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  • God's Marriage and Man's Divorce: Biblical Instructions for Contemporary Families

    by David Boudreaux
    There are many books already out there that address the topic of marriage and divorce but this one is different in that it is basically a Bible commentary that expounds extensively and soley on the scriptures that deal with this topic. You have heard many people say that wives or husbands or children do not come with instruction manuals, well now they can. This book takes a serious look at marriage, having and raising children, divorce, abortion, alcohol consumption, drugs, church attendance and... more
  • Beyond the Fear of Death

    by D S T Sherman Jr PhD
    This book is a valuable resource for reading on various dimensions on health, motivation to seek professional services, along with prayer and reading the Bible (KJV). Additionally, this book strongly recommends seeking guidance from doctors with professional training around the reader’s concern. As a closing thought, please observe the following warnings: 1.\tSeek medical advice and treatment. 2.\tDo not consume medicine prescribed for another person 3.\tAvoid the so-called home remedies. ... more
  • Amazing Faith

    by Deborah Dennis

    “Faith can move mountains,” Benny whispered to himself. He would not follow in his parent’s footsteps. He would rise above. In many ways he already had . . . Benny and Faith were high school sweethearts who fell deeply in love the first day they met. That love increased with each day they were together. Immediately after graduating high school, the couple eloped, vowing a love for each other that time could never alter. Benny’s hard work provided well for Faith and the... more

  • Jews, Muslims, and Christians: Do You Want to Be Closer to God? A.K.A. How an Ex-Hydrographer Survives in This World

    by Kimberly Glomb
    As Jews, Muslims, and Christians, we all worship the same God. During my high school years, I gave my life to God, asked for His wisdom, and made a covenant with Him. As believers, we share many of the same concepts such as patience, doing good deeds, being God's servants, and enduring life trials. This book focuses on my relationship with God and how I interpret the Holy Books and use them as a guide to live according to His word. I share my life experiences along with related verses with you t... more
  • We Are the People

    by Ri'ana Johnson
    We Are The People is a poetic series of affirmations for children. It teaches about self-confidence, empathy and the power of positivity and inclusion. We Are The People reminds us of our humanity and our obligation to build stronger communities together.
  • God's Grace and Grit Surviving Your Fairytale

    by Tiarra Tompkins
    Fairytales did not prepare us for the reality of marriage. Cinderella never had to contend with dirty socks, Snow White never had to heal through sexual trauma, and Rapunzel never had to file for a divorce. If you are engaged or married, do you still feel the love and purpose for each other that you had when you felt that first spark? Maybe you are single or divorced, praying for Prince Charming to ride in on his horse and whisk you away. Life doesn’t prepare you to become a single mom or tea... more
  • The Dynamic, Fundamental Study on Discipleship: Enter If You Are Teachable!

    by James Whorley
    This book should appeal to those that desire a guide to follow in becoming a strong disciple for Christ. By reading this book one will clearly see their purpose, step-by-step guide to follow showing the power of love, the importance of faith, the essentialness of keeping unwanted doors closed and assuring that they remain shut. This book will also give an insight into one's own psyche. The reader will clearly see the benefits and eternal reward of his decision to be a disciple.
  • Unveiling Sunni Islam: From Faith to Impact

    by Haqiqah Institute

    Unveiling Sunni Islam: From Faith to Impact is not just an academic study; it is an invitation to connect with a tradition that has enriched humanity for centuries. Whether you are new to the faith, a curious explorer, or an established believer seeking a deeper understanding, this book will captivate your heart and mind. Engagingly written, it weaves a narrative of faith, heritage, and global significance that resonates with Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

  • Reclaiming Your Roots

    by Kristen Blythe

    Reclaiming Your Roots takes readers on a life-changing journey through the Ancestral Blueprint™ - the energetic template that holds inherited programming from our genetic and spiritual ancestral lineages. This ground-breaking book teaches readers of all experience levels modern spiritual practices and powerful energy healing exercises for balancing ancestral burdens and embodying ancestral blessings. Informed by decades of practice as an intuitive energy healer and her own pers... more

  • Finding Hope in Seasons of Loss & Dissapointment: An Interactive Prayer Journal Created for Women Battling Miscarriage and Pregn

    by Angelica Gunn
    Angelica Gunn, is an accomplished nurse, doula, peer lactation counselor, pregnancy and infant loss advocate, and inspirational author with a strong passion for helping others. She is the author of "Finding Hope in Seasons of Loss & Disappointment." She has been featured on the Today Show with Kate Snow, NBC News, Fox 4 news, and the Sisters in Loss Podcast with Erica McAfee, her greatest achievement has been starting "The Lost Butterflies, "a support group for women journeying through miscarria... more
  • Daybreak: Daily Messages to Illuminate Your Spiritual Life

    by Susan Dawn
    Get guidance when you need it most with motivational messages that illuminate your soul growth journey! Channeled with warmth, love, and compassion, each message provides a prompt for conscious reflection to connect you deeper with yourself and help you navigate your spiritual life. • Read the book cover-to-cover • Start your day with a morning message • Trust your intuition to guide you to a random message to inspire your everyday This powerful devotional features over 300 sacred me... more
  • Coming with the Clouds, A Journey through Prophecy

    by Joseph Charles Beach

    Want to know the truth about Bible prophecy?

    Want to know and understand the prophecies of Jesus?

    Tired of hearing Bible prophecy predictions that never come true?

    This book will provide you with the real truth about Bible prophecy, including the following:

    • Old Testament prophecies of Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, and more.

    • New Testament prophecies of Jesus and the book of Revelation.

    • How the Jewish people and followers of Jesus un... more

  • A New Introduction to The Bible

    by Ken Hathaway
    During his years of public ministry the author came to realise that the Bible was a closed book to the majority of people, whilst those who did read it were often confused by the apparent complexity of the work. This book sets out to demystify the Bible, setting each part in its historical, political and religious context, demonstrating that it is a record of the way in which God has made Himself known to succeeding generations. Being not several books so much as a series of narratives progressi... more
  • Awakening the Spiritual Heart

    by Andreas Ziörjen
    Awaken the Power of Your Heart Chakra Falling in love with life—how can we do that? Most people know the state of being in love, in which we tend to feel that the whole world becomes more connected, more colorful and more sensual, and in which the mere thought of the beloved triggers a wave of joy. This joyful trembling is what tantric yoga offers to bring into daily life through our practice—into all of the interactions we have with the physical world.  One way to tap into the vibration o... more
  • The Mental Fight Of Your Life

    by Freddie Floyd Jr
    The Mental Fight of Your Life is written specifically for Christians, explaining how to have the best possible marriage. Although it is intended primarily for men, some parts are written for women or both. The book discusses many interesting topics: the need for women to be loved (in contrast with the need for men to be respected), what it means to be faithful, and why you have to be consistent. Moreover, the book adds an issue of exceptional importance as to being a victim.
  • Cultivating Change the Poetic Journey of a Young Christian

    by Essie Richardson
    God shows through diverse means how he cultivates change in the life of His people; more like a butterfly undergoing metamorphosis. Caterpillars don't just spring up and survive. They go through a season of isolation for growth and change. After this process, they become beautiful butterflies, ready to fly. This book inspires many to allow God to cultivate them. This book also shows how they can enable God to take them through phases. Knowing that God made them for a purpose on purpose. May Go... more