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  • Mool Mantra the Spiritual Path to God

    by Paul Kalra
    Website: More than a third of Americans and Europeans say they are spiritual, but not religious, according to Pew Research Center. Spirituality was a religion without ritual or priesthood. Mool Mantra—the spiritual path to God will help you connect and harmonize directly with God without priests, rituals or holy books. Guru Nanak, the first Sikh guru has revealed to us the nature of the infinite truth in the Mool Mantra. An all-loving, inclusive, non-jud... more
  • A Heart's Landscape: An Invitation to the Garden of Moments

    by Susan Lax
    A book pick by Robin Roberts, featured on Good Morning America Unlock a moment of joy in each day, no matter how challenging times may be. Let this beautiful collection of stories, poems, and words from the garden of the author's heart offer insights, comfort, and healing. Some days, our hearts or souls can't find the glasses to see, and we cannot hear our own music. We find ourselves on autopilot, forgetting the preciousness of being and losing touch with our creative spirit. But on other... more
  • Pull Your Self Together

    by Rebecca Whitecotton
    Imagine that you could interact with alternate versions of yourself and find out what happened on the road not taken. While on a healing journey to resolve a painful past and rekindle her spiritual connection, Rebecca realizes she can reach into parallel worlds and pull her alternate selves together into a team that experiences every possibility life has to offer. Together, they discover the multidimensional wholeness of the Higher Self, connect more fully with spirit, and create a new way of lo... more
  • Jumbo Jumble: A Sojourn of 366 Visual and Inspirational Delights

    by David Howenstein
    Do you feel the desire to tread a more spiritual path with a pinch of fun, but don’t know how? Do you with there was an easy way to help you out? Would you like a daily guide that suggests simple, practical things to implement? Do you get excited about learning from a. Broad variety of sources? Do you get turned on by good photos? If so, THIS IS YOUR BOOK! Herein lies a treasure trove, with one page for each day of the year, providing Visual delights, with nature-based pictures Inspirat... more
  • The Reincarnation of Life: The Cycle of the Soul

    by Jeffrey Peters
    Before we begin to explore reincarnation, we first need to understand what reincarnation is and where it originates from. In basic essence, reincarnation can be seen as the cycle of incarnation or the embodiment in flesh, of a soul that moves from one life to the next. For us to understand the concept of reincarnation we need to understand the law of cyclic change, this is the law that governs all changes in life and can be seen as the never-ending cycle between life and death and death and life... more
  • Parody of Parables

    by Tracy Taylor
    Jesus Christ taught his disciples and others the principals of God with parables. And though times have changed, the principals of God have not. The stories within are the "updated" and "modern" version of these classic parables with a twenty-first century twist.
  • Behold, I Stand at the Door and Knock

    by Tracy Taylor
    Behold, I Stand at the Door and Knock lays it all out. Beginning with Lucifer and his failed coup of Heaven, until the final trumpet call. Behold, I Stand at the Door and Knock lays out God’s Plan of Salvation. A Plan to retrieve mankind from the brink of death and save him from Satan’s fate – an Eternity in Hell. Behold, I Stand at the Door and Knock shows man’s creation by God, his original sin of disobedience and fall from the Garden of Eden, and his possible burning for all eternity…unless h... more
  • Basics of Christianity

    by Tracy Taylor
    Basics of Christianity reveals to you the basics of Christianity. The Lord’s Prayer is a simple prayer that everyone can learn. The 23 psalms is a song strength; a gentle reminder that you don’t have to go through life alone. You do have someone on your side that will fight for you. The Ten Commandments are the basic rules of life. These are the rules that we all follow to govern our society. They are the laws that we live by every day. If everyone followed these rules every day, then the proble... more
  • 60 Christian Traits

    by Tracy Taylor
    Sixty Christian Traits is more than just a book. It is an example of lessons learned (or of lessons needed to be learned). People throughout history that have portrayed these traits have accomplished great things. You too can accomplish great things in your life, if you have the basic building blocks needed to build a strong foundation.
  • Not To Spoil The Ending... but everything is going to be ok

    by Naomi Brickel
    The sudden unforeseen death of Naomi’s 15-year-old son Adam plunges her into painful shock and darkness. Over time, lights - presented in the stories, signs, dreams, and friends who connect - begin to unveil heartening messages that could only be from him, penetrating even the intensity of her motherly despair. Adams’ Hashtags provide lessons about Joy presented through the recollections of kids who knew him in their recorded messages in a funeral visitation book. Beginning with harsh details of... more
  • Balancing the Stones: Mystical Writings to Wake Up Your Soul

    by Stephanie Acello
    The world is changing rapidly in all areas of our lives; we face more demands than every before. It can be challenging to remain balanced and connected to the unchanging essence of our True Self. Every page contains mystical insights and stories, called Heart Writings, to contemplate and meditate on -- creating the opportunity to have a shift in consciounsness wthin moments. The Heart Writings are short, powerful, and inspirational writings to foster wonder and awareness about our lives and the... more
  • Rebound for the Top

    by Bennett Essien
    This book by inspiration is written to help you find your path toward fulfillment after you've hit the rocks. It is plots the path of recovery from a failure. Are you seeking a way out of the mire, trying to break out of a vicious cycle, or torn between failure and the end of the road? This book is designed to help you to glide out of the turbulence and get traction to start over again. Experience never teaches you, but it does create the opportunity and environment for you to learn. The res... more
  • Meditations

    by Venerable Thích Quang Trí
    Meditations: Aspirations and Reflections for a Happier Life is a mini introduction to meditation book and provides over 60 gathas, poem-like mantras, to use and aid us in meditative reflection and contemplation. These sayings span multiple different categories including loving-kindness, compassion, impermanence, death, peace, mindfulness, and more. Meditations is meant for everyone from all walks of life and spirituality to help aid and guide their spiritual journey through discovering the true ... more
  • The Gospel of the Garden, A Guide about Grace and Growth. ISBN: 9798460193783

    by J.D. Fuller III
    The Gospel of the Garden, A Guide about Grace and Growth is a book for Christians who love gardening and nature. It asks readers to view their spiritual lives as gardens under the oversight of our Master Gardener. Using biblical principles and biographical snippets from the author’s varied horticultural endeavors, the book emphasizes important spiritual lessons which can be learned from gardens and the wonders of God’s grace which can be revealed there.
  • Pawprints On Our Hearts

    by Kerk Murray
    In Kerk Murray's coming-of-age memoir, he unpacks his life's journey alongside five incredible dogs, who supported him through his experiences of being bullied, battling depression, overcoming drug abuse, and ultimately saving his life. Their role in his redemption inspired him to founding The Lexi's Legacy Foundation, an animal advocacy 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which has helped rescue and provided care to over five hundred abused animals across the world. As a tribute to those dogs in ... more
  • Awaken Your Destiny: The Biblical Journey From Faith to Success

    by Narcis Murza
    Awaken Your Destiny is a Christian, biblically rooted book about unlocking your potential and living out your destiny. It's like a journey through different characters' stories and the lessons we learn from them. Comprised of seven chapters, starting from the story of Abraham and culminating with Jesus, I want to show readers that the Bible is truly a motivational book, and how its story makes a way for your story! This book is an invitation and a prompt to trust God's promises and embark on ... more