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Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion

  • Responsible But Not Perfect

    by Helen Adedamola Agboola
    Responsible But Not Perfect uses imagination and observations to strengthen bonds among partners in relationships, by reinforcing the bonds in homes among straying partners. This book refreshes love by promoting a loving image of one’s partner in a more loving form, which in turn enhances love, rejuvenates dying passions and reestablishes a deeper bond, to keep love lasting for a lifetime. \tAuthor Helen Agboola delights in seeing people happy, staying in love, respecting one another, and keepi... more
  • My Mother’s Pearls of Wisdom

    by Lisa Chase
    Why “pearls of wisdom”? My mom says she always felt she had an old soul, and her mom was full of practical tips for navigating through life, so “pearls of wisdom” became a theme for them. From relationship to investing tips that never wear with time, this book is a compilation of my mother’s “pearls of wisdom,” some of which you may have already heard at your own home. We know you were raised with common sense and that many of these insights will sound familiar to you, but we thought memorializ... more
  • FoodWISE: A Whole Systems Guide to Sustainable and Delicious Food Choices

    by Gigi Berardi
    FoodWISE is a personalized tour through our entire food system, from farm to plate, reviewing up-to-date, sometimes surprising scientific insights into popular diets and how we make our decisions about what to eat, together with a look at farmers and community groups trying to do the right thing with food. The book is designed precisely for those who are frustrated with the incomplete and confusing picture they get from the flood of diet information and books. FoodWISE gives us a WISE view of pr... more
  • Little Doves Affirmation Workbook 3: Helping Children Build Self-Esteem and Confidence

    by Ann Fitzpatrick
    Little Doves Workbooks are designed to help children (ages 4-8) build self-esteem and increase self-confidence.Little Doves Affirmation Workbook 1 is the first workbook in the series and is the first introduction to the Little Doves characters and positive and uplifting affirmations to help children begin to build confidence. This series of 3 affirmation workbooks, featuring the Little Doves characters contains pages filled with positive statements, and creative exercises to initiate and strengt... more
  • Dissonants

    by Antonio Rivera
    Jo was broken. Tattered from the sexual abuse she experienced as a child, she finds a new life with the woman who adopts her. Still, she keeps running, hiding, and fighting as the years go on. Until she meets Ben. A kind boy who she shares a class with during her freshman year of high school. Free of judgment, Jo falls in love with him and reveals her scars, creating an unbreakable bond. Now in their senior year, Ben is drawn back to his childhood friend, Emily, who faced the same abuse as Jo. T... more