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  • Exits

    by Stephen C. Pollock
    A recipient of the Rolfe Humphries Poetry Prize, Stephen C. Pollock’s debut collection nods to the literary tradition of years past while simultaneously speaking to the present moment. Multilayered and musical, the poems in Pollock’s “Exits” have drawn comparisons to the work of Eavan Boland and Seamus Heaney. With bold imagery, attention to form, and a consistent throughline rooted in the theme of mortality, his collection responds to contemporary anxieties surrounding death and decay and the u... more
  • Made of Flowers and Steel - An empowering poetry collection for women

    by Sameer Kochure

    With millions of poetry books out there, there has never been a single book dedicated solely to the inner strength of women. Until now.

    Welcome to ‘Made of Flowers and Steel’, a poetry collection that celebrates the strength behind the beauty that is a woman.

    Inspired by stories of real women, this collection of 100 poems honours the raw grit and the moral fortitude that exists in all women. Sometimes that po... more

  • Fragile II

    by A. Erin Walker
    Every stage of life is fleeting. This book was made to accompany you through each one. Started in 2017 with intentions of release and connection, the Fragile series is a collection of vulnerability derived from life experiences. It houses several distinct sections of poetry and prose dedicated to the discovery of self, being found by love, being lost in dark times, and finding our way back to self. Followed by short stories of speculative and experimental fiction which represent the subconsci... more
  • Family Treasons

    by JL Huffman
    FAMILY TREASONS is a treatise on the perils of abuse, whether physical, emotional, or sexual, at the hands of a parent, a spouse, or another relative, a one-time event, or an ongoing trial. These events are often publicly labeled as shameless, nameless, and blameless. While those who perpetrated such evils are not guileless, they certainly dealt with their own demons. This is not to exonerate them but as a recognition of the complex cycle of abuse.
  • Almanac: The Four Seasons

    by JL Huffman
    ALMANAC: THE FOUR SEASONS takes the reader on a journey via the vehicle of an almanac, traveling through the year, season by season. Nature predominates the scene; an occasional human pops in to enjoy the view. Join the author on a jaunt through seasonal wonderlands filled with flora and fauna: winter, spring, summer and fall.
  • On the Making of a Bitch & Other Siren Songs

    by Senai Asar
    Part of the story of the bitch is embedded in the story of the siren. Interpretations and definitions of what they both are generally stem from one root cause-- a male-dominated society’s attempt to malign women who do not follow societal mores designed to constrict female sexuality. Given this common source and origin, it is not difficult to imagine so-called bitches singing along with their mythical siren sisters of their shared experiences, their shared stories. In this poetry collection,... more
  • Crystal Reflection

    by Belinda LaForce
    Crystal Reflection represents the author’s passion for the expression of deep feelings, releasing thoughts that were previously kept unrevealed and silent through written words on a page. Each poem describes in some way how life can take a toll on our spirit and sanity, especially when we are not honest with ourselves and others about who we truly are as a person and smother our desires and dreams, not allowing ourselves to experience the life we are meant to have and feeling the freedom to achi... more
  • Reveal Yourself: The best version of you is looking right through your eyes

    by Matthew Scigousky
    Reveal Yourself is a book of poetry is designed to inspire and awaken the soul. My poetry is based on the positive mindset and unlocking new ways to look at things through a lens of opportunity. I believe no matter the color of our skin, gender, or ethnicity we as people all go through very similar things in life. Our common bond is struggle, adversity, and challenges. We all face them in life. The difference maker is some of us try and run away and avoid while others understand that by embra... more
  • From the abyss…Into the ether…

    by Anusha Akella
    About the book... Writing, for me has always been something extremely comforting and cathartic. Poetry is all about perception and perspective; And in this little collection, you might find some dark, some emotional and some possibly even heartening poetry. All I can say is that they were written from a place of honesty and vulnerability. I have also shared some of my artwork in this book-I don't claim to be a great artist, but art has been my beacon of hope in trying times. It is what I fall ... more
  • Way Leads Onto Way

    by Estelle M. Deshon
    Poetry is Music, Poetry is Art and Poetry is Life. This collection is inspired by experience, by observation, by a heart and soul which seeks expression. It is about Life, Love, Struggle, Heartache, Beauty, Nature and ultimate Victory. Anchored in a deeply personal Faith in God this work overflows into a love for people and a call for protection of the creation. It explores the ways in which life has its own purpose and is a great teacher of lessons which sometimes are hard to learn. It is als... more

    by Lancelot Schaubert
    The Greenwood Poet spent two years spelunking the archive, grounds, and barrows of Greenwood Cemetery — America's oldest and greatest rural cemetery. While there, he uncovered stories of love and loss, stories of shipwreck and tragedy. And he met several Fae creatures who had something to say about New York city. Written mostly in heroic meter with a couple breaks for spoken word and Renaissance meters, The Greenwood Poet calls us to return to the Arcadia in our own neighborhood. And does so ... more
  • Restless for Words: Poems

    by DeWitt Henry
    Former Shakespeare teacher, novelist, memoirist, and founding editor of Ploughshares, DeWitt Henry in his first full collection of poems goes in varied and unexpected directions, from "mapping the heart" to meditating on the DNA of everyday words such as "candidate." He delights in quick-witted, gymnastic free association, contrary directions of thought and argument, and freely negotiates between the colloquial and literary, the personal and the cultural, and mixes moral searching with a benign,... more
  • How I Remember It

    by Scarlet Gomez
    The narrator takes the reader through an excavation of memories to understand just how she had ended up so unhappy. The narrator, a Dominican queer woman, is caught between the heartbreaking end of a 5-year relationship with her ex-girlfriend and the love-bombing glamor of her new love. He effortlessly charms her Christian family through his connection with God and his music, earning himself a permanent fixture in their daily lives. Things move quickly between them. They begin to plan their ... more
  • Who Am I: Mending a Lost Identity

    by Anvil Long
    Anvil Long was devastated to learn he had been conceived during a date rape incident. His lineage, which he had once believed to be an essential element of his being, was lost forever. The pain and internal struggle caused by this revelation consumed his thoughts daily. Anvil found writing helped soothe his suffering. Who Am I is a collection of poems and prose that captures his internal feelings as he worked to discover his reimaged identity through the healing process.
  • Holy Sparks

    by Diana Woodcock
    A collection of poetry with an ecotheological spin, the poems in Holy Sparks are grounded in a belief in the kinship between the cosmos and its Creator. Biophilic imagery is used throughout the poems to suggest that reverence for the earth is a natural consequence of reverence for God. The language of poetry is used to interconnect the human, natural and sacred, and to express humanity’s moral and ethical responsibility to our nonhuman kin. These poems question what it means for humans to live ... more