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  • Jeremiah Jericho: Book One: Allowance

    by Azariah Scott
    Jeremiah Jericho is sixteen and he inherited a computer chip in his head from his late dad that gives him the ability to hack minds. He doesn't care to be a superhero. The government doesn't care he doesn't care, they just want the chip back. Jeremiah doesn't like being told what to do. Not even by the government. Therefore he decides he wants to keep the chip and he cares more than he thought.
  • Prime Directives: Book Two in the Prime Derivatives Series

    by Jen Kerson

    t's all fun and games until you misplace your home planet.

    "Go to Prime," they said. "It'll be great," they said.
    Not so much. Come back from the brink of death and destruction and what does that get you? An all-expenses-paid vacation to the most backwater place in all of existence.
    That's what we thought anyway.
    Here’s a little tip for you, in case you should be contemplating trying to do something entirely evil like taking over... more

  • Gelli Belle and The Magic Toy Chest

    by Vernae Bezear

    Young precocious Gelli loves to play with her toys, but she never cleans after playing with them.  When Daddy comes in one morning and trips on some blocks he realizes that it is time to teach her a valuable lesson.  He presents a magic toy chest to her and tells her not to open up it until morning.  

    Gelli is curious!  What will happen if she opens the box Gelli learns the importance of cleaning up after herself and from now on she vows to clean up her room aft... more

  • The Prime Thinker: Chronological protocol of the Multiverse

    by Niranjan Pravin Mahajan


    Somewhere in the level four parallel universe, after Amanda’s hypothesis on the Theory of Dimigliostasia, a highly advanced civilization has developed the Omega field generator that can manoeuvre two cosmic strings for unravelling the answers of unanswered questions like, 

    “Who is the creator of this universe?” 

    “What happens after death?”

     “What is the reason for birth?”

    “is this universe a si... more

  • Adventures In Boogieland

    by A.R. Bey
    Arcadia, Wisconsin seemed to be an ordinary town for Simon X, who wanted to be the best trumpeter ever. After he and his classmates: Lulu DeBarge, the harpist, Krupa Patel, the violinist, and Max Winehouse, the saxophonist, audition for the prestigious Bartholomew Performing Arts Academy, a random twist of fate leads them on an incredible adventure aboard the Night Train. By morning, the children are magically transported to a parallel reality arriving at their ultimate destination. A wild f... more
  • The Netherworld of Kemet: Ezra's Trial of Faith

    by A.R. Bey
    On the morning of the first day of seventh grade, twelve year old Ezra Wallace dreams of a distant wasteland. Later that evening, he learns that his parents are separating. However, when his history class visits the local museum to observe a popular King Tut exhibit, he is intrigued by a small golden elephant that once belonged to the late boy king. When he discovers that the glass containing the artifact has been mysteriously left ajar, he is tempted to steal it. Shortly thereafter, his decisio... more
  • The Netherworld of Kemet: Kismet's Ray of Hope

    by A.R. Bey
    The sequel to The Netherworld of Kemet, continues when the principal of Cedarbrook Middle School faints after receiving the fright of her life. What she witnesses is the catalyst of an eerie rumor that alarms and fascinates the entire town. Did Kismet and Ezra's principal really see a jackal-headed man in her bedroom, or was it a figment of her imagination? After mysterious hieroglyphics begin to appear on township buildings, including their school, their classmates launch a youth watch organiza... more
  • Feyi Fay and the Disappearance of Captain Nosa

    by Simisayo Brownstone

    If you love the idea of travelling to different lands, would love to live in a world where superhero fairies rush to your side whenever you have a problem, or you'd enjoy having an iPhone infused with magic at your fingertips, then this is the book series for you! Each book in the series is a magical adventure packed with mystery, science fiction, humor and life lessons. It will have your young readers glued to the end at home or in the classroom!

    A grand selec... more

  • All the King's Traitors: Highwings Book One

    by Keylin Rivers
    Over a thousand years have passed since the first Godstones ripped through the skies and mangled the earth. With their fall came centuries of chaos and destruction, but also immense power. Power that separates humans from Gods. Now, in the Kingdom of Azanthea, two adoptive brothers flee from unjust conscription. A fugitive heiress of a slaughtered people struggles to truly be free. A double-crossing warrior must choose where his allegiances lie: with his wife or with his daughter. ... more
  • Blue: (Little Boy Blue) (Once Upon a Rhyme Series Book 3)

    by Elizabeth Rose
    Raven Birchfield has had her share of trouble ever since digging up an old book of nursery rhymes in the garden of her late eccentric aunt's house where she now lives. With the creepy graveyard next door, evil nursery rhyme characters are coming to life one by one, taking over the bodies of her family and friends. Now her younger brother Johnny is acting odd, and the spirit of Little Boy Blue has made his appearance. At first she thinks she likes it since "Blue" as he calls himself, has a way... more
  • Create a Wiki Page

    by reven rayes
    If you are in search of a reliable place that can not only write the best article for your Wikipedia page, but also get it published successfully, then your next stop should be Create a Wikipedia Page, as we provide the high quality Wikipedia page creation services for our valued customers. At Create a Wikipedia Page, we have the highly qualified and trained Wikipedia experts that writes the finest articles, strategize the content appropriately, and proofread it well enough to get it published s... more
  • Elizabeth Addams

    by LeaAnn Armstrong
    Elizabeth Addams is a loner, who spent her childhood summers at her grandparents house. For generations, strange things happen in the house. The last summer visit o her childhood, she meets a friend, who lives down the road; who has an unsettling fascination with the house. A few years and reoccurring dream later, Elizabeth and her mom come back to the family home for a funeral. What she thought was just childhood over active imagination along with the families ghost stories, things start to bec... more
  • History of the First Queen (The Empyrical Tales Book 4)

    by Mark Miller
    Is it true you can never go home? As a foster child, Nyssa longed for a home. When she stepped through the door of a curious little oddity shop, she was about to learn a new meaning of the word home. She enters the fairy tale world of Empyrean only to find she's come unraveled and bounces through the history of that fantasy land. The girl discovers a world both frightening and exciting. She makes new friends and terrible enemies. After walking through that door, Nyssa lands in the middle ... more
  • Siljeea Magic

    by Judith Pratt
    Most people see nothing but trees and grass in the woodlands lining superhighways. But Andrea sees small people, who call themselves the Bokaaj. She is the 13-year-old hero of Siljeea Magic, a fantasy novel that pits affluent 21st century culture against a world of spells, wisdom, and power struggles. Erau, who is close to Andrea’s age and about four feet tall (with seven toes) teaches her to hunt, scramble up trees, and sense the approach of angry Bokaaj elders who wish her dead. Despite t... more
  • Spellbound (Pagan Light Book 2)

    by JoAnne Keltner
    After battling a demon from her great-grandmother’s past, Jackie Turov, a psychic and healer, accepts that all things are possible—even a romantic relationship with the young seminarian, David. But after an elderly church member, an immigrant from Russia, accuses Jackie and her great-grandmother, Babu, of being witches, Jackie questions if Babu was once an evil witch or just someone blessed with healing light. As Jackie sets out to find the truth about Babu’s troubling past, and ultimately about... more
  • Possessed (Pagan Light Book 1)

    by JoAnne Keltner
    Calling Jackie psychic makes her cringe. But Jackie’s no normal seventeen-year-old. She picks up emotions from people and objects like a freak. The emotions make her sick, and the guilt she feels for lying to her church when she was twelve causes her to deny her psychic abilities.But when her jealous friend Trish invites a demon to help her steal Jason's love for Jackie, Jackie must learn how to use her gift to protect Jason and herself and to heal the negative energies around them. To do so mea... more