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  • The YOU Beyond You

    by Ramzi Najjar

    The YOU beyond you — A book that will change your perception of life

    We always experience life through our subjective perceptions, built-up beliefs, and what we have been taught or told by others and seldomly stop to meditate on the reality which surrounds us.

    Most of our beliefs and perceptions today are nothing but a collection of misleading ideas due to the many blockages in our lives, that hinder to a great extent our understanding of our own reality.... more

  • Mega-Small Church

    by Dr. Stephen A. Robinson
    Why write a book about church growth? There are so many books about how to grow a church and what you need to do and not to do. I have read most of them and while some have helped, most cannot pinpoint exactly what’s required in order to grow an effective ministry. This book is not so much about church growth as it is about a journey forward into God’s will. It is more about staying the course despite setbacks and discouragements. It’s about perseverance - one of those words church planters o... more
  • The Bible Is a Single Book

    by H Doyle Smith
    The Bible is more than just the collection of sacred texts. The Bible tells of God’s powers—God is omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent—and more. Most people think the Bible is simply a written recording of anecdotes of God and his interaction with humans and the testament of his power. But there is more to the Bible than just history of God’s greatness. Everything we need to know to be saved are all in the Bible. The scholars have excluded the apocrypha, supposedly preserving the teachings tha... more
  • Soul: Inspirations Breathed Through My Heart

    by Marilyn Lee
    It is easy to lose one's drive in life in times of distress, and at this time in history, distress abounds. It does not only come from one’s personal dilemma, it can come from outside forces such as news, politics, society’s expectations, and more. How does one carry on with their journey in life when it seems negativity comes at them left and right? Through inspirations—one carries on with life through inspirations. These can come from anywhere as well, starting with one’s own thoughts and i... more
  • Neglected Love

    by Juanita Cunningham
    Young Siniyah was lost, broken, and discouraged. She wanted to be in the music videos and model because she thought it would complete her. She had several opportunities to sell out to darkness at the age of 18. However, God had a different plan, he loved her too much to lose her to the devil. She was never taught the proper standards in how to choose men, therefore she made a lot of mistakes in her choices of men. Neglected Love delves more into various supernatural occurrences and ways to de... more
  • Religion Or Relationship

    by Patricia N. Mitola
    Matthew 6:33, "But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you." has been her life verse. "My prayer is that the examples presented will lead to a reality of the walk in the Spirit. Perhaps the realization of the need for the relationship with Jesus Christ will be acknowledged and your new life will begin. It should bring peace, joy, and purpose, rather than, "Well, I had my devotions today." You will know His presence as you face every tr... more
  • The Bible Was Not Written in English

    by David Dale Murdoch
    If you have ever witnessed a quarterback in football using a silent count, you can get an idea of what is happening today. No one apart from the members of that team will know when and how to execute the play. This can only be accomplished if the team is proficient and knows what their leader is doing. The reason the silent count is used in most cases is there is too much confusion and noise for the team to hear an audible count. Our Father is not the author of confusion and He does have a plan ... more
  • Exploring Other Lifetimes: Memoir of a Soul's Journey

    by Patty Paul
    Exploring Other Lifetimes: Memoir of a Soul’s Journey, presents the unique stories of more than thirty of Patty Paul's other lifetimes and the living, breathing relationship each one has with the lifetime she is now living. The ties that bind them are the issues and emotions they have in common. The process by which she meets each lifetime, gets to know and understand it, and then integrate it into her greater self—the collective whole, is demonstrated in each chapter.
  • The Story of the Williams Immediate Family , From my Eyes and experiences.

    by andre williams
    My Family and I was very very Tight ,and We had so many Good and Bad Days coming up in the DC Public Schools and on the streets of DC, Living in so much Crime and around so much trouble in the Neighborhood , But with the Spirit of the Lord in Me I keep my sanity '
  • Inside/Outside: A Retrospective Memoir of Addiction and Recovery

    by Ryan Glenn
    Inside/Outside is an inside look at the monster that is addiction and alcoholism. The book holds perspective of both the addict, and the affected family member. Addiction affects everyone, whether we notice it or not. Take a journey inside the mind of an Alcoholic as he journeys from active alcoholism, struggling with rendered relationships, suicidal ideations, and regret, to treatment where he begins to rebuild, to recovery where he begins to inspire others and use his story to save lives. The ... more
  • BLACK ISRAEL: The Unending Experiment.

    This is the story of an African whose oppression in the hands of the wicked leads him to the TRUTH (about life, the universe, and ultimately; the scriptural truth which enables him, along with interrelated scenes in sundry distant parts of the world(the Tibetan monastery) to determine the very year of Armageddon, its cause ,and how to avert it. Thriving amid the workings of African politics and driven by and from the Church, Kwamé Maxwell makes a temple of himself and repudiates the basis of ... more
  • Author

    by A.S. Roper
    SMART KIDS ROCK Ages 4-7 is a juvenile children’s picture book appropriate for preschool and kindergarten age. This picture book has colorful pictures of black, white, and brown children smiling and enjoying school. This picture book is designed to get boys and girls excited about school. This book shows children that they all have superpowers that can make them a school Rock Star.
  • In the Shadow of God’s Love

    by Leelia Carolyn Cornell
    Do you hunger to have a deep, personal relationship with God? Do you long to know more of His character? Do you need to find more of His peace, love, and mercy? Do you want more strength to face the challenges and trials of life and emerge victorious? God is so awesome it is impossible to confine Him to mere words. No two people relate the same way to God, and God is fresh in His dealings with each individual. Yet His character is constant and eternal, the same yesterday, today, and forever. We ... more
  • From Science to Spirituality

    by Neil C. Griffen
    The book starts out with an explanation of the scientific method. It traces the history to the present day. Then it explains why science cannot explain everything such as how the brain works, psychic phenomena and life after death.
  • Beyond Mere Belief

    by Greg Van Arsdale
    This book is for those who have ever questioned the answers the Church gives regarding the soul, spirit, salvation, sin, Heaven, Hell, God and the like. The Church is not wrong in these matters, just not educated on the latest developments in science that lead to better answers. If pressed, the Church either states “just believe” or “we’re not supposed to understand” or it tends toward metaphors to explain crucial concepts we really need to fully understand before the End of Time. Many people wi... more
  • Seriously! Are We There Yet?!

    by Paolina Milana

    "Seriously! Are We There Yet?! is here to remind you of the power to course-correct along your journey by embracing new choices, beliefs and actions. This book will guide you back to your heart - it's a gem!"

    - Nancy Levin, author of Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free

    Finally! A picture book for the kid that's still inside each of us.

    "Seriously! Are We There Yet?!&qu... more