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  • Tears of Joy: An Untold Story of Two Angels

    by Joseph Tristan
    We are born on this earth with an unknown mission. As we mature and develop, our primary objective is to identify our purpose in life. Once we identify our purpose, we can achieve our life's goal so we may live a life filled with happiness and love. Unbeknown to us, angels live among us. Some angels are here to guide, teach, and comfort us throughout our lives, while others help educate and develop our gift of knowledge and healing that will allow us to make life better for others. "Tears of J... more
  • Going Deeper With The Twelve Steps

    by Rene Lafaut

    The Book is a result of my struggling to get ahold of what the Twelve Steps offer. Where is the power coming from? Is there power in certain steps…or is it only by practicing abstinence somehow that brings healing and happiness? This book was written because I was granted freedom in certain contexts by my Higher Power. The Steps I grew to focus on with healthy understanding helped me go further in my walk in this the Valley of shadow of death.

  • Through My Eyes: A Peek Into the Heart of God

    by Alesia Payne
    Through My Eyes a Peek into the Heart of God is a Christian poetry book filled with inspirational and empowering poems and Biblical scriptures. As you read through each poem you will encounter the love that God has waiting for you to overflow from his heart into your life.
  • Love Letters to the Virgin Mary: The Resurrection of King David

    by David Richards
    King David is a mortal man who has spent all his life looking for a love he is unable to satisfy. As the pandemic blossoms its dark pollen over the earth, he sees a picture of a woman on Instagram. Over the course of several months, he comes to understand she is the Virgin Mary reborn, and that he has been resurrected as the God of Thunder to bring heaven to earth, and finally meet his Son.
  • Walking in Light, Living in Love

    by Dothula Baron
    Based on the author's own inner spiritual journey, Walking in Light, Living in Love is a tool for becoming the best person one can be. Walking in Light, Living in Love explores spiritual practices and how they have shaped the author's life. Her message is that we can create a new world, a space filled with peace and harmony, a place where we all live in love and in light.
  • Pastor Dr.

    by Peter Unger
    The Prisoner's Cross delves deeply into Christ's transforming nature through faith and perseverance. An eighty-year-old true story of the tragedy of POW camps and the resilient faith of the men who endured years of mistreatment saves Don Campbell, a seminary student, from the torture of his own doubts and misgivings. When everything is stripped away, Christ's love is all we need to thrive
  • End Times

    by C. Pallaghy
    After Charles was filled with the Holy Spirit he had his first vision about the horrors facing unbelievers. In response, and fearing for his family, he began to soak up the Word of God ‘like a sponge’ under the instruction of amazingly dedicated Bible teachers, over a period of more than 40 years, which is reflected in this book. He is very concerned about complacent Christians presumptuously resting on God’s mercy and benefits unaware that God’s promises are always conditional depending on repe... more
  • Worth the Struggle

    by Megan Poling
    "‘Worth the Struggle’ is designed to help followers of Jesus Christ become more aware of how living life with purpose relates to achieving their destiny. This is an encouraging spiritual handbook based on the author’s journey through personal transformation to live life with purpose.
  • The Donkey Factor: Living a Life Used by God

    by Megan Poling
    "“You are as stubborn as a donkey!” Used as a stand-alone adult devotional or in conjunction with his children’s book, Daniel and the Donkey Factor, this book is sure to forever change the way you look at donkeys-and yourself.
  • God x Basketball

    by Megan Poling
    As you develop your relationship with God, you will learn that while basketball is a lifestyle, it’s not life. God is. This book of basketball-themed devotionals accepts readers where they are and encourages them to continually strengthen their personal relationship with God.
  • Good Morning Henry: An In-Depth Journey With the Body Intelligence

    by Tanis Helliwell


    We are at a time of great change, a time when the old ‘normal’ has disappeared. The great transition that we are undergoing collectively is a dark night of the soul. It’s a time when the anchors of our life are ripped away and we find ourselves adrift in a world lacking meaning and safety. To come out of the dark night we need a new set of values, ... more

  • Madre: The Nun Who Was Mother to the Orphans of Honduras

    by Kathy Martin O’Neil

    One day in 1966, in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, a short, plump nun bent on funding her mission sprinted across the airport tarmac to stop a very rich man's plane from taking off. The help she received from him that day triggered a dramatic chain of events resulting in the rescue and education of tens of thousands of at-risk and destitute Honduran children. Through her network of children's villages, schools, farms, and clinics, the indomitable Sister Maria Rosa Leggol empowered poor Hondur... more

  • My Daily Inspirational Quotes

    by Yolondis Peoples
    My Daily InSpirational Quote Book is Designed to Empower, Encourage,and UpLift others with Hope, and with Peace. I want My Readers to Feel that they're not Alone. To InSpire them to Never Give Up. No Matter What There Circumstances Are.
  • Healing the Breach: Mormonism, Metaphors, and the Pieces of the Puzzle

    by Patrick S. McKay Sr.
    The day is fast approaching when the compilation of the many testimonies manifest in the various branches of His church will be woven together into a beautiful tapestry revealing the effort to which the Holy Spirit has gone, that God might have a happy, and united people. Yet today, the Restored Church is fractured. In this book, author Patrick McKay uses figurative language, common testimony, and prophetic expressions to illustrate the personal conviction, great spiritual truths, and lofty idea... more
  • This Mystery and I

    by Peter Ingle
    Ideas about enlightenment can be easily misconstrued as a sense of ‘me’ becoming more mindful, more enlightened, and more awake. Learning how to recognize this pitfall and how to circumvent it are the focal points of this book which combines knowledge from non-dualism and the fourth way to explain how awareness is distinct from body, mind, and ego. It examines the makeup of each of these, what ties them together, and the role they all play in the transformation of awareness.
  • Amazing Appellations

    by Kristina Howard-Booth
    Amazing Appellations: Discovering the Names of Jesus explores ninety of Jesus' names in an easy-to-read devotional format broken down into five categories: Gospel Introductions, Prophesied Titles, Names Jesus Gave Himself, Names The Disciples Gave Jesus, and Revelatory Titles. Each name or title reveals an aspect of Jesus' character that will grow your knowledge and relationship with Him.