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  • The Sorcerer: Magick, Power and Mysticism

    by Stephen Shaw
    The Sorcerer is a journey into Magick, Power and Mysticism. Discover the Twelve Auspicious Symbols. Explore the paths of Awareness, Love and Tantra. Absorb the sacred teachings and mantras of the lamas. Embrace a transformation of consciousness and profound spiritual awakening.
  • Atlantis: Star Beings and Earth's Ancient History

    by Stephen Shaw
    Atlantis illuminates the Star Beings and Earth's Ancient History. A magical history ingrained in your deepest consciousness, in your myths and mysteries. For many of you, the story will explain your innermost feelings, longings, reveries and dreams. For some of you, it may evoke a profound and beautiful déjà vu. Discover the secret teachings of the star beings.
  • The Fractal Key: Shamanic Journeys, Spiritual Entheogens and Psychedelic Healing

    by Stephen Shaw
    The Fractal Key reveals the secrets of the shamans. This handbook for psychonauts discloses the techniques and practices used in psychedelic healing and transcendent journeys. What if everything you believe about yourself is not true? What if your convictions about life are challenged and start to crumble? What if on the other side of your ideologies exists deep, abiding happiness? What if your true nature is eternal with lifetimes on celestial worlds and Atlantis?
  • The Tribe: Ecstatic Tantra and Sacred Relationships

    by Stephen Shaw
    The Tribe expounds the joyful creation of new Earth. What happened after the legendary battle of Machu Picchu? What is Christ consciousness? Who are the Gifted? What is Ecstatic Tantra and Kundalini? Discover the love of soul mates and intimacy of kindred spirits. Celebrate a new way of life: One Tribe. One Love. One Planet. My books provide mystical and connected paths toward transcendent knowledge, deep fulfilment, peace and joy. The Tribe is the third book in the trilogy comprising 5D - Star ... more
  • Star Child: Divine Tantra and Magical Shamanism

    by Stephen Shaw
    Star Child heralds the profound, dramatic changes on Earth. Magical shamans in Africa and Peru. Divine Tantra of Shiva and Shakti. Retrieval of powerful sacred objects and ancient technology. Mastering the ethereal sacred multi-dimensions. Return of the gods and goddesses of light. The ultimate battle of light versus darkness at Machu Picchu. My books provide mystical and connected paths toward transcendent knowledge, deep fulfilment, peace and joy. Star Child is the second book in the trilogy c... more
  • 5d: Mystical Teachings from The Fifth Dimension

    by Stephen Shaw
    5D is the Fifth Dimension. Discover ethereal doorways hidden in the fabric of space-time. Who is the Time Lord? Who are the Arcturians, Pleiadeans and Greys? Who gave birth to the Buddha? Who killed John Fitzgerald Kennedy? What is the origin and purpose of Area 51 (aka Paradise Ranch)? How deep down the rabbit hole are you willing to go? My books provide mystical and connected paths toward transcendent knowledge, deep fulfilment, peace and joy. 5D is the first book in the intriguing trilogy com... more
  • Reflections: Handbook for Spiritual Awakening

    by Stephen Shaw
    Reflections offers mystical words for guidance, meditation and contemplation. Open this handbook for spiritual awakening and unwrap your daily inspiration. Unlike my other books, this is not a novel. You will discover one succinct spiritual teaching on each magical page. Ideal to carry in your bag or rest on your bedside table.
  • The Other Side: A Journey Through The Afterlife

    by Stephen Shaw
    The Other Side explores the most fundamental question in each reality. What happens when the physical body dies? Where do you go? What happens between lifetimes? Open your perception. Expand your awareness. Travel the multi-dimensions. Journey deep into the Mystery.
  • They Walk Among Us: Angels, Love and Relationships

    by Stephen Shaw
    They Walk Among Us is a love story spanning two realities. Explore the mystery of the angels. Who are the Guardians, Messengers and Keepers of the Light? Discover the secrets of Love Whispering for a fulfilling and joyful romantic relationship. Surrender into your heart. Immerse into Love in all its forms.
  • Heart Song: Creating Your Reality, Manifesting Your Dreams

    by Stephen Shaw
    Heart Song takes you on a mystical adventure into creating your reality and manifesting your dreams. What if an Atlantean goddess offered you the secrets to attaining a fulfilled and joyful life? Are you willing to unveil the keys to shifting your reality? Are you ready to journey into an exquisitely beautiful new world?
  • I Am: A Journey To Spiritual Enlightenment

    by Stephen Shaw
    I Am is the worldwide bestselling mystical book reflecting a 3-year spiritual adventure with enlightened masters through South Africa, Egypt, Bhutan, The Maldives, Italy and Peru. The profound teachings point the way to love, peace, bliss and freedom, encouraging a transformation of consciousness and spiritual awakening.
  • Mool Mantra the Spiritual Path to God

    by Paul Kalra
    Website: More than a third of Americans and Europeans say they are spiritual, but not religious, according to Pew Research Center. Spirituality was a religion without ritual or priesthood. Mool Mantra—the spiritual path to God will help you connect and harmonize directly with God without priests, rituals or holy books. Guru Nanak, the first Sikh guru has revealed to us the nature of the infinite truth in the Mool Mantra. An all-loving, inclusive, non-jud... more
  • Pull Your Self Together

    by Rebecca Whitecotton
    Imagine that you could interact with alternate versions of yourself and find out what happened on the road not taken. While on a healing journey to resolve a painful past and rekindle her spiritual connection, Rebecca realizes she can reach into parallel worlds and pull her alternate selves together into a team that experiences every possibility life has to offer. Together, they discover the multidimensional wholeness of the Higher Self, connect more fully with spirit, and create a new way of lo... more
  • The Reincarnation of Life: The Cycle of the Soul

    by Jeffrey Peters
    Before we begin to explore reincarnation, we first need to understand what reincarnation is and where it originates from. In basic essence, reincarnation can be seen as the cycle of incarnation or the embodiment in flesh, of a soul that moves from one life to the next. For us to understand the concept of reincarnation we need to understand the law of cyclic change, this is the law that governs all changes in life and can be seen as the never-ending cycle between life and death and death and life... more
  • 60 Christian Traits

    by Tracy Taylor
    Sixty Christian Traits is more than just a book. It is an example of lessons learned (or of lessons needed to be learned). People throughout history that have portrayed these traits have accomplished great things. You too can accomplish great things in your life, if you have the basic building blocks needed to build a strong foundation.
  • Not To Spoil The Ending... but everything is going to be ok

    by Naomi Brickel
    The sudden unforeseen death of Naomi’s 15-year-old son Adam plunges her into painful shock and darkness. Over time, lights - presented in the stories, signs, dreams, and friends who connect - begin to unveil heartening messages that could only be from him, penetrating even the intensity of her motherly despair. Adams’ Hashtags provide lessons about Joy presented through the recollections of kids who knew him in their recorded messages in a funeral visitation book. Beginning with harsh details of... more