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  • The Millionaire's Treasure

    by Daryl McElroy
    Keely has amnesia and appears on Merrick’s private island under suspicious circumstances. Learning to trust each other they will solve the mystery and find love.
  • Sweet Disaster (The Sweetest Thing Book 4)

    by Sierra Hill
    Kady: My life is a complete and utter disaster. One major screw up after another. In other words - I’m trouble. I attempted college, but made a mess of that scene, too. Chalk it up to yet another disappointment in my parents’ ever-growing list of Kady failures. Deciding I needed an escape from reality, my best friend and I flew off to Europe, where we were going to have the time of our lives. The only problem with that plan is that I ran out of money after two weeks, and now I’m stuck i... more
  • Sweet Summer Love (The Sweetest Thing Book 3)

    by Sierra Hill
    Logan Everyone’s had a summer crush. The one that’s etched into your memories so hard that it leaves an indelible mark, like a scar on your heart. For me, that crush is my first love, Carver Edwards. I met him at fifteen at summer camp, and for three perfect summers, he was mine. Until the blazing heat of the summer sun faded and reality crashed in. Carver went off to college, leaving me trapped in my small farming town, with no way of reaching him and a problem I needed solving. Carver As ... more
  • Sweet Girl (The Sweetest Thing Series Book 2)

    by Sierra Hill
    Kylah I’ve always lived in the shadows of my athletic older brother and my charismatic twin sister. And that’s okay by me. I don’t mind being known as the shy wallflower. The gawky geek. The sweet, virginal girl. Well, that’s one label I’ve been trying to rid myself of since starting my freshman year in college this year. The thing is, no one’s ever looked twice at me. Until I met Van Gerard. He notices me. He looks at me and seems to like what he sees. He understands and listens to me. He’... more
  • Sweetness (The Sweetest Thing Book 1)

    by Sierra Hill
    I’m the girl from the school of hard knocks. Nothing has ever come easy for me. So forgive me if I’m a bit reluctant about Kincaid Griffin – born-with-a-silver-spoon in his mouth, conceited college hoops player. A guy who could get any girl he wants, and yet, is suddenly everywhere I am trying to woo me. The more I protest, the more persistent he becomes. I’m a lucky bastard. Let’s face it. As a college athlete, I don’t chase girls – they come to me. I’m as arrogant and cocky as they co... more
  • Unfinished Business (The David Trilogy Book 2)

    by S C Cunningham

    Tara has had enough, time to turn the tables on her stalker and make him suffer as she has done.

    UNFINISHED BUSINESS continues the roller coaster ride of psychotic David's obsession with his childhood sweetheart, a skilled mix of fueled tension, dark humor and pulsating sex scenes.

    With the help of her gutsy friends, fun-loving city girl Tara Warr is the only victim to survive David Howard’s death list. Whilst lounging in prison the sexual tour de force enlists an eager ... more

  • The Penance List

    by S C Cunningham

    British Crime Investigator & Crime Writer, SIOBHAN C CUNNINGHAM creates psychological thrillers and paranormal romance with a skilled mix of fueled tension, dark humor, and pulsating sex scenes.

    Having worked in the very industries she writes about, her novels offer a fresh level of sincerity and authority, rare in fiction.

    An ex-model, British born of Irish roots, she married a rock musician and has worked in the exciting worlds of music, film, sports,celebrity management and as ... more

  • The Deal (The Fallen Angel Series)

    by S C Cunningham

    For those who dare to believe there is something else out there....

    At the age of four, Amy was taken…She survived..

    A week later, another little girl was taken…She didn't.

    Angry that a bad man has gotten away with murder, feisty young Amy Fox makes a deal with God. When she dies, if she’s been a good girl, would God let her sit on a cloud for a while, invisible, to get bad people who slip through his fingers?

    Her deal and God long forgotten, ca... more

  • In the Fields

    by Willow Aster
    1971—In the tiny, backward town of Tulma, Tennessee, optimistic, bookish Caroline Carson unwittingly finds herself in the middle of a forbidden romance. Severely neglected by her family and forced to flee Tulma to protect her secrets, Caroline’s young life comes crashing down around her. She finds refuge in a new town, but the past always has a way of stretching around time and stirring up trouble. When a new love comes into her life, she has to decide if she can give her heart to someone else,... more
  • Maybe Maby

    by Willow Aster
    I’m having a meltdown. Not the put-her-in-the-loony-bin kind, but the rock-in-the-corner-so-I-can-breathe kind. Maybe they’re one and the same and I really do need to be put away, but I think I just need a little air. I’m bone tired. My eyes look like I haven’t slept in weeks. I’m eating my feelings and developing a pudge that isn’t gonna go anywhere if I keep binging on chocolate, nachos and wine. I’m 28 and everyone has left me. I have no friends. My boyfriend left. My mom died, so technical... more
  • Fade to Red

    by Willow Aster
    Dancing in pop superstar Beckham Woods’ entourage was the last thing Roxie wanted. Her life with little Leo was blissfully ordinary; she didn’t have time for the drama that stirring up old memories would surely cause. But when Roxie took a spot on an international tour with Woods and rock icon Ian Sterling, the lure of financial security and her passion for dance pulled her into an emotional storm that threatened to spin out of control and hurt the ones she loved most. Just as she began to... more
  • True Love Story

    by Willow Aster
    Growing up in an idealistic home, Sparrow Fisher is sheltered and innocent. When she meets Ian Sterling, a musician who is rising in popularity, she instantly falls for his charm. They run into each other over the next few months and eventually begin an unconventional relationship. At different places in their lives, Sparrow is off to college in New York, and Ian is traveling the country with the band. When they see each other, all seems wonderful and lighthearted, but when they’re apart, Spar... more
  • In Search of Paradise

    by Annemarie Musawale
    Ben and Anders were not prepared for the apocalypse. How could they be? They couldn't even decide if they were boyfriends or undercover lovers. But then the earth opened beneath their feet and everyone they knew was gone except for Ben, Anders and Anders' sister, Zawadi. So now they have to find a new place to call home, a new way to be. Zawadi and Ben are fighting like cats and dogs, and there's no privacy or lube to be had for love or money.They really do not need this.Just when they thought t... more
  • Child of Destiny

    by Annemarie Musawale
    Two high school students are brought together by a twist of fate to fulfill an unknown destiny. In the process, they go through several life changing events from infidelity to magical trips down the bayou to discover things about themselves they could never have imagined. In between all the events, they hardly realize that they have fallen in love.
  • Some Place Better Than Here

    by Landen Wakil
    Inspired by classic rock anthems and American teenage mythos, Some Place Better Than Here pulls together cherished emblems of nostalgia and repackages it in a telling new manner to capture the hearts and minds of every generation. Underneath the revered fable of Boy meets Girl lies a story that cuts deep into the heart of brokenness, family relationships, and how to find the courage to make peace with the past and start anew.
  • Feels Like Forever

    by K. L. Cottrell
    A girl who is afraid to really live because of the pain of the past. A guy who is trying to really live despite the pain of the present. A cute kid who will lend them everything from laughter and love to her own special kind of bravery. And the future they all deserve. *This story deals with sensitive themes, includes brief recollections of traumatic events, and contains mature content.*