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  • The Phases of Love

    by Shah Asad Rizvi
    The Phases of Love is a unique and sublime collection of poems dedicated to love in its entirety. Divided into four stages, this rare and exceptional collection of verse contains 200 poems that pay homage to the heart’s truest emotion like no other collection before it has. Be prepared to have your heart touched, and soul laid bare as you are consumed by the words and the turning of the pages. You will be reminded of the excitement of new love in all its glory and magnificence. Feel the closenes... more
  • Outside My Garret Window

    by Bolivar T. Caceres
    Will the Garret Poet become what he desires most? The Garret Poet dreams of being a bard. He dreams of flying and singing like a nightingale — like any bird for that matter. However, his work holds him tight to his narrow room, where he watches the world he labors to be part of pass by his window. He loves. He yearns. He gives, and he takes life. He reads, he writes, he cries, and he broods over that which causes him existential strife. He does this in his garret room, offering all for the sake ... more
  • Romantically Erotic Deadly Spiritual Society

    by Jennifer Mauvea Garnatz
    Stripping Myself My writings are not all about me.They are the joys, the pains of more than a few of us. Look within, you may discovery our self looking back at your consciousness instead of at my nakedness.
  • Flowers That Die

    by Gideon Halpin
    In this collection of poems, Sad Boy is both protagonist and narrator, enchanted by beauty while seeking eternity. He crosses rainbows and falls from the clouds of love, the sting a reminder that it’s all for real. Caught between prayers and punches, Sad Boy searches for satisfaction in a world where everything fades. In the end, he is neither sad nor a boy. All that remains is a covenant to dance in the sun until his face resembles a crumpled napkin.
  • Pain Painter Poetry: Pride, arrogance, insecurities, and negativity put the pain in poetry.

    by Brittney King
    A romantic, heartbroken, abandoned, under-resourced still finding room for both empathy and sympathy for the world around me. Pressure can make diamonds but it can also produce coal so be careful how you respond. These stories start off with great sadness, but there is always opportunity for a more fulfilling life. I tell stories of the unheard; feelings that are never exposed, but the healing has to take place. Poetry is my safe space. This is the no judgement zone. This book is not just for po... more
  • Black Forest Dreams: A Journey through Germany

    by Joseph Kuhn Carey
    “Back to The Black Forest, A Journey Through Germany” contains fifty-five travel poems that were written over the past eight years after a moving, meaningful trip the author took to a number of German cities with my wife and (then) ten and twelve-year-old sons, in order to explore his German heritage and visit relatives in the Black Forest, where his grandmother, grandfather, and great uncle (on his mother’s side) were born and worked as farmers until emigrating to America in 1927. ... more
  • A Life Cycle

    by Nicole Asherah
    A Life Cycle, Nicole Asherah’s debut book, follows the introspective process of transformation after emotional hardship through poetic language. Asherah serves as a guide through the sections of her book while also allowing the readers to see the words as their own. A Life Cycle is broken into sections after a traumatic event that represents the final tipping point. What follows is The Shattering: a deep dive into the suffering of fully losing one’s sense of self and safety, The Healing: a journ... more
  • The Living Wound

    by Shamir Kali Griffin
    The Living Wound is a collection of free verse poetry and prose from the 2014 Central Valley Favorite Author recipient Shamir Griffin. The poems paint vivid images of battling rape trauma, finding love, bereavement, and affirmation while keeping strong connections to Griffin's roots. Many of the poems draw on Griffin's Black and Native American ancestry, as well as his experience being a gay male within these two cultural spheres.
  • In Black Skin: Poetic Journey from Black Enslavement in America to Black Lives Matter

    by Tanya DeVonne
    In Black Skin is a reflective and illustrative poetry collection that takes the reader on a lyrical journey from Black enslavement in America to the Black Lives Matter movement. This literary work, divided into five chapters and inspired by actual events, expresses sentiments around injustice, inequality, and inhumanity from the Black American lens. Chapter One: “Sankofa Reflections,” covers American slavery, segregation, the Great Migration, the Tuskegee Study, and environmental issues pl... more
  • Twilight: Awaking the Stars - Poems of the Night's Light

    by Gary W. Burns
    Awarded Reader's Favorite 2020 Book Award: Finalist, Poetry - Inspirational Written by multi-award winning poet Gary W. Burns this volume of poetry offers the reader a peaceful and inspiring poetic harbor. Hope, kindness, love and nature are but some of the themes that run throughout this meditative and calming book of poetry. The restful verse in this volume engenders wholeness, well-being, inner balance and healing. The poems in this collection sometimes rhymed, sometimes haiku-esque in style... more
  • Defiance & Desperation

    by Jaquair Gillette
    A powerful collection of ten poems that mines the depths of our reality, expressing thoughts, ideas, and possible solutions to the issues facing the world we live in. These poetic pieces embodies the plight, struggles, and hope of all marginalized peopels in general, and African Amercans in particular.
  • Brownslip, A Loose Woman's Memoir

    by Mantra Lotus
    Discover the beauty of self-love and the journey to "freedom". Are you a "Free" woman? Can you speak as you like? Are you comfortable with being who you are in public spaces? If you could name yourself, what would you call you? To be loosed is what most women want. To be untied, untethered, and set free to ecstatically explore all of what it means to be a woman i.e., a wild, unruly, nude, bare-breasted, running through fields "woman". Undefined and untamed. "Brownslip, A Loose Woman’s M... more
  • Courting the Muse

    by Brigid Raven-Hart
    A collection of verse leading with a tale of Christmas in America and flowing on to touch on the power of the past on each of us, the dreams and challenges of the present and our hopes for a future.
  • Traveling On: Poems by Duane R. Christianson


    The book consists of seven sections of poems, mostly lyric and in free verse form. We are all travelers -- moving through time, relationships, and over borders, sometimes between vastly different careers, in and out of visions of our lives, and always back through memories.

  • Vagabond

    by Shanaya Stephens
    While different perspectives amount to different conclusions, they pretty much end up in the search of peace. Peace is variable for many. This book, a collection of 30 poems; aims to take the reader on a journey, with the thoughts of a Vagabond. Hanging around the corner are thoughts of a life-loving, nomad and you, a traveler might find parts that resonate with you. The Vagabond is a humble attempt to let you find you. Stop not where the feet aches, stop when the soul rests...
  • Tbilisi Loves You: 42 Poems

    by Brant von Goble
    A collection of poems with an emphasis on satire and dark humor.