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  • Blackwood Crossing

    by MK McClintock

    If you had to make a choice, would it be loyalty or love?

    Torn between loyalty to her family and refusal to marry a laird she despises, Rhona Davidson accepts a dangerous proposal from a man she knows only as Blackwood.

    Leaving behind a life of leisure, Charles Blackwood bravely serves his country with honor and the skill of a trained British agent. When his newest case returns him to the wild Highlands of Scotland, he is faced with a choice between killing a man ... more

  • Alaina Claiborne

    by MK McClintock

    Be swept away by the stirring romance and unforgettable adventure of ALAINA CLAIBORNE, MK McClintock's first award-winning British Agent novel.

    How far would you go to avenge your family and save the one you love?

    In nineteenth-century England, Alaina Claiborne had a loving family, a cherished friend, and idyllic life. Then tragedy strikes and her world is forever changed. Searching for those responsible is her only focus . . . until she meets Tristan.

    Tristan ... more

  • Searching for Sarah

    by Phillip Vega
    Nina’s will reads: “I don’t want one of those generic funerals, where everyone gathers and cries. Be creative. I want something outside the box. You and Sarah can work on this together.” Her brother, Tom’s reaction: “Who the hell is Sarah?” To solve this mystery and honor a final wish, Tomas Ruiz uses Nina’s private journals to guide his global search for the enigmatic Sarah. Frustration mounts as he delves deeper into his sister’s past, uncovering secrets that will change his life forever. ... more
  • Little Miss Hap

    by Zerry Greenwood
    Mishaps in the military are never overlooked and Salina was no exception. When Salina Hackett fell out of the stagecoach at Captain Stetson's feet, he never imagined the turmoil she would unleash in his life. Despite their growing attraction, Mark had no intention of risking his military career for this bit of trouble wrapped in cotton and lace. Unfortunately, the moment he realized he wanted to spend his life with her, Salina vanished, and he received a transfer. Was Sergeant Hackett’s spitfir... more
  • Abide by Zari's Decision

    by Zerry Greenwood
    Can a woman who fled her country to avoid religious persecution, fled her home to escape physical abuse, build a new home for herself? Newcomers had pushed Two Feathers out of his home. Their desire to kill the savage within him separated the young Two Feathers from all that was familiar and placed him in a boarding school. As an adult, a foreign government now directed his movements, and he needed their permission to step foot off his reservation. Would it be possible for him to find a place i... more
  • Two Spirit

    by Zerry Greenwood
    Homeless, orphaned, and uncertain, Rose resorts to deception to aid in her destiny.In the white man’s world, Rose Baker’s adventurous nature had been a source of pain to her mother and frowned on by everyone but her father. And he was now dead. Orphaned on the Bozeman Trail, Rose desperately needed to find a way to survive in a time and place that was not ready for a woman like her. Deception would not have been her first choice, but if it was the only way for her to hunt and fish and oversee he... more
  • Her Wicked White

    by Tammy Andresen
    Meet the White family... Benedict White is the new Duke of Whitehaven but he's inherited a whole set of old problems right along with his dukedom. Warring siblings. A mysterious clause within his father’s will. And swirling questions about his father’s death. He’s a man who lives his life alone. How can he untangle himself from this mess? Still, he’ll do what’s best for the dukedom no matter how much he hates the task. And when he meets his sister’s companion, Miss Chloe Fairly, he ca... more
  • Surat escorts agency

    by Dipal Sharma
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  • Ravens In The Rain: A Noir Love Story

    by Christie & Jeff Santo
    Ravens In The Rain centers around Pru and Carney, she’s a woman with a past, and he’s a man with no future. Down on luck and down on love, they meet over a game of chance at an off-strip Vegas casino, and Carney wonders if Pru’s sparkle is what he needs to lift him from his darkness. He doesn’t even mind that she swiped a hundred-dollar bill from an old cowboy. It excites him. While Pru, disillusioned by her sparkle, is now accustomed to the cynical disposition of vagabond life. She’s not lookin... more
  • Reasons

    by David Scott
    Reasons is about two people who spend twelve hours together on an outdoor restaurant patio in Laguna Beach, California after being apart for twelve years to see if they can find a love connection.
  • Shadows of Passion

    by David Scott
    David Scott’s romance suspense thriller takes the reader into the intense emotional and sexual romantic relationship between a student, Harry Richards, a teacher, Cindy La Forge, and how this relationship grows exponentially. Scott takes the readers on a wild ride where they get to experience an intense relationship between Harry Richards and Cindy La Forge unfold and evolve dramatically. David Scott delivers an epic plot twist in Shadows of Passion when he introduces Cindy La Forge’s estranged... more
  • He Said He Loved Me But His Addictions Came First

    by T.R.D.
    A Romance story based off of true events of the author TRD. He Said He Loved Me But His Addictions Came First tell you the story of a woman who got lost after falling in love with the man she thought was the man of her dreams. She later finds out that things aren't always what they seem and people are not always who they say they are. That drugs, Baby Mamas, friendships, and more can make you do things you should not and hurt the one you truly love.
  • McKenna's Crossing

    by Debbie Dee
    Parker Sloane, an adversarial English sea captain, has been asked to transport McKenna Reed to England, to let her escape the impending Civil War in the States. The beautiful belle and the handsome captain will meet their match in sass and barter time and time again throughout their journey, both unaccustomed to concession. McKenna’s encounters with family members along with her grit and tenacity to survive four long years away from South Carolina will challenge her resolve. This novel inaugurat... more
  • ISBN # 9781525523144 Calypso - The Hideaway

    by Dawna Flath
    Calypso follows the passion of a heart and finds Cassidy's heart calling out for love. Calypso, an unembodied voice, comes to her just when she needs her the most. Cassidy finds herself drawn into an ethereal romance, and without any doubt, she follows, wanting her fairytale man. Hayden isn't as sure about the mystical voice and though he has no plan of giving up his single status, he can't deny the sensual fire burning between him and Cassidy. Attraction, an ethereal presence, soulful seduction... more
  • The Unequal Twins

    by Sylva Kanderal

    What if . . . the twins Ava and Zoe, who could hardly be distinguished from each other visually, and who could not have been more different in character, had to go through a hell of envy, jealousy, and malice?

    Where does that trail lead to? To a total loss of their connection, or are they finding the lost path to each other again?

  • The Pendulum Swings Back

    by Sylva Kanderal
    The events of the past six months play out behind her closed eyes: the funeral of Hermann, the arrest of Joachim Renz, her fear of being a mere observer in her own company where she would have nothing to say, her trip to Congo, the threats by Mrs. Gross, the scandal about Hermann’s weakness for prostitutes and yesterday’s drama in the garage. There are too many negative situations in a short time and Lucia causes none of them. But ironically, she plays the leading role in every section.