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  • Secret Facts about Virgin Mary, the Rosary, Eternal Life, and the Mysterious Power and Supremacy of ''9''

    by Dennis Chikata
    After God had created everything in this world, He later in heaven decided to create the “Rosary” and handed it over to the Blessed Virgin Mary and told Her to bring it down to the world for our use. Why and when did He take this decision? You will soon find out. And so it happened that on the 16th of July, 1208 AD, Mary descended from heaven with this First Rosary and handed it over to a Rev. Father living in Toulouse, France, by name Dominic ( now a Saint); as she was directed to do. Why ch... more
  • Not a Mere Coincidence

    by Kettly Calixte

    Not a Mere Coincidence is a nonfiction spiritual/inspirational book that aims to inspire men and women to realize that we are being assisted by a Higher Being all the time. If we look closer we can interpret our stories in a positive way. Discern our blessings and practicing thankfulness. Gain strength and wisdom.

  • Mustard Seed Thoughts: Fresh Faith and New Life

    by Anita E. Keire
    Mustard Seed Thoughts are: . An undogmatic and reasoned approach to find God today . A minister's thoughts about life, love, good , evil, doubt, and faith . Who or what can we trust . How to confront worldly temptations and spiritual challenges . Bible history and stories . The message of the Bible and how it applies to our everyday life . Struggles with doubt, faith, and the meaning of life . God's grace, love, and forgivenss shown to us through ... more
  • Help is on the Way

    by David Friedman
    In today’s complex and challenging world, we often find ourselves facing problems for which there seem to be no answers. In this practical and inspirational book, songwriter and author David Friedman explores the idea that there are ALWAYS answers, and they often come in ways we don’t expect, if only we are willing to be open to the possibilities. In 1990, David wrote the song, Help is on the Way, in response to the AIDS crisis. First sung by Nancy LaMott, it has since become the theme song for ... more
  • Essence

    by Charles McCormack
    In Essence, Charles McCormack, LCSW-C, using his own life in illustration, makes palpable the constraining effects of an unhappy childhood on imagining who we can become in adulthood, as well as on the capacity to internalize whatever successes we achieve, thus helping to explain the depression, drug abuse and suicidality of many successful people . With unalloyed honesty, McCormack lays bare his essence revealed in the personal and professional ordeals of his life, along with the lessons he’s d... more
  • The First Unibear

    by Kathleen J. Shields
    This happy-go-lucky little Bear cub loves to explore! One day he follows a butterfly into the dark woods where he sees a curious sight and a shimmering light. A beautiful white horse needs help and this tiny young bear hurries to save him. What follows is a magically inspirational tale of what can happen if you follow your heart, have good in your soul, and do good deeds. “Only the pure with good in their soul have the power and magic to see me as whole.” ~ The Unicorn 8.5" x 11" Hardb... more
  • The Day My Heart Turned Blue

    by Karla J. Noland
    The Day My Heart Turned Blue: Healing After the Loss of My Mother After witnessing her mother’s death, Karla J. Noland struggled with the uncertainty of what life would be like without her. Then, while packing up her mother’s belongings, Karla uncovered a collection of journal writings and prayers that changed her life forever. The Day My Heart Turned Blue: Healing After the Loss of My Mother was written for people reeling from the death of a parent and needing encouragement and direction to he... more
  • Church After: Finding transformation in unexpected change

    by Anna Hall
    Change is inevitable. Make it transformational. Discomfort with change blocks transformation in churches and individual Christians every day. Yet the current landscape of church in the US is one of inevitable change: shrinking attendance among committed members, population shifts from rural to urban, and increasing numbers of people for whom church is an afterthought, at best. We have now lived through a period of unrelenting forced changes on congregations due to a pandemic. For those churches ... more
  • God Favors You

    by Tannette Calderon
    In God Favors You, Tannette Calderon relays the timeliness of what we can do to enrich our lives and others. We all have questions of why are we here on Earth and what shall we be doing with our life. We need answers, direction, and guidance. God Favors You touches upon and answers a number of questions, and some of those questions are listed on the back cover.
  • Honoring Our Creator

    by Link Thompson
    To Honor Our Creator by Honoring our Inner ?small? Voice. Then reveal through my life storyline, a memoir for the benefit of my precious Grandchildren and also share with the world, my perceptions of How Our Creator gets things done within His Universe, and the Means that He used to create all that is both tangible and visible, and all that is both intangible and invisible as well. Our Creator created transmutable energy within our Universe, or which can transfer from one form to another, but ne... more
  • Open Eyes, Happy Heart

    by Carolyn Thompson

    "I had been living with suppressed unanswered 'why' questions for years: why would God have allowed my abuse? Why would He have sent me back home when I was 12, rather than rescuing me?" - Carolyn Thompson, Open Eyes, Happy Heart 

    After surviving a hidden history of childhood sex trafficking, Carolyn had a major problem with the idea of God as a loving Father. But God had a purpose in her pain and a plan for... more

  • One Lifetime Is Not Enough

    by Rex Nelson Greenwald

    "One Lifetime is Not Enough" is mostly a true story. However, the essence of the story is about not judging anyone or anything by outward appearances, and that we are to find the inner character and follow the guiding principle of love that God shows and gives each of us willingly. "The world needs this message," said Greenwald.

  • Power of Obedience

    by Hurdis V. Davis-Richardson
    Hurdis V. Davis-Richardson examines the true meaning of obedience and explores the relationship between one’s positive or negative responses.
  • Kindness is My Superpower

    by Alicia Ortego
    This charming story with peaceful rhymes and colorful illustrations will explain to your child that it is okay to make a mistake and say I’m sorry. Lucas will teach your child good manners and positive behaviour at home, at school, in the store, and on the playground.
  • Where Compassion Begins: Foundational Practices to Enhance Mindfulness, Attention and Listening from the Heart

    by Jared Seide
    "Where Compassion Begins" is an invitation to build the muscle of compassion, through exercises and practices that enhance our capacity to listen from the heart and, in so doing, take care of ourselves and those around us. When we listen differently to someone’s story, without judging, we create the conditions for compassion to arise. The practice of council, described and explained in this book, asks us to lean in, to learn ways we can skillfully attend to the pain we recognize in ourselves and... more
  • The Heroic and Exceptional Minority: A Guide to Mythological Self-Awareness and Growth

    by Gregory V. Diehl
    Many people struggle throughout their lives, unable to identify the source of great inner existential discontent. No matter their material comfort or good fortune, they cannot escape the idea that they do not live the lives they ought to. They are not in environments that support their deepest personal growth and development. They are not the people they feel they are meant to be, and the world never works the way they know it could. Every day, exceptional minds like these begin to suspect th... more