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  • Confessions of a Broken Crayon

    by Natasha Riser
    A car crash that saved her from an abortion, learning how to forgive her mother for abandoning her, and overcoming being violated by her half brother are just a few things revealed in this treasure by the author of "God Loves to Color with Broken Crayons: 100 Inspirations" Natasha Riser. This masterwork apart of her "Broken Crayon" series is a captivating compilation of 7 unique short stories that began as confessions to God, from the depths of a wounded soul. In this bold and colorful gem, Nata... more
  • Prayers of My Mother

    by Carolyn L. Austin
    Prayers of My Mother is a compilation of scriptures, short stories, anecdotes and inspirational prayers. It focuses on life experiences; specifically, backstabbing, deceit, heartbreak, shame, illness, grief – just to name a few. It is a “Life-Changing Healing Project.” Prayers of My Mother will help you survive and thrive! Prepare to be inspired and uplifted.
  • Basic Bible Guide

    by Daniel Paul Kennedy

    Basic Bible Guide (BBG) is a one-of-a-kind study that takes groups or individuals through all 66 books of the Bible making it easy to understand. In a simple, straightforward format BBG highlights the key parts of scripture while connecting the Old and New Testaments through cross-references so it is the Bible teaching itself, no biased opinions or teachings!

  • Jesus Christ in the Eucharistic: A Series of Eucharistic Miracles

    by Rayfiel G Mychal

    “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.” (John 6:35) Before Jesus suffered His Passion, Death, and Resurrection, Jesus promised to remain with us until the end of time. Therefore, Jesus established the Sacrament of the Eucharist where He would become nourishment for us. However, many people have had a hard time believing that the Bread and Wine that we receive at church are truly the Body and Blood of Jes... more

  • 978-1-4809-8709-8

    by Orval Strong
    In less than 50 pages I explain how everything written in the New Testament about the Old Testament is wrong. Also how the Old Testament is just fantastic fiction.
  • A Closer Look at Islam

    by Syed B. Ali
    Religious leaders and reformers have always had a hard time in their day. They have been ridiculed and rejected and many of those who supposedly accepted them have been either weak in spirit or manifest enemies in disguise. Subsequent generations of the faithful have clashed in their understanding of the master?s teachings, spawning the rise of different interpretations. Moses and Jesus were troubled not only by their enemies but also by weak people among the faithful. Islam was not destined to ... more
  • Dying for a Drink

    by Amelia Baker
    Dying for a Drink is a true story of the chaos and hurt caused by an alcoholic. The author, telling her own story, writes of time spent in multiple rehabs, both in the United Kingdom and Sydney, Australia. She writes in the hope that her story will encourage other alcoholics and addicts (which can be anybody addicted to anything)?that they will see in their own stories the similarities rather than the differences. The memoir depicts her rapid decline after she crossed the ?invisible line? and sh... more
  • The Meditation Process: Raja Yoga and Buddhist Shamatha

    by Lyle Olson
    The Meditation Process is a practical study of concentration meditation for intermediate and beginning meditators. Based on many years of wide personal experience and research, this is a close look at what the meditator actually does. Concise, practical suggestions are given for questions about posture, breathing, dealing with thoughts, brain hemisphere functions, establishing one-pointed mind, turning mind inward, relaxation, non-attachment, lifestyle, mantra use, awareness, and obstacles found... more
  • The Book That Never Ends

    by cameron parr
    The Book That Never Ends is designed to help form a bridge between you and your goals. We live in a time where the importance of our work drives out the concern for human need. In our work-consumed lives, many things become objects of worship instead of a reminder of whom to worship. This illusory ideology has fooled us into thinking that false idols will grant us joy. Earthly satisfactions have consumed our complex brains with simplicity and mediocrity. Therefore, those who yearn for substance;... more
  • Cracked Mirror, Clear Reflection: Shatter an Illusion of Perfection

    by Julie Barbera
    A pursuit for perfection may drive you to do more, have more and be more—but at what cost? In Cracked Mirror, Clear Reflection, author and life coach Julie Barbera invites you on a journey from fear and doubt to discover your confidence. After struggling with an illusion of whom and what she should be, clear reflections in her cracked mirror gave her the courage to take a chance. Freedom is on the other side of expectations—freedom from a feeling of not being good enough, fear of what oth... more
  • Creative Divination

    by Renmeleon
    Creative Divination: Read Tea Leaves & Develop Your Personal Code is a workbook consisting of 79 tea reading exercises designed to stir your imagination, nourish your intuition, and unfold your understanding of perception and individual symbols.
  • Defending the Virgin Mary: A Study on Why We Venerate the Mother of God

    by Rayfiel G Mychal
    Why is the Virgin Mary venerated and loved so much by so many people around the world? Why was it that God the Father chose her among so many women to give birth to His only Son, Jesus? Why was it that Mary agreed to accept Jesus and totally surrender herself to the Will of God? Here you will learn how Mary is still involved in our lives. Why venerating her is very important. You’ll understand the difference between praying to God and praying to the Virgin Mary. Find out what the Holy Rosary... more
  • The Empowered Cancer Journey - Knowing, Doing, Surviving, An Intuitive Approach to Healing

    by Carol Lynne Fouad
    This book serves as an inspiration to those who are willing to think and act from outside the box especially when it comes to surviving cancer or other serious illness. The Empowered Cancer Journey reminds us all of our innate ability to overcome the challenges that enter our lives, which very often serve as a wake-up call.
  • A Beginner's ABC of Christian History

    by Bernard Thorogood
    If you have some interest in the story of the Christian Church through the ages but not tackled any of the large, comprehensive volumes that seems daunting, this is a starting point. It provides a brief introduction to over a hundred topics, from Adam to Zionism. The author provides a vivid glimpse of the great movers in church history and the movements that have created the church as it is today. BERNARD THOROGOOD. Born in Sussex, prepared for ordination in the Scotland, and serving as a mis... more
  • The Everyday Gita: A Spiritual Outlook for Life in the Modern World

    by Nirali Shah

    The Everyday Gita captures one of the most important spiritual conversations in the history of mankind – the ancient dialogue of the Bhagavad Gita – and illuminates it in a fresh, modern context. It draws realistic parallels to a breadth of 21st century life conflicts: directly applying Krishna’s enlightening wisdom for the lost Arjuna to each component of our lives today.

    Guiding you through your own unique life situations, like dealing with death, building a career, comprehending ... more

  • The Lifestyle of the Mask in the Church

    by Ivy Early
    God's sanctuary should be a holy place for worship. For He is Holy. The pulpit should be respected as a holy place. We should never disrespect God’s sanctuary. In today’s church, there is too much chatter, bickering, and socializing before the worship service began in the sanctuary. We should enter in with a heart of respect, expectation, Thanksgiving, with a readiness to worship, praise and to receive God’s Word. A mask of pretense and playing church and not taking God’s ways serious has infilt... more