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Political & Social Sciences

  • Donald Trump

    by Jan Caine
    Have you ever wondered why you are the way you are? Perhaps you’ve looked in the mirror and despite your best efforts, what you see is a version of your parents you never intended to duplicate. Why does that happen? DNA & RNA are the keys to our personality and behavior in our daily lives. Using President Donald Trump as an example, Dr. Margaret’s guides explain the often hidden and forgotten encoded Soul Structure Coding that is passed on to us through our DNA and RNA. Your families DNA and RN... more
  • The Great Healing - Five Compassions That Can Save Our World

    by Stephen Erickson

    In this “save-the-planet” book, Stephen Erickson introduces you to exquisite creatures, human and non-human. The challenges they face reveal the immensity of the threat facing each of us — and its urgency. More and more of us are realizing we are now facing humanity’s greatest challenge. Over just the next two decades, the global warming climate crisis threatens to bring about the end of our Anthropocene Epoch — of us and virtually every multicellular life form.&... more

  • Conversations with White People: Dialogues About Race

    by IC Bailey

    Conversations with White People: Dialogues About Race By IC Bailey

    Conversations with White People offers a raw, challenging, front-line look at the current state of the racial divide. Pulled from thousands of online and offline conversations, Black People lead the way in these dialogues addressing head-on White People’s views of racism, White supremacy, and White privilege. Covering topics that range from the basics of what racism is to cultural appropriation to racist messa... more

  • A Study of Rusalki - Slavic Mermaids of Eastern Europe

    by Ronesa Aveela
    Seductive. Beautiful. Dangerous! Or are they innocent and looking for love? Discover the allure of Slavic mermaids - the Rusalki. If Henry Wadsworth Longfellow had grown up in Eastern Europe, his soul would have longed for the secrets of the rivers, lakes, and marshes, rather than the sea. And the pale, beautiful maidens residing there would have been the ones who sent “a thrilling pulse” through him, instead of the heart of the great ocean. And who are these lovely maidens? … The Rus... more
  • Fukushima and the Coming Tokyo Earthquake: and what it will mean for a fragile world economy

    by tony smyth
    This book details the story of two earthquakes, one that has already happened and one that is imminent, and their consequences, not only for Japan but also for the rest of the world. It is structured in a way that ‘chunks up’ in sections, from Japanese cultural elements, to the sequence of events after the earthquake and reactor meltdowns, through to global consequences of the two quakes. The radioactive leaks from the Fukushima reactors have led to an abandonment of nuclear power by many co... more
  • Breaking the Promise of the Promised Land: How Religious Conservatives Failed America

    by Johnny Townsend
    By aligning themselves over the past 60 years with the most conservative wing of the Republican Party, Mormons became leading contributors to the cultural and moral decay of America. Mormon prophets have long declared that God set America apart for the righteous. It was to be a land of freedom, justice, and peace, a place where the Lamanites could blossom as the rose, a country so righteous that the affairs of the entire world would be conducted here during the Millennium. But when Mormons ti... more
  • Patient or Profit: Where is the Love?

    by Adah Kennon
    Love, Betrayal, Commitment and Courage. A young African American soldier took an oath to defend the Constitution of his country. Today, he has kidney disease and is on hemodialysis. He needs life-saving prescription medication. But, this honorably retired Army veteran's sacrifice has been betrayed in the name of profit to satisfy the appetite of the Chaos Cohorts. His caregiver understands and struggles to protect the "love of her life." This is the true story of their journey. Patient or Profit... more
  • A Quick Guide to 21st Century US Politics

    by Ian Wilder
    Ian Wilder has managed to take the mystery out of the often surprising and sometimes baffling American political system. His friendly, funny, digital-native-savvy writing is sure to appeal to those who watch American political developments with fascination and who get our news and politics through an Internet screen and filtered by friends and comments sections. Both entertaining and informative, the book adeptly walks an adolescent path through a very grown-up topic. If you're internationally a... more
  • Death & Taxes

    by Jordan Weisinger
    The smell of rebellion is in the air. Not only does the United States suffer from rampant wealth inequality but it is in middle of historic demographic shift, where for the first time ever, a democracy will transfer majority political power from one demographic group to another. Most demographic shifts have resulted in pogroms or genocide, and the United States is presenting the telltale signs for the same risks. The nation is acquiring significant amounts of debt due to a relentless defunding o... more
  • Class Struggles

    by Jordan Weisinger
    Descriptive statistics can be used to create new varieties of democratic representation when econometric terms are applied to institutions and electorates. Class-based themes are introduced into the political process when half of the electorate belongs to the below median chamber and the other half of the electorate belongs in the above median chamber. The highest standard of democratic entitlements applies, with "one person, one vote" and proportional representation applying to the income-based... more
  • Imperial Democracy

    by Jordan Weisinger
    This book explores the benefits of using econometric representation to improve longevity in nations by representing jurisdictions with higher per capita income more than low per capital jurisdictions. Higher per capita income is associated with longer periods of sustainable democracy. When the wealthier jurisdictions earn proportionally more representation than poorer more rural jurisdictions, the modified per capita income (interaction effect of # reps * per capita income) increases along with ... more
  • A Study of Household Spirits of Eastern Europe

    by Ronesa Aveela

    Readers' Favorite 2019 Gold Medal Winner in Non-fiction - Cultural category.

    Eastern European mythology and folklore contain a rich, colorful blend of Christian and pagan tales, customs, and rituals. Many have lost their original significance, but others are still practiced—especially in remote, rural locations. Household Spirits, the first in a series of books, will take you on a journey to discover nine fascinating house spirits you may never ha... more

  • Feeling Blue: The American Republic

    by Elijah R. Owens
    “My book is about the major injustices that exist in America. I spend time explaining various social and economic issues that have since become a burden to the American republic. I go into detail about my viewpoints on the injustices that have caused a myriad of controversy and political unrest. I express my inner voice that greatly appeals to how I view things in general for the sake of innovation and progression: how the world should be. In other words, I believe that the sky is the limit for ... more
  • Cognitive Politics: a Communications Workbook for Progressives

    by Stephen Cataldo
    Are your political conversations becoming fights? Or do you silence yourself to avoid those fights? Cognitive Politics is a workbook that will help you integrate new science with communication techniques — and put heart and hope back into your political conversations. Cognitive Politics reviews scientific discoveries, successful historical campaigns, and communication strategies. We’ll integrate ideas that are rarely combined and explore the contradictions. How does the recent Moral Foundatio... more
  • One Percent Devils and Their Satanic Tools

    by Curtis Alan Woods
    One Percent Devils and Their Satanic Tools addresses the rampant moral crisis in a dozen professions. Moral politicians, religious leaders, news media and economists are allowing One Percent Devils and their Satanic Tools (Republican politicians, preachers and the press) to gradually eliminate and replace democracy, moral capitalism, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution with an Anglo-Saxon new world order that would be as tyrannical and immoral as Nazi and atheistic communist orders. Satani... more
  • Top Ten Reasons Nuclear War is Inevitable

    by Mike Smith
    As the world races toward Armageddon, we live our lives in quiet bliss, not knowing the unthinkable is about to happen. While nations teeter on the brink of oblivion, heads of state conspire behind closed doors. In this high-stakes game of cat and mouse, they build their arsenals and plan their moves. But, whatever the move, no one wins.