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  • Finding Edward

    by Suzanne McKenna Link
    A journey of discovery begins with one step. When Edward's beloved grandmother dies, she doesn't just leave behind money. His inheritance includes a father in Italy he never knew he had. Now he's forced to navigate a country he doesn't know, using a language he doesn't speak, in search of a man who has no clue Edward even exists. He's expecting disappointment, he's expecting anger, he's expecting pain. But what Edward isn't expecting is to stumble across the one woman to ever steal h... more
  • The Match Disaster

    by Latesha Kellam

    This is a story about a middle-aged woman who recently got divorced and thought she was open to companionship. She was very apprehensive about opening her heart again after being hurt badly by her ex-husband. To her surprise, she met someone on that seemed like the man of her dreams. They had so much in common and really enjoyed each other's company. He managed to convince her to be open to the possibility of falling in love again.

    She ended up giving this man her heart on... more

  • The Bliss Drip

    by Liddie Cain

    I never expected my ex to walk back into my life. Especially as a vampire. Macory "Mac" Jacobs walks back into our southern small town and my life will never be the same. He pulls me into his world of supernatural creatures that I thought were only fiction. He asks me to help him run a blood donation program to serve the local vampire protection and protect the neighbors we grew up around. But he has no idea how much risk this request will put me in and I need him close to keep me s... more

  • Poll Dancer

    by Laura Heffernan
    When politics meets pole fitness, Mel's life flips upside-down. After Mel's disastrous promo video goes viral, a "family values" group launches a protest against her dance studio. Their leader isn't just trying to stop her from teaching--he's using Mel as a moral scapegoat for his own senate campaign. If he wins, he threatens to change the laws to keep all pole dancing out of their community. Mel's not going down without a fight. Since running for office beats unemployment, she decides to ... more
  • The Scoundrel's Wager

    by Laura A. Barnes

    A wager on a young lady’s virtue leads to…

    She wanted to seek revenge against the gentlemen who ruined her father. He desired to earn her love. Can he strike a new wager to entice her into his arms forever?

    Devon Holdenburg cannot remember a time when he hadn’t been in love with Kathleen Beckwith. At his every attempt to court her, she waylaid him with her fiery exchanges. As he kisses the words from her ... more

  • Life in the Chastity Zone

    by Holly Brandon
    Chastity (Chase) Morgan’s fairytale dreams of everything perfect—career, wedding, marriage, and family—all go by the wayside when her fiancé dumps her for someone else. The thirty-year-old virgin decides to take a trip on the wild side, so to speak, when Roxie, her partner-in-crime cousin, encourages her to get out of her nerdy comfort zone and dive into the world of dating … Roxie-style. It doesn’t help that a nine-year-old psychic relays more information than she can handle. Between the madnes... more
  • Deadly Secret

    by TJ Logan
    He steps into the shadows to pursue a killer… F.B.I. Special Agent Beckett O’Halleran values Family, Honor, and Loyalty. A botched undercover assignment results in the brutal murder of his partner. When the killer is set free by a Deputy Director on the take, Beck walks away from the Bureau. He vows to stop at nothing to avenge his partner’s death, including using an innocent woman. She is dragged into the shadows by her mother’s past … A deadly secret from the past threatens Gwendolyn ... more
  • Widows of Somerset

    by Heather B. Moore
    Three regency romance novellas: Rules of the Secret Society of Young Widows: Rule 1: Be a widow. Rule 2: Have an impeccable reputation. Rule 3: Don't fall in love again.
  • The Viscount Besieged

    by Elizabeth Bailey

    Will Isadora follow her dreams, or save her family…? 1798, England.  Isadora Alvescot has always dreamed of becoming a famous actress on the stage. But when her beloved papa suddenly dies, her family’s future is thrown into turmoil. With no immediate male heir, the family estate has been bequeathed to a distant relative – a viscount named Lord Roborough. And now Isadora is being pressured to consider matrimony. When Lord Roborough arrives, Isadora is des... more

  • Autumn Allure

    by Allie Boniface

    Bartender Nate Hunter enjoys his small-town, no-strings-attached life in Whispering Pines. Then a dying ex-girlfriend tracks him down to tell him he has a daughter he never knew existed. Nate doesn't know the first thing about being a father, but one look at Autumn and he's a goner, so he agrees to take care of her until her aunt returns at Christmas.

    When Nate asks the town’s librarian, no-nonsense Maxine Abbott, to move in with him and help take care of Autumn, she agree... more

  • Finding My Night

    by Halo Roberts
    When Bree gets a job as personal chef to wealthy art dealer, Nick, she never expects to date him outside of her dreams. When Nick asks her to attend his art gallery opening, Bree can’t help but hope this is a real date, not just business. Adding a big dose of reality, Bree knows that the only reason Nick asked her is because Veronica is out of town. According to the tabloids, Veronica is everything Bree is not, wealthy, fashionable, and popular. So why would this be a real date? At the eve... more
  • Dark Descent into Desire

    by J. J. Sorel
    A dark steamy romance thriller featuring a deeply complex billionaire smeared by a scandalous past and an impoverished sassy artist, bearing her own scars, whose innocence becomes his obsession. She not only becomes his object of desire but goes somewhere no one has ever been: to the heart and soul of this damaged man.
  • Vanilla Chocolate

    by Edwina Martin-Arnold
    Love Comes in Many Packages! Andrea Flaven only dates black men. Imagine her surprise when she wakes up and realizes she was intimate with a white man! To make matters worse she can’t remember the details of the passionate night. Andrea’s world is thrown off-kilter! Unintentionally, the gorgeous white man in question, Marceau LeBlanc, keeps her in a state of flummox. Will Andrea release her pre-conceived notions and give love a try, or will she stay within her comfort zone and reduce ... more
  • Chocolate Friday

    by Edwina Martin-Arnold
    A foreign phrase to sedate, English professor, Olivia Anderson, unless one was referring to food and such. However, Olivia learns the erotic meaning when she is enticed to take a walk on the wild side and attends an all male revue with a distinct urban edge. There, hidden desires are brought forth especially by one dancer known only as Flava. Returning from her adventure only slightly singed, Professor Anderson gets the shock of her life the first day of the semester when none other than Flav... more
  • Love Again

    by Kay Brooks
    Cara Moncure’s son, Norman, wants to marry Greg Fletcher’s daughter, Stephanie. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem except that Bad Boy Fletch has been a nuisance for Cara since high school. A widow, Cara owns a successful accounting and estate planning business and enjoys living a care-free life in the small town of Branchton, Virginia. She has also been withholding a dark secret that shattered her life ten years ago. Greg plays third base for the New England Reds but is seriously consideri... more
  • Moving Jack

    by Michelle Mars
    When a benign alien species arrives to relocate humans off of a supposedly dying Earth, Jack, the geeky, snarky, and vampire-in-hiding female leader-of-the-resistance-to-relocation butts heads and other body parts with Tarc, the stubborn, controlling, alpha leader of the aliens. Hilarity, uncontrollable sexual entanglement, and blood letting ensue. Warning – this book contains sarcastic AI, prophetic t-shirts, and a profound appreciation for pizza.