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  • The Girl and the Lock on Her Heart: A Heartwarming Story for Kids About Self-Love

    by Lauren Lee
    A journey to love: friendship, romantic, and material love. But the most important of all… self-love There is a girl born with a lock on her heart, orphaned, and never learned of love. She is told that finding a key could unlock her heart and bring her love. So, she sets out on a journey to find it. But the journey is not easy, as she later learns that she needs to first find love before finding the key. Why is love the answer to finding her key? What kind of love does she need to find? Wi... more
  • Sidestepped: What the Enemy Doesn't Want You to Know That Can Change Your Life

    by Matt Dalbey


    What you don’t know can hurt you. Many Christian leaders are content to tell you what they think you want to hear. But what if what you want and need most is being sidestepped? Even when unpopular, Jesus didn't just acknowledge spiritual realities many prefer to sidestep, He also spelled out the life-changing solution (and it's simpler than we’... more

  • What Sound Does A Crocodile Make?

    by emily spector
    What Sound Does A Crocodile Make? Is a flip-sided book about finding your voice and being brave enough to use it. Disguised as a children's book, this is a story that resonates with everyone, whether you are 2 or 102.
  • Theodyssey: A Scriptural Exploration of Good and Evil in the World

    by Paul Gravitt
    Theodyssey is an explorational journey through the Scriptures that will astound you. From Genesis to Revelation, you will learn to see the Bible in a whole new light. God's unique language comes alive and Jesus is revealed on every page. You won't get this information in church, but If you want to see your Savior more clearly than ever, this is your book. It does come with a warning though. Once you pick it up, you better get comfortable. All Glory to God!
  • King of Nord and the End of All Religions & Peace and Security on Earth

    by John Sky
    Will there be another world conflict? Who will prevail in coming clash between Anglo-Amerika power and "King of the North"? Who is "King of the North"? The fall of "Babylon the Great", the end of all religions, "Eighth King", Peace and Security on Earth
  • Higher Connections: Humor and Inspiration from a Certified Public Pothead

    by Eric Right
    The book summarizes my experiences with cannabis, the interesting connections I have made, the benefits to me from making these connections, what I think is happening that allows me to make these connections, and some other random and (hopefully) funny observations I have written down while high.
  • The Silly Bunny

    by Helgi Mart
    “The Silly Bunny” is a lovely colourful story about a little bunny and his adventure. It teaches to face fears and be in love with yourself. Helgi Mart: "When I was 6 years old, I complained to my mother after reading a fairytale that it was not very interesting. She replied, “Then write a better one!” Thus, this book was born. Nearly 30 years have passed and I’ve decided to publish this story. Dedicated to my daughter Olivia. I want her to know that nothing is impossible for her and that she... more
  • Resurrection Lily: The BRCA Gene, Hereditary Cancer & Lifesaving Whispers from the Grandmother I Never Knew

    by Amy Byer Shainman
    Resurrection Lily shares a story of inheritance and intuition, of what can surface in the body and the spirit when linked by DNA. As Amy Byer Shainman discovers she has inherited a BRCA gene mutation that puts her at high risk of developing certain cancers, she struggles to come to terms with preventively removing her breasts when she does not have a breast cancer diagnosis. Through her experience making decisions about her health, Amy becomes invigorated with purpose and establishes herself as... more
  • Turn and Return to Jesus

    by Pas Carrolynn Cudney
    This Book will stretch your Mindset from Carnal, Worldly thinking to the endless possibilities the Kingdom of God offers, by receiving the Freedom Jesus died to give us. Matthew 19:26 Jesus said with men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible. Jesus said you can't be double minded. Mark 11:-24 Truly I say to you, what ever you desire when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you shall have them. Jesus came to set the captives free. Not just freedom from sin,... more
  • Jesus, The Treasure of Heaven: A Devotional For Any Season

    by Susan-Louise Henning

    From familiar people in the Bible like Adam and Moses, to less familiar people like Kore and Maher-shalal-hash-baz, along with places and things; this unique, easy-to-read, and easy-to-understand, Christian daily devotional links the gospel of Jesus to the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation.  This is a clear and concise, 15 week, morning and evening, daily devotional that features 210 people, places, and things in the Bible that all link to Jesus.

  • Invasion of Light: How Jesus Can Use You and Me to Win the Battle for Souls and Societies

    by Brian Mark Weller
    Refresh your faith in Jesus’s world-shaking power. Master the biblical strategies behind every great harvest of souls! You’re living in one of the greatest spiritual battles of all time. This very moment, Hell’s hordes are fighting tooth and nail to shipwreck the church, sabotage the lost, and destroy society as we know it. In the face of such crippling darkness, countless believers have accepted defeat. We might not say it aloud, but deep down, many have stopped believing and battling for sp... more
  • A Fresh Look at Living Forever

    by Donald Thomas
    How did we get here and what is our purpose? Want a good understanding of God, your origin, and what life is all about? A Fresh Look At Living Forever leaves few questions unanswered in the quest to determine how and why we are here. First, the viability of each of the two prevailing how-we-got-here theories, evolution and creationism, are explored. We continue with revelation on who and what is God while noting that the Most High has no limits. The reasons why we made in the flesh, other than ... more
  • Opening the Gates of the Heart: Images that Heal & the Stories Behind Them, 2nd Edition

    by Carolyn CJ Jones

    The experience of this book is highly inspirational, especially for those who are struggling with fear, worthlessness, sorrow, or despair. It is inspirational in the way the awareness dawns on you that there is another way to

  • Peace in the Midst of the Storm

    by Kaleb Thompson
    Peace in the Midst of the Storm serves as a personal testament of becoming anew through consistent growth and being favored with great courage. This shows that regardless of our mistakes, life does not promise us that we will remain positioned in negativity. What we were in our pasts will not seep into who we have grown to be as positive individuals. What we have now realized is that we often have to prepare to speak victory over our storms and as we continue to encourage ourselves to do that, w... more
  • As the Curtain Falls

    by Sue Hagan
    As the Curtain Falls directly addresses the reader, assuming that the typical reader is someone who is facing a terminal illness. The goal is to extend support and comfort to those facing the end of life through explaining what is happening on a spiritual level. The book would also be helpful to friends and family members who are present at end of life scenarios.
  • Spiritual Journey: Wisdom From God

    by Tristan Mowrey
    God has guided me throughout the years, but I did not always listen to Him. Once I opened myself to Him, He showed me that my spiritual walk is a journey that is going to take some time. None of us are perfect; we all have things that we can learn from God. Use this book to nurture your relationship with God. Growing close to Him is not an accomplishment to be check marked, but rather a journey to be slowly undertaken at His side. During this spiritual journey, you will get to see the wisdom tha... more