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  • Tale of the Unlikely Prince

    by Dr. Bill Senyard
    18-year-old Prince Yeled desperately wanted to prove to his adoptive father the King that he was worthy of being the prince heir. But what could he possibly do? He asks for a quest—no, a great quest—no, a heroically astonishing quest—challenging enough to prove his enoughness and finally earn the King's respect and love. But what happens if all does not go as planned? Yeled will learn through thrilling, quirky, and sometimes unbelievable twists and turns that not all quests are what they might s... more
  • Magic, Mystery and Adventure On Juniper Farm

    by Glenn Brentnall
    Ten-year-old Jake and his younger sister, Grace, have just been invited to spend two weeks at Juniper Farm in Buckinghamshire with their mother’s longtime friends, Melissa and Jack. Anxious to explore and have fun, the excited siblings count down the days until they leave. After their parents drop them off on the farm, Jake and Grace become friends with Ellie, a twelve-year-old worker who helps during the summer. When Ellie tells them that fairies and tree elves used to exist in the area at one... more
  • Eclipse 8

    by Jack Hammond
    In the near future, humanity has exploited Earth’s resources to the brink of ruin. Global leaders know that they must find a new planet to inhabit or face extinction. Knowing that no planets within the solar system will be able to adequately sustain human life, they realise they must take on an unprecedented challenge: they must travel into a black hole in the hopes that on the other side will be planets which are able to offer humanity an opportunity to start again. But as the crew for this dan... more
  • Song of the Dark

    by Bryn Suddarth
    In a siren-infested sea, Thomas is the last survivor on a sinking ship, the only sailor unaffected by the sirens’ song. Before he meets his end, the god of the ocean, Mariana, saves him in exchange for his help. Mariana believes Thomas is the only person who can help her find a cure for the siren plague that has infected mermaids around the world. On his journey, Thomas is thrust into the unfamiliar world of magic and discovers it is nothing like he believed it to be. The memory of his first lo... more
  • Our Future Selves

    by Graham Dix
    This is the story of three people, caught in a love triangle, sharing a secret that no-one else will believe, that when we die we form a connection with a future self, who shares our reincarnated soul. A connection so strong that sometimes we can become that future person and they can become us. We can swap bodies across time.
  • Night Highway

    by Allen Coskerie
    One Friday afternoon, Steve and Mark Cross head off on an adventurous father and son weekend in the Australian bush. The long drive provides plenty of time to shake off the weekday woes, have a few laughs and soak up the rugged landscape. In the early hours of the morning, as they near their destination in a remote part of the country, through the endless darkness of the ‘night highway’, they notice a dull light on the road up ahead.
  • When Universes Bleed

    by DJ and LA Whipple
    Teen orphan Amaya Atlas wants to fit in, but every time danger rears its ugly head, something extraordinary happens—her mind melds with her surroundings and she evades the trouble. After years of searching to prove the parents she never knew didn’t abandon her, she finally stumbles across a clue. She runs away from the orphanage with her best friend, Spike, to investigate. When Amaya finds herself being hunted by an unknown assassin with access to otherworldly technology, she rallies a team of m... more
  • The Robots Stopped Caring

    by Christopher Stauber
    The Robots Stopped Caring is a fascinating science fiction look into a future where everything is automated, but it’s all taken away in a split second. Through the novel, we live the most important moment in Chris’s life—both the good and the bad. His journey is a roller coaster ride of emotions. This book hopes to make readers think about the future and the potential problems that can occur due to modern emerging technologies with real emotion and relatable characters.
  • Lenox Justifier of Innocence

    by Janet Collazo
    Lenox, a girl created by the gods, has been created save humanity and defend the innocent. In this story of Greek god meets superhero, Lenox helps those in need and who urgently require someone to be on their side. Follow Lenox’s journey and escape into a world of fantasy where true justice is served.
  • Prep School for Serial Killers

    by Tara Platt
    There aren't many comforts at Anathema's school. Only those who test highest on the Psychopath Scale get in, and though the government's experiment with the water supply decades ago left the entire population with limited empathy, these students are exceptionally suited for the role for which they're being groomed. With no family, and with friendship a foreign concept, Anathema finds solace only in how gifted she is at learning the art of death and in the few moments she can get alone with a lon... more
  • The Stone of Athelas

    by Peter D. Godman
    Gothrin was not yet ten when he was made aware that he was no ordinary child, but the prophesied Redeemer, a sorcerer who one day would destroy the necromancer Kotor. Kotor had risen once more to destroy the land and enslave all the races, and all that stands in his way is a young man, uncertain of his powers, and uncertain how to use the magic staff endowed upon him by the prophecy. Forced to flee from Kotor’s wraiths through storm and flood, he loses Odra’s magic staff in the flooded canyon.... more
  • The Au Fae Detective Agency: The Sgian Salann

    by Peter Bryson
    In a world where mythical creatures are real, yet unseen by us normal folks, Finn runs The Au Fae Detective Agency. With Bob, the sarcastic Bobcat, along with the help of Ami, a Fae police officer, they get caught in a fresh case that isn’t as simple as it first seems. A historic knife, the Sgian Salann, is stolen from a prominent Nymph family, and Finn and the team are tasked with finding it. This leads them through the seedy underworld of the Fae and As Sidhe, with Goblins, Brownies and, of c... more
  • Troublemakers’ Ball: Part One

    by Jill Rebryna
    Jake Dee is your average private detective. Finding lost items, doing background checks, not getting himself murdered, the usual. Except he’s an independent wizard in a world of Covens that will not tolerate his existence if they ever find him out. One spring day at sunset, he sees an angel fall right in front of him. She’s everything he ever wanted in a leading lady: beautiful, cold and probably dangerous. He immediately elects himself to protect her, whether from demons who want a fight or his... more
  • Ground

    by Robert Cameron
    In an England shattered almost beyond repair by the Great Catastrophe and the war that followed, Mark Norman is brought up in one of a few fertile Grounds, Grounds surrounded by land that is, at best, liable to cause sterility and, at worst, to be lethal to all who venture into it. His doubts about the truth of what he is taught increase and when duty calls him to sterile service in the Domain, ruled by a sterile but near-immortal nobility, he flees to the Outland, the land where rebels have mai... more
  • The Thicket

    by Ann Eames
    After weeks of not being able to see for smoke; there was a wall of thick vines which reached to the sky; people started to call it ‘The Thicket’. They were as thick as tree trunks, they grew and entwined just like creepers. Beyond the thicket lay a forest, mountains and very unusual animals and creatures. There lived a people who belonged to the same tribe; who were very special and very loyal and devoted to each other. Two children called Hali and Aaron who found their way into the forest, a f... more
  • Miller's Mansion

    by Johnathan P. Blackwell
    Charlie, a love-starved mortal, gets more than he bargained for when he buys the mysterious Miller’s Mansion. With the house comes a host of silent terrors and a woman of his dreams—or nightmares. Read on to experience the heated and bizarre passions and pains of this mortal and his otherworldly lovers. Through this story, you will feel the fluttering of first experiences and the agony of a broken heart, and you will taste the bitter tears of a coveted love that would live ... more