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  • The Right Kind of Unexpected

    by Rayna York
    Tess hasn’t experienced many kindnesses in her eighteen years, so when her boyfriend abandons her at a small-town gas station, it’s one more crappy event added to the pile. Without a car, money, or cell phone, her options are limited, and calling her parents isn’t one of them. When the family that owns the station throws her a lifeline, she grabs hold, because even the worst situations can have a silver lining, and this one is a town called Jasper Creek, a diner everyone calls Earl’s, and a ... more
  • The Ties that Bind: Malcontent

    by Sheryl Owens
    In Part three of the Gaines Family Series, the family is planning a trip to France to visit Phinn and Sonia, and Mal is not feeling it. As a matter of fact, he is not feeling much of anything except frustration. Lynne and the rest of the family also notice a shift in his behavior and all wonder what is going on, bur no one wants to talk about it - except Lynne and eventually Marcus. As the plans for the trip continue in the background, life and changes are occurring in the foreground. Lynne... more
  • Tangled Webs

    by Sheryl Owens
    The second book in the story of the Gaines Family Series, Tangled Webs continues the ongoing story of their daily lives. Elliot and Thea have been married six years when the hear from Sonia. What has Sonia discovered about her past and how will it affect the Gaines Family
  • The Archaeologist and the Spinster

    by Angela Johnson
    When love arrives on a camel, who knew it would be oblivious to flirting? Self-proclaimed bachelor for life Phineas Fernley has dreamed of exploring the world since the day he found a book on archaeology hidden on the shelves of his father’s library. Armed with books and his personal journal Phineas sets out to add his knowledge to the world of ancient artifacts. His one true desire is to walk into a Pharaoh’s death chamber and discover the treasure within. Living in the Egyptian desert wa... more
  • Marquess of Fortune

    by Tammy Andresen
    The Marquess of Fortune is too dangerously wicked to ignore… Tall, dark, and handsome, the mysterious Lord Smith is the exact kind of man with which the sister of a baron should never consort. But he captures Miss Emily Cross's interest at every turn, her heart fluttering wildly in her chest whenever their eyes meet. Is this how a woman falls into ruin? One delicious step at a time… Ace knows he's a bad man. He has far too many transgressions to name them all, but the list of dirty d... more
  • Sutton's Scandal

    by Scarlett Scott
    It's a battle of wits and wills between a bold East End lady and the icy shop owner she can't resist in this deliciously steamy Regency romance from USA Today bestselling author Scarlett Scott. Lily Sutton has been running wild for years beneath her siblings’ noses. Born and raised in the rookeries, she is not afraid of anything or anyone. And she is most certainly not cowed by arrogant scoundrels like the owner of London’s most prestigious shop, Bellingham and Co. She is determined to right ... more
  • You're Mine

    by Morgan Jones
    A story of love, hope, and the families we choose for ourselves. Thankful to have been given a warning and sent on her way, Mia is hopeful to not have any more run-ins with the police - even if he was rather handsome. But when Detective Adam Collins spots the beautiful girl who ran a stop sign the other night, he can't help but to go over and say hello. Mia knows there's something special about Adam, and the two quickly find comfort in each other's company. With a new murder case taking... more
  • Pierre's Choice - A Captivating Novel of Love and Betrayal

    by Felicita "Terry" Robinson

    Pierre's Choice, a dynamic novel of intrigue and suspense, takes the readers on an engaging tale of love and betrayal--one that is filled with suspense as the protagonist tries to maneuver the love triangle he created involving his injured fiancee and her nurse. The story takes you at an hectic pace as Pierre juggles his time between both women, and constantly questions why he cannot make a choice, at the same time, wondering if it is possible to be in love with both women. Readers are re... more

  • UnLucky Christmas: A Holiday Romantic Comedy

    by Melissa Baldwin
    It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and Whitney Cortland is ready to celebrate the holiday season with an extra special someone. Unfortunately, a series of shocking events quickly turns her joyful vision of the holidays into disappointment. Her attempts to drown her sorrows with some retail therapy leads to meeting an equally holiday - obsessed new friend, Macy, who is determined to help raise Whitney’s spirits. What Whitney doesn’t expect is how Macy’s older brother Grant could be such ... more
  • teethgrinder: a novel

    by christopher landry
    Truth be told I’m just a stroke, taking you just the way you are but changing you for the worse. I just feel silent and grey. Things don’t really matter to me anymore. Color spills over when I think of my youth. So why at 32 do I feel like I’m balancing on the thinnest branch?
  • The Warrior Within

    by Brooke Campbell

    The fallout from a life-changing diagnosis left Libby with only her best friend, her cat, and a suitcase of insecurities. On a rare night out she meets Jo, the hottest butch she's ever seen. Despite Jo's actions, Libby believes that her intense attraction couldn't be reciprocated. To her astonishment, filthy-rich Jo pursues her. For a while, everything feels wonderful as new love and hot passion bloom. Libby denies her own instincts even as danger from Jo's world threatens. Th... more

  • 978-1-959415-01-5

    by Callie Chase
  • Heartsong Hills (Hearts of the Ridge Book 2)

    by Wendy Rich Stetson
    Amish girls don’t dance. Dancing is against the rules, and Nora Beiler always follows the rules…until a runaway logging truck shatters her world forever. Desperate to heal from the accident, she enrolls in Shuffle off to Fitness, an exercise class at the local senior center. She never dreamed it involved tap-dancing…or just how much she’d love to dance. Exiled from Nashville, country music star Tucker McClure has no one to blame but himself. Weekly gigs at the local farmers’ market keep the d... more
  • Caught A Vibe

    by Eva Moore
    Penny Maxwell is a sex toy designer who gets kicked out of a major tech conference right before the pandemic shuts the world down. Dash, her one night stand from the conference happens to be the reporter who blows up her story and makes her product famous over night. They have a modern epistolary romance through text and email and video chats until Penny gets sick and Dash drives 400 miles to take care of her. He becomes her de facto quarantimes roommate with benefits, and they experience the ea... more
  • False Front

    by Debbie Baldwin
    Emma Porter is not real. She is an accomplished young woman, living a fulfilling life in New York City, working for an online news agency, and striving toward normalcy. The truth, however, is something else. She was once Emily Webster, a child of privilege, and the twenty-first century Lindbergh Baby. Her high-profile, unexplained abduction and subsequent rescue led to a childhood of paranoia and preparedness, as her kidnapper remained at large and still on the hunt. With her father’s guidance a... more
  • Afterworld

    by Olivia Boothe and Victoria Liiv
    EIGHTEEN MONTHS AGO, THE WORLD LEARNED THE UGLY TRUTH: GOD EXISTS. HE JUST DOESN’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT US. After a deadly virus wipes out most of the world’s population, those of us who survive are left as food for the Damned, the walking corpses ravaged by the infection. Yet, something far more sinister stirs in the bowels of New York City. The Four Horsemen are prowling the streets, kidnapping young girls and dragging them back to their lair. And when a supply run becomes a rescue mission... more