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  • If It Works, Use It

    by Toni Elizabeth Sar'h Petrinovich
    If It Works, Use It has the opportunity to assist those who are ready to look at opinions, beliefs and the lived experience in all of its myriad facets and take ownership in order to be free. Awakening is as individual as a thumbprint and while some people believe that it has to be forced by suffering, it does not need to be though it is possible that the bitterness of unfulfilled expectation can compel a deeper truth. Toni possesses the spectrum of strength and gentleness to a degree that ca... more
  • Immanuel Labor-God's Presence in Our Profession: A Biblical, Theological, and Practical Approach to the Doctrine of Work

    by Russell Gehrlein

    Here is a fresh, comprehensive, Christian perspective on work. This is a solid introduction to this critical subject. It is well-grounded in scripture, contains over 300 inspirational quotes from nearly 30 authors, offers practical wisdom, and includes many personal illustrations. Topics consist of the value of everyday work, why work is so hard, finding a job that fits, how we are to work, and implications for those in ministry. It includes a helpful index of 400 scripture references and que... more

  • Is Your Fruit Sweet or Sour?

    by Karen Finn
    A twelve-chapter topical Bible study for young women addressing the common challenges and issues (a.k.a. “weeds”) that can damage or destroy their spiritual walk with God. Additional features include: group leader guidelines, the “What kind of fruit are you?” quiz and an online answer key. Topics include: Hypocrisy, Peer Pressure, Selfishness, Contentment and Purity.
  • Daffodils of Damascus

    by beverly boone
    “Daffodils of Damascus” is the first short story from Dr. Beverly Boone’s collection of inspirational stories for children, Let the Children Speak. Following each story are questions and activities to stimulate conversation and bonding among readers, parents, and Christian leaders. In this heartwarming story, seven-year-old Trey Stephens discovers that God has the power to change the human heart. Because of this powerful theme, “Daffodils of Damascus” is also an excellent story to share after in... more
  • The Prodigal Daughter Returns--A Song of Restoration and Redemption

    by MaKelia D. Mitchell, Ph.D.
    Are you or someone you know stuck in the same cycle? Are you tired of repeating the same self-destructive patterns? Do you feel you’ve made too many mistakes or traveled so far away from your Father that you cannot possibly be welcomed back? You may be convinced there is no hope for your life—BUT THERE IS! In The Prodigal Daughter Returns: A Song of Restoration and Redemption, MaKelia Kesha Mitchell uses the Biblical parable of the Prodigal Son to share her testimony and 5R Journey back to he... more
  • A Holistic Sense of Home: A Quick Guide to Designing A Better Quality of Life

    by Deborah Rae Cerni
    Many people who want and actively pursue optimal well-being often overlook the pervasive impact of our home spaces. With our daily environments we setup behavioral patterns and internal responses that can help or intfer with our well being at every level. Thought leaders such as Deepak Chopra and Dan Buettner of Blue Zones fame have addressed the importance of designing indoor spaces to stack the deck in favor of a happy, healthy life. This book gives you pragmatic tips and an easy to understand... more
  • The Permanent Establishment of Peace

    by Al Lipold
    Can peace in our time be permanently established? Can the hatred and oppression that abounds on this earth become a thing of the past? Can the people on this earth be taught to live in peace? Can they do what is demanded by justice and respect the rights of every person? It has been said that we know, that we can change things. The world's leaders, religious, political, military, economic, scholars etc. could and should focus their attention on the ultimate goal of achieving world peace. it can ... more
  • Gita: A Timeless Guide for Our Times

    by Isaac Bentwich, MD
    GITA: A Timeless Guide for Our Time is a modern translation of the Bhagavad Gita, a 700-verse Hindu scripture in Sanskrit that has captivated many of the world’s most brilliant scientists, musicians, poets, thinkers and spiritual teachers such as Beethoven, Leonard Cohen, Carl Jung, Thoreau, Gandhi and Eckhart Tolle. For over two and a half millennia, the Gita (meaning Divine Song) has been treasured by seekers worldwide as one of the most trusted guides for spiritual inner growth. Bentwich’s ne... more
  • Is the Rapture the Real Deal?: The Rapture of the Bride of Christ

    by Todd Netland

    The Rapture: this is a topic that has been hotly debated by theologians during the last 2,000 years. Over the last 190 years, a number of Christians have expounded on this subject with more refined details, some theologians coming to a belief in an at-any-minute catching away of the Church while others have taught that the Church must be purified through one last time of great suffering. In recent years, many have scoffed at the idea of a Rapture, some of them saying they have heard all... more

  • Women Can Find Shipwrecks Too

    by Margaret L. Brandeis
    In this humorous, enlightening and thoroughly entertaining treasure hunt, a young woman named Margaret innocently ventures into the treacherous world of sunken Spanish galleons laden with gold doubloons. For 17 years she battles hurricanes, bureaucrats, sea snakes, witches, pirates, parasites, disgruntled divers and rival treasure hunters. She gets arrested, betrayed and shot at by her own captain but she never gives up. Ultimately buying a crusty, old, salvage boat called the "Hooker's Holid... more
  • A Pure and Contrite Heart

    by Beryl Broekman
    "A Pure and Contrite Heart" explores various core traditions of Christianity, such as Jesus Christ, the Bible, Faith, etc. through energy readings. Making sense of the Christian religion through this modality, with often startling and unexpected perspectives, enriches our spiritual aspirations in ways that are impossible through normal channels.
  • WRITE ON: My Spiritual Reflections and Personal Feelings

    by David Bender
    David Bender has a sanctified imagination. In his debut poetry collection Write On, Bender helps others see things in a new light. Who else but David would write about God’s addiction and faith, His tattoo and need of human grace? The book is filled with writings to challenge and revitalize Christians in their faith so they can perceive God’s incredible goodness in new ways.
  • Inviting Muslims to Christ: Including Quotations and Commentary from the Bible and Quran

    by Randall Ireland
    Inviting Muslims to Christ presents the Good News from the Bible with respect and clarity. Including explanations of Islam from the Quran. This book will provide a foundational understanding of both Christianity and Islam. The book is a comparative study of Christianity and Islam. As the Kirkus review notes... "The authors command of the relevant material and scholarly commentaries is extraordinary, This study functions as a handy reference guide for readers looking to compare the Bible and Qura... more
  • Ivan the 1/2 Inch Worm

    by Jason Gangwish
    Ivan does many things very well. One thing he doesn't do so well is do his best. It takes a life lesson for Ivan to realize the importance of doing his best in everything he does. As adults we understand the reality of under-enthusiastic children when something is asked -- and under-motivated adults when we need to do something! The message of doing your best can be applied to all ages.
  • Lord of Our Emotions: From Redheaded Stepchild to My Happy Place in God

    by Sharon Harrington Howard

    If you've ever felt like an outcast or as if you don’t fit in, you may find yourself in this book. The author was an abused “redheaded stepchild” and felt as if she didn't belong anywhere. Many people suffer with emotional wounds and Sharon Howard, has written a book addressing these issues.

    Sharon tells her powerful story of difficult early life experiences and of her descent into the depths of depression, suicidal thoughts, and the edge of me... more

  • Reflections On Living A Christian Life

    by Wayne Johnston / DRAGONBOOKS
    The author has written this book to offer knowledge given to him by God through his Holy Spirit and through many years of personal prayer, education and study to anyone everywhere. The book attempts to discuss the process a Christian follows from when he becomes a believer to when they die and are resurrected to eternal life. The book also discusses the above from a personal perspective.