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  • Enchanted Memories

    by Karla Brandenburg
    After a near-death experience when locating a strangling victim, psychic police consultant Madeleine Stephens is content to keep to herself and redecorate her new house. The community of Hillendale, Wisconsin has been quiet, but the spring weather brings out the neighbors, who want to learn more about her and her knack for finding things that are lost. When Deputy Kyle Jakes and his K-9 approach her to help find a missing person, Madeleine is hesitant—particularly if the woman might have had ... more
  • Regression

    by Sergiu Urma

    He is Alexis, 70, a retired Greek American broker living in New York, the crazy capital of the world. She is Sofia, 34, a Moldovan woman and a school teacher in Chișinău, the drowsy capital of the Republic of Moldova, the poorest country in Europe. She reminds him of somebody he had met before, but details are foggy. As Alexis is struck by unexplained love and passion the very moment he sees Sofia's photo on Facebook, he undergoes hypnotic regression to find out who this woman was in his ... more

  • Exit through Tortuga Bay

    by Alicia Crofton
    All Noah wants is surfing, sunsets, and pura vida. But a two-hundred kilo problem is really cramping his style. Now a drug cartel is on his tail and he needs a place to hide. Grace sells adventures for a living but is too afraid to go on one herself. When her job takes her to Costa Rica, she meets a charming stranger who pushes her to face her fears. Grace must decide: cozy up in her safe bubble or go on an adventure of a lifetime. Noah should be hiding, but he can’t keep away from the blu... more
  • No Rest for the Wicked

    by Pepper McGraw
    Samantha is all about organization and living an ordered life. This is why she refuses to use her magic. Chaos has always been the result. When a spell wreaks havoc on her organized life, she finds herself unable to resist the one man who has always tempted her to sheer recklessness.
  • Come Back Tomorrow

    by Amy Argent
    When I meet Will Everson, he’s in a bad place—at twenty-nine, he’s beaten cancer twice, but since it came back a third time, he seems to have surrendered to fate. He’s all alone—no friends or family have come to see him—which is how I came to know him. You see, I’m a clinical psychologist at the hospital, and the nurses watch out for patients like Will because they know I just can’t bear to let anyone die alone. I want to be Will’s friend, but he won’t tell me anything about himself. W... more
  • Miranda Rewritten

    by Emily Mims


    Durango's production manager, Miranda Jenks is straightforward and honest. She deals with life head-on no matter what it brings, and she's not afraid to speak her mind. But... she's been harboring a soul-destroying secret for years, and when Ross Ellis returns to town to try to clean up his mess, she can't tell him the truth.

    Ross has made more mistakes than he can count, and all of them are worse than horrible. The only reason he's bother... more

  • The Ice Duchess

    by Tracy Sumner

    A scandalous countess plays matchmaker…for a man she once longed to take for herself.

    Georgiana Whitcomb, Countess Winterbourne, is known as the Ice Countess for her rebellious ways and refusal to marry again. But a scandalous Christmas wager fashioned by Georgiana’s childhood obsession changes everything.

    The demanding duke needs a bride…

    Dexter Munro, mere days from becoming the Duke of Markham, made a promise to his dying father to find a wife by the T... more

  • The Beauty of Fragile Things

    by Emma Hartley
    Margot DeWitt had it all—a gorgeous home, a lucrative career, and the love of her sweet, handsome husband, a renowned heart surgeon. When everything she’s taken for granted as a solid foundation in her life is destroyed in a single instant, Margot comes undone. Nearly a year later, although her physical wounds have healed, Margot’s heart is still broken. She is a ghost, mired in grief, questioning the purpose of her life. Chase Goodwin owns the tattoo shop next door to the bar Margot has begun ... more
  • Laird of Longing

    by Tammy Andresen
    Laird McLaren is as large as he is annoying... Lady Sophie Everclear doesn’t regret fleeing the rake who attempted to trap her into marriage, But perhaps she should not have stowed away on a ship bound for Scotland. The problems? There are too many to count. But the largest, most annoying one is Captain Ewan McLaren. The tall and brawny Scot says exactly what he thinks and he doesn’t think much of Sophie. Still. He’s all she’s got and fortunately for her his heart is even bigger than his lect... more
  • Farview

    by Kim Fielding
    Ravaged by a horrific experience, Oliver Webb flees the smog-bound city of Greynox for a quiet seaside village and the inheritance he’s never seen: a cottage called Farview. He discovers clear skies, friendly imps, and a charming storyteller named Felix Corbyn. With help from Felix’s tales, Oliver learns surprising secrets about his family history and discovers what home really means. But with Felix cursed, Oliver growing deathly ill, and an obligation in Greynox hanging heavy around his neck... more
  • Of Dreams and Angels

    by Jared Morrison

    A man dreams through the eyes of a woman he's never met, setting out to find love that might be a figment of his imagination.

    Joe Riley has a successful, by-design life in the world of finance. He loves order, discipline, the tangible, the measurable. In pursuit of success he's spurned attachment, keeping romantic entanglements "on an island" while leaving his life and heart invulnerable. When he begins to dream of a woman half a world away he's never encounte... more

  • Hope in Liverpool

    by T N Traynor
    Can an alliance of convenience heal two broken hearts? Liverpool, 1958. Hope Bennett longs to feel safe and wanted. Loyal to an alcoholic mother who gambles away all her hard-earned wages, she’s devastated by the announcement her family is moving and she’s not to follow. But her despondent plan to fling herself off the ferry and succumb to the freezing River Mersey is interrupted by a handsome older man. John Walker expects to live out the rest of his days drowning in grief, isolated and l... more
  • Brick

    by M. Tasia


    Ahhh, the good life. Goodbye Navy SEALs, hello rehabbing a rundown lake house he inherited. Being a former Lieutenant Commander will come in handy for Brick Matthews. He gets to boss himself around while tearing down a dilapidated shed and re-roofing his new home, among a hundred other things.

    First he has to get rid of the smarmy real estate agent who’s been trying to buy the property for years. Sounds easy, until Brick uncovers layers of secret... more

  • Untamed: A Beautiful Nightmare Story

    by L.C. Son

    Undeniably Female. Unquestionably Feral. Unquenchably Famished.

    It’s been twenty years since Chartreuse Grenoble witnessed not only the burning of her sister at the stake for claims of witchcraft but the great all-consuming fire of New Orleans. When the enigmatic, pure blood Altrinion-Vampire, Dalcour Marchand rescues her from fleeing her family’s doomed state, she has no idea she is nothing more than a bartering tool for his wretched brother, Decaux.

    But she has other... more

  • Moonlit Surrender

    by Kitty Wilder
    In a small town of bottle blondes and sweater vests, Lucy has never quite fit in, her gothic wardrobe marking her the black sheep amongst her conservative neighbors. Stuck in a seemingly endless engagement to her high school sweetheart, spending her days pulling double shifts at work, and fighting a losing battle with the tuition for her night classes at the local community college, she finds herself desperate for something more in life. After a scheduling mix up lands her in the wrong class,... more
  • With You Forever (Bergman Brothers, #4)

    by Chloe Liese

    Cozy up for a heartfelt, humorous, sizzling slow-burn in this marriage of convenience romance about finding love—and home—in the most unlikely of places.

    Axel and Rooney share a friend group and massive, unbeknownst-to-them-mutual crushes. After an embarrassing incident involving a charades game, the clue "kiss," and a liplock that leaves them both reeling, they're hellbent on avoiding each other. But keeping their distance doesn't last lon... more