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  • Trust Your Animal Instincts

    by Tabitha A. Scott
    If you’re struggling to stay positive, you’re not alone. The pace of change and the nonexistent norm make us feel off-balance, burned out, and disconnected. Trust Your Animal Instincts reveals how to recharge your life and spark positivity through your own limitless source of power. Exhausted from the burnout of trying to please everyone, including herself, Tabitha Scott quit her job, gave away most of her belongings, and lived near a remote jungle in Costa Rica. Teetering between the wilder... more
  • Keys to the Soul

    by Countrified Wedman
    Keys to the Soul is an advance overstanding from the book, The Art of Overstanding. This book takes things to the deepest level of overstanding. This book holds the top secrets to life. Once you become an advanced overstander you will never be manipulated again. Some of this information may come as a shock to those that are not WOKE, but those that are will have handle the information easier.
  • Get A Hold Of Yourself: Trust your faith, live your convictions

    by Xolani Kacela
    This book is about living out one's personal faith and philosophical convictions fully in order to experience a life of confidence and authenticity. The writing encourages personal fulfillment through trusting oneself, developing spiritual disciplines, and connecting in a faith community. The work is grounded in contemporary spirituality, Howard Thurman's mysticism, and strategies for creating and maintaining healthy relationships.

    by Lewis Wallace
  • POWER OF THE PEN VOL 1 OF 3 / ISBN 978-1-6453-0904-8

    by Lewis Adam Wallace Jr
    Well its basically written off of what Jesus Christ said, that he will tear the temple down and rebuild it in three days. So you would have to read all three to understand the hole thing. But its off of 16 year study to bring the world together with a more straight forward approach to understanding the basic's to the bible, while some may find somethings hard to understand. To learn how to sow in the Kingdom of heaven and have a more understanding to things, that may take years of reading to u... more
  • Devotional titled The Tattered Ministry

    by Debbie DiCarlantonio
    Devotionals and short stories to stir your spirit and try your intellect.
  • From Existence to Creation

    by Ivan L Waterman
    This book gives a new view of the universe from Existence ,Creation to the Flood ( my view ). It speaks of Two Big Bangs instead of one. It gives a different view of the Creation of man and of life on Earth leading up to the Flood, and even a different idea of the Flood.
  • Monarch Prophecies: Charlemagne Returns

    by The Secret Society of Jacobites

    Consider this Roman Catholic Prophecy about Charlemagne from the Capuchin Friar (18th century).

    "A scion of the Carolingian race, by all considered extinct, will come to Rome and behold and admire the piety and clemency of this Pontiff, who will crown him, and declare him to be the legitimate Emperor of the Romans. He shall destroy the Ottoman Empire and all heresies. With the assistance of God and of the Pope, he will cooperate in the reformation of abuses; he will assume the dire... more

  • Briefly Biblical

    by Deacon Jerry Shilling
    This opus is a commentary on the book of Genesis, King James Version of the Holy Bible. While the entire manuscript may be read in just several hours, it is hoped that significantly more time will be spent perusing its pages. It's guaranteed doing so will be time well spent. Not only does this work contain material suitable for the neophyte religious reader, but it also has a wealth of information for the most serious Bible scholar and student as well. It is hoped that prior to reading this book... more
  • Secret of the Holy Bible

    by John Terpstra
    This six hundred page book explains how the Holy Bible and modern science can work together without contradiction and it proves how all biblical references must work together without contradiction to tell us the whole truth. This book also reveals secrets of the entire Holy Bible and the book of Revelation in detail, and solves the mystery of the trinity which has been debated by the churches for centuries. There are secrets disclosed in detail in this book that no mortal man or religious schola... more
  • Ain't No Mountain High Enough

    by Hanneke Boot
    When she is eighteen, Hanneke Boot discovers that painting with her mouth is easier for her than painting with her hands. Born with a muscle disease, she’s experienced a host of challenges. But she’s found her calling in art and paints everything: views, landscapes, mills, and portraits. In Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, she shares her story. Boot narrates how being born with a physical disability guarantees you will run into obstacles for life. But she tells how those obstacles become challeng... more
  • How To Be Civil In An UnCivil World

    by Cynthia Basinet
    Meant to uplift and empower author, Cynthia Basinet offers a collection of quotes and inspiration to help you see the light in every day. In “ how to be civil in an uncivil world”, she shares a host of thought-provoking ideas advice to bits and more she’s gathered these affirmations throughout the years to ensure you see the world rich in mind rich and hard rich and resourcefulness and rich and grace.
  • Reflections of Grace 100 Day Devotional

    "Reflections of Grace" is a devotional designed to give its reader a deeper insight into the unmerited grace of God. It is filled with every day occurrences that display the grace of God. Della takes real life experiences and relates them to the word of God in an effort to encourage and strengthen her readers. Della's desire for each of you is that you share in her journey of faith, family, and life lessons, you will relate them to your own, thereby seeing the same grace over your life.
  • Stroked By God

    by John Bumgardner
    Stroked by God is the poignant, funny, and inspirational story of musician John Bumgardner’s rise within the music business, the catastrophic stroke-like event that permanently changed the path he was on, and the power of God’s healing and redemption. It is the story of someone who lost everything they had achieved, and regained everything that mattered.
  • Steady, Calm, and Brave: 25 Practices of Resilience and Wisdom in a Crisis

    by Kimberly Brown
    Steady, Calm, and Brave offers simple and accessible ways to help readers during a pandemic and beyond. With short, stand-alone readings designed to help you through difficult circumstances, it offers the tools, understanding, and encouragement necessary to meet the extraordinary challenges we face today. In this down-to-earth guide, meditation teacher Kimberly Brown shares honest and sometimes humorous stories from her life, family, and community to help us navigate difficulties—including s... more
  • A Twisted Shade of Green: Portrayal of Lust and Revenge

    by Eloise Epps MacKinnon
    The story is a fictional romantic tale of a three-part series that displays how Love Conquers All! In book one of the A TWISTED SHADE OF GREEN trilogy “Portrayal of Lust and Revenge,” Kali Mathias, through many failed relationships, has convinced herself that she is not good enough for any man. However, Glen Monroe believes he is more than enough for any woman’s heart to behold. What they share is a shaky faith in God and lessons to be learned about true love.