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  • This Mystery and I

    by Peter Ingle
    Ideas about enlightenment can be easily misconstrued as a sense of ‘me’ becoming more mindful, more enlightened, and more awake. Learning how to recognize this pitfall and how to circumvent it are the focal points of this book which combines knowledge from non-dualism and the fourth way to explain how awareness is distinct from body, mind, and ego. It examines the makeup of each of these, what ties them together, and the role they all play in the transformation of awareness.
  • Amazing Appellations

    by Kristina Howard-Booth
    Amazing Appellations: Discovering the Names of Jesus explores ninety of Jesus' names in an easy-to-read devotional format broken down into five categories: Gospel Introductions, Prophesied Titles, Names Jesus Gave Himself, Names The Disciples Gave Jesus, and Revelatory Titles. Each name or title reveals an aspect of Jesus' character that will grow your knowledge and relationship with Him.
  • A Higher Road: Cleanse Your Consciousness to Transcend the Ego and Ascend Spiritually

    by D. Neil Elliott
    A Higher Road shares secrets hidden since the beginning of time that bridge the gap between Spirituality and Science. It provides a rational, logical and practical 7-Step process to spiritual ascension. As one reader says... “D. Neil Elliott’s book, A Higher Road – Cleanse Your Consciousness to Transcend the Ego, and Ascend Spiritually, is a treasure. It’s the perfect hybrid of inspirational memoir and empowering self-help book. The first chapters take you on a journey through Neil’s e... more
  • "The Good News File - Hope For A Modern World"

    by D. Lynn Mickleson, MD
    Life has its problems and there are a lot of unhappy people in the world. Every day we face challenges in our jobs, home, family, and personal life. There may be bad things happening but there are also good things that happen on a regular basis. Every day we have a choice about what we think about, be it good or bad. If we focus our thoughts on the good, we will lead successful and healthy mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual lives. If we focus only on the bad we end up depressed and u... more
  • Shapeshifting and Psychic Possession Gangstalking Secrets of The Master Builders of Illusion

    by Eliza M Parr
    This incredible full color large format book affirms the reality of shape shifting, sacred knowledge guarded and kept hidden by the hierachs who have controlled the evolution of worldly illusion since the beginning of civilization. A shocking expose of the inter dimensional aspect of gang stalking/organized harassment and its connection to the Master Builders. Contains the only known genuine footage, in step by step frames, showing the act of human shape shifting-as it occurs. Genuine pho... more
  • Living God's Way

    by Peter Orr
    Jesus' Kingdom parables recontextualized for young imaginations.
  • Find Your Happy

    by Trish Michael
    We all need reminders of how we can see the good and make the best of anything that comes our way, especially now. Find Your Happy puts the power back into our hands at times that we might feel most powerless; from young children coping with trauma, to troubled teens who might need a nudge towards owning their decisions and behavior, to adults who are trying to rebuild their lives and may have forgotten a bit of themselves along their way. Find Your Happy makes finding happiness feel possible. A... more
  • Inhabiting Bliss

    'Inhabiting Bliss' is a delicious collection of compelling narratives and stunning imagery that satisfies our mortal craving for comfort and inspiration, particularly in the light of today’s complex and challenging times. It allows the reader to turn down the noise and immerse themselves into an imaginary landscape of words and creative illustrations that dance across pages and weave morsels of self-reflection into a tapestry of inspiration, encouragement, and possibilities. ‘Inhabiting Bliss’ i... more
  • Charles Darwin's Lost Race and Muhammad's Lost Tribes: Demythologizing the Great Myths


    Considering that religion or belief for anyone who professes either, is one of the fundamental elements in the conception of life, and that either should be fully respected and guaranteed. So says the UN Charter on Human Rights; but Islam has been persecuting Christians for 1400 years. Because we are made of the stuff of the universe the atom was created so that life could command it through the power of thought. Those who live in democracies have freedom of choice and will, but with freedom ... more

  • Fallen Star: A Return to Self through the Eight Limbs of Yoga

    by Molly Chanson
    After being married for ten years and having two children, author and yogi Molly Chanson lives with a nagging feeling that something is wrong. Her suspicion that her husband is having an affair is further complicated by her addiction to alcohol, poor body image, and a lost sense of self. Having first practiced yoga with her mother as a child, Chanson returns to a daily practice and discovers the profound impact that yoga can have on one's physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Fallen Star i... more
  • A Chaplain's Perspective on the 2020-2021 Pandemic (Tragedy, Resiliency, Hope)

    by John Ruiz
    Rev. John Ruiz has written a fantastic book about the 2020- 2021 world pandemic. Take a journey with Rev. Ruiz by reading this book, and get for yourselves as firsthand the experiences of a chaplain who was at the bedside of patients who struggled with COVID, many of whom died without their loved ones or family members around them. Rev. Ruiz has shared story after story the start of the pandemic here in the United States and how his humble reflections evolved into this book. Several months into ... more
  • Contrasting Humility and Pride: Bearing Good Fruit or Bad Fruit

    by Rene Lafaut, MSc.
    This book attempts to understand healthy humility and how it can move us to caring for and loving those people different from ourselves. It does not attempt to give new lists of sins but attempts to set up a paradigm of thought that is faithful to the person of Jesus and the Christian Scriptures that helps us to not demonize any person or any people groups. This book comes out of me working a process of inner transformation as outlined in my book called, "Dismantling the Tree of Knowledge of Goo... more
  • Stoic Stories

    by Neel Burton
    Stoicism by its best stories. This is a book of Stoic stories: stories about Stoics, stories told by Stoics, and stories with a Stoic bent. Snuck between these heroic tales, and exemplified by them, are the main tenets of Stoic philosophy, served up in small, bite-size chunks.
  • Dismantling the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil Within so Love Can Thrive

    by Rene Lafaut
    This book describes a method on how to transform the mind and heart of a person in a way that is loyal to Jesus and the Christian Scriptures. It is done through confession and repentance that involves strategic prayer to God with the help of understanding the many connections between: hurts, fear, pride, selfish love, compulsive-laziness, compulsive-indulgence, coveting, judgments, and selfishness; along with one's visible sins (These connections form a structure called "the tree of knowledge of... more
  • Elemental Forces

    by Mnguni Mabuza
    This Book is not a religious book, not a book of Wicca, witchcraft, a soul trap. It is a friendly tool where you can awaken your kundalini, invoke higher forces to craft your destination by charging your system with eternal fire, positive and natural energies. It is an observance that restores hope, bringing new life to conditions that have, by appearance, been in a state of inertia or inactivity. It is recommended for reversing a static situation, an atmosphere of hopelessness, or an im... more
  • Finding the Way Through Water

    by Roland K. Price
    Finding the Way Through Water explores how water contributes to our understanding of the created world and our Christian beliefs. As an emeritus professor and an ordained priest in the Church of England, Roland K Price explores how water features in the Bible. Important at creation, water brings about global catastrophe, enables escape from slavery, ensures survival in the wilderness, prepares people for worship, and sustains warriors and exiles. Jesus turns water into wine, walks on water, stil... more