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  • Water Drop Journeys

    by Tan Eng Chew
    Water Drop Journeys is an easy-to-read, full-colour illustrated book that tells a tale of love & kindness through a tiny water drop. The story contains themes of interconnectedness with nature interspersed with short passages of guided mindfulness meditation. This story brings the reader on an inward journey towards finding peace and self-acceptance. It also reminds us that all we have is now. Audio guides of the seven mindfulness meditations are also found within the book.
  • The Purpose of Life

    by Mark Kolodzeij
    We need to know how we relate to others, the purpose of various institutions including marriage, government, the justice system, education and work.
  • Book of Testimonies: Ten testimonies that will change your life!!

    by Claire Arene-Ikedi

    This book of testimonies will help you stay encouraged and demonstrate the effectiveness of prayer in the midst of whatever challenges or trials you may be going through. It is written from a Christian perspective but will help and inspire anyone facing a difficult situation. 

  • Awakening Your Soul's Truth

    by Anya Goode
    In Awakening Your Soul’s Truth, Anya Goode guides the reader on a life-changing journey that brings the spiritual seeker to a deep and profound understanding of the self, and provides a unique avenue to achieve a more fulfilling, abundant, and meaningful life. This powerful book breaks down complex spiritual concepts in a practical and easeful way for readers who are seeking growth, healing, and spiritual development. In this debut work, Anya teaches the reader how to work with beliefs, challeng... more
  • The Purpose of Life

    by Mark Kolodzeij
    People are made in the image of God. What does this mean? In order to understand why we were created we need to understand who God is. Once we understand who God is we need to identify how we fit into this picture of creation and who we are. Finally we need to know how we relate to others, the purpose of various institutions including marriage, government, the justice system, education and work. When we integrate Who God is, Who am I, and who are we, we can understand our purpose in life and how... more
  • Absolute Truth

    by Joab Russo
    Is there any trauma or lack in your life? Recurring and undesired challenges you just can’t seem to be able to solve? Perhaps you lost someone close to you, and find it difficult to recover, accept and move on. Maybe you are trying so hard to find that special someone, or that coveted job or career, or even just some genuine meaning in your daily routine, yet achieve little to no success or fulfillment in doing so? Does everyone else around you seem to have some or all of it figured out, while y... more
  • The Little Book of Big Knowing

    by Michele Sammons
    If this little book has made its way into your life, you can trust that it wasn't by accident. This happy coincidence is a nudge from the Universe to remind you that you are awesome. Each chapter is filled with tiny bursts of insight to nourish your heart, warm your Soul, and help you to remember your true-self. If you find yourself asking big, deep life questions like, "What's my purpose?" and "Why am I here?" then you'll want to curl up with The Little Book of Big Knowing. Inside you'... more
  • Peak Mindset

    by Said Hasyim

    Harness your subconsciousness to improve all aspects of your life, from financial security to satisfying living.

    Do you feel unhappy despite all your achievements? Does stress consume your life? Are you struggling for happiness while living a meaningless life?

    Discover the fundamental lessons of self-mastery that will enable you to shape your destiny:

    • Quick ways to exploit the power of your subconscious mind that makes world's greatest achievers... more
  • 77 Ways to Pray with Your Kids

    by Jerry Windley-Daoust
    If you have a nagging sense that you should be praying with your kids but don't know where to begin, this book is for you. 77 Ways to Pray with Your Kids offers short, practical explanations of the many ways Catholics pray. While not all the prayer styles will become a permanent part of your family's prayer life, trying different types of prayer is a great way to introduce your kids to the wealth of prayer practices available. Along the way, a handful of these might become part of your family's ... more
  • The Testament of Truth and the Last Prophecy

    by Terence
    Bless you O Lord for your infinite wisdom and Divine Mercy -Salvation- only through non-retaliation
  • Dialogues with Yeshua and Mary Magdalene

    by Mercedes Kirkel

    In this true story, a former priest asks Yeshua and Mary Magdalene his unresolved questions about the Bible, the Church, and New Age spirituality. Yeshua and Mary’s profound answers—channeled by Mercedes Kirkel—lead the former priest on a transformational journey to love. Experience Yeshua and Mary Magdalene showing the way, just as they did 2000 years ago!

  • Animal Teachings 2

    by Joanne Lefebvre Connolly
    What is your and your pets’ life mission? What foods should you and your pets eat? Which animal were you in your past life and how is it shaping who you are today? Did your pet live as a human before? Do you have a twin soul or a soulmate in your life? What are the four most difficult skills to master as a human being? How can you clean up your life for maximum health benefits for you and your pets? What are the best ways to strengthen your and your loved ones’ immune system? How can you follow ... more
  • Animal Teachings: From Hayley's Angels Methods

    by Joanne Lefebvre Connolly
    Why do we (animals and people) get sick? Is there a relationship between emotions, our mind set and our physical body? Does everything happen for a reason? How can we learn from an illness or a difficulty in our life? Do you listen to the signs of guidance in your life to make better decisions? What are Animal Communication and Intuitive Medicine, and how much can they help you and your pet live better, with maximum health and happiness, as well as facilitate the transition into the Afterlife, w... more
  • The Black UU Survival Guide: How to Survive as a Black Unitarian Universalist and How Allies Can Keep It 100

    by Xolani Kacela

    Unitarian Universalist (UU) colleagues and members dedicated to racial justice and reconciliation in congregational life will greatly benefit from reading The Black UU Survival Guide. You will gain a new understanding of the steps essential for bridging the racial and cultural gaps between Black UUs and UU allies.

    The Black UU Survival Guide provides new insights about African Americans seeking right relationship with majority white UU congregations. It accompli... more

  • The Bible is not for Children

    by Chaim Bezalel
    The year of the pandemic was the strangest and most productive year ever. I belong to a group that discusses the weekly portion of the Torah. When in Israel, I also belong to a ceramics workshop held in the community center. Inspired by these two activities, I wrote a book which combines poems and images of sculptures called "The Bible is not for Children." It deals with the difficult parts, which most people pass over. For example, the poem on the book of Numbers begins: "Numbers is a diminishi... more
  • Angel in the Kitchen 2: A Second Helping of Wit & Wisdom Inspired by Food, Cooking, Kitchen Tools and Appliances!

    by Tom English and Wilma Espaillat English
    TOM & WILMA’S FAMILY OF ECCENTRIC KITCHEN ANGELS IS BACK! Meet Garbo, our tough-guy garbage pail, the crusty and outspoken Signor Panini, and Mr. Freeze, star of “The Big Thaw.” Learn why Katie the kettle frequently shrieks, and discover the curious link between pineapples and hospitality. These are just a few of the “kitchen angels” eagerly waiting to greet you within.Grab a cup of tea, find a comfy chair, and indulge in a second helping of witty and wise articles inspired by food, cooking, and... more