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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Adventure of Harwood Squirrel

    by Dorothy Wyatt
    Harwood is a baby squirrel who lives with his brother Garwood and the other squirrels in a small woods. Their life is easy because a little lady who lives in a small house near the woods feeds seeds and nuts to the birds and to the squirrels. But one day the little lady moves out of her house. What happened to Harwood when he went looking for the seeds and nuts and found a big yellow truck and a big brown dog is the start of his adventure. What is the adventure? Will his life ever be easy again?... more
  • Boy from Berlin

    by Nancy McDonald
  • The Means That Make Us Strangers

    by Christine Kindberg
    Home is where your people are. But who are your people? Adelaide has lived her whole life in rural Ethiopia as the white American daughter of an anthropologist. Then her family moves to South Carolina, in 1964. Adelaide vows to find her way back to Ethiopia, marry Maicaah, and become part of the village for real. But until she turns eighteen, Adelaide must adjust to this strange, white place that everyone tells her is home. Then Adelaide becomes friends with Wendy and the four other Afric... more
  • Lemon Lavender Is Not Fine

    by Elle Pallmore
    Lemon Lavender has an unforgettable name, so she’s learned how to become (mostly) invisible. But when she falls for the boy everyone wants, it catapults her directly into the crosshairs of a vicious gossip vlog. Rumors spread like wildfire; lies about her become truth overnight. With mean girls on the prowl and a romance that's slowly slipping away, Lemon has to find her voice to reclaim her identity—if she's willing to be her true self.
  • One Amazing Adventure for a Little Downspout

    by Jen E. Lis
    One night a little downspout gets knocked down in a storm. He worries he may be headed to the trash, but then a clever lady picks him up and helps him transform into something new. A fun read for kids and families with beautifully illustrated pages.
  • Lucky's Adventure in Winter Wonderland

    by Elizabeth Macy
    Time for another adventure with Lucky! What could be more fun than snow days with friends? Lucky and her doggie friends enjoy a winter wonderland adventure, filled with snowshoeing, skating, skiing and sledding. Inspired by the lucky life she now has, Lucky brings her pals on a surprise visit to a rescue shelter! Through it all, Lucky and her friends realize that making new friends and giving back is the most wonderful adventure they can share.
  • The Tiny Things that Timothy Saw

    by Ariadne Appletree
    Timothy is a boy who can see the tiny things that others miss. One day, a tiny gnome catches his eye and beckons him to the land of the tiny gnomes. Once there, he must do battle with the dark troll who is keeping all of the gnomes prisoner. Help him find the inner light that will overcome any darkness.
  • I Don't Like to Eat Ants

    by JTK Belle
    I Don’t Like to Eat Ants tells the story of Anteater One and Anteater Two’s debate over their current diet of ants. Anteater One doesn’t like to eat ants and wants Anteater Two to try new foods, while Anteater Two believes it’s their nature to only eat ants and nothing else. The colorful and imaginative illustrations created by Sabine Mielke will attract young readers to follow along on Anteater One Anteater One and Anteater Two’s adventure to the Peanut Butter and Jelly Deli, where they discove... more
  • The View From Here

    by Christine Schulden
  • Ungi's Big Adventure

    by Dori Gronich
    A tiny mushroom named Ungi goes on quite the adventure after being separated from her family during a rainstorm.
  • Tilting at Paper Windmills

    by Joseph Dorn
    In a beautiful Victorian Mansion lives a middle aged writer with MS. Her nephew comes to help her out for the summer. The two find each other, and find themselves. Through many laughs and some tears they find a great appreciation for each other. He learns that there’s more to life than himself. She learns that some of the limitations that are posed in front of her are self imposed.
  • Mac & Madi's Surprise: A Very Different Twins Birthday!

    by Linda Herron
    Mac and Madi are twins who are identical in so many ways with the same hair, same smile, and the same size. Not only do they look the same, but their birthdays are the same each year. However, this year Mac and Madi have other ideas in mind. They are out to sass things up, to show that they can be individuals too. So, they made some changes to their birthday celebration that made them both happy. In this adventure, they find out that they like being the same, but they also like being diffe... more
  • Tempo Traveller in Jaipur

    by Virendra Singh
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  • Saint Agnes' Garden

    by Diana Klueh
    In 1955, eleven-year-old Jodie Sealy and her mother drive away from a privileged but troubled life in Biloxi, Mississippi They travel from "riches to rags" because Momma can't conform to Southern Upper class standards. She is divorced and a "free spirit." Jodie feels she has no say in what happens to her. She has figured out that when she grows up, she will become a teaching nun. Nuns don't need to worry about daddies who run off and a momma who runs away to a cold smelly place way up n... more
  • Adaptively Radiant

    by Joseph E. Henning
    A college student from CA named Justin, who grew up in Hawaii, flies overseas to spend a portion of his summer break visiting distant family members in Japan. While on vacation, Justin and his 21 year old cousin Kaito, compare recently inherited family heirlooms and soon realize the items contain a hidden map. After hiking to the area indicated on the map, the men find 9 small stones left to them by their great grandfather long ago. Each river rock contains a location etched in kanji along with a... more
  • Slipperima the Water Dragon

    by Lenora Riegel
    Slipperima, the Water Dragon, loves frolicking in the water weeds of Honeoye Lake in the Finger Lakes of Upstate New York. Catfish wants to meet Slipperima, but a fish and a dragon are so different. One of them is big and one is small. One has a long tail, and one has a short tail. One has whiskers, and one has wings. How can Catfish overcome his nervousness, discover common ground, and grow a real friendship with Slipperima despite their differences?