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  • Final Conflict Mysteries of the ages

    by Yisrael Ben yahudah
    the book starts in the book of Revelations13, takes you through the layers of hidden mysteries, origins, the destiny of this world, Hidden Knowledge and Ancient codes Buried deep in Conspiracy Revealed in the ancient text. 36 years of Investigative research dozens of eyewitnesses Historian Genealogist DNA studies that walk you through the mysteries of the ages the Prophecies uncovers from the deep Corruption of Doctrines and religions and western scholars and societies many agenda's to conc... more
  • Aki & Paris

    by Mimi Chester
    The inspiration for this story came from my two pets, Aki and Paris. Both are like little kids: cute, gentle, and very affectionate. And yet, like many kids, they are also silly, cunning, mischievous, and naughty. This could be the real story of an American family?a mom, dad, and their two kids, a boy and a girl. To be more precise, the two kids are not exactly kids but an adopted white puppy and a rescued Maine Coon kitten. The family is as diverse as any other American family today. One of the... more
  • Jesus Throughout Eternity: The Story of the Son of God

    by Rayfiel G Mychal
    Why is Jesus known as the Son of God? Find out how God the Father created the universe for Jesus, with Jesus, and through Jesus. Explore how Jesus has been active throughout eternity serving as our guide and reconciler to the Father. See how Jesus emptied Himself and gave up His divinity so that He could die for us on the Cross and thus uniting humanity back to the Father. Not only that but learn how He has remained with us through the Eucharist and through many saints who have served as Chr... more
  • High On God

    by Matt Spinks
    Welcome to the High on God experience! Are you experienced!? This is more than a book! It’s an invitation into a life-long experience of ecstatic joy and bliss! There are very few books in the world which carry this kind of energy to release holy laughter and a supernatural high! The world is often filled with so much discouragement, depression, and striving just to be happy. This book presents an actual solution in a radical approach to Jesus!! For many, the message of Jesus has not b... more
  • The Irreducible Primary: A Dialogue on Nature, Spirituality, and the Human Condition

    by Rob Taylor
    The Irreducible Primary is an unapologetic challenge to our perspectives on spirituality and how they are applied to the constructs of human conduct. From the very beginning of this book, Rob Taylor guides readers through a deep dive of their inner spaces and reveals the energetic necessity for practicing disciplined mindfulness and meditation activities.
  • My Life as a Mermaid - A Tale to Be Shared

    by Michelle D. Smith
    My Life As A Mermaid is my offering to fellow spiritual seekers in the hope of bring solace to those who always knew a better world should exist. Perhaps, We ARE the ones chosen to bring that better world into reality.
  • In the Shadow of Your Wings (Northshire Heritage Book 1)

    by JP Robinson
    The shadow of the Great War looms over Europe, affecting everyone in its path. Leila Durand, an elite German spy charged with infiltrating the home of British icon Thomas Steele, sees the war as a chance to move beyond the pain of her shattered past. But everything changes when she falls in love with Thomas's son, Malcolm. Is there a way to reconcile her love for Germany and her love for the enemy? Thomas Steele sees the war as an opportunity for his profligate son, Malcolm, to find a pu... more
  • Clouds: On the Wind - Poems for the Soul - A Meditation

    by Gary W. Burns
    Inspirational poetry: Everyone needs some time to explore within and garner self awareness; a time to slow down a busy day and look inward. This book of poetry was written for those seeking personal growth through reflective moments while resting in a poetic harbor of peace and quietude. These inspiring, calming and meditative poems provide a sense of repose and reflective contemplation. You will experience a stress-free and relaxing rhythm flowing through these expressive and calming poems.... more
  • Bridges: To There - Poems for the Mind, Body & Spirit

    by Gary W. Burns
    Inner peace and harmony; this book of poetry was written for those seeking an inner peace through the thoughtful contemplation of harmony. The meditative poems in this inspiring book of poetry will enrich your well-being through peaceful reflective moments. You will experience a stress-free tempo flowing through these expressive and meditative poems. Judith I. Rairigh says, "Your writings do certainly create within the reader a sense of relaxation and thoughtful contemplation." These medit... more
  • Eating From The Shepherd's Table

    by Thomas E Cunningham
    This is a 31 day devotional book.
  • Death, Resurrection and Life, States of a Soul

    by Mercedes Franzone-Morales
    Death, Resurrection and Life is a profound spiritual and real experience of a soul who, by God's grace, love, and mercy was able to see the mighty hand of God guiding her through this journey. It is a living testimony of the process of conversion of a soul with very descriptive details, the spiritual context involving that soul, and the great purification, healing, and liberation taking place to achieve the necessary perfection desired by God. You will encounter a whole spiritual world of appar... more
  • Four in the Garden: A Christian Fantasy about Spiritual Growth and Transformation

    by Rick Hocker

    What would it be like if you were the only human made by Creator and He wanted a relationship with you, but you found it difficult to relate to Him? This award-winning book challenges readers to trust in God in spite of our fears and misconceptions. A compelling, emotional, and thought-provoking allegory of one’s relationship with God.

    In this spiritual fantasy, Creator makes one human, named Cherished. Instead of creating a second human to be a companio... more

  • Quotable Impressions: Printmaking with Inspired Citations

    by Dawn Daisley

    A small book combines quotes from artists, authors, philosophers and cultural icons combined with printmaking to create impressions which have inspired each other. Quotes stimulate, excite, motivate. They touch an emotional pulse point in our soul. Printmaking is a multi-process endeavour and the etchings create magical moments or places.  

  • The Monk Within

    by Beverly Lanzetta

    The Monk Within is written for the person seeking a deeper, contemplative orientation to daily life. Yearning for inner realization of divine wisdom, this "new monk" draws on four interlocking themes: embodied spirituality grounded in the sacred web of life; the mystical path of the feminine, inspired by women's monastic communities; the archetype of the monk that is the deep truth of every person; and the interdependence of the world's wisdom traditions, expressed through i... more

  • Born & Discovering Why

    by Francisco J Silva

    Are you worried you are going to waste countless years or hundreds of dollars in an attempt to find an answer to how to pursue and fulfill your purpose only to feel as if you did not make any progress at all? Do you struggle with understanding why some people are able to fulfill their purpose while the majority of individuals are not so fortunate? Don’t you wish you knew what is holding you back from pursuing and fulfilling your purpose? You are about to discover from start to finish ev... more

  • The Box Top To Life's Puzzle

    by Marcus Hurst
    An introduction is followed by a look at the importance of facing the truth. This is followed by the authors personal explanation of the truth about life and an explanation of what most people think is the truth and why they think that. The last chapters focus on the importance of excepting the truth and living accordingly.