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  • Hearing His Voice - Meeting Jesus in the Garden of Promise: A Devotional Journey of Encouragement

    by Meredith Swift
    A time of recovering from a divorce, burnout and the mystery illness of her autistic daughter was also a time of especially close communication with the Lord Jesus. These communications brought hope, love, healing and encouragement, transforming a time of huge stress into a time of great blessing. This is a transformational work of faith-filled inspiration and joy.
  • Fighting Depression with Buddhism Holidays Collection

    by Michael Boyajian

    A holidays collection of two depression and Tibetan Buddhism classics, Into the Bright Light of the Sun and Fighting Windmills and Depression.

  • Uniquely Peculiar

    by Paulette Geddes
    Paulette chose “Uniquely Peculiar” as the title of her book in reference to the bible verse 1 Peter 2:9. With the turning of each page, the reader gets a deeper glimpse into Paulette's transformation into a "uniquely peculiar" being. It compels us to look at ourselves to see the "uniquely peculiar person in all of us. The book is thought-provoking, and covering topics such as faith, guidance, race, love, and current events.
  • Cooked on the Outside, Raw on the Inside: The Struggle to Wait on God's Timing

    by Ken Bosket

    In Cooked on the Outside, Raw on the Inside, Ken Bosket gives us a unique view of our quest to understand God’s timing. How long do we have to wait and how much do we have to endure? To answer the question, Bosket uses culinary analogies: God is the Head Chef preparing a meal for us, and the appetizers, soup, salad, entrées, and desserts are all part of our spiritual journey.

    Just as careful food preparation is crucial to cooking a good meal, we must be patient when waiting... more

  • Gratitude & Grace: A Divine Guide for Being Human

    by Indigo Sky
    Gratitude & Grace is a practical guide for honoring your intuition, embracing your sensitive self and learning to see them as sacred gifts to be enjoyed.
  • Who Created the Definition of Beauty?

    by Doris Dancy-Whiteside
    Who Created the Definition of Beauty? is for anyone who needs reassurance, and it reminds us all that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Author, Doris Dancy-Whiteside invites of to love everything about ourselves, knowing that we are created just as God intended.
  • The Reminder

    by mohammed rashid
    the book emphasizes the life after death and how to navigate life on earth to achieve success in the hereafter. it is informative on different aspects of life where we must be cautious and serious.
  • Mary Throughout Infinity: The Story of the Mother of God

    by Rayfiel G Mychal
    Why did St. Gabriel the Archangel tell Mary that she was full of grace? Why did God the Father choose Mary to be the Mother of His only Son? The Virgin Mary has been known throughout the centuries as the Mother of God. However, there is so much more to Mary and the mystical connection she has to God and to humanity. There are many different opinions and beliefs about the Virgin Mary that many people do not fully understand or appreciate. This book tries to answer those questions and more by teac... more
  • Peace Is a Choice You Make

    by Erin Sullivan
    Young Kate feels sad, mad and even sick in her belly after witnessing a day of hurtful words towards herself and others. She longs for a way to bring peace to herself and to those around the world. No sooner does she ask the question how, when Patsy, the crow, flies in with wise words that put Kate on a path towards peace. Peace is a Choice You Make, is a whimsically illustrated book that persuades us to choose love and peace as a we make our way in the world. The author includes “Peacework Exe... more
  • Making Your Own Trail

    by Daniel Martin Molliver
    I want to help people so much to see and know how to get out of hell on earth for that is just. The relentless; defended flag will shake the foundation of what the flag stands for. We will make America?s freedom ring with the great flag on top.

    Humbling yourself in bed every night, for always looking up to the Lord, for any thing is possible with the Lord that makes everything for his own purpose, for love of life and making your own trail for life given to a person. Are you an American... more
  • The Learning Project, Rites of Passage

    by Lincoln Stoller
    What's it like to become fully human? In The Learning Project people of all ages and backgrounds recount lives of ecstasy, tragedy, success, and despair. Welcome your rites of passage, because without them you are unchanged. The Learning Project is a search for the kind of learning that is most important. It presents 35 in-depth interviews with people of all walks of life coming from different economic backgrounds, races, cultures, and political perspectives. Each person answers the question... more
  • Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine: The Story of Jesus and How It Applies to Us in the Twitter Era

    by R Christian Bohlen
    Finally! A delightfully simple, fresh approach to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ for today’s adults and youth. Watch it all happen on this historically accurate guided tour through Jesus’s life—like you are there—from birth to resurrection. With love, hope, and humor, come to know Him as a real person. Watch as He dramatically unveils Himself as the God of all creation and the Savior of the world. Find insights and solutions for even your toughest, modern problems. No matter wher... more
  • On Purpose: Finding Yours

    by Lana J Thomas

    On Purpose exposes many unusual aspects of an intensely free spiritual expereince. The story travels through time and space, through dimensions of reality and designs for our lives. On Purpose awakens the spirit and enlivens thought in a unique and uplifting message about the purpose of life. 

  • 5 MInutes of Yoga

    by Monetta Wilson
  • Yoga with Aunty Mo

    by Monetta Wilson
    The book “Yoga with Aunty Mo” is a delightful little book that children and parents will like. It teaches the joy of yoga in a simple story that is easy to understand. In this love letter to children Monetta takes the child on a journey through a simple yoga routine that can be practiced daily. Set in the village of Mon Repos, the book is full of colorful images of children practicing yoga and enjoying nature. Yoga with Aunty Mo will leave children of all ages feeling calm and relaxed; making i... more