for meditation and healing. Offering moments of transcendent reflection the poems in this collection foster well-being and engender personal growth. Kindling reflection on one's Nature the poetry opens the vista of contemplation. The various themes that run throughout the book include love, peacefulness, nature, ... more
  • In Which She Takes Multiple Lovers: And Other Poems

    by Liana DeMasi

    "In Which She Takes Multiple Lovers" is a three-part poetry book that portrays the journey of a queer person as she grapples with her history, romantic encounters, and rebirth, through her own demise and self-realization. 

  • Travel By Haiku, Volumes 6-10: Far Out On The Road With Friends

    by Marshall Deerfield
    Travel By Haiku: Volumes 6-10, Far Out On The Road With Friends is a collection written collaboratively by 6 individual journeyers that explores the potential of contemporary renga in connecting back to the roots of nature. It documents the stories and the community found on the road, with links to those ancestral visionaries who first mapped it out, like Jack Kerouac in his American pops, Sonia Sanchez in her bluesy kus, and Basho with his extensive journaling. This collection offers a serious ... more
  • Tempest: Poems

    by Ryan Meyer
    Ryan Meyer departs from the horror themes of 2018's Haunt in his new collection of poems, Tempest. He explores fear, hope, and self-identity through striking fictional vignettes and surreal personal accounts. Tempest is thus a marriage between the dichotomies of musical, rhythmic poetic dialogue, and the deeper, innate anxieties that accompany change. Discover your truest self and brave the Tempest.
  • Anthology 1975-2020

    by R. K. Clark
    Well, if you already read my bio you are up on what is in this book. Iv'e combine everything from my first two books plus some additional material in the making this book. Iv'e been so busy with my family and all, it seems as though I never have the time to write. It's more or less a pas-time endeavor of mine. A lot of the of the things I have written in my first book are song lyrics to songs of which I have not been able to get the right people to put a cd together. I don't believe music is my ... more
  • Rain Dances in the Desert

    by Jas James
    The journey of living told through raw poetry and nostalgic prose. It is the story of nearly ten thousand days of life, all of the pain, and all of the glory. An exploration of what it is to balance continuing and conflicting emotions with healthy and heart wrenching recovery. A powerful exercise in using a newly-found voice to express oneself, without losing sight of all the history that has created the person living today. This memoir-type collection of poetry explores themes of childhood, sex... more
  • Evergreen

    by Kirsten Robinson
    Evergreen is a tribute to the enduring resilience of human nature as we cycle through times of light and darkness, much like nature itself. In her debut book, Kirsten Robinson (@NakedWriting) lays her heart bare in a raw, relatable and inspirational way to describe the journey of growth born out of finding beauty in breakage and love after loss. This artfully honest collection embodies and expands upon the poetry and prose Robinson began writing under the popular social media pseudonym Naked ... more
  • Whirl Away Girl

    by Tricia Johnson

    The Diagnosis: You have an Autoimmune Disease.

    The Question: How are You?

    What is this new life you have been handed? Where does it lead? How do you even feel? Sometimes the pathway ahead is murky, seemingly impossible to pass through. Life throws you a twist you didn't see, know or desire.

    In the midst of adversity, how do you cope? How do you process? How do you move forward?

    Join this poetic journey of intimate details through the ache of life's unraveling, ... more

  • Visions and Verse

    by Karen Wallace
    As you view this collection, give yourself the gift of being present in the moment with each piece. Allow yourself to hear the rhythm of the words and feel the energetic flow of the color and content in the paintings. Many who have viewed the paintings and read the poems have wept, laughed out loud, smiled with knowing and felt a connection “like being there before”. This work is an expression of the string theory of Quantum Creativity, the Universal One, the thread of energy that runs through u... more
  • Head Over Heart

    by Anran Liken
    This is a compilation of poetry. These mean a lot to me. For each one comes from my heart. I have cried, laughed, felt every emotion that you will feel in this book. Heartbreak, love, lose, passion, break-ups, we all have felt those at some points of our lives. Many may read and say ‘that is me that is how I felt’ or ‘is she talking about me at this moment?’ the answer is yes to both these questions. You are not alone. Emotions rule our life whether it is love, anger, passion, crying, laughing a... more
  • Haiku for the Road

    by Stephen Holton
    Stephen Holton is an Episcopal priest who lives and works in the Hudson Valley region of New York. One day during morning prayer, he found himself arranging words “like puzzle pieces” in the traditional syllabic structure of Japanese haiku. Creating these simple three-line poems turned into a daily ritual—Holton’s way of capturing and exploring momentary emotions, observations of nature and the world, and insights into faith and life. Friends and followers relish Holton’s haiku as they appea... more