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  • 9780996911801

    by Bob Pappert
    Located between NBC and Warner Bros. Studios, Scully's Restaurant has welcomed stars of screen and film for over sixty years. But on a slow Friday night, Kristen Taylor is sitting on a barstool, sipping a glass of cabernet, contemplating her upcoming marriage. Meanwhile, James Brand, nursing a black eye from a text message gone horribly wrong, is reaching for Scully's front door. Romance isn't dead yet...
  • The Ex Chronicles

    by Jewel Hart
    Angie thinks she has found the love of her life. All goes well until she starts getting phone calls from a sultry woman and realizes her man is cheating. She decides to take matters into her own hands and confront the two lovers. After all, what could possibly go wrong?
  • Ripped from Obscurity

    by Jodi Ashland

    Her poetry went viral. His reputation took a hit. An abducted family member is now at risk. Can they re-write the online scandal before it’s too late? 


    ***** An RT Book Reviews TOP PICK! *****


    After cyberbullying incited a family tragedy, Selena Hawkins wants nothing to do with the online rumor mill. But when fans of her poetry draw the wrong conclusions about her viral poem featuring country m... more

  • Secrets at Synergy

    by Jodi Ashland

    A company she didn’t want. A romance he didn’t plan for. An embezzler who’s willing to cover his tracks with blood…


    Jade is a college senior without a care in the world. At least, until her grandmother wills her the family business. After a financial audit reveals an embezzler in the company, her new resentful coworkers refuse to help. The only person she can trust is Bryce, her COO and long-time crush. But when the paper trail lead... more

  • Obscurity

    by Jodi Ashland
    Selena Hawkins’s controversial best-selling book brings her face-to-face with country star Tucker Calhoun, who threatens her on so many levels. Deciding to help the famous—and devastatingly handsome—singer or suffer the consequences of a lawsuit, she uncovers a deep mystery that puts her life and Tucker’s family in jeopardy. Will she get to the truth before it’s too late—even if it costs her the man she loves? With millions at stake, Tucker will do whatever it takes to avoid police involveme... more
  • Synergy

    by Jodi Ashland

    Twenty-two-year-old Jade Buchanan suffers one blow after another. First, her grandmother dies, then she’s forced to quit college to take over Gran’s mysteriously ailing company. While handling a rebellion among the senior managers, who resent taking orders from an inexperienced CEO, Jade desperately tries to uncover the reason for the company’s financial difficulties before it goes under. The only bright spot is working side by side with her long-time crush, Bryce, but he ru... more

  • The Covert Captain

    by Jeannelle M. Ferreira
    Nathaniel Fleming, veteran of Waterloo, falls in love with his Major's spinster sister, Harriet. But Nathaniel is not what he seems, and before the wedding, the truth will out... Eleanor Charlotte Fleming, forgotten daughter of a minor baronet, stakes her life on a deception and makes her name—if not her fortune—on the battlefield. Her war at an end, she returns to England as Captain Nathaniel Fleming and wants nothing more than peace, quiet, and the company of horses. Instead, Captain Fle... more
  • Hell Hath No Fury (Devilish Debutantes Book 1)

    by Annabelle Anders
    TO KEEP THE MONEY HE HAS TO KEEP HER AS WELL Cecily Nottingham has made a huge mistake.  The marriage bed was still warm when the earl she thought she loved crawled out of it and announced that he loved someone else. Loves. Someone else. All he saw in Cecily was her dowry.  But he’s in for the shock of his life, because in order to keep the money, he has to keep her. With nothing to lose, in an attempt to goad the earl into divorcing her, Cecily sets out to seduce her husband’s c... more
  • Heiresses in Love Trilogy

    by Marie Lavender
    An unforgettable, sweeping saga of romance, passion and history rooted in tales of maritime suspense… Three heiresses…three novels like no other. UPON YOUR RETURN Fara risks her heart every time she’s with him, but she cannot deny him. UPON YOUR HONOR Chloe never imagined that the man she deceived would be the one man she can’t stop loving. UPON YOUR LOVE Adrienne must decide whether to succumb to desire or fight for love. …Will these remarkable women at last find what th... more
  • Godspeed

    by Kathryn Le Veque

    1215 A.D. - Dashiell "Dash" du Reims is the eldest son of the Earl of East Anglia and a cousin to the great House of de Lohr. Much like his warring and politically-involved cousins, Dashiell is also waist-deep in the political turmoil that is sweeping England at this time. As the Captain of the Guard for the powerful - and senile - Duke of Savernake, his is in the middle of the baron's rebellion against the king. Although his de Lohr cousins have been trying to lure him over int... more

  • Knowing When to Leave

    by Vin Morreale
    In every life, there are sudden moments of transition, when a single decision can doom a relationship, or hold the promise of a brighter future. The key is simply... KNOWING WHEN TO LEAVE In tales, such as: Dagger Reborn; Unbuckling The Bible Belt; The Stars And The Upholstery, Slow Dance With A Stranger,and the three connected stories; Her Touch/His Eyes/Their Fate, characters from various walks of life either embrace the seemingly random kiss of fate, or gather the courage to rediscover ... more
  • Letters to Lincoln

    by Tracie Podger
    What do you do when your husband dies unexpectedly? You write him a letter, of course. What do you do when someone answers that letter? Dani was mid-thirties when she found herself alone and without her soulmate. Coming to terms with her loss took all her strength and her voice. If Dani thought she’d experienced the worst life could throw at her, she was wrong. Lies, deceit, confusion surround her. A stranger, a builder, and a priest comfort her. Letters to Lincoln is a conte... more
  • Forbidden Fruit

    by Rosalie Stanton
    After high school, Ashlee had enough of being shy and reserved. Now she runs a popular blog, where sex and sex myths are fair game, and every topic is thoroughly researched. Her hook? She’s a virgin, and all of her readers know it. Ashlee’s life is an open book, absent of shame…except for her ridiculous crush on Jason, her high school tormentor, who also happens to be her stepbrother. That’s one thing Ashlee will take to her grave. For Jason, being near Ashlee is pure torture. Bullying might ... more
  • A Higher Education: A Modern Retelling of Pride & Prejudice

    by Rosalie Stanton
    It is a truth universally acknowledged that first impressions are a bitch. In a sea of college freshmen, Elizabeth Bennet feels more like a den mother than a returning student. She’d rather be playing Exploding Kittens than dodge-the-gropers at a frat party, but no way was she letting her innocent, doe-eyed roommate go alone. Everything about Meryton College screams old money—something she and Jane definitely are not—but Elizabeth resolves to have some fun. That resolve is tested—and so is he... more
  • Captive

    by Rosalie Stanton
    A daughter of a holy man. A creature of unholy desire. The hunt is on. The Wall is more than just a St. Louis watering hole. It’s Ryker’s refuge, a place to escape the memory of the horrific events that made him a vampire. Lately there’s a new face in the bar. A woman he instantly marks as a demon hunter, but oddly, a hunter who never strikes first. Something about her overcomes Ryker’s usual caution, tempting him ever closer until retreat isn’t an option. Every night, Izzie faces the w... more