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  • Strength Starts Within You: A Guide to Becoming Your Own Super Hero

    by Joe Bellistri

    Strength Starts Within You is a collection of short stories intended to help the reader become the best version of themselves. I share some of the adversity I faced early in life and how it impacted me into adulthood. Then, how I uncovered the inspiration to make a significant transformation. I use real life experiences and stories to help bring out the best in others.

  • Trinity

    by Joe Gonzalez
    Trinity is the story about Jason Skarr, lead singer for the band Trinity. As a high school kid, he was a musical genius. He learned how to play and mastered all the musical instruments in his high school band. He also sang with his mother in the church choir. He soon started writing gospel and inspirational songs for the church. His dad is a deacon in their church in St. Louis. Jason Skarr is the stage name for Franklin Jay Scarborough. His best friend, Marty, convinces Franklin to change his na... more
  • ioyuyiyiy

    by Adam Turner
  • The Poetic Scriptures of John

    by Michael D. Wester
    The attention of audiences have been captivated by rhythm and rhyme. Who has not appreciated the works of Dr. Seuss or listening to poems that mimic “The Night Before Christmas”? Imagine if the Bible, God’s Word, were put into that format. Would that not also capture attention? Read the following excerpt about the circumstances surrounding the death of Lazarus. Read it slowly and with care. 11:20 When the word had come to Martha That Jesus was coming by, While Mary stayed inside th... more
  • The Power to Choose

    by Tawanda Fuller
    There comes a time in our lives when we know exactly where we would like to be, what we'd like to do, and the person we will one day become. However, the road to where we are and where we end up sometimes blur in comparison. Winding roads and sharp turns, veering left when we should have taken a right takes us to places unimaginable. It has the power to inspire us, empower us and shape us in ways even we couldn't have imagined.
  • When We Were Five: The Diary of an American Family

    by Derek Gray
    When We Were Five features a unique perspective on the harsh realities of continual, untimely deaths, and the never ending perseverance of life. It is the story of one mans quest to break free from 142 years of heart disease , and become the first male in his family to reach fifty. It is an emotional roller coaster as the reader watches the heart disease baton get inevitably passed down to the next male Gray in line, hoping and praying that someone will beat this dreaded monster.
  • Healing: A Conversation

    by Annette Cravera Goggio
    Desperately ill with a brain infection, Ms. Goggio begins a review of her life. Each morning before waking, she finds herself observing a particular time, a particular place in which she views with remorse events that unfold before her eyes. From that review comes a word or phrase that she knows she must write down, so she does, and the conversation begins. She hears a voice talking to her, and she responds, never knowing where the conversation is heading, never editing the words or questioning ... more
  • Who Is God?

    by Batya Shemesh
    For millions of years, God had been creating and destroying many worlds. Finally, the Almighty decided to make a man in His Image. He would give mankind intelligence beyond all other creations. In this new world, God would seek out a friend in a human being with whom He would be able to communicate. He loves His creations and wishes to be loved as a father. In this book, Batya tells the story of how God first approached her. She then writes about God?s point of view on questions of free choice, ... more
  • Christ's 40 Commandments

    by Renee Valverde Wagenblatt
    ARE YOU PREPARED FOR THE ENTRANCE TEST TO HEAVEN? The test may only be a question or two ? Did you love? Do you believe in Jesus Christ? Beyond these basics, the Gospels of the Bible relay many commands concerning how we should conduct ourselves. This text identifies forty commandments given by Jesus. Each is followed by the associated verses located in the Gospels of the Bible. Having the verses assembled together gives a full body of knowledge for each subject area. With over 95... more
  • Just-a-Minute Bible Boosters

    by André N. Symmonds
    Just-A-Minute Bible Boosters draws its energy from the firm belief that the sacred Scriptures reach across the centuries and touch the lives of busy Christians, sharing with them the power of God?s grace to bring healing and strength to all and sundry. The author, Rev. André Symmonds, prepares and offers one-minute messages that air weekly on the radio. This continuing series is the first of its kind in the Caribbean. He has turned those broadcasts into this collection of insightful devotions. G... more
  • 100 days or less to reaching your ultimate happiness: Secrets of the Universe revealed

    by Dr Dan Amzallag
    Wouldn’t it be amazing to have an app for happiness? You just get out your smart phone, click on the app, and—voila—you are happy. If someone can come up with that application and sell it in the market, it would be the most popular download ever invented. Everyone is a creator of that app, and everyone can be happy, but most people need to learn how to increase their level of joy and happiness, and how to focus on the good things in life. Happiness is feeling and a choice; you can choose t... more
  • To Forgive God!

    by Dr Peter Gasiorowski
    Forgiveness is a foundation of Christian faith but what do we mean when we say ' Forgive' Do we really know what forgiveness is about in our relationship with God and others? Do we realize that God in all His generosity, all His lavishly offered grace, God treats forgiveness in a different manner. When it comes to love, God is limitlessly generous. When we search for peace, He gives it to us. When we miss Him, nothing will stop Him. When we look for understanding, He is limited by nothing. Howev... more
  • The Gospel

    by Jongwoo Han
    This book merges and harmonizes the four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John into one. This unified version, which I call ?The Gospel,? is based on the faith that the four different gospels exist in order to form together the complete story of Jesus? life and ministry. I consolidated these sources by identifying common denominators among them as well as parts that are unique to each, and then interweaving it all into a single narrative, using only original texts. This integrated version may... more
  • T.O.P: The Olive Press

    by Dr. Melveena D. Edwards
    THE PROCESS FOR DIVINE PURPOSE? Are you experiencing a press out of measure propelled by life circumstances, emotional wounds, heartache, levels of pain, human sufferings, or stemming from your gifts, and divine call? Do you understand the will of God for your life as it relates to the divine process, your purpose, and destiny? Whether you are afflicted from the cost of the endowment bestowed upon you by God, or from the sheer anointing upon your life, it is for your empowerment, comfort, consol... more
  • Thank You, Me

    by Elena Reznikova
    Have you ever thanked your body for everything that it allows you to do? Follow along as Thank You, Me expresses thanks to our bodies, and say thank you to your eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hands, and feet. Say thanks to your brain and your lungs. And last but not least, say thanks to your heart, because that is the place where the best thank you's start. Written in verse, with full-spread quirky illustrations and memorable characters, this book is a great read-aloud presentation to celebrate the ... more
  • Tell It Well: How to Discover, Own and Share Your Story Well

    by Jennifer Spoelma
    Tell It Well will take you on a journey to reflect on and articulate your unique story. You will be encouraged to identify the ways God is working in your life, then equipped to explain your faith in a meaningful, relevant way. The book is both personal and devotional in nature, creating an open space for you to discover your story as you read. There are curated reflection questions at the end of each chapter to guide you to make personal, real-life connections with the content in the book. ... more