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  • Secret Sundays

    by Judith Keim
    he women in the Fat Fridays group continue to come together for their Friday lunches—no calories counted—and to help each other deal with life’s complications. With her unexpected pregnancy and the support of the women in the group, Carol Ann breaks free from her dismal life with her parents. Left on her own with no support from the father of her child, she decides to start an interior decorating business on the side. She begins by secretly helping Ed Pritchard, her boss at MacTel, decorate his ... more
  • When Lightning Strikes the Cottonwood

    by Lisa L Borm
    "From kindergarten, we bonded over bruises and welts." So began the story of Margo, Darryl, and Justin. Together they faced anything life could throw at them by cussing, pretending, and fighting back. Until an event so horrible, Margo knew she couldn't ever tell the boys. Instead,she just left. Now she's moving back into her Grandmother's house - adivorced woman with two children in tow. Can the three friends rebuild their special relationship out of the broken pieces of trust? Will... more
  • Christmas at the Beach House Hotel

    by Judith Keim
    Ann and Rhonda are fed up with the way the new, majority owners are changing The Beach House Hotel from the small, elegant hotel they once owned and operated into a tacky, South Beach wannabe property. What’s their only recourse? Buy back the property to save it from getting even worse. And with the new management ruining Ann’s daughter’s plans for a Christmas Eve wedding, they have to get to work right away to regain control of the hotel. Facing a number of challenges along the way, including r... more
  • Dinner at the Beach House Hotel

    by Judith Keim
    The Beach House Hotel, the seaside mansion Ann Rutherford and Rhonda DelMonte converted to an upscale boutique hotel, continues to be a success. Not only is it the spot for breakfast and lunch, it’s become the “IN place” for dinner. The sudden, unexpected deaths of Ann’s ex and his wife, leave the care of their son, Robbie, to Ann’s daughter, Liz, while she is still in college. Ann and Vaughn decide to relieve Liz of this responsibility by adopting Robbie as Rhonda becomes both a mother and gran... more
  • Lunch at the Beach House Hotel

    by Judith Keim
    Ann Rutherford’s and Rhonda DelMonte Grayson’s lives continue to be full of surprises as they run The Beach House Hotel, their small upscale hotel on the Gulf Coast in Southwest Florida. Things heat up when Tina Marks (Valentina Marquis, a famous young movie star) is sent to the hotel in secret to lose twenty-five pounds in eight weeks for her next starring role. As much as Ann and Rhonda want to help Tina succeed, the hotel is known for its delicious food as well as its promise of anonymity, an... more
  • The Tower

    by Rhylee Davidson
  • Petals and Nails: A Novella

    by Loni Hoots
    Iceland has always been known for its unique history and insanely beautiful landscapes; however, for Ingrid it has become a battlefield where she constantly fights herself. On the outside she seems relatively calm to the world, portraying a regular sane person; but in her mind she is slowly breaking down from years of silent torment, loss of loved ones, and the inability to heal herself. With the help of magic realism woven between love and mental health, Ingrid starts to find herself, and final... more
  • Beneath a Blue Moon (Crescent City Wolf Pack Book 2)

    by Carrie Pulkinen

    Fate has a sick sense of humor.  

    Chase Beauchamp has had a grudge against witches for as long as he can remember. When he’s tasked with investigating a magicless witch who might be to blame for a string of murders in the French Quarter, the wolf in him wants to claim her as his mate. To his dismay, the man might agree. But when her secrets are revealed, Chase discovers loving this witch will put his pack and his family in danger.  

    Rain Connolly ... more

  • Another June with You: A Second Chance Romance (The McGregor Family Book 1)

    by Krista Noorman

    Shannon McGregor never expected to run into her high school sweetheart, especially not as the best man of the wedding she’s photographing. But Micah’s back, as handsome and charming as she remembered, and pressing her for the truth about why she ended their relationship—a truth she’d rather keep to herself.

    Life is good. Micah Shaw has a job he loves, great friends, and a wonderful girl by his side. But seeing his first love again opens his eyes to the charade he... more

  • The Cost of Hope

    by G.S. Carr
    Alexander Cummings had long ago accepted that love was lost to him. After picking up the pieces of his broken heart, he threw himself into the duties of owning one of the largest plantations in Elba Alabama. But it seems like life shows him mercy when the goddess he thought he lost appears back in his life as if conjured from his deepest desires. Only she returns far from the same and with secrets he never imagined. Abducted and having survived slavery, Soleil Dufor wants one thing in life: saf... more
  • Dirty Halo

    by Evie East
    “She holds a nation’s fate within her shaking hands. She wears a crown that never should’ve been hers. A golden lie. A dirty halo.” Bastard daughter of a second-born duke, Emilia Lancaster has spent her life as the royal family’s dirty little secret. Shunned from both the palace and the public eye, for twenty years she’s lived as a commoner… despite the regal blood running through her veins. But when the entire royal family is killed in a deadly attack, the line of succession swiftly chan... more
  • Misled

    by Kathryn C. Kelly
    Outlaw is not just his name… Christopher “Outlaw” Caldwell lives life the only way he knows how. Hard. Loyal. Brutal. As president of the Death Dwellers he takes what he wants and gives only what is deserved, even meeting death head-on if it’s called for. He’s spent the last year holding the MC together after Big Joe Foy’s death. The last distraction he needs is a blue-eyed bombshell who is too sweet, too sexy, and too damn young. Worse, she brings out protective feelings Outlaw doesn’t like.... more
  • The Sex Decision

    by Ellen Piano
    Why did Janine's boyfriend Hal, a popular high school athlete, suddenly turn from a fun, respectful guy into a sexually demanding male? This question and her decision about Hal's demands haunt Janine while she investigates dangerous conditions at her beloved grandmother's retirement home and seeks to publish controversial issues in her online high school newspaper. As editor, Janine's interviews with pregnant teens lead to the shocking truth about Hal and his new demand. She finally learns wh... more
  • Taken Outback (The Dusty Rider Series Book 1)

    by Stella Knights

    An American woman, named Holly, has everything she could possibly want living in the city of Melbourne. Her Australian husband, Tom, works hard chasing his hierarchical corporate dreams, so much so that he forgoes Holly’s happiness. Fighting to make their marriage work, Holly uncovers secrets about Tom, causing her to question all she ever believed in.

    Distractions abound as Holly starts a new job, where she meets a charming stranger in the unlikeliest of circumstances. Her imagin... more

  • Leading Hand (The Dusty Rider Series Book 2)

    by Stella Knights

    From Stella Knights comes the newest, sexiest installment of The Dusty Rider Series…

    HOLDING MY BREATH, I am frozen in place. Waiting. Wondering.

    Ding, Dong! Ding, Dong!

    Again, the sound stabs through my heart.

    Who is at the front door? Please God, please don’t let it be the police. Or worse, what if it’s Tom?

    In Leading Hand, the past comes hurtling into the present forcing difficult decisions to be made. Old relationships and secrets complica... more

  • Behind These Doors: Radical Proposals Book 1

    by Jude Lucens

    A Lambda Literary Awards Finalist for Bisexual Fiction (2019) 

    London, 1906 

    Lucien Saxby is a journalist, writing for the society pages. The Honourable Aubrey Fanshawe, second son of an earl, is Society. They have nothing in common, until a casual encounter leads to a crisis.  

    Aubrey isn’t looking for love. He already has it, in his long-term clandestine relationship with Lord and Lady Hernedale. And Lucien... more