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  • Inside/Outside: A Retrospective Memoir of Addiction and Recovery

    by Ryan Glenn
    Inside/Outside is an inside look at the monster that is addiction and alcoholism. The book holds perspective of both the addict, and the affected family member. Addiction affects everyone, whether we notice it or not. Take a journey inside the mind of an Alcoholic as he journeys from active alcoholism, struggling with rendered relationships, suicidal ideations, and regret, to treatment where he begins to rebuild, to recovery where he begins to inspire others and use his story to save lives. The ... more
  • BLACK ISRAEL: The Unending Experiment.

    This is the story of an African whose oppression in the hands of the wicked leads him to the TRUTH (about life, the universe, and ultimately; the scriptural truth which enables him, along with interrelated scenes in sundry distant parts of the world(the Tibetan monastery) to determine the very year of Armageddon, its cause ,and how to avert it. Thriving amid the workings of African politics and driven by and from the Church, Kwamé Maxwell makes a temple of himself and repudiates the basis of ... more
  • Author

    by A.S. Roper
    SMART KIDS ROCK Ages 4-7 is a juvenile children’s picture book appropriate for preschool and kindergarten age. This picture book has colorful pictures of black, white, and brown children smiling and enjoying school. This picture book is designed to get boys and girls excited about school. This book shows children that they all have superpowers that can make them a school Rock Star.
  • In the Shadow of God’s Love

    by Leelia Carolyn Cornell
    Do you hunger to have a deep, personal relationship with God? Do you long to know more of His character? Do you need to find more of His peace, love, and mercy? Do you want more strength to face the challenges and trials of life and emerge victorious? God is so awesome it is impossible to confine Him to mere words. No two people relate the same way to God, and God is fresh in His dealings with each individual. Yet His character is constant and eternal, the same yesterday, today, and forever. We ... more
  • From Science to Spirituality

    by Neil C. Griffen
    The book starts out with an explanation of the scientific method. It traces the history to the present day. Then it explains why science cannot explain everything such as how the brain works, psychic phenomena and life after death.
  • Beyond Mere Belief

    by Greg Van Arsdale
    This book is for those who have ever questioned the answers the Church gives regarding the soul, spirit, salvation, sin, Heaven, Hell, God and the like. The Church is not wrong in these matters, just not educated on the latest developments in science that lead to better answers. If pressed, the Church either states “just believe” or “we’re not supposed to understand” or it tends toward metaphors to explain crucial concepts we really need to fully understand before the End of Time. Many people wi... more
  • Seriously! Are We There Yet?!

    by Paolina Milana

    "Seriously! Are We There Yet?! is here to remind you of the power to course-correct along your journey by embracing new choices, beliefs and actions. This book will guide you back to your heart - it's a gem!"

    - Nancy Levin, author of Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free

    Finally! A picture book for the kid that's still inside each of us.

    "Seriously! Are We There Yet?!&qu... more

  • The Space Between Us

    by Sarah Anderson
    Tension in our personal relationships are at an all-time high. Dialogue-when it happens at all-is heated. It isn't that we've lost hope in what faith and politics can accomplish in our world. It's that in our polarizing times, faith and politics seem to be leading more to rage than actual change. It's discouraging, disheartening, and disappointing. But it doesn't have to stay that way. Civility is not a pipe dream. Nuance is not unrecoverable. Peace is possible. And it can all start right here, ... more
  • Wisdom of a Mystic: Spiritual Wisdom from a Kundalini Awakening

    by Arazi Pinhas

    Wisdom of a Mystic has a way of inviting silence with each page. It is a creation born of love and devotion, two things the world desperately needs more of" (Valentina Bravo). 

    In this age of quick-fixes and cure-alls that often sound too good to be true, we seem to be turning more and more to spirituality as a way to address the discomforts caused by the current state of the world. But we often forget there is no way to prepackage meaningful e... more

  • Seed: Charged

    by Joshua David
    After a sacrifice, Seed’s judgment relents. The survivors take up the charge of spreading Jess’s message to the world born anew. Sal travels the wastes to protect pioneers and proclaim his good news but soon finds that new evil rises in Seed’s stead. To defend his home and the lives depending on its survival, Sal must confront an advanced enemy bent on enslaving what’s left of humanity. Apart from the spirit that led him to victory, is he strong enough to withstand a storm fueled by his ... more
  • Do You Know The Holy Ghost? The Silent Whisper

    by Ryan Cann
    This audio book is the answer to a question my mother posed to me seven years ago. After experiencing the forward operating base (FOB), I was stationed at overran. I really began to search for the answers to all the questions I had about life. I knew I needed answers for myself. I knew there was only one place to start. I opened the Bible and started reading. This time however I did not fight the story. I chose to listen to the scripture and accept what was being said. As the chapters went on, t... more
  • The Age of Separation

    by Ryan J. Kemp
    The Age of Separation provides a cross-cultural perspective on why our society is so polarized and a holistic framework for how we can mend it. In this delicate and precarious time in human history, we must understand how we can co-create a world that does not create the same patterns that we are trapped in now. They say history repeats itself; this can be called samsara. Drawing on ancient wisdom as well as time-tested experiential pathways of spirituality and interconnectedness, Ryan J. Kemp s... more
  • Walks With The Universe A Journey Filled With Inspiration

    by Ms Chris E. Offutt
    This book follows me on my journey as I walk and the magical moments I have finding coins.
  • Lost In The Lord

    by Richard G Chaber
    There truly is a Heaven and contrary to popular belief, it does not take an elaborate and exhausting effort to enter. We are all humans of the flesh and Jesus' ways are not our ways as He clearly states, for His ways are higher. We cannot possibly live up to those standards and we are not expected to. There is a reason you know right from wrong and good from evil, and it is not from what you were taught, because, how did the teacher know? Human consciousness has no scientific explanation as to w... more
  • 7 Words You Should Know: A Dad's Advice for the Journey Ahead

    by Ward Anthony Dean

    You may have heard someone say "I wish someone had told me that when I was young!" 7 Words You Should Know was written for that person desiring to receive powerful advice in an easy-to-remember, uncomplicated way. With essential principles and thought-provoking insight, it will deliver lifelong lessons and experiences with those you want to prepare for their life’s journey. The author’s hope is that the book will be a catalyst... more

  • Uprooting Fear

    by Aura Camacho-Maas
    A vivid, passionate, clear and cohesive study of introspection, fear, and personality. A journey guided by Spirit into an outwardly dimension through Shamanic, unique experiences of visions and mystic revelations. Beautiful images, passages even physical objects are metaphors for the life-force translating into the personality. In spite of the dark episodes that repeat themselves throughout the ages in the Story of Humanity, this book brings a message of love and hope, faith and trust, which is ... more