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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Love You a Latte

    by Tori Bloodworth
    Show your little one that you love them a latte with this adorable children's book about what's near and dear to your heart - them. And, of course, coffee! This is perfect for the coffee-loving caregiver, teacher or parent in your life.
  • The Franklin Chemists

    by Tilly Turbet

    Elephant Toothpaste... submarines... rockets and a chase across the lakes of England. This book follows the adventures of Hannah and George as they find themselves on an unexpected adventure with their scientific Aunt Rosalind. When she disappears, they must protect her biggest scientific discovery from two scientists intent on stealing it as their own.

    A fun and enjoyable STEM tale from an exceptional author.

  • Boops and Goobs find a home

    by Jennifer Antonik
    Boops found himself wandering along a busy road all by himself. Goobs had the opposite problem – he was born to a big litter of brothers and sisters in an already too busy home. Join Boops and Goobs on their first adventure after they are rescued by a family of crazy, lovable friends, discovering they are better together.
  • Daisy Moves to America

    by Elyssa Nicole Trust
    When Daisy Mae and her family move from England to America, Daisy is teased because of her British accent. Overwhelmed by the many words and phrases that are different, Daisy wants to speak just like her American classmates. Follow Daisy’s journey as she learns that her uniqueness is something to honor and celebrate. You may even learn a few new words along the way.
  • The Magnificent Land of the Multi-Colored Horses

    by Ken Barry
    "A long, long time ago, there was a faraway land." So begins the engaging and thoughtful story of mythical and vibrant friends, who happen to be horses. "The horses called this magical land their own. They played in the grass, ate the sweet, colored flowers, and drank the cool, refreshing water. No one knows why, but the strangest thing began to happen in this magical land. Some say it began with the pink horses, others say it was the blues, but before long only the young horses of t... more
  • Sticks and Stones

    by Ken Barry
    Cavan and Walter are headed off to find life's good fortune on a colorful path filled with wizards, toads, owls and trolls. Each boy handles adversity that he faces differently. Will they find the good fortune they are looking for? This is a colorful picture book for children of all ages, and provides opportunities for conversations with adults about how to deal with bullying, and about how a positive attitude can overcome many difficulties in life.
  • Call Girls in Aerocity

    by taylor taylor
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  • Merry Christmas, Bobby the Bear!

    by Ryan O'Connor
    Christmas is Bobby the Bear’s favorite holiday. This Christmas, Bobby is planning on making special gifts for all his friends. While he is gathering things to make his gifts, he meets a new friend, Danny the Deer. Bobby invites Danny to his house to celebrate Christmas. When Danny arrives at the party, Bobby and all his animal friends learn that Danny does not have the same beliefs as they all do. Bobby the Bear helps his friends realize the importance of accepting someone who is different from ... more
  • Deegee the Corgi

    by Joann Song
    What does 2020 look like, through the eyes of the family dog? Deegee the Corgi lives in a bright yellow house in Los Angeles with her family, the Lees. They live a happy life full of adventure, friends, and exploring new places. All of that changes in the year 2020. Deegee can sense that strange things are happening. The neighborhood feels different. The Lees are home all the time. People are wearing masks outdoors. And there’s a sense of sadness in the air. Deegee the Corgi follows ... more
  • Badfreaky - The meanest witch

    by Konstantinos Adamopoulos
    Marily is a four year old little girl who lives with her parents in the Bright Forest. However, her life will change entirely when she accidentally falls into a cauldron boiling with the worst magic potion that exists. A few minutes later, she transforms into the meanest witch in all the world and stars! Marily disappears once and for all. BADFREAKY a very bad and frightening witch takes her place!
  • Lettuce Turnip at the Farmers Market: A Story Encouraging Healthy Foods and Communities

    by Danielle M. Jackson
    Fruits, vegetables, desserts...on my! Monroe is in for the thyme of her life as she goes on an adventure to her local community farmers market with her dad. Lettuce Turnip at the Farmers Market Activity & Coloring book allows children to explore a fun-filled adventure to the farmers market and create memories of their own journey. Let the par-tea begin!
  • Lettuce Turnip at the Farmers Market: A Story Encouraging Healthy Foods and Communities

    by Danielle M. Jackson
    Monroe is egg-cited for the grand opening of her local community farmers market. When Monroe arrives she sees all the a-maize-ing foods. She must make a final decision that grants her peas. Lettuce Turnip at the Farmers Market makes a pearfect gift for families that encourage a sense of wonder, adore engaging new adventures, and creative entertainment!
  • Jesse True Collection: Books 1-4

    by Jodi Dee
    Jesse True is a normal little boy, until one day he starts changing color based on how he feels. Jesse glows different colors based on different feelings. As you follow Jesse throughout his day, see if you would feel the same if what happens to him, happened to you. Jesse is a powerful resource for parents and educators. Jesse True was created to help children learn that all feelings are OK and it's OK to feel. Jesse's "super power" is changing colors. We often associate colors with feelings,... more
  • The Little Green Jacket

    by Jodi Dee
    The Little Green jacket a story based on true events about a little green jacket that travels through the lives of different children, who live in very different places, and ends up on the other side of the world after a natural disaster. Find out how the little green jacket experiences being a donation and the importance, power, and magic of giving! The Little Green Jacket showcases the culture of donations, how it impacts lives, and that simple acts of kindness can change the world. "An amazin... more
  • The Dirt Girl

    by Jodi Dee
    When Zafera goes to school for the first time, all the children laugh and tease. But, Zafera does not understand so she just smiles. A beautiful story about shining bright no matter what, because our differences are our greatest gifts. And if you do, others will eventually see. Now available on Amazon! Zafera is a normal, beautiful little girl, yet she often has dirt on her hands and twigs in her hair. When Zafera goes to school for the first time, all the children stare and tease. Find out how ... more