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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Abe's Place

    by NG Rippel
    Wannasea Island is a universe almost unto itself. A small independent island,45minutes from the mainland. Abe Stolz has spent the entire 70years of his life lost within the history of his family and the island. Abe knows that he should move forward but fears doing so will disconnect him from his wife and daughter, who were lost at sea 23 years before. Abe’s primary goal has become seeing that his granddaughter,Beth, the only surviving member of his immediate family, does not have her life consum... more
  • Henry the Sneezing Dragon

    by Sarah Geddes
    Life as a dragon should be amazing. You have the ability to soar across the sky and breathe fire. However, when you are a young, clumsy dragon who sneezes fire at allthe worst moments, it makes life a little challenging. Desperate to make a friend and to finally feel accepted, Henry takes off across the savanna, but trouble seems to follow him at every turn.
  • When The Sunlight Goes Dark

    by Oliver W. Tuthill Jr.
    Bobby Clantinani’s most fervent dream was to become the heavyweight boxing champion of the world, but he only weighed one-hundred and fifty-four pounds. His father, Oran, expected big things from Bobby and he ruled his family like a tyrant. Oran’s biggest hope was his oldest son, Ted, who was a heavyweight contender heading for a championship bout. While Ted is being lined up for a shot at one of the heavyweight crowns, Bobby is fighting on the second circuit, consisting of high school gymnasium... more
  • The Self-Sufficient Princess

    by Sanguine Addams
    Princess Nightengale may be the first princess in history to lock herself in a tower. Her life was wonderful, filled with life sustaining pizza rolls, video games and waking at the crack of noon. That was until a dragon arrives to break the news where she is intended to wed by her eighteenth birthday. Cue the moronic suitors, who represent every type of moronic male, that come to claim her hand (and maybe a few other body parts) in marriage. With the aid of Mittens, her newfound dragon friend, a... more
  • The Beauty of a Spiral

    by Beth Maddaleni

    Sixteen-year-old figure skater Madz Monroe flees SuperEdge Rink and her demanding coach, leaving on the locker-room mirror a lipstick manifesto that questions the purpose of her intense training. Determined to heal her aching body and spread her wings beyond the rink, she’ll close this chapter of her life by taking her final skating test. Easy enough if her wealthy parents didn’t cancel her credit card.

    A deal with her cute landscaper solves the money problem, sparks a crush... more

  • My Heart is Hurting

    by S.E. Reed
    Jinny Buffett is lonely… She’s never had the comfort of a white picket fence with a loving family. Her subsidized apartment in Hollywood Florida echoes with the void of her dead Daddy, and the nights drag long into twilight while her Mama works the block outside the Margaritaville resort. It’s idealistic Ms. Fleming, who’s brave enough to come knocking first. She wants to see Jinny rise up and use her ace scores to escape the wheel of poverty, convincing Jinny to start a school book club, ... more
  • The Weak Link: Instrumental Book 1

    by Courtney Johnson
    How do you face the enemy within? It’s hard to become a professional ballet dancer when you have a serious case of stage fright. An embarrassing performance has stripped sixteen-year-old Genevieve Larsen of her confidence and dulled her love for dance. It couldn’t have come at a worse time — Gen is deciding whether to leave for dance school or continue at her present studio. As she ramps up her dance program, her entrance into the high school’s prestigious marching band program has unexpe... more
  • Cinderella Timkins

    by Sylvia Hawk'sbee
    The staircase in Dormec House, a Ministry building, is certainly elegant, but to Arthur Timkins, messenger, one of the quota of variously disabled employees, it is the scene of an encCindounter that changes his life miraculously.
  • The Ordeals of Elly Robin

    by PD Quaver
    Six-year-old piano prodigy Elly Robin enjoys what seems to her a perfect life as a vaudeville headliner. But in San Francisco, her troupe is caught in a devastating earthquake, and when she watches the hotel containing her mother and father collapse before her eyes, something in her mind collapses as well. Next day, a child is found wandering through the city's smoking ruins, mute and traumatized, clutching her blackened doll. Convinced she is an imbecile, the authorities consign her to a disma... more
  • Conflict of Interest

    by Leonard A. Zwelling, Marianne L. Ehrlich
    Money drives medicine. All doctors are not good. Hospitals are dangerous places. People die. With the incisive eye of those who have lived the experiences of health care delivery gone wrong, Dr. Zwelling and Ms. Ehrlich weave a frightening narrative about shocking and grievous events that occur when conflicts of interest among the staff and faculty of a major academic medical center prevail over the Hippocratic Oath, Primum Non Nocere. First do no harm.
  • Charlie the Champion - Mom's Choice Silver Award Recipient

    by K.R. King
    Charlie the Champion is an inspirational tale of Charlie the chubby cheetah, who wants nothing more than to be strong like his dad and compete to win big races. With a big, round belly, Charlie doesn’t feel like he could ever do something so great. Being a chubby cheetah is harder than you think. After being bullied by his classmates, Charlie finally decides that he will not be scared to do what he loves anymore. In the face of fear, Charlie finally unlocks his hidden extraordinary potential ... more
  • The Miracle of a Butterfly

    by Betty and Paul Lowery
    Butterflies are a beautiful natural resource that is fading away! Through The Miracle of a Butterfly, Betty and Paul Lowery hope to inspire others to plant their very own butterfly gardens to help keep these helpful and beautiful creatures alive. Through their fun and captivating poetry, the Lowerys will help children understand more about the life of a butterfly and their importance to our ecosystem. So, open up the pages and plant the seeds of inspiration in your own child’s mind, and together... more
  • The Midnight Mannequins and Other Stories

    by Michael Daly
    In each of the twelve stories in Michael Daly’s collection, he attempts to cunningly expose our human frailties and foibles with hopefully an expert mixture of humour and sadness at many of life’s challenges. Retirement plans that don’t quite work out, a husband whose wife thought she really knew him well, a pet lover who has to ask an arch-enemy to help her bury her cat, people coping with illness and the lonely lady in London whose life is completely changed by telephoning a random phone numb... more
  • The Willows

    by Kevin Beardsley
    An early life of neglect and pain doesn’t deter Jack from being determined to be accepted and then later to realise his endeavours. The journey is fraught with failures, dangers and disappointments. His friendship with the children of an eccentric family who have rented ‘The Willows’, a large but run-down house in the beach resort where Tom is living, proves to be not only a turning point but also the scene of great tragedy. His experience is widened when he goes to university and becomes involv... more
  • The Chameleon which Lost Its Colour

    by Hafdis Hafsteins
    On the island of Madagascar, Blaze the chameleon is the most colourful of all the animals. But Blaze has one flaw: he’s quite mischievous, which makes it hard for him to make friends. One day his colours have vanished and it’s up to him to get the other animals on the island to help him find them! Will he succeed?
  • Mr. Naughty Nine Legs

    by Benjamin Thomas Stanley
    “Hi, I’m Mr Naughty Nine Legs. In case you haven’t guessed, I’m a spider with nine legs. Yes, you read it right, nine legs! I get into all sorts of trouble. I’m a very naughty spider. I see you have my book in your hand. Why not open it up and take a look? Read about my adventure if you dare. I meet my biggest fear, maybe it will give you a scare.”