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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Willows

    by Kevin Beardsley
    An early life of neglect and pain doesn’t deter Jack from being determined to be accepted and then later to realise his endeavours. The journey is fraught with failures, dangers and disappointments. His friendship with the children of an eccentric family who have rented ‘The Willows’, a large but run-down house in the beach resort where Tom is living, proves to be not only a turning point but also the scene of great tragedy. His experience is widened when he goes to university and becomes involv... more
  • The Chameleon which Lost Its Colour

    by Hafdis Hafsteins
    On the island of Madagascar, Blaze the chameleon is the most colourful of all the animals. But Blaze has one flaw: he’s quite mischievous, which makes it hard for him to make friends. One day his colours have vanished and it’s up to him to get the other animals on the island to help him find them! Will he succeed?
  • Mr. Naughty Nine Legs

    by Benjamin Thomas Stanley
    “Hi, I’m Mr Naughty Nine Legs. In case you haven’t guessed, I’m a spider with nine legs. Yes, you read it right, nine legs! I get into all sorts of trouble. I’m a very naughty spider. I see you have my book in your hand. Why not open it up and take a look? Read about my adventure if you dare. I meet my biggest fear, maybe it will give you a scare.”
  • Escape from the Shades

    by Anthony Edwards
    Brother and sister, Tom and Bobby, are orphans growing up rough, with their dog Tag, in the Victorian East End of London. Helped by Dr Barnardo, they have begun to make progress when Bobby is attacked in the notorious Rookeries. Tom comes to the rescue but finds himself arrested, in a cell, and then before the Beak. His trial is at the Old Bailey where he is not allowed to speak in his defence. Then Tag comes to his rescue!
  • The Wonderful World of You

    by Alan Portmann
    Have you ever reminisced about learning life’s simple lessons through the innocence of a child’s eyes? Would you like to teach your child valuable lessons in empathy, kindness and grace? The Wonderful World of You takes you on a delightfully humorous and whimsical journey of discovery learning about love, honesty, integrity, sharing and more from a child’s perspective. Written in a Dr. Seuss rhyme scheme, these short stories are designed to build character values and improve vocabulary developme... more
  • A White Elephant for Christmas

    by Ashley Edwards
    Dego is so excited for his family’s Christmas party, but he has one big problem. He needs to find a white elephant! With the help of his family and, of course, his favorite pup, Dego will go on a quest for his own white elephant for Christmas. Comment by President Lyndon B. Johnson to the Greek ambassador - June 1964 1974 - the height of the Cold War. U.S. listening posts surround the Soviet Union eavesdropping on virtually every Russian radio communication. Operated by White House staff, mann... more
  • Ophelia the Californian Sea Otter

    by Tori Busto
    In this children’s book, come along for the adventure of the Trio of Otters. This group of friends has a fun-filled day, meeting new friends, fishing, and seeing the ballet in San Francisco! A story of a magical day filled with happiness.
  • Essence of the Mind

    by Johnathan Phillip Blackwell
    Steven Drake Hunter began his career in neurology, thinking he could help people in the workings of their brain. But, even after years of monitoring comatose patients, Dr. Hunter was no closer to understanding what they were going through or where they were. Feeling dejected, he wondered: Was it possible to help these patients at all, let alone make them well again? When Dr. Hunter notices a mysterious man following him, he gets closer to an answer than anyone thought possible.
  • The Adventures of Cathy the Catfish and Sammy the Swan

    by Adam Thomas Houchins
    Sharing a pond, Cathy the Catfish and Sammy the Swan become good friends. This is the story of their friendship and a memorable life lesson. Giving children a platform to think, ask questions, and learn, author Adam Thomas Houchins hopes this book will create smiles and family bonds.
  • Transcendence

    by William J Berenger
    Captured at Gallipoli on 25 April, 1915, Sergeant Berenger, an uncompromising professional soldier, escapes Turkish imprisonment. He enlists the assistance of three unlikely co-conspirators: Ali, a simple Arab boy forcibly drafted into the Ottoman army with his brother, Mohammad; and Avraham, a Jewish merchant, who determines his future is no longer with the Ottoman Empire. Pursued by the sadistic Tolga from the Turkish prison at Fort Kilitbahir, Berenger discovers the date of the Turkish count... more
  • Chasing Crows

    by Richard Jones
    Approaching the end of his long life George suffers a number of strokes. These bring on memories and make him reflect on an eventful and at times terrifying life that has spanned over 70 years of world events. Seen through his eyes and sometimes the eyes of those around him and close to him we stand as spectators as he and his beloved wife Rachel battle the curse of dementia and old age. The ever-present crows on the farm act as a backdrop and are eerie fellow watchers to this moving story of lo... more
  • The Lamb Of God

    by Philip Photiou
    England, the 1460s: the conflict known as the Wars of the Roses, pitting Lancastrian against Yorkist, is at its height. After his terrible experiences at the Battle of Towton and the siege of Bamburgh Castle, Philip Neville is tasked with finding and escorting the recently deposed Henry VI – a man so pious and kind-hearted that many call him ‘the lamb of God’ – to London. During the period of relative peace that follows, Philip, previously disappointed in love, is at last persuaded to take a wi... more
  • The Anteater in the Woods

    by Peter Willment
    This Ol’ Anteater is very content in his small world. Until one day he is confronted by something strange! Something new! Something he has never seen before. Can Ol’ Anteater learn to change his ways? Or even make his world a better place? New author and illustrator Peter Willment has created The Anteater In The Woods as part of the ‘…AND OTHER VERY IMPORTANT TALES’ series. These include ‘Five Toes In A Jar’; ‘Rhythm In The Robot’; ‘Chameleon In A Cannon’ and ‘Monkey In A Bag’. These quirky tale... more
  • Louisa the Whale

    by Lynn Bedran
    Louisa is the only whale in the Mediterranean sea, and she feels very lonely. Her only friend is Jimmy the giraffe, who lives in a nearby zoo. Can Jimmy find a way to make Louisa’s life more pleasant? This book is an ode to life and to the importance of mental health. It aims to show children that feeling lonely, or bullied, is not forever and that there is always a solution to any problem. The important thing is to look beyond what we know, and accept the help of close friends. Finding yo... more
  • Up On The Roof

    by Julie Gillett
    The story of a family of seagulls: Pegasus the mother seagull, Nelson the father seagull and their three young chicks. How protective the parents are of their young, able to care and nourish them as they grow. The weeks before they are due to fly the nest, a disobedient chick doesn’t listen to his mother Pegasus and father Nelson. Much like human families, where mothers and fathers, parents, guardians play a crucial role in bringing a family up, lessons have to be learned and rules have to be fo... more
  • The Vicar of Abchurch

    by David Jessop
    At the end of his working life, a vicar in the City of London thinks of himself as a failure: no one now seems to treasure the beliefs and religious practices of his youth; the church hierarchy is seemingly obsessed only with modern marketing and business methods which he doesn’t appreciate; and any love between him and his wife has long since vanished. Lacking any personal ambition, he takes on a rundown church and conducts his ministry there in the only way he knows: with understanding, compas... more