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  • Remains to Be Seen: An Erotic Novel

    by Edward H. Essex

    When newly-divorced, fifty-something Phillip meets Susan, a married woman of a certain age in her cleverly named antiques store, Remains to be Seen, there is an instant rapport. They are English expats in America and the relationship quickly becomes sexual. Wildly sexual. The affair satisfies both their needs until Phillip wants from the relationship what Susan is not prepared to give forcing her to take drastic action.

  • Beyond Broken Glass

    by Christine Church
    If he can't change the past, he will rule the future. Kaeplan has arrived in past Mikaire, at the time of Sir Kori’s capture, ready to execute his plan to prevent Meirah from ever loving the mortal who destroyed his life and his home. Dane & Meirah must stop him before he alters the future and separates them forever. But, in their attempt, they inadvertently trap themselves in Mikaire of the past with no apparent way out. In the meantime, Kaeplan has taken over Vertemps, plans to resurr... more
  • Once Upon a Crossroad

    by Richard Gibson
    Set in New York and suburban Connecticut, the early months of 1970 leave in their wake a string of disquieting memories for single parent Erich Mauer, all of them unpleasant. His younger son is confined to a state-run rehabilitation facility following a nearly fatal OD, Erich loses his globetrotting management job when his company restructures, and he’s bedside when his fiancée loses her battle with leukemia. Erich feels that his life is starting over at forty. While offering support to his wayw... more
  • Falling for Her Biggest Headache (Love in Holiday Junction Book 2)

    by Tami Franklin

    He goes by the book. She bends the rules. 

    They might be perfect for each other…if they can just stop fighting long enough to find out.

    Lena McKenna has never been lucky in love. After a string of bad relationships, she’s sworn off men, unwilling to give up the control over her life that she fought so hard to regain. When the new Chief of Police blows into town, his teasing smile and easy charm may work on everyone else, but Lena... more

  • Magnetic Heat

    by LaShawn Vasser
    Bo Stratton barely has enough time to recover from the most recent attack on her compound when an incredible flash of blinding light appears in the sky followed by a mushroom cloud. For most, that could qualify as one of the worst days of their lives. For Bo, it barely ranks in her top five-not when an act so despicable happens and almost destroys her very soul. After an EMP reduces the world into a society where only the fittest survive, Austin McKenzie has only one goal. To protect his fami... more
  • Dreams in the Dark (Destroyers Book 2)

    by A.R. Case
    Edie Krupps is used to being ignored, that is, until Indy comes along. Nicholas "Indy" Jones is a promoter of women. Mostly strippers, but when he sees Edie's clothing talent, he is determined to make her famous. He'll do whatever it takes, even if it means leaving the biker lifestyle he's been living behind. But will fame be the worst thing to happen to both of them?
  • The Heart Of A Tempest

    by Chloe Flowers
    A lady plotting a way out of an arranged marriage. A smuggler with a cryptic invitation to a clandestine meeting. A group of pirates out for revenge. It’s the perfect storm. This is the clean and wholesome version of 1st book of Chloe Flowers’ Pirates & Petticoats series. She’s acting a charade and he knows it. The question is~will he demand compensation for keeping her secrets? Silly question. Of course he will. The bigger question is~will she be able to afford the cost of his silence? ... more
  • Second Sight

    by Patricia D. Eddy
    Special Forces Sergeant Dax Holloway crawled out of the Taliban's clutches barely alive. His captors took more than his sight. They took his humanity. Six years later, he’s carved out an existence back in Boston. One dependent on routines. On walking the same path. Day after day. Through darkness and pain. Always alone. Second Sight is his only refuge. The most elite investigative firm in the country—built from the rubble of his former life—gives him purpose in a world he can no longer see... more
  • The Heartbreak Hotel

    by Josh Conley Jr

    Jackson Bedeau is the leader of a highly skilled and sophisticated crime organization. He desperately wants to find and complete what is dubbed as the “last job” so that he and his team can retire from the street life forever. Unbeknownst to him, his employer Oliver “Ollie” Monk, London’s most notorious crime lord, is made aware of his plans, and begins to mastermind the removal of Jackson and promoting his overly ambitious, money hungry cousin Julius. 12th Ward Police Chief Devin “Finn” Finn... more

  • Ivar's Prize

    by Amy Pennza
    Nadia Green has everything—power, prestige, and a fiancé. That all ends when she’s sentenced to life on the prison planet Tolbos. Within hours of landing, Nadia finds herself captured, stripped, and placed on an auction block, where she’s purchased by Ivar Holok, a brutal warlord with golden eyes and an ability to wield kaptum with a mastery unlike anyone she’s ever seen. Ivar is instantly attracted to the beautiful slave, but he suspects her presence on Tolbos has sinister implications. The ... more
  • Never Say I Love You

    by Amy Pennza
    They say there’s no place like home. For Ashley Ann Scobel, there’s no place as terrible as home. When she left Prattsville at seventeen, she swore she’d seen the last of the dusty Texas town. Home sweet home is the last place she wants to be, but with her acting career sputtering to a stop and bills piling up, she needs a breather—and a place to make a fresh start. The last thing she expected was to butt heads with the town’s new law man—who also happens to be her landlord…and a tall, dark Texa... more
  • What a Wolf Desires

    by Amy Pennza
    Lizette Butler has the only thing she ever wanted—freedom from her pack Alpha, Maxime Simard, and the ability to decide her own fate. She and Max have a turbulent history and a powerful—if unwilling—attraction. Unfortunately, mere distance can’t stop the past from crashing back in to disrupt her life. Nor can it stop the rush of desire that overwhelms her the minute she sees him again. Her body may crave his physical seductions, but her heart will never let her love him. As leader of the New ... more
  • What a Wolf Dares

    by Amy Pennza
    What happens when the species' most notorious womanizer meets the woman of his dreams? As a werewolf Alpha's daughter, Sophie Gregory was raised to understand she has two important purposes in life--to be wed and bred. When she fails at the first, she wants nothing to do with the second, even if it means spending the rest of her life alone. After fleeing a disastrous arranged marriage, she seeks shelter with a neighboring pack. There's just one problem. Her new pack is home to the handsome, r... more
  • August

    by AJ Marchant
    Coming back to the city after six years away, August wonders how long she’ll be staying for, counting the days and thinking about her next move… …Until unexpected experiences, newfound friendships and a broken family bond leads August to reconsider. Coincidences. Connections. Choices. Changes. Flukes and fleeting moments. The unnoticed lessons we teach each other. What we learn about ourselves. The choices we make, for better or for worse. The relationships that change they way we see the ... more
  • Their Troublesome Crush

    by Xan West
    In this queer polyamorous m/f romance novella, two metamours realize they have crushes on each other while planning their shared partner's birthday party together. Ernest, a Jewish autistic demiromantic queer fat trans man submissive, and Nora, a Jewish disabled queer fat femme cis woman switch, have to contend with an age gap, a desire not to mess up their lovely polyamorous dynamic as metamours, the fact that Ernest has never been attracted to a cis person before, and the reality that they... more
  • Crossing The Line: An Atlanta Edge Hockey Novel

    by Carla Swafford

    Atlanta Edge's hottest Russian hockey star made a big mistake. Now he must find a way to apologize big time to the girl he left behind in the States.

    I've been a puck bunny most of my life. So when Roman Volkov, up and coming hockey star with the Atlanta Edge, takes me home and treats me like a queen, I believe I've found the man I can love. Then one morning, I wake to the news that Roman has left me behind while he plays in Russia. His agent takes pleasure in kicking me out... more