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  • Counting on the Cowboy

    by Karen Foley
    It will take all he has to keep her safe Luke Claiborne is back in Last Stand, Texas, after a combat injury ends his career as a military K9 handler. Without his working dog by his side, he’s lost his purpose – until he meets a sexy wildlife rehabber who seems determined to save every animal in town. When she puts her own life at risk in the process, it’s clear to Luke that she’s the one who needs rescuing. Before long, his new mission is to show her how perfect they could be together. Jor... more
  • Swipe Right for a Cowboy

    by Karen Foley
    Uptown girl Emmaline Claiborne needs a man, and not just any man. She needs the kind of man who can make her lying, cheating, no-good ex-boyfriend insane with jealousy. The same ex-boyfriend who is now engaged to her sister, and whose extravagant wedding she must suffer through in just three weeks’ time. She selects the perfect candidate through an online dating app, but instead of the smooth, sophisticated software magnate she expects, a rugged cowboy shows up instead. He’s the complete opp... more
  • Heart of the Mountain

    by Elaine Dodge
    For Hope and Luke, Harcourt’s Mountain is their haven of happiness, and the last thing Hope wants is to leave. When Luke’s father suffers a stroke, they have no choice but to rush to his side. They head to Boston not realizing they’re about to face their toughest challenge yet. Family can be everything, but Luke and Hope soon discover it can also threaten that which you cherish most. Faced first with Luke’s family, and then her own, the long reach of vengeance turns their world into a ni... more
  • Harcourt's Mountain

    by Elaine Dodge
    Spring 1867. Luke Harcourt has made a home for himself on a mountain in the wild Canadian forests. On a supply run to town, he comes across the Bride Ship. One of the women catches his eye; although dirty, her clothes speak of a gentle refinement and her eyes of desperation. Luke knows he can't leave her there. He buys her on a whim, compelled to save her from a life of prostitution and slavery. Hope Booker is terrified when she's sold. But Luke allays her fears by promising not to touch h... more
  • Inevitable

    by Kristen Granata
    "Inevitable is a modern-day take on Romeo & Juliet with a much more satisfying ending." The job was clear: Get in, get what I need, and get out. It should’ve been easy. It could’ve been effortless. I wasn’t supposed to fall in love with the enemy’s daughter. Long raven hair and dark mischievous eyes drew me in. Her feisty attitude and caring heart kept me there. Her pain called out to mine and out souls entwined. Now I’m in so deep, I don’t know which way is up. If my father finds ... more
  • Defiant

    by Ursula Sinclair
  • I Would Never...But If I Did

    by Maria Ann Green
    Taryn Sams has had seriously bad luck with love. She doesn't believe in it. That is until she falls for two men. One was her first love, who might deserve a second chance. The other is his best friend. When she can't decide, she starts seeing both. But it only get's harder to choose from there. Can she make a decision and heal her heart in the process?
  • The Cost of Atonement

    by G.S. Carr
    Can’t a lady dedicate her life to serving others without the encumbrance of a husband? A year ago, Virginia’s closest friend was kidnapped and sold into slavery. Since, then she has dedicated her life to the abolitionist efforts and fighting for change in America. But when an opportunity to be a Conductor comes wrapped in the condition of marriage, Virginia finds herself giving in to the one thing she swore she’d never do- after all, even if society frowns upon it, separation is always an opt... more
  • Songbird

    by Cecilia London
    Christine Sullivan isn’t an easy person to love. She knows how the world sees her – aloof, standoffish, cold…perhaps even bitchy. After a lifetime in politics, including a stint with an expat government in exile, President Sullivan has taken her share of body blows, but now she’s back in Philadelphia…a widow, a recovering Republican, a former public servant seeking a quiet, private existence. On her to-do list - rebuild her relationship with her estranged daughter and invent the rest of her l... more
  • Big Swinging D

    by Tara Sue Me

    Maggie Warren has always been unfocused. She hops from job to job, and relationship to relationship. Most of the time, she’s not even looking where she’s going. Which is exactly what happens when she runs into Isaac Gregory, trips over her feet, and dumps a year’s worth of compost all over his hand-stitched suit and one-of-a-kind leather shoes.

    Isaac’s never met anyone like Maggie. She’s nothing like the women he works with, or the submissives he typically ... more

  • Could Be Something Good

    by Fiona West

    It was love at first brush-off...

    Dr. Daniel Durand wanted Winnie Baker the minute he laid eyes on her. Never mind that she's his attending physician's daughter, can't stand him, and she's a few years older than him. Giving up would've been the smart thing to do when the hot blonde midwife gave him the cold shoulder at the elevators his first week of residency at Santiam, but he never did give up easy. After bonding over early-morning Mexica... more

  • ECHO

    by Jim West
    New York 1994. Nirvana on the radio, Clinton on TV, and love always in the air. Can two damaged people with broken lives find love in spite of themselves? When an accident at work leaves a down on his luck man with temporary Amnesia, he takes this time to change his life for the better. Will he be able to keep all these new memories when the amnesia is over? Will a new love that sparks his long dead passion back to life be enough to save him from the inevitable return of his memories? A ... more
  • The Girl from Home

    by Agnes Kay-E
    KELECHI, a naive young woman, travels to England to surprise her husband, Johnson, and to keep a promise she'd made to him. There, she meets a feisty red-haired woman, Stella and is left stranded. STELLA becomes of Kelechi because Johnson has refused to explain his relationship with her, even after she discovers that Kelechi has taken over the bedroom of their one-bedroom flat. MAURICE Johnson’s best friend had always had an eye for Kelechi, and he was a man who knew no boundaries and believed h... more
  • Tainted Hearts

    by Agnes Kay-E
    Fate reunites three women at crossroads in their lives, and their future depends on their fragile relationships. Catherine has been diagnosed with cancer, and her daughter is missing. Aleruchi finally wants a divorce, but an uncompromising son and an old crush stand in the way. Jacinta has found a purpose; vengeance on the women who changed the course of her life. The return of an old flame threatens her plans.
  • Something New

    by Kemka Ezinwo

    An obnoxious mother-in-law, a cheating husband, a pregnant mistress...
    Two women are hauled together by their husbands’ partnership but that’s not all they have in common.
    Athena is at a crossroad and Temitope needs a son that’ll inherit her husband’s empire.
    One thing is certain they’ll do anything to keep their marriage. Perhaps everything.

  • 10 Days

    by M.K. Chester
    She's looking for a good time. He swore off love decades ago. Reagan, maid of honor in her best friend's wedding, stalks sexy fun when the wedding party is delayed. Letting loose of her responsibilities sounds like heaven. Russell stopped acting on his impulses years ago, so when he crosses paths with Reagan, he's stunned by the attraction. When she propositions, he doesn't say no. When sparks fly, both wonder if they've found something more. But the romance is cut short when the brid... more