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  • 30 Days In Belfast

    by Rita A. Gordon
    Just one distraction could lead to failure—several may spell ruin. As the daughter of the wealthiest Black man in the country, Rose Ross struggles to make a name for herself as the COO of her father’s tech company. She’s even forced to let go of a promising relationship to focus on her career, but still cannot seem to escape her father’s legacy. Rose fears that if she remains at Rick Ross Enterprises, she will never rise above the vast shadow his name casts. When her ailing friend reaches ou... more
  • Crimson

    by Tiffany Speelman
    Kara has lived a life full of hardships. Her father abandoned his family when kara was a young girl, her mother remarried a drunken monster and when her mother was near death, Kara fought back and landed herself in a mental hospital. Finding solace in silence, she refused to speak for years, her lack of words being the only thing she had control over. The only comfort in her unstable life was the knowledge of the unseen world and the alluring man that haunted her dreams. Beginning to give up hop... more
  • The Divine Oblivion

    by Clare Archer
    Fans of A Court of Thorns and Roses will love this slow-burn Sci-Fi / Fantasy Romance. In the wake of certain death is when one feels the most alive, and will do anything to remain so... Being kidnapped to a galaxy one hundred million lightyears away from Earth is not how Cyra pictured her twenty-first birthday. And her abductor is a sarcastic, drunken wretch that tells her that her life on Earth was ploy to keep her safe for sixteen years until it was time to bring her home. Cyra is... more
  • The Secrets of Haut House

    by Anya Silverage
    A web of romantic entanglements complicates the unexpected death of a corporate scion. Everyone in his Michigan mansion has a secret, and no one is above suspicion.... Lakshmi “Lucky” Solomon, sometime babysitter for Dipper Haut, wishes people would call her by her real name. She doesn’t feel lucky any more, not after that shocking evening when she heard Rolf Haut take his last breaths. Lucky’s mother, Haut House chef Chandra, once risked everything for love… and lost. Now at a personal an... more
  • My Diary of Disaster

    by Holly Manno
    With the shadows of her past returned, Evelyn Snow walks into the arms of Rye Cox, the man who holds no woman, and seeks guidance from a therapist, Dr. Cord. Vacating her life and identity by delving into a dual-agent consultancy in Hollywood is one way to interpret the doctor’s advice. “Have fun and write a journal.” Welcome to MY DIARY of DISASTER…one woman’s inspiring story of overcoming sexual abuse and societal double standards to find her voice and ultimately love.
  • Letter Late Than Never

    by Smartypants Romance
    Can a hot paramedic resuscitate this mail woman’s flatlining spirit of adventure? Gwen Elsmere fell in love with Sebastian Kirkwood when she was sixteen, but a dead frog stole her chance to land the guy of her daydreams. Ten years later, when Gwen makes a desperate 9-1-1 call, Sebastian re-enters her life as the first paramedic on the scene. Unfortunately, she’s smeared in blood, and he’s engaged to another woman. The awkward rescue is far from the passionate reunion she’d secretly hoped for.... more
  • Portal Warriors: The Complete Divinity Warriors Series

    by Michelle M. Pillow

    In a land forever at war, meeting women is the last thing they can think about, so what's a lonely alpha warrior to do?

    Alternate Reality/Parallel Universe Romance by NYT Bestseller, Michelle M. Pillow

    Lilith Enraptured
    Fighting Lady Jayne
    Keeping Paige
    Taking Karre

    Lilith Enraptured

    Sorin of Firewall lives in a land forever at war. In fact, the Starian men are so busy fighting, their marriage ceremony has been reduced to an alpha male ... more

  • Stone Queen: Realm Immortal Special Editions (Realm Immortal Series)

    by Michelle M. Pillow

    To gain the only thing he truly wants, he’ll have to risk everything.

    A high fantasy paranormal romance by NYT Award Winning Author Michelle M. Pillow

    Juliana, newly appointed Queen of the Unblessed, has realized there is a bit more to her position than she first thought. Sure, it has its perks: a sinfully sexy husband who is also a king, growing powers, and a magical life that’s never boring, but the drawbacks are considerable. To save her kingdom from war, Juliana ac... more

  • Faery Queen: Realm Immortal Special Editions (Realm Immortal Series)

    by Michelle M. Pillow

    It is ill-advised to incur the wrath of a faery, but it is most foolish to do so of a faery queen…

    A high fantasy paranormal romance by NYT Award Winning Author Michelle M. Pillow

    At first sight, Queen Tania of the Faeries knows that Hugh, Earl of Bellemare, is her one true love. Yet a year has passed since he promised to return, and now she knows he never intended to come back. With her mood darkening and her castle tarnishing, Tania vows to teach Hugh a lesson he’ll... more

  • King of the Unblessed: Realm Immortal Special Editions (Realm Immortal Series)

    by Michelle M. Pillow

    A scintillating romance: When the elfin king Merrick tricks Lady Juliana into entering his realm, he plans on seducing her and claiming her as his own. Can she resist his temptations or will she give in to his immortal will? (Bookbub)

    A high fantasy paranormal romance by NYT Award Winning Author Michelle M. Pillow

    Immortality has a way of changing fate.

    The choice is simple: go with him or die.

    Merrick, dark elfin King of Valdis, had once been heir to all that was good... more

  • Loose Lips: A Gay Sea Odyssey

    by Joseph Brennan

    Finalist - 2023 Lambda Literary Award for LGBTQ+ Romance and Erotica

    This debut gay erotic novel about a stowaway on World War II troopships is an "immersive and period-specific picaresque, which manages to capture its milieu in a way that feels simultaneously timeless and contemporary" (Kirkus Reviews).

    Dockyard mansex adventurer Olli Turner has stowed away on the biggest ship the world has ever known, forced to sail incomplete.

    Bu... more

  • I Know

    by Morgan Jones
    As Jake and Liz are coping with a shared tragic loss, they find comfort in how much relief spending time in each other’s company brings. When Jake asks Liz to join him for some ink therapy, she accepts, honored at the thought of the memory of someone special to them being a permanent piece of art on Jake. Meanwhile Jake finds solace in spending time at Liz’s sisters house with the family he considers to be an extension of his own. He’s always had a bit of a thing for Liz if he's honest wit... more
  • Where the Mistletoe Grows

    by Shanon Grey
    Ray Grissom comes to Ruthorford to heal and adjust to his altered life. When his health takes a sudden turn for the worse, the evolved descendants offer assistance, saving him and giving him back what he'd thought he'd lost. Now, he needs to return the favor--which could prove far more disastrous than he or the descendants ever dreamed. Welcome to Ruthorford, where science and magic merge and the holiday season comes with a twist and hidden suspense.
  • Descendant Rising

    by Shanon Grey
    The lone survivor of a helicopter accident, Ozzy is determined to accompany his Marine brother's body home to the widow, Sandra. When Ozzy collapses, not only is he saved, but discovers he's gotten a lot more than an advanced prosthesis. As he heals, he discovers secrets his Marine brother had hoped to take to his grave, because resurrecting them could change lives and Ruthorford forever. Sandra and Ozzy find they need one another--her, to understand what happened to her husband, and Ozzy, to un... more
  • Zero

    by S.M. West
    Zero’s an arrogant, enigmatic, dangerous hacker. He wants to protect me. Pity. He’s too late. I’m a lost cause. I narrowly escaped death only to now live on a knife’s edge, constantly checking the shadows for monsters. And I can’t trust him. He knows far too much about me, and I know nothing about him. Even still, this inscrutable stranger burrows his way under my skin and into my heart. With only a look, Zero makes me feel more alive than ever before. And that’s the problem. I sho... more
  • folklore

    What do you do when true love finds you in the middle of the night? Lana will stop at nothing to discover the secrets Theodore Kellner, a new mysterious boy in town hides. On the night before her birthday, Lana Rivers, an eighteen-year-old teenager from Crackenback, a town known as the scene of a late and cruel witch hunt, finds a mysterious boy lying dead on the shore of a lake, Theodore Kellner. After she rescues this stranger and brings him back to life, he flees and avoids her at all c... more