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  • How does the Hypnite Tablet Work-MEDZSITE

    by james farnadise
    Hypnite tablet reverses the results of insomnia in patients who’re unable to induce sound sleep at night. Its major functioning is predicated on slowing down the neuron activities within the brain. The active ingredient Eszopiclone increases the number of GABA chemical messengers within the brain. GABA usually handles the blocking of the communication between the nerve cells for faster sleep initiation. because the activity of GABA is boosted, it'll help the patient to nod off even faster succes... more
  • Finding Holly

    by B.E. Baker
    Home is where the heart ... was broken. Paisley finds joy in simple things: snow cones, roller skates, smiling children. She doesn't have an ambitious bone in her body, but her friends don't mind. She cheers them on when they're up and supports them when they're down. Everyone loves Paisley, and for good reason. She's always there when you need her. But Paisley has a secret. And none of her friends know anything about it. When that secret calls her home, she must face all the ... more
  • Leaving the Shadows

    by Brooklyn Ann
    Lead guitarist and apprentice mage Sylvis Jagwolfe has always been the quiet member of Rage of Angels. Though she enjoys spending time with her bandmates, she treasures moments of solitude when it’s just her, a guitar, and the wolf that’s been glued to her side lately. However, when battles against the Evil One’s horde accelerate, and her wolf turns out not to be a wolf, Sylvis discovers that she can’t remain in her shell any longer. She must emerge from the shadows, embrace her growing powers, ... more
  • Birthday surprises for your partner

    by Lamia Jonas
    Who is not in doubt when it comes time to give a gift to a boyfriend, whether on his birthday, anniversary, or even for Valentine's Day itself? It is natural to beat uncertainty and certain insecurity with the present, after all, it is on these important dates that we have the opportunity to demonstrate how much the person is dear and special. Some creative ideas can help to “save” this day, even starting with actions that are already quite common, such as dinners, meetings, and outings. With... more
  • Love Stories in Africa

    by Beatrice Cayzer
    HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco complemented B.F. Cayzer. Prince Albert II addressed the United Nations in October 2009 on saving the environment. A week earlier in Rome he gave a speech on Right to Life, both issued included in B.F. Cayzer's latest book.
  • Lubricious

    by Theo Von Cezar
    The Desires and Pleasures of Aelia hang in her quest for freedom. Being a woman with an open-minded sexual attitude in a world where sex is out of the question is not easy, neither will it be for Aelia—the High Marchioness of Novastar. Struggling with her burning passions and desires, she does everything possible to satisfy her hunger; however, satisfying herself is no longer pleasuring enough.Arcadius has been in her dreams for fifteen years. Aelia now believes that he is the only one who can q... more
  • Their Sweet Chaos

    by Aparna Gayle
    Welcome to The Fallen Angels, where heaven couldn’t control us and hell can’t contain us. Some monsters are born into this world, while others are made. Some fall from Heaven, while others rise up from Hell. Me? I wasn’t just made, I was created. An angel is what my parents called me, but when I witnessed their murders, brutal and sadistic, that night, I clipped my own wings. A Fallen Angel, that’s what I became that night. Five feet one, red hair, round innocent face with baby fat still ... more
  • Stop My Bleeding Heart

    by Victoria Anders
    Jade Diamond once had the world at her fingertips. That is, until a robbery gone wrong left her an orphan. Then, on her eighteenth birthday, her boyfriend breaks up with her and her stepmother kicks her out of her childhood home. With nowhere else to go, Jade moves in with a distant aunt and her home of foster kids. She’s living in an all new world, trying to reconnect with cousins, making new friends, and unraveling the mysteries of the boys surrounding her. Including two who seem to be v... more
  • An Inconvenient Attachment

    by Vincent Magnani
    its a love story a friendship story and a self help story
  • Mumbai Escorts

    by Riya Roy
    Turn all your imagination into reality by hiring the Best top-rated Mumbai Call Girls. Hire affordable Mumbai escorts to enjoy customize escort services
  • His Wallflower White

    by Tammy Andresen
    He’ll keep her safe no matter the cost… When The Honourable Patrick Cranston is hired by the White family to guard a duke’s sister, he’s relieved. Watching one debutante is a fair sight easier than bareknuckle boxing, at least that’s how it seems. At first. But as trouble swirls about Lady Millicent, threatening the delicate beauty, he realizes her circumstances are far more dangerous than he first imagined. Her life is at risk and it’s his job to protect her. But that isn’t what scares him t... more
  • By the Way...

    by P. G. Shriver

    A preventable accident. A failed relationship. One fragile mind falling apart while two hearts fall in love…

    Andi sometimes wonders how she wound up in Summer Mountain, Texas so far from happiness—and Matt—after the accident. A hermit of her own making with a DIY attitude, Andi refuses to look for love again. But when a tall, mysterious stranger wanders onto her ranch the accident, Matt, and the message threaten her mental stability... and her new found love... more

  • Trusting Uncertainty

    by Terry Odell
    Moving on means moving forward. He thinks he can reset the past if he tries hard enough. Travis “T-Bone” Bostwick thinks volunteering for op after op will absolve him of the guilt he carries after a rescue went bad. When he’s sent on a simple ‘search and find’ mission as a favor to a colleague, he has no idea finding the woman will uncover something far more sinister. She’s determined to be independent. Chelsea Goldman has spent most of her life avoiding her controlling mother hen of... more
  • Bride of Mist

    by Glynnis Campbell
    After a Highlander savagely attacks her clan, mysterious and elusive Feiyan la Nuit knows she is the only warrior lass with the skills to track down the villain--and the nerve to assassinate him. But when she flinches at coldblooded murder, he seizes the advantage, unmasking her and taking her hostage. The son of a laird, Dougal mac Darragh never intended to wage war with the infamous Rivenlochs, nor is he the kind of man to hurt a lass, but now his only hope to keep his clan safe is to ranso... more
  • Lady Brazen

    by Scarlett Scott
    From USA Today bestseller Scarlett Scott comes the passionate, emotional conclusion to The Notorious Ladies of London series. Lady Philippa Shaw had it all: a husband who was madly in love with her, a sweet baby daughter, and a house in the most exclusive square in London. Until a shocking discovery after her husband’s death revealed her happy life was a lie. Now, his past crimes are returning to haunt her, bringing danger, devastation, and the one man she’s spent the past few years despising... more