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  • At the Pleasure of the Marquess

    by Sofie Darling
    Hortense Marchand has played many roles, but never wife. Until one desperate marquess seeks the lady spy’s help—and her hand… Thief. Spy. Wife. Orphaned as a child, Hortense has had to fight her way to becoming the ton’s favorite private investigator. But for a woman who lives on the edge, the past is never dead. When her former spymaster asks her to find his wastrel brother Jamie, the Marquess of Clare, she thinks it’s just one more job uncovering the ton’s dirty secrets. She has no idea ... more
  • Winter's Widow

    by Scarlett Scott
    Demon Winter is an unabashed rogue. What better way to find more women to warm his bed than helping his sister Genevieve with her ladies’ gaming establishment? It’s the perfect arrangement. Until a duchess he can’t resist walks through the doors and everything changes. Mirabel, the widowed Duchess of Stanhope, has rigidly adhered to propriety her entire life, and all it garnered her was a miserable marriage to a cruel man. With her time of mourning over, she is on a mission to be wicked. F... more

    by Bobbi Gistarb
    Sydney's Morgan life had been shattered with the death of her husband, Allen., killed while serving his last tour in Afghanistan.. Six years have passed and she is now ready to move forward with her life but not her heart. Will this decision prove true when she meets Patrick Worthington. Patrick Worthington and his son had established a Foundation in his late wife's honor which holds an annual architecture competition. Captivated by the eyes of a woman entering the competition, he felt a stirr... more
  • Return to Retribution Bay

    by Claire Boston

    They’ve both had their fair share of tragedy. Now the only way to heal could be to catch a killer.

    Sergeant Brandon Stokes hasn’t been able to face his family for over a decade. But when his parents are killed in an accident on their remote sheep station, the guilt-ridden soldier must face his demons and return home. He’s unprepared for the gutsy female drifter who seems determined to help him reunite with his estranged family.

    Amy Hammond has be... more

  • Not His Type

    by Chamein Canton
    Cathy Chambers is a successful literary agent and divorced mother of twins. A confident, curvy woman, she has a great family, business, and her favorite team, The Yankees rarely disappoint her. 0 for 2 in relationships, Cathy redirects her ardor to the perfect man, Yankees’ shortstop, Marcus Fox. He meets her requirements. He’s gorgeous, wears pinstripes, and is completely unattainable. In addition to being a great athlete beloved by New Yorkers, Marcus was loved by his share of beautiful women.... more
  • Come to Stay

    by Natalie Anglin
    FIVE COZY ROMANTIC HOLIDAY STORIES. FEEL THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS. 1986: It’s Christmas Eve and Adrienne is desperate to find the perfect Christmas gift for her brother. Despite barely knowing her, Brandon offers to help. 2006: After Parker loses a bet to his friend, he has to wear an ugly Christmas sweater every day of December. He’s unimpressed but his new friend Greta thinks it’s hilarious. 2012: At university, Jared has a Christmas door decorating competition with his best friend and neig... more
  • Aaron

    by Elizabeth Rose
    He never meant to fall in love with his rival's granddaughter! Pirate lord Aaron Fisher carries on the search for his late father's hidden treasure. His newfound grandmother, Nairnie, is still aboard, refusing to leave his ship. Even so, Aaron vows not to bring any more wenches aboard because they only seem to bring bad luck. When Aaron goes to shore to find new crewmembers and pick a few pockets, he ends up being a victim instead. He recognizes the woman who has stolen from him, and she i... more
  • A Change of Scenery

    by Davalynn Spencer
    Movie-set seamstress Ella Canaday goes west for a change of scenery but finds a change of heart when a bold Colorado cowboy challenges her to face her fears and reclaim the things she thought she’d lost forever—including love.
  • Please Stay for Me

    by M.W. McKinley
    Love is the last thing on Avery’s mind when she arrives at Oxford University to study abroad for the summer. At first, she’s only looking for a change of scenery in order to satisfy her obsession with photography. Hiding behind the lens of a camera is much easier than facing reality. After a second-chance meeting with Liam, she starts to put away her camera and finally face the music. But summer flings never last, do they? Especially when she returns home, and they’re an ocean apart. Liam fel... more
  • Boulder Girl, Remember Me When the Moon Hangs Low

    by Cynthia CLark
    When young, pretty, successful Lana Ross divorces her indifferent husband of ten years, Cadillac dealer Lucas Chisholm, she randomly chooses a local locksmith to change the locks in her home located in Columbine Point, nestled near the iconic Flatirons of the scenic Rocky Mountains and nearby Boulder, Colorado. The selected locksmith, sinister, grimy, and smoky, Leon Alvarez, unbeknownst to Lana, was a former classmate who had been infatuated with her in high school but forgot about her when she... more
  • Original Player

    by Montreal Evans and John Isom
    Big E’s dream is to open an all male strip club. He is finally being released from prison after 10 years and the future looks bright. But instead of his sister Kay, his brother and big time hustler Lil Jon picks him up from prison. While Big E does not agree with Lil Jon’s life choices, he respects him as Lil Jon was financially taking care of his daughter “Babygirl” and sister Kay for ten yearas while he was in prison. When Lil Jon goes to jail for murder the first week Big E is rel... more
  • Burgundy and Lies

    by Carol A. Strickland

    Torn from her land by a false betrothal!

    The fate of her very soul lies in danger, whichever decision she makes

    Sixteenth Century France:

    Young Abbie Bourgogne finds herself caught in a web of switched identities on the way to a contracted marriage. It will take her far from the home and vineyards only she can manage if her family's business can be saved.

    Would-be vagabond Jean-Marc has contracted a bride for his brother. With sons from that marriage he will be fre... more

  • Revenge Cake

    by Skyler Mason
    I didn’t want to fall in love with Logan, an infamous relationship slut. He fell in love too easy for it to ever be real. And I refused to end up just one more crazy ex-girlfriend. But he used his self-deprecating charm to wear me down, and I let myself fall. Even though I was afraid he’d abandon me once he learned about my anxiety disorder. And that’s exactly what he did. He shattered my heart into a million pieces, and now it’s time for him to pay. Revenge never tasted so sweet. ... more
  • Get A Life! Delilah Blue

    by Gail Hudson
    Delilah Blue has had her share of heartache. She's a runner... if anything bad, sad or mad happens in her life she hops on her beloved motorbike and runs for the hills. When her doting Dad encourages her to return home and set down some roots she finds herself on the beautiful Isle of Man having to deal with everything she's been running from. Will she stay and make a future or run again?
  • The Duke is Wicked

    by Tracy Sumner

    A wicked duke.
    A troublesome American.

    And the forbidden desire they can't deny...

    Worlds and leagues apart, two unlikely lovers ignite in passion...

    A fire-starting duke and an American hellion whose mind is a weapon.

    Leagues and lives apart, Delaney and Sebastian navigate a world they're not destined for together.

    He's harboring a fiery secret....

    The Duke of Ashcroft is determined to keep the League of Lords under wraps.  After all,... more

  • Pride of Valor

    by Andrea K. Stein
    Valor in battle is nothing compared to the courage required to face up to love. Harriet, Dowager Countess of Worthen, rusticates in the countryside outside Falmouth with her grandmother, a former beauty and Covent Garden actress. Although the elderly duchess’s days as the toast of society ended with marriage to the late Duke of Sidmouth, her aged mind has turned back to her earlier calling. Two mastiffs and Harriet’s naughty six-year-old son complete the havey-cavey household. While combin... more