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  • Mother Stella: Her Song of Love

    by Ryan Baxter
    Have you ever turned your face to heaven, as the questions in your heart arose to your lips: Why am I here, you ask? What is the purpose of my existence? Have you given up on an answer or feel there is no one left to respond? Don’t lose heart. Don’t despair. You have not been forgotten, nor have you been forsaken. Life reaches out to you every moment, singing a song that only the heart can hear. Listen closely to Mother Stella’s song, a song that springs from the deepest love. What unfolds... more
  • Unshakable Faith: Living Strong in the Kingdom of God

    by Debra L Butterfield
    Unshakable Faith: Living Strong in the Kingdom of God is a seven-week Bible study perfect for self-guided learning or group sessions. With themed chapters inspired by scripture, Butterfield shows you how to dispel your doubts and place your trust in the Creator’s flawless plan. Whether you’re newly baptized or a long-time believer, you’ll learn to better serve the Lord and embrace the abundant life He promises to all true followers.
  • Simply Amazing: Special Authors Edition

    by K. C. Armstrong
    Simply Amazing is a collection of uplifting stories of overcoming life's greatest obstacles. KC Armstrong begins the book with the heart-wrenching story of his tormented years after leaving the Howard Stern show and then his transformation to a life of hope and service to others. He shares 12 favorite interviews from his WMAP radio station of people who've also overcome tremendous challenges to find their true life callings. Great feel-good antidote for turbulent times and upbeat gift for any o... more
  • No Absolutes - A Framework for Life

    by Benjamin C. George
    No Absolutes is the first book in a series of books by Benjamin C. George which reform the way we look at the world, how our choices affect our reality, and how to apply this philosophy to your life to enable not just a more fulfilling life for yourself, but a way to understand and traverse life that enables a brighter and better future for those around you.
  • Brokenhearted Disciple: Confessions for Overcoming

    by Shinita Kimbrough Miles

    Brokenhearted Disciple: Confessions for Overcoming is an irresistible fight of a disciple’s faith to overcome a broken heart. This book will attract and hold the attention with a captivating journey through the 5 stages of depression from grief. Translated in English and Spanish, each word through the authors personal experience unveils the deepest and hidden parts of the soul where pain resides after losing her mother. The author experiences a spiritual housecleaning and receives guida... more

  • St. Michael, St. Gabriel, St. Raphael & the Angels: A Study on the Angels and the Angelic World

    by Rayfiel G Mychal
    How were the Angels and Demons created and how did they end up in either Heaven or Hell. Who are the Angels and what are the Nine Angelic Choirs? What are the teachings and beliefs that people have on the Angels? See how the Angels and the Archangels interact with mankind. Get to know the three Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. Learn about their story from their creation, through the Bible, and to the present day. Discover how the Angels and Demons help us in our struggle to do go... more
  • Shift Happens!: 21 Days to Better Energy Through the Chakras

    by Arielle Sterling
    Shift Happens! 21 Days to Better Energy Through the Chakras is an interactive guidebook designed to take you on a journey through your body in order to gain a better understanding of your seven main chakras, your energy and how they affect your day-to-day life! Your chakras are the main energetic points in your body which provide access to your physical body. Learn more about how the energy around you can affect your mind, body and spirit and what you can do to take charge of your energy. This i... more
  • Closer to Heaven - Ten Principles to grow your Wings and create Heaven on Earth

    by Corry Lang
    Ben’s life has become meaningless. His job is at risk, his wife left him and he feels like he has no purpose and nothing to look forward to. He’s just making it through every strenuous day. But then he meets an angel - a fallen angel. The angel lost his wings and now needs to review ten lessons to be invited back into heaven. Ben decides to help his new friend with his tasks. Together they embark on a journey that would change their worlds forever! This delightful and enchanting story, told wi... more
  • A Christian Travel Journal

    by Theresa Flynn Gray
    This is a guided and interactive travel journal for Christians. It is designed to be used to help plan your vacation, keep track of moments during the vacation, and remember and treasure your time afterwards. Features Christian themed pages to record activities and opinions; plus includes bible based quizzes, conversation starters, and thought provoking quotes.
  • The Kidnapping of Cody Moss (Smoky Mountain Suspense Book 1)

    by Sara L. Foust
    She lives in a utopian town, where nothing bad ever happens… But when officers Zachary Leebow and Annalise Baker are invited to join a new special-task team, the Smoky Mountain Investigative Force, their lives become even more intertwined than before. With everything around them changing and an unnamed body on their hands, they must decipher the clues to their individual cases… …before kidnapping turns into murder.
  • Then an Angel Came

    by Carol Gino

    A Family’s True Story of Loss and Renewal

    "One of the most moving, beautiful stories I have read."

     "Then An Angel Came is a true story about a family. It is about a family who tries to keep itself together when a death in the family strikes. Teri, Carol's (the author's) daughter, loses her infant son, Gregory, to SIDS -- Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Carol then introduces her daughter, Teri, who is a skeptic, to the spiritua... more

  • There's an Angel in My Computer

    by Carol Gino

    This is the story of one woman's quest for a Divine Vision and the unexpected ways in which her prayers were answered. It is an introduction as well as an advanced exploration of the dance between spirit and soul, shared in a clever, heartwarming, and humorous way.
    When Carol finds her consciousness shifting during the months of healing following a cerebral hemorrhage (or what she calls "the brain blitz") in the left hemisphere of her brain, it concerns her, terrifies her ... more

  • Mass Awakening

    by Shoshi Herscu
    AN EXPOSÉ ON DARK AGENDAS AND HOW PEOPLE ARE FIGHTING BACK The Truth has been hidden from us while a global policy of mass depopulation and exploitation has been carried out behind the scenes for the past half-century. The author, an independent journalist, became aware of this agenda only in the past few years. She found it hard to believe, but in-depth research and the testimony of whistleblowers worldwide have exposed these strategies. They include geoengineering (chemtrails), fluoridation... more
  • The Sons of God: A Discourse on the Christian Revolution

    by Anthony Marnell

    Do you not know? Have you not heard? God is coming down out of heaven to lay waste to all the nations of the earth!

    We are entering the time period Jesus and the Holy God of Israel warned us about, the time the world of the dead will enlarge itself for. God is calling for a sword to come down upon all the inhabitants of the earth. It is a sword for slaughter, a very great slaughter. So that hearts may melt and the fallen be many, the exceedingly huge, glistening, polished, and sharpened... more

  • Let Go of the Load

    by Sonja P. Davis
    In Let go of the Load readers will discover the cause and effects of adversities and circumstances that causes all types of pain. However, dont lose heart. We can overcome anything with help from the Lord, prayer, and never giving up.My hope is that, Let go of the Load will become a tool that will help guide you to the Word of God. There you will find joy. (John 15:11) No Word, no joy. God can be trusted to keep His promises. He will never let us down. Get to a place where you are fully persuad... more
  • A Christmas Story

    by Emi Taran

    The very well known story of Nativity Scene with a twist. The manger set with all the usual characters plus an unexpected one. An old man's journey from being cold-hearted to becoming on of the children's most adored characters of all time!