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  • Inspirational Explosion from Deep Within

    by Leroy Hubbert
    A question was asked in my dream sometime in January 2014, but blessings of his word that I might share it came in the morning hours that led up to making new changes once again. Amen! As one hand reaches out to close the doors of inequity and despair, the other hand (right hand) of fellowship is extended to grasp a sincere understanding of joy, knowing the desires of your dreams are at hand. As I looked at life and sat in counsel, breathing new levels of hope and deliverance, I found joy in the... more
  • Not off the Hook at 491

    by Lora Renée Hubbard
    Relationships-casual or intimate-can be riddled with turmoil and betrayal. Ask the Stephens family. Readers are invited to peer behind the curtain of this affluent New York family to discover hearts encrusted with unforgiveness. Through a series of startling twists and turns as well as the unexpected influence of others, they struggle to forgive one another, forgive themselves, and even accept forgiveness from God. Keeping score of offenses and guarding our unforgiving hearts can feel as natural... more
  • Journey to Peace: 31 Devotions Through the Grief of Miscarriage, Stillbirth, or Other Pregnancy Loss

    by Keanna Barnes

    Have you experienced a painful and heartbreaking miscarriage, stillbirth, or other pregnancy loss? Do you suffer silently while trying to heal on your own? Have you buried your emotions in order to escape them?

    Journey to Peace allows God’s word to penetrate the very depths of your soul along a 31-day path of carefully chosen bible scriptures, honest thoughts, and exercises that help you achieve the peace that surpasses understanding. Through her own loss, Keanna shows you how to find p... more

  • Prema Rasa Siddhanta: Philosophy of Divine Love

    by Jagadguru Kripalu Ji Maharaj
    Every living being desires and seeks happiness. What is true happiness and how can it be attained? Unless we have the right answers to these vital questions, we will never attain true happiness. There have been many authorities on Hinduism who have written various books, based upon their experiences, which largely appear to contradict each other. Reading these texts, a reader cannot arrive at any decisive conclusion, and in fact can become even more confused. The remarkability of Prema Rasa Sidd... more
  • Transparent: How to See Through the Powerful Assumptions that Control You

    by David W. Richardson, Jr.
    The faith of atheists -- revealed in their assumptions Oxford University-educated apologist Dave Richardson starts the conversation with non-believers with this fact: We all make assumptions; some are true though most are not, and they control us, yet we don’t know what assumptions we make or how they affect us. And all are inherently religious, even those made by atheists. His intriguing ideas have been praised by Ravi Zacharias and Josh McDowell, and he’s even created an app to help people qu... more
  • 978-1-4502-1814-6

    by Jenny Sidri
    Today's busy and burdened population can find stress relief and re-energized purpose in each moment by recalling words of Christ to guide daily choices. Author employs daily meditation, thought training and. personal inventory to develop conscious self-awareness. Using the Master's words and universal truths, this volume lights the path to discovering a new sense of well-being and spiritual living. Constant Christianity can help readers recognize the beauty of developing sterling character,... more
  • Ava's Grateful Bears

    by Douglas Bratt
    Looking for a way to connect with his granddaughter, Ava's grandfather secretly places a large box under the Christmas tree. Within that box is a collection of over 100 Grateful Dead dancing bears. Over the next seven years, a connection grows between granddaughter, grandfather and that magical collection of bears...a connection that takes all of them on a special journey together. A Grateful journey. A Christmas story for any time of the year...and a bedtime story...for grandparents.
  • O circo das sombras

    by Cibeli da Rocha Hirsch
    Uma grande mudança urge no atual momento em que se encontra a humanidade. A busca por culpados e por bodes expiatórios para não olharmos para nossas próprias mazelas não está funcionando. Chegou a hora de olharmos para dentro de nós mesmos e visitar os lugares mais escuros e escondidos do nosso ser. Somente assim seremos luz e encontraremos a paz. O planeta virou um palco de guerras porque há uma grande guerra que ainda não foi travada, a mais importante de todas, a guerra que existe dentro de ... more
  • Don't Hate Celebrate

    by Tony Hayes
    Author and ordained Elder, Tony Hayes expounds on the story of the prodigal son from the Bible. Elder Hayes shares some of his testimony along the way to inspire others. We serve an awesome God. He saw us in our lost state but Christ didn't give up on us. Don't Hate Celebrate because God is love, and He loves humanity.
  • Maid India

    by Laveena
    About - Maid In India! Hi, I'm Maya and my story is releasing this week. The story revolves around the life of two people: Maya, a housewife, who is in search of a story that can make difference in millions of lives Pooja, 15 years young intelligent maid, lonely and emotional-insecure, yet hopeful to unite and support her young siblings one day. Both have their own set of responsibilities, but what happens when these two meet together? Maid In India! Is a story that will reaffirm ... more
  • How to Know The holy Spirit

    by Rita Montes Martin
    True stories of my own experience with the Holy Spirit. Example How to /recognize when your Prayers are Answered. Stories of having a problem I didn't know how to solve and the Holy Spirit helped me many time
  • My Daddy Loves Me: Just the Way I Was Made to Be

    by Jason Greenaway
    My Daddy Loves Me: Just the Way I Was Made to BE by Jason J. Greenaway is an inspirational and exciting story that shares the precious relationship between a father and daughter. Jason insightfully shares the value and power words can have in the development of children. Follow a daughter’s extraordinary journey of discovery and growth as she blossoms into a child brimming with hope. Your heart will be touched and your mind will be refreshed by this practical, relevant and uplifting story filled... more
  • An Undeniable Secret (Amish Secrets #4)

    by J.E.B. Spredemann
    Saloma Troyer, the oldest of eight children, is shattered when calamity visits her family. As she attempts to pick up the pieces and move on, a stranger appears on her doorstep, and a secret is discovered that will change Saloma's life forever. William Griffith is certain Sally is the one God has planned for his future wife, but there's one little problem. She's Amish. Can they work through their differences and forge a life of love, or will a secret from the past destroy any chance of a happi... more
  • Amish by Accident

    by J.E.B. Spredemann
    Elisabeth Schrock seeks a life outside of her Amish community. Two years later, when Elisabeth's look-alike Brianna Mitchell loses her memory, she is mistaken for her Doppelganger and taken back home to Pennsylvania Amish country.