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  • Winter's Warrior

    by Scarlett Scott
    Gavin Winter has earned his reputation as one of the best prizefighters in England the hard way: using his fists and sheer determination. With the biggest bout of his career approaching, Gavin will do anything to win. Until he’s attacked and wakes with no memory of who he is. When Caro Sutton finds a bleeding man outside her family’s gaming hell, she has no idea the felled giant is the bareknuckle champion. She nurses him back to health, charmed by the handsome gentleman who has no recolle... more
  • Zorak

    by Cyndi Friberg
    When Cat’s father is kidnapped by her alien boss she turns to Zorak, one of the mysterious lunar raiders “cultivated” by the aliens to protect Earth. Cat isn’t sure she can trust Zorak, but she has nowhere else to turn. Lunar raiders are ruthless hybrids created for war, so why does Zorak make her feel safe? She has never been so intensely attracted to anyone before and has a hard time believing her feelings are real. They’re surrounded by conflict and deceit, and Cat’s father isn’t the only one... more
  • ForEver Us In Love

    by Forever Us In Love
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  • Charming Dr. Forrester

    by Jemma Frost
    A veteran of the Crimean war, Dr. Robert Forrester is plagued by memories that he struggles to stop from interfering with his work. Johanna Milton is a widow looking for new purpose in Victorian society when she meets Dr. Forrester. After offering to assist him with patients, the two must learn to get along and overcome their personal demons ﹘ all while avoiding falling in love.
  • The Postilion

    by S.M. LaViolette
    This is book 2 in THE MASQUERADERS series. The heroine in this book--a duchess--is forced to run from her murderous guardian and spends 6 years living as a male servant.
  • Improper (The Phoenix Club Book 1)

    by Darcy Burke
    Provincial Miss Fiona Wingate is eager to swap her boring small town for an exciting London Season. Until she realizes her new guardian, a dashing earl, plans for her to wed with the utmost haste. Fiona has no interest in marriage—she’s only just been liberated from her lifelong isolation! But when she causes a near scandal and Tobias comes to the rescue, an unexpected attraction sparks between them. Except romance between a guardian and his ward would be most improper…
  • His Wicked Heart

    by Darcy Burke
    Jasper Sinclair, Earl of Saxton, made a bargain with his devil of a father to marry a proper young miss. Instead, he becomes entangled with a sometimes actress, Olivia West, determined to improve her situation. Destitute and desperate, she agrees to one night with Jasper, hatching a scheme to take his money and keep her virtue. However, Jasper uncovers her deception and vows to claim what he's owed.
  • Agustina de Aragón

    by Gail Meath

    Barcelona, Spain, 1803. Agustina Saragossa, the youngest daughter of a bladesmith, sneaks around the military barracks, yet not to snag a husband as everyone thinks. She loathes the privileged officers and untrained peasants who call themselves soldiers. Her only purpose is to remain abreast of all military secrets as Napoleon Bonaparte swiftly rises through the French ranks.

    The chance meeting between Agustina and Spanish Sergeant Juan Roca enrages her while he is instantly struck by t... more

  • Into the Quiet

    by Beth C. Greenberg
    Cupid has displeased the gods – again. As punishment, they set his heart on Ruthie, a woman in a fragile marriage. Caught in a web of half-truths and suspicion, Cupid must ignore his own shattered heart and unite Ruthie with her true Right Love before it’s too late. INTO THE QUIET is book 2 in the Cupid's Fall series.
  • Getting to Forever

    by Tara Eldana

    Amanda (Mandy) Gilchrist was just baffled by her colleague. One minute he was her rock and the next he couldn't get away from her fast enough...only to land himself in jail. Her bosses now hate him and wouldn't help him cross the street let alone post bail so it was up to her — except someone got to him first. What the heck was going on?

    By now he must realize he needs her help… And it’s going to cost him because this time she’s not going to turn a blind... more

  • Big Easy

    by M.K. Chester
    She might not need him. He definitely needed her. Tory Winfield used anger to dig herself out of the hole Seth Rivers left her in when he vanished four years ago. She vows to never give her power to a man again. When Seth returns as mysteriously as he left, he wants a second chance. Free to tell her the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, he puts everything on the line to keep her safe and win her back. They may be out of danger but is it too late for second chances in the B... more
  • Falling for the Opposition

    by Lola West
    Talk about strange bedfellows… Son of a conservative senator, Drew Scott doesn’t trust anyone and he’s certainly never known love, not even a shred. As long as the press perceives him as clean cut and on the up and up, his parents leave him to his own devices. His hollow existence is enough, until his eyes land on the swirling hips of a woman unlike any he’s ever known. Liberal, lovable, Lua Stienbeck grew up on a commune, and probably has an FBI file. She’s smart, curvy, caring and on a... more
  • Evening Painting (l'amore di Vissini per Fionora)

    by Richard James
    Vissini is a writer visiting Venice waiting for inspiration to write a book about Venice when he meets a tourist named Fiona. They fall in love over the course of Vissini exploring the many hidden, mysterious places in Venice with Fiona, unknown to her artist friends or any other tourists. Venice, Italy becomes the protagonist in this story with its enormous beauty but time is running out. Fiona and her friends are leaving Venice after the Venice Film Festival and going to Paris. Will Vissini fo... more
  • Sexy nightwear dress in India and Other Tips to Increase your Physical Intimacy!

    by akansha Singh
    There are a number of marriages and relationships that lose the spark in them after a few years due to varying reasons. One prominent cause for this is the increased professional and personal commitments that leaves a person completely exhausted by the end of the day. However, there are other things too that are unknowingly contributing to his diminishing sexual interest in you. Here is a list of things ladies that might help you in getting his sexual drive back. Boring Nightwear Have you sto... more
  • Loving Leopold - Amour Encore

    by Diane Coia-Ramsay
    1902 and the lives and ups and downs of Leopold and his French wife, Amalie continue as their idyllic life in Hertfordshire England is challenged by the American visitors .
  • Loving Leopold

    by Diane Coia-Ramsay
    Gilded Age romance complete with engaging characters and dialogue and English upper class idiosyncrasies